The Consequences

Chapter 3

They got the two men back to Tazuna’s house. Tazuna was shocked and said, “I thought Gato killed them.”

“He tried to. He slit both their throats. But Naruto’s just lucky as hell.” Said Kakashi amused, “They were still alive when we got there. Haku more than Zabuza but they were. They owe him a life debt now.”

“What’s that?” said Sakura

“That means that they will follow us back to Konoha. They owe Naruto their lives and if they don’t pay it back their children owe the debt. The debt is paid off when the life owed is paid back.” Said Sasuke, “If they save his life in return and only then is the debt paid off in full.”

Sakura was shocked and said, “So their like Toin then? They are loyal to Naruto and only him.”

“Exactly.” Said Kakashi, “Which makes them dangerous and unpredictable.”

Naruto though was playing nurse maid for the two ninjas. He tended to their wounds which had been stitched closed by a local doctor. Naruto said, “Once we get back to Konoha the Medi-nin will heal you better alright.”

Zabuza smiled at him. He had to admit the kid was wonderful to be around. Plus it helped he knew what he liked in a bed partner. Haku was still unconscious and it bothered Naruto greatly. He was worried because he had drugged them. When he came down again Kakashi said, “How they doing?”

“Their getting stronger. Zabuza is almost ready to get up and move around.” Said Naruto, “Haku’s still out though.”

Kakashi sighed at the tone in his voice and Sasuke said, “Why does that bother you?”

“Because he drugged them Sasuke. They couldn’t fight back when they were attacked. So he feels responsible for it. “Said Kakashi

“It’s not that Sensei. I think he had a bad reaction to the drug I used.” Said Naruto as he put the clean dishes away

“What did you use?’ said Sakura

“Powdered Belladonna.” Said Naruto

“You used deadly night shade to knock them out.” Said Kakashi amused, “Oh man I am so not letting Zabuza live that down. He was done in by a kid using belladonna. Man that’s just wrong. How didn’t he notice the taste? That has a bitter taste to it.”

“I mixed it in bourbon. It hid the taste.” Said Naruto

“That would do it alright.” Said Kakashi, “still funny as hell.”

Naruto said, “The sooner we get home the better I like it.”

The bridge was almost complete. The day before the bridge was complete they came down and saw Naruto setting the table. He was laughing and they wondered why. They were shocked when Zabuza himself came into the main room. He was carrying a set of plates. Naruto took them and started to set the table with them. What shocked them more was the fact when he placed the furthest plate Zabuza moved behind him. When he stood up he hit his back on his chest and was giggling as he looked up and said, “Yes Za-chan?”

That name right there surprised them but they were downright floored when Zabuza who they noticed didn’t have his mask on leaned down and actually kissed him and Naruto chuckled and said, “That will have to wait until we are home. I am not going to be responsible for hurting you again.”

Zabuza laughed all though silently due to his vocal cords being damaged and needing repaired. Naruto smirked and leaned up more and Kakashi read his lips as he said, “But that don’t mean I can’t do other things with you Za-chan.”

Kakashi felt his own face heat up at that as they came down the stairs and Naruto saw them and laughed as he said, “Hey guys. Breakfast is almost done. Sakura can you go wake the others please?”

“Yeah alright.” Said Sakura, “But I’m not doing Inari.’

Naruto smiled and when everyone was down there except Inari Tsunami said, “I’ll get him.”

“I got it Tsunami-chan.” Said Naruto as he made across sign”Transform”

When he jumped from the smoke it was a large fox with cream colored fur. Naruto bounded up the stairs and jumped on Inari’s bed. He screamed and then came down carrying the fox and said, “Mama he woke me up.”

The fox jumped from his arms and turned back and lifted him up as he walked out of the smoke and said, “Well of course I did. You were going to miss breakfast.”

Inari laughed and clapped as he said, “Nissan turned into a fox.”

“Yep I did.” said Naruto as he placed him in a chair.

“How?” said Sakura, “We were told not to turn into anything other than other humans or it would kill us.”

“It would kill you. I heal faster. It pays to be what I am Sakura-chan.” Said Naruto smiling, “Animals, inanimate objects like rocks, chairs, and trees I can turn into them and survive it. I don’t like changing into other things personally because it hurts. Fox’s are the only ones I personally do. Otherwise it’s clones.”

Kakashi was shocked and said, “You really are our unpredictable ninja huh.”

Naruto smiled and said, “In lots of ways sensei.”

