The Midnight Marauder


November, Maya’s Third Year

His cheeks red with embarrassment, Severus Snape fled down the stairs to his Common Room. James and Sirius had gotten him into a corner and ridiculed his greasy hair, old robes, and Black had stolen his book – A Thorough Study of the Dark Arts Origins – and teased him about that too. He’d even tried to yank out a good number of the pages but Severus had bewitched it to be unbreakable just for that reason. Taunting chants of “Snivellus” rang in his ears as he fled the scene.
He wished with all his heart that Black and Potter hadn’t seen him crying that day their second year; crying because he’d gotten another letter from his mother telling him he was worthless. He knew from Regulus – who had taken to following his group of friends like a shadow most of the time – that Sirius also had a bad relationship with his mother so he found that particular injustice extremely insulting.
Tonight’s bullying had been worse than normal and Severus suspected it was because of Maya’s and Lupin’s absence. About once a month Black and Potter cornered him, either on their own or with Pettigrew in tow, and made his life completely miserable. Like clockwork, every full moon, it was impossible for him to get rid of them.

Severus stopped, his foot hovering above the next step in his path.

Full moon.

Lupin and Maya were always gone on a full moon.

Severus turned and ran back up two flights to look out the window. The bright round moon looked at him and his eyes widened. Maya’s pointed teeth and her changing personality. Remus Lupin always looking extremely ill leading up to the full moon and then coming up with dim-witted excuses for why he had to miss class. couldn’t be...but still...

Severus ran back to the library and spent a good amount of time arguing with Madame Pince about why he needed to go into the restricted section to borrow an advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts book, Cursed and BeSpelled Magical Creatures of Our Time. She finally relented; Snape was always careful with the books he borrowed. His prize under his arm, Severus walked back to his Common Room as calmly as he could and then locked himself in his room. His companions were still not back from dinner. Severus read and re-read the section on werewolves.

This doesn’t really fit, Maya. Severus thought. But Remus Lupin...

A smile grew across Severus’ face and he could hear a conversation from a few days ago, between Potter and Lupin: “Is your furry little problem getting you down, Remus?” Potter had asked his friend. Lupin had given him a strained smile. “Don’t worry, mate,” Potter has said, dropping his usually jovial tone. “We’ve got you.”

“I’ve got them,” Severus crowed quietly. “I’ve got them.” He knew that the four Marauders would do just about anything for each other. Severus just had to bide his time and expose Lupin’s little secret when he was good and ready. How would Black and Potter feel when their best friend got expelled from Hogwarts? Severus could always make it sound as if those two idiots has given him the idea. Severus hugged the book to his chest with satisfaction.

Oh, this would be good.

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