The Consequences

Chapter 2

Naruto went back to the house. It was dawn and his team was up and Kakashi said, “You’re just getting in?”

Naruto shrugged and said, “I passed out in the forest. I had clones working so I wasn’t unguarded.”

Kakashi shook his head and said, “Then go get some sleep. I have a feeling Zabuza is going to show up today.”

Naruto smiled and said, “Alright sensei.”

Naruto was woken by the sounds of fighting. He went down and killed the two swordsmen trying to hurt Tsunami and Inari. He then ran to the bridge. When he got there he caught up with his team and Kakashi said, “Naruto what happened?”

“Gato sent men to kidnap Tsunami. I took care of them.” said Naruto, “Told her to take Inari and hide somewhere safe.”

Kakashi said, “Explain what you mean by took care of them?”

Naruto smiled and said, “I did my job as a ninja. Their no longer a problem sensei.”

Sakura was shocked and said, “You killed them?”

“That is our job Sakura. We are to kill our enemies because they can come back to haunt us.” Said Naruto smiling

“How are you smiling? You just took a life.” Said Sakura

Sasuke said, “Yeah you’re first at that. Itachi said that was traumatizing. How can you smile about it?”

Kakashi frowned and Naruto laughed and causing Kakashi to frown more deeply before Naruto said, “My hands are far more stained than yours are guys. And mine have been for far longer than yours ever will be.”

Kakashi went to ask when they heard clapping and they saw a man with puffy brown hair that wore a small pair of black glasses. He also wore a black suit with a purple tie. Tazuna ran back to him as the workers bailed and he said, “That’s Gato.”

Naruto smiled and said, “So that’s the rat snake.”

Gato said, “I don’t know how you managed to beat Zabuza and his little bastard but thank you for incapacity them. Made it so much easier to eliminate them. Saved me money too.”

Naruto felt a streak of horror run through him and then nothing but anger. He growled low in his throat and Gato said, “Wasn’t much of a demon though.” He held up the letter, “So which one of you brats is Naruto?”

His team was shocked and Sakura actually looked at Naruto and Gato said, “Ah the blonde well I will have to thank you. May I ask what it is you slipped them after you were done fucking them? I am merely curious.”

Kakashi and his team realized what he’d done the night before and Naruto actually surprised them by roaring at him before shooting off toward them leaving an impact crater where he pushed off. He was nothing but a streak of red as he slammed into them. He tore them apart as if they were nothing. Sasuke said, “Sensei?”

“I know Sasuke I see it.” Said Kakashi who wasn’t looking forward to this.

“Why is it red and why does it feel like this Sensei? It feels evil.” Said Sakura trying to get away from the feeling

Kakashi said, “Naruto is a Jinchuriki. The chakra you see and feel is that of the Nine-tails. Naruto in his rage tapped into the fox’s chakra.”

They were shocked and Sakura said, “Are we safe?”

“Yeah we are. The seal isn’t breaking my sensei was an excellent seal master and married another seal master. They designed the seal together in case it was needed.” Said Kakashi, “Naruto’s mother had the fox before him. The seal was created in case the fox got loose during delivery.”

They understood and Naruto tore Gato apart last. He actually jumped on his shoulders and tore his head clean off before jumping backward to land on the blood soaked bridge and looked at the remaining men and growled loud enough it echoed. The men screamed and ran for it. One man stood his ground and Naruto turned and looked at him before dropping Gato’s head and walking over to him. The man fell to the ground and started backing away. He was near the bridge railing when he stopped and Naruto was inches from his face and growled low. The man said, “Not going to fight with you. Was actually going to ask you something. So if you could return the demon to his cage we can talk.”

Naruto allowed the chakra to recede and looked at him with hate filled cerulean eyes and in a whisper of a voice said, “So talk before I rip your throat out.”

“Your letter said you were an Uzumaki. Is that true or are you just out of honor?” said the man

Naruto regarded him and said, “My mother.”

He nodded and said, “So that means your clan head then yes or heir?”

“I am the last of my clan.” Said Naruto, “Why?”

He swallowed under the stare and said, “I would like to offer you my sword.”

Naruto cocked his head and he heard He’s offering to be your guard. You could use this brat. He is willing to follow you. You can place a seal on him. The new one that doesn’t allow those to attack you once it’s on.

Naruto smiled and said, “Fine but it means you bare a seal. One that prevents you from attacking me ever. It will recognize Kyuubi’s chakra so if someone henges into me you can attack them.”

“Fine by me Uzumaki-sama.” Said the man standing up, “Do know I didn’t help them kill those two. I thought it was dishonorable to kill a fellow swordsman in such a way.”

Naruto nodded and said, “Name?”