Naruto served himself, Inari and Zabuza much to their shock but they ate their food. Naruto went up to check on Haku and found him still unconscious. He frowned more and then felt something wrong. His stomach decided to turn on him. So he ended up in the bathroom puking. Sasuke had come in when he ran past the room and was rubbing his back. When he finished he handed him a glass of water and placed his hand against his head and said, “Well no fever. Maybe the food didn’t agree with you.”

Naruto said, “Yeah maybe.”

Sasuke helped him up and took him to their shared room and laid him in bed and said, “Get some sleep. Maybe it’ll help.”

Naruto said, “Since when are you nice to me?”

“Can’t always be mean to you.” Said Sasuke, “Sides your sick.”

Naruto fell asleep with Sasuke rubbing his back. When Sasuke came down he said, “Naruto’s going to have to stay here. The food didn’t sit well with him.”

“Why?’ said Kakashi

“He threw it all up. He’s sleeping right now. It’s just an upset stomach though.” Said Sasuke

Kakashi said, “Alright.”

Tsunami said, “I’ll watch him no worries.”

For most of the day Naruto slept. When he woke up he was extremely thirsty and really weak. He could barely stay awake. And he heard the fox’s distant voice in his head say Better change forms brat or you’ll die.

Naruto didn’t want to listen to him but knew that he rarely gave advice. So he did the Jutsu without seals and felt better and said, “Ok what the hell was that?”

He got up and showered before he put on a sun dress from Naruko’s clothes and went to the village’s store. He was looking for something. He found it and went back home. He didn’t go all the way to the house. He found a spot that was away from them and used what he bought. He started at the white stick and said, “Oh you have got to be kidding me. How the hell is that possible?”

He went back and was sitting on the porch and when they got back they took notice of the change in forms and attire and Sakura went to bop him when he stood up and said, “Sensei can I speak with you please its important and I need to do so in private.”

Kakashi was shocked but nodded and they left and Kakashi said, “What Naruto? Are you feeling better?”

“I am now that I changed forms to this one.” Said Naruto who handed him the stick, “I don’t understand how that is possible.”

Kakashi took it and was shocked and said, “Yours?”

“Yeah now how is that possible any ideas?” said Naruto, “Other than the fox doing it. Cause he didn’t do it. He was laughing his ass off when that came back positive.”

“What made you get this?” said Kakashi

“I listened to the kunoichi class on that. The symptoms I had fit it too perfectly. I got it to prove to myself I was wrong. Imagine my surprise at find I was right.” Said Naruto, “So any ideas? Cause the fur ball is no help. He can’t stop laughing. Think he peed himself a few times actually.”

Kakashi snorted and said, “Gross. But it depends when you’re like this is just a cosmetic thing or to a Hyuuga do you look female?”

“No it’ll fool the Hyuuga clan.” Said Naruto, “It’s a physical change.”

“Did you use this while trying to stop Zabuza and Haku?” said Kakashi

“Yeah but Sensei I’ve done this tons of times before. And I have never had this happen before.” Said Naruto

“Have you ever tapped into the fox’s chakra after sleeping with someone before?” said Kakashi

Naruto thought about it and said, “No I haven’t.”

“Then there is your catalyst. His chakra must have sped up the process and allowed for it to take. You probably do something to lose it before it shows signs. Training while pregnant will do that. Your mother almost lost you twice doing that early on.” Said Kakashi

Naruto sighed and said, “Wonderful. So what do I do?”

“Well if your already have problems with your chakra then you’re at least a month along by now maybe a little more.” Said Kakashi

Naruto chuckled and said, “Oh man I just realized something.”

“What?” said Kakashi

“Eagle is never going to let me live this down. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if you came home with a mission child. And here it’s me that is.” Said Naruto amused

Kakashi joined him and said, “Well you should tell Zabuza. Then whether you want to tell Sasuke or Sakura is up to you.”

“Yeah I know. At least we’re going home tomorrow.” Said Naruto who sighed, “The council is going to have a field day with this.”

“Yeah they will. But this also opens a door for you. You can choose either a male or a female to marry and still get a child.” Said Kakashi

“True.” Said Naruto who had a horrifying thought, “I showed Konohamaru how to do this Jutsu.”

Kakashi paled and said, “We’ll take him and get him check while using it. If it worked the same with you then he’ll just have to never sleep with anyone in it. But if it does work then ever gay couple in the village will be bugging you to teach them.”

Naruto smiled and said, “So long as it’s for a good reason then I don’t mind showing them.”

Kakashi ruffled his long hair and said, “Come on let’s go back.”

Naruto went inside and said, “I’ll talk to you two later about this. Right now I need to talk to someone else.”

He went up the stairs to Zabuza’s room and went inside only to see Haku awake and said, “Hey Haku-chan.”

