The Midnight Marauder

Interlude and Letters

Last Day of Maya’s First Year

Severus Snape was prowling along the corridor on his way to the train, an old black knapsack slung over his shoulder, when someone jumped onto his back. He spun around, whipping out his wand, ready to attack. But the person in question had already jumped back, landing catlike on the balls of her feet, laughing.

“Hi, Sev!” Maya said.

Severus sighed. “Never sneak up on me, Night.” He warned her, pocketing his wand before continuing his trip to the train.

Unfazed by his tone, Maya fell into step beside him. “I can’t believe I’ve been here a year,” Maya said. “Seems so long ago but like it was only last week that I met you and Lily on the train. Know what I mean?”

“Yes, I do,” said Severus softly, as was his way when speaking with Lily and Maya in the castle. “Hogwarts does that...we’re here for a million years while only being here for seconds...” Severus looked down at Maya and smiled. “Had a good year, though?”

“Yeah,” breathed Maya. She thought of tea at Hagrid’s and of Lily helping her with charms. She thought of the shy smile of Regulus Black as they worked together in potions and of the high-pitched giggle of his older brother in the Gryffindor Common Room. She remembered padding, in cat form, after an invisibility-robe-covered James Potter to sneak food from the friendly House Elves in the kitchens. And she recalled the strange instruments and Dumbledore’s twinkling eyes that day the first week in his office. “Yeah,” Maya repeated as she followed Sev into the sunlight, “it’s been a great year.”

Dear James,
I won’t last until the school year starts. Please invite me over. I’m begging you, mate. - Sirius

Dear Remus,
I found the book on animagus you mentioned at the end of the school year. It costs 30 galleons. I’m not buying it on my own. -Peter

Dear Maya,
I got your letter. Your cousins sound insane – I’m sure they’re proud of you for getting into Hogwarts, despite all their teasing. Would you like to spend the last day before classes with me at my house? I’m not that far from London, it might be easier to get there on time the next day. My parents would love to meet you. With love, Lily

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