“Names Toin Kuroda.” Said the man bowing

Naruto snorted and said, “Alright then your first order is to search them. Anyone with a bounty take the heads for collection.”

“You got it sir.” Said Toin before going to do as ordered.

Naruto walked back to them and Kakashi said, “Are you alright?”

“If you are worried about your precious seal it is fine.” Said Naruto as he was about to leave.

“I know the seal is fine Naruto. I meant you. Are you alright?” said Kakashi

Naruto looked at him and said, “No.”

He left then and they had no idea where he was going. When Toin finished he came over and said, “Um did he happen to tell you what he wanted done with the mess?”

Kakashi said, “No. We’ll just burn the bodies and then use water Jutsus to clean the blood off.”

“Alright I can do the bodies if you want to take the Jutsu. I’m Ronin not nuke Nin.” Said Toin

Kakashi said, “Alright. But can I ask who you are and why you’re helping us?”

“I am Toin Kurada. And I am not helping you sir. I am helping Naruto-sama. He ordered me to search them and take the heads of any with bounties. I have done that. So now I am merely helping him with the disposal is all.” Said Toin as he left them

Sakura said, “Sama?”

“It seems he’s allied himself with Naruto. This could be a blessing and a curse I guess.” Said Kakashi, “Come on let’s help.”

Naruto went to the hideout and even though he was covered in blood he ignored the sticky feeling. He walked in and saw both of them on the ground in the entrance. Both still as naked as he’d left them. There was a large pool of blood under them too. Naruto walked closer only to fall to the ground and start crying. He kept apologizing to them too. He hadn’t meant for this to happen. Pakkun tracked him for Kakashi. And that was how he found him. Kakashi felt horrid for him and went over to him and crouched near him and placed his hand on his shoulder and said, “Naruto?”

“It’s my fault. I drugged them and left them UN guarded.” Said Naruto near tears

Kakashi sighed and said, “You coming here alone was a bad idea.”

“I didn’t want to fight with them again. I met Haku earlier in the week. He was nice Sensei. I didn’t want to have to hurt him. I thought that if I kept them out of the fight it would be better. I didn’t want to kill them.” said Naruto crying

Kakashi sighed and rubbed his back and said, “I know Naruto. Come on we’ll burry them that why they can find peace.”

Naruto sniffled and sat up and wiped his face despite the blood on him. He said, “You don’t think they’ll be angry with me.”

Kakashi smiled and said, “No I don’t. You tried to save them. You didn’t think Gato would find them.”

Naruto nodded and he got up and went over and grabbed a sheet from Haku’s room and came back out and placed it over Haku. His hand touched his back and Naruto moved it and actually surprised Kakashi by laying his head against his back and he said, “Naruto?”

Naruto moved and smiled as he said, “Haku’s still alive. His hearts failing but it’s still beating.”

Kakashi moved and tended to the young man while Naruto went over to Zabuza. He laid his head against his bare back and listened. It was silent and he was praying for something anything. Then he heard it and started laughing and said, “Zabuza too but just barely. It’s barely beating at all.”

Naruto rolled him and used the sheet as make shift bandages. He bound his neck. As he tied it off his hand was grabbed in a weak grasp and he smiled and said, “Hey Zabuza-sama.”

It was what he’d called him last night after all and Zabuza’s eyes widened a fraction of an inch and he pulled a blood pill out of his pouch and said, “You got to eat this alright. Kakashi-sensei is already helping Haku-chan.”

Kakashi was a little concerned with the names he used for them but given the fact it seemed his student had slept with both of them and Naruto gave him the blood pill and in a quiet voice said, “I’m sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I merely wanted you out of the fight. I didn’t want you two to die. I’m sorry I tricked you then drugged you.”

Zabuza watched him and Naruto felt the tears that blurred his vision fall as he blinked and in a very quiet voice said, “I’d understand if you’d hate me for tricking you into sleeping with me so I could get you to trust me enough to drink the drug I slipped you.”

Zabuza realized it then who he was and Kakashi was surprised when he saw Zabuza though weak from blood loss reach up and actually touch Naruto’s cheek in the most loving manner he’d ever seen and saw the small smile on Zabuza’s lips. Kakashi merely shook his head and said, “Haku’s going to be fine. He’s still out cold but he’ll be alright.”

“How are they not dead?” said Naruto looking at him after catching the falling hand.

“I think because their heads were down it saved them. It closed their neck wound enough that they were able to survive till we got here.” Said Kakashi, “That’s the only explanation I have. That and you have the luck of the nine devils kiddo. I swear you do.”

Naruto smiled and said, “Yeah that’s what captain eagle always says. Keeps swearing I have the nine devils in my pocket on my payroll with all the shit I can pull off that should either kill me or never work in the first place.”

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