Haku smiled at her and Naruto went over and kissed him and was given one in return and he said, “I’m sorry you got hurt alright. But no worries you’ll be fine.”

Naruto moved and said, “I have to tell you two something. I had an unforeseen consequence to using this Jutsu to seduce you two.”

Zabuza wrote, what

Naruto smiled and said, “It’s a tossup right now. But I’m pregnant.”

How is that possible if you’re a boy? Wrote Zabuza

“Yes that is true I am a boy. But in this Jutsu I am a girl. I am also a Jinchuriki. I house the nine-tails. I got pissed at Gato the day after I slept with you two. I let the fox have control to tear him and his men apart for hurting you two. I sort of sped up the time it took for it to take.” Said Naruto scoffing his sandaled foot

Zabuza was shocked and wrote, so wait your telling me that as of right now one of us is a dad?

“Yeah.” Said Naruto as he rubbed the back of his head, “I’ve never had this happen before so I didn’t know it was possible.” He looked at them, “You two mad?”

Haku smiled and shook his head and Zabuza didn’t say anything and Naruto said, “Za-Chan?”

Zabuza sighed then wrote, I’m not mad at you Naru-chan. I am however freaked out. My old man was a horrible person.

Haku had read that and smiled as he took the pad and wrote, But you’re not him. You raised me and look at how well I turned out. You’ll do fine. Sides I’ll be there to help out in any case and so will Naruto.”

Naruto snorted and Zabuza wrote, What’s so funny?

“Just what he wrote. Technically you two are Father and Son. And a guys most played out fantasy is to get with his chick and her mother at once. And I got with Haku and his dad.” Said Naruto laughing

That made both men laugh even if silent. When Naruto said, “So you two know because I house the fox I am not the most liked person back home in fact I am probably the most hated person. And the council won’t like it when they find out about this.”

What’s going to happen if they do? Wrote Haku

“Probably something similar to what your father tried to do.” Said Naruto calmly, “They won’t be happy about it. They may even call for me to get rid of it.”

Zabuza frowned and wrote, Let them try it. Whether mine or Haku’s that child is going to be born and will be protected by both of us. As will you no one is going to hurt you again ever.

Naruto smiled and kissed them both as he said, “Thanks Za-Chan, Haku-Chan.”

With Haku’s help they found Gato’s base. Naruto secretly sealed up half the treasury. Then they gave the other half to the village. They told them that the mercs probably raided it. Kakashi didn’t quite buy it but didn’t call him on it either. When they were going to go home Naruto had Sasuke and Sakura come into the room and said, “Alright I said I would explain why I have been using this Jutsu and why I can’t train with you right now.”

“Yeah you did. So are you finally going to do that?” said Sakura sitting down

“Yeah. Kakashi explained to you what I am yes?” said Naruto

“Yeah he told us about the fox.” Said Sasuke, “is that the reason?”

“No. but using his chakra didn’t help me.” Said Naruto who sighted and sat down, “I know you both heard Gato say I slept with Haku and Zabuza. That isn’t a secret.”

“Yeah we’ve seen the way you three act around each other.” Said Sakura

“Yes well it seems I got an unexpected consequence to doing that in this Jutsu.” Said Naruto

“What consequence?” said Sasuke

“When not wearing this Jutsu I am sick to my stomach, tired, and so low on chakra it could kill me.” Said Naruto looking at Sakura, “Sound familiar Sakura?”

Sakura said, “How is that possible you’re a boy?”

“But I am a girl like this. Even a Hyuuga, Aburame, or Inuzuka would think I was one. Because I am genetically a girl this way.” Said Naruto, “I’ve never had it take before. Because I used the fox’s chakra I sped it up faster than normal.”

Sasuke said, “Ok someone throw me a bone.”

“Naruto went and got himself pregnant.” Said Sakura amused, “So whose is it?”

“Toss up at the moment.” Said Naruto amused

Sasuke was shocked and said, “you’re pregnant seriously?’

“Yeah apparently Kakashi-sensei figures I sped it up so I am at least a month or two along.” Said Naruto sheepishly, “My bad guys.”

Sakura said, “I don’t know whether to beat you or congratulate you. So I’ll wait to beat you.”

Sakura went over and sat near him and hugged him and said, “So for now I am going to do this. Congratulations Naruto.”

Naruto blushed and returned the hug as he said, “Thank you Sakura-chan.”

Sasuke said, “What did Zabuza and Haku have to say about this?”

