Iron Beta: Life as Tony Stark's Daughter

Chapter 18


I roll in mid-air like a fighter plane to avoid an explosion and watch as it crumbles Cleopatra’s Needle instead.

“Cap? How’s that game plan coming?”

“I think I’ve got something. Can everyone find me?”

I glance at a blue blinking dot about five miles west of my location. “Roger that, Cap, I’m on my way.”

“Jarvis, give me more on the thrusters!”

I take a sweeping right turn as I feel myself speed up as Jarvis obeys.

I fly towards the Captain, dodging explosion, falling rock, and falling aliens (courtesy of Thor, Hawkeye, and Iron Man.)

Once I spot the man wearing the flag, I shoot the beast he is fighting before landing next to him, soon joined by my dad and Thor, as well as Hulk, Natasha, and Clint, who must have found a way off of the building he was perched on.

“Alright, Cap, plan?”

“Hawkeye, find a perch. High up. Call out patterns, shake off tails. Iron Man, Iron Beta, you have the perimeter. Keep the attacks contained. Thor, aerial support. And you have lightning, use it. Widow, you and I keep the attacks grounded, as out of the air as possible. Hulk, smash, but only bad guys. Got it?”

We all nod and offer quick words of confirmation before blasting, jumping, flying, or running off.

“Iron Man, take the west side of the city, I’ll take the east.”

“Roger that, Beta. Be careful.”

“You too.”

I zoom off towards the eastern side of the city, blasting a Zygone off the walls of Buckingham Palace on my way.

I just have time to realize Parliament owes me big time before I have to dive to avoid the teeth that would have taken my arm. I shoot my would-be attacker in the head before turning just in time to blow up another one that would have had the Widow’s leg.

“Hawkeye, come in!”

“Hawkeye here. Everything okay, Beta?”

“Fine. Where are you perched?”

“Warehouse on 5th. I can see you, look down and to your left.”

“Ah. Thank you, and you have one closing in on your back.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

I’m torn away from our conversation by something grabbing my leg and pulling hard. I look down to see a monstrous beast using my leg as a chew toy. It doesn’t even flinch when I shoot its eye.

Then I had an idea. A cartoon-light bulb-above-your-head type of idea.

“Jarvis, blast the left thruster.”

I watch as the beast’s eyes spring open in shock and pain before shaking its body loose and punching another beast.

“Does anyone have any idea where these things are coming from?”

“Well,” my dad replies, panting slightly, “there’s no blue glowing portal and I don’t have a tower in London, so no, we have no clue. Keep fighting until we either kill them all or blow up their control unit.”

“Right then. Beta out.”

I blast one Zygone through the wall of a building while blowing another back a few feet. Two more are closing in on me – one from either side – and I just wait until the last minute to blast upwards, sending them careening into each other.

I then get the appearance of my first Tesseract soldier – a buff, meaty, Popeye type guy with a tattoo and his neck and a scar splitting his face.

“Can I help you?”

“You must be destroyed, hero.” His voice is monotone and emotionless, almost robotic.

“Ah, sorry, my name isn’t ‘hero’, it is Taylor. What’s your name?” I offer a hand in faux politeness.

He glares and aims his pistol. (You’d really think Loki would better supply his soldiers.)

I aim a missile. His eyes barely have time to widen before he is nothing but a greasy spot on the pavement.

I fly away quickly with an evil cackle. (Yes, heroes have cackles.)

“Sometimes you scare me.” Hawkeye say warily over the comms.


“You sleep like a puppy.”

“How would you know that?”


“Beta, ON YOUR LEFT!” Steve shouts suddenly, and I drop just in time to have a monstrosity of a Zygone fly over me and get shot with an arrow instead of eating me for lunch.

“Thank you Steve.”

“Don’t mention it. But please get back to work, you two.”


“I need to get up on a building on Bakerson,” Black Widow comes in over the comms, “Who is close that can give me a ride?”

I glance at my holoscreen to see a red dot about two miles south.

“I’ll be there in two, Widow.”

I make a U-turn and lose altitude as I fly to where the Widow waits.

I dive even lower as I get a visual on my intended target.

“Hold your arms out straight.”

She does so, and I scoop her up under the armpits and fly up fast to escape slamming into the ground.

“That one, right there.”

I bank left and lower again as we near the building. She rolls smoothly onto the roof as I let go.

“How are you going to get down?”

“I’ll manage.”

I shrug to the best of my abilities in the suit before blasting away and shooting a Zygone off of Big Ben.

Parliament still owes me. Big time. Like, statue big.

I drop to avoid a flying beast – they can fly now? How can they fly? Not fair. – and shoot it in the under belly as it passes over me.

“Hey guys, heads up. They can fly now.”

“What?” my dad replies in something he will forever deny is a whine, “Will someone please explain to me how that is fair?”

I laugh as I blast two more grounded beasts away while kicking another one in the neck.

I do a backflip to avoid one set of teeth and spin to kick the beast in the head. Another beast leaps over the first’s body, coming straight for me, but I punch it in the nose – just like in the movies.

I cheer and stop to catch my breath.

I fail to notice the army behind me, blocking out the sun.

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