Iron Beta: Life as Tony Stark's Daughter

Chapter 2

“Jarvis, lights.”

My shoulders automatically relax as light illuminates my sanctuary, otherwise known as the lab I share with my dad. “Jarvis, pull out Beta I. And put on some music.”

AC/DC pours from the speakers as I make myself comfortable at one of the workstations and immerse myself in my suit. My suit looks just like my dad’s, except for the fact that mine is shorter, a little more feminine, and black-and-purple, not red-and-gold. I’m Iron Beta, because Beta is the second letter in the Greek alphabet and I’m the second Stark, so my suit is named Beta I. I only have one so far, compared to my dad’s thirty-some masterpieces.

“Jarvis, what do I need to be combat ready as soon as possible?”

“It seems, ma’am, that your chest plate armor needs reinforcing, your thigh and shoulder missiles need to be installed, and your face plate is loose.”

“Ok, J. Warn me if some comes in, I don’t like being snuck up on.”

Sometime later – could be minutes, could be hours, you can never tell in the lab – I’m shaken out of my engineering daze by my dad ever-so-subtly barging in, not even giving Jarvis time to warn me, and announcing that everybody’s favorite pirate, Director Nick Fury, had arrived on premises.

“Alright…just give me a second, got to tighten one more screw…there!” I tear myself away from my suit, which is splayed across my worktable, do a quick once over for appearance (and then decide screw it, who cares what Fury thinks), and follow my dad out the door, thoughts bouncing in my head. What was I walking into now?


“Miss Stark. Please sit, we have important matters to discuss.”

After I have settled in between Clint and my dad, the debriefing begins.

“Avengers, I have gathered you all here today because a new set of neighbors from outer space has decided they don’t like us. We need you seven to figure out who they are, where they came from, and send them back to wherever that is. Avengers Tower will be base of operations-be quiet, Starks- with Agents Romanoff and Barton giving the necessary reports back to S.H.I.E.L.D. Here are the files containing all known information on these aliens. Questions?”

Several hands are raised.

“Stark-the younger one?”

“Is Iron Beta going to be active here, sir? You haven’t given us much to work with, but do you want me in the field, sideline, or benched?”

“You will be fully active here, Miss Stark. I trust in your abilities,” he cock his head and looks at me like I’m some sort of prey, “unless I have a reason not to?”

“No sir. I will be fully ready sir.”

“Stark- older one?”

“Will you please explain why you are commandeering my personal home for strictly work related purposes? I built you a flying ship to avoid this exact situation.”

“Okay, Stark. A) I don’t have to explain anything to you, but because I like you so very much, I will. B) You relinquished the right call this your personal home when you moved all of MY Avengers in, and C) you moved all of MY Avengers in. Anyone else?”

A general consensus of “No, sir” “No” and even a “Nope.”(guess who) travelled around the room.

“Good. Avengers, dismissed.”

With that and a swish of his cape, he walks out of the room.

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