“Zabuza is kind of still shocked but Haku is over the moon. He’s like us Sasuke. He’s an orphan but also he’s like you more though. Because of his ice his father murdered his mom in front of him and tried to kill him. Haku let his blood limit explode and he killed his father and the other villagers who came after them. Zabuza found him sitting on a bridge as he was leaving Kiri after his failed attempt. He took him with him.” Said Naruto, “So Haku is ecstatic about having a possible child. Zabuza is more worried he’s going to mess it up. His father wasn’t the best person in the world apparently. From what Haku has told me Zabuza’s father was a mean spirited drunk who took to beating him constantly.”

“That’s horrid.” Said Sakura

“Yeah but as Haku pointed out Za-chan raised him and he turned out just fine. So this one will too cause it will have me, him, and Haku around.” Said Naruto smiling, “Plus I’m sure Iruka-sensei when he finds out.”

“Oh man I can’t wait to get home. Iruka is going to freak and go five shades of crazy on Zabuza for touching you.” Said Sasuke laughing

The other two joined him and Naruto said, “I should probably prepare him for that one. Iruka isn’t someone you mess with. He may end up seriously hurting my demon man.”

Sasuke snorted and said, “Yeah just what you need another demon in your life.”

“Least this one I can play with.” Said Naruto

I so didn’t need to know you wanted to sleep with me monkey child.

Naruto looked horrified and said, “That wasn’t what I meant. That is so wrong and gross.”

Both looked at each other and shrugged and Sasuke said, “What’d the fur ball say?”

“Said he so didn’t need to know I wanted to fuck him.” Said Naruto shuddering again, “So not what I meant.”

“Well you are playing with Zabuza that way. Got to give the fur ball credit on that one.” Said Sasuke

“True.” Said Naruto who frowned, “OK so anyone else hungry?”

They laughed and Sasuke said, “Cravings already huh.”

Sakura got up and said, “I’ll go make you a sandwich.”

When she left Sasuke was completely out of his element and Naruto gasped and Sasuke said, “What?”

Naruto thought Did I just feel what I think I did fox?

Yes you did. Seems you’re in for surprises. Either you’re further than the wolf child thought or you got twins brat.

Naruto smiled and said, “Give me your hand?”

Sasuke came over and sat near him and Naruto took his hand and pressed it to his stomach and Sasuke was shocked when he felt a solid kick and said, “It’s moving already.”

“Kyuubi says either I am further than we thought or I got twins.” Said Naruto smiling, “It feels weird from this end.”

Sasuke was in awe as he just sat there feeling his teammate’s kid kick his hand and Sakura came in and said, “what are you two doing?”

Sasuke went over and took her over there and put the plate down and put her hand on Naruto’s stomach. She gasped and said, “It’s kicking.aww that is so cute.”

Naruto smiled and got up and said, “No cute is going to be their faces.”

They went down and Naruto went over to Kakashi and tapped him and he looked at him and said, “Yeah Naruto.”

Naruto held his hand out and Kakashi gave him his and Naruto put it against his stomach and he chuckled and said, “Wow. So what are you thinking here?”

“Fur ball says either he’s further than you think or has twins.” Said Sasuke smiling

Kakashi chuckled and said, “Not surprising really. Do know if it is twins you’re going to have to be monitored after the third month. Your mother had to be.”

Naruto looked at him and said, “What do you mean sensei? I’m an only child.”

“Yeah I know. But you ain’t noticed how it feels like there should be someone standing with you?” said Kakashi

“Yeah.” Said Naruto

“That’s because you’re supposed to have a twin. I personally don’t know that feeling but that was how Itachi described it to me once. He was supposed to be a twin too. His twin died shortly after they were born due to complications.” Said Kakashi shocking Sasuke, “Your mother had complications when she was a three months along. She started to bleed very badly. The medics were able to save you but not your twin. They couldn’t even find them anymore. So they figured your mother delivered him without them knowing about it.”

Sasuke gasped and said, “What if she didn’t? What if because his mother had the nine-tails while pregnant with them the fox did something? What if she’d of lost them both because of a medical problem in them. Like Naruto’s heart being damaged or something and the other one died because of the hemorrhaging. If that were the case the fox may have merged them to save at least one of them. And if his twin was a girl it would explain why he’s pregnant right now. It’s actually his sister’s child not his.”

Kakashi said, “That seems like a good explanation to me. So that is what we will use alright. If anyone asks you got pregnant cause this Jutsu allowed for your sister’s organs to work.”

“So I’m a hermaphrodite then.” Said Naruto amused

“Essentially yes. We’ll still have Konohamaru checked while using it and see if it is the Jutsu or it is because of what Sasuke said.” Said Kakashi, “But for now go with that.”

“Alright seems good to me. Least they can’t blame the fox for it.” Said Naruto smiling

“Exactly.” Said Kakashi

When they left the land of waves people came out to see them off. And when they left Tazuna decided to name the bridge after Naruto the boy who saved their nation. As they walked they were having fun really. And Naruto said, “Least this time we can have a nice trip back.”

“Very true.” Said Sakura, “Sensei what happened to the two we ran into at the beginning of our mission?”

“They are in ANBU custody by now Sakura.” Said Kakashi, “I did leave them tied up.”

Naruto said, “There were no ANBU around Sensei.”

Kakashi said, “I’m sure a patrol picked them up.”

Naruto shared a look with Haku who frowned and looked at Zabuza who shook his head and they all three knew that wasn’t likely an answer. When they passed by the area Naruto left them and came across the two brothers still tied to the tree. Though they looked like they had tried to free themselves if the deep cuts meant anything. He frowned and went closer and actually touched Meizu who looked at him and he smiled and said, “Oh so you are alive. That’s good.”

Naruto smiled and Meizu was confused but I a weak voice said, “Untie us please.”

Naruto pulled a Kunai and sliced through the wire that held them up and both fell to the ground. Naruto frowned and pulled a bottle of water out of his pack and helped them drink it. Gozu was worse off than Meizu was since he had been sitting in the sun more than the shade. But both were alive and Naruto said, “Can you two stand?”

Meizu said, “Barely.”

“Ok you only have to stand till we get back to my team. Then Zabuza and Haku can help you get to Konoha.” Said Naruto

“You have boss?” said Gozu

“Yep. There with me.” Said Naruto smiling at them

He helped them both up and helped support them both as he took them back to the group. He took them back to the road and Haku came over and smiled at them and took Gozu who said, “Haku-kun. You actually are with this girl.”

Naruto laughed and said, “I happen to be the orange wearing blonde boy that kicked your butts.”

Meizu said, “The one I poisoned.”

“The very same.” Said Naruto showing his hand, “I got the poison out myself.”

Zabuza took Meizu and he noticed the bandages and said, “Why are you bandaged?”

“Gato turned on them and tried to kill them. He slit their throats. They can’t talk right now because we had a non ninja medic deal with their injury. Once we get home then you four will be seen by a Medi-nin.’ Said Naruto smiling

Haku pointed at him and Naruto smiled and kissed him and said, “And yes I will too just to assure you we are fine.”

Zabuza chuckled and Naruto shrugged and said, “He’s worried. Surprised you’re not Za-chan.”

Zabuza nodded and pointed at himself and then held up two fingers and Naruto chuckled and said, “You are too huh.”

He again nodded and Naruto smiled and kissed him too and said, “Aww that’s so sweet. Though I can’t wait till you two are talking again. Cause I seriously miss hearing your voices.”

They caught up and Naruto chucked a rock at Kakashi’s back who said, “why did you throw that?’

‘Because you’re a moron. You almost killed the Oni brothers.” Said Naruto

Kakashi turned and looked and was shocked and said, “I seriously thought a team would pick them up.”

Meizu said, “Its fine Hatake-san. We know you didn’t mean it.”

Kakashi was shocked and Naruto said, “I explained everything on the way over here to you.”

Kakashi laughed and said, “Luck of the nine devils.”

Sasuke was confused and said, “What does that mean?”

“My ANBU guards used to say I had the Luck of the nine devils. If I did a Jutsu that would kill you it would work. Or like me painting the Hokage Monument in broad daylight and not getting caught until I was done with it. Those things that should either have gotten me killed or not worked at all seem to work just fine for me. So they said that I had all nine devils in my pocket.” Said Naruto smiling

Zabuza laughed and tapped Naruto who looked at him and he tapped his head and Naruto cracked up and said, “You’d believe it huh. Well if I didn’t have my nine devils then you and Haku would be dead as would your friends there. So start worshiping Kaijin.”

He smirked and tapped his wrist and then made a sweeping motion and Naruto laughed and said, “Once you’re healed and we get home.”

Haku chuckled and Kakashi said, “You two I swear.”

When they came into the village they were stared at. But the four Kirin Nins saw the looks Naruto got and Zabuza had Meizu get Kakashi’s attention. And Kakashi took Meizu for him and Zabuza surprised them by lifting Naruto up making him giggle and placed him on his shoulder to sit. Naruto sat on his shoulder not the least bit bothered by it. He was smiling and leaned forward a bit and said, “Does my demon man feel protective of his little Vixen?”

He smiled and tightened his hold on his waist. Naruto merely smiled and they went to the admin building. When they came in they were shocked really. Hiruzen was surprised and the other teams were as well and Hiruzen said, “Alright Team 7 report.”

“We had a few complications. It appears Tazuna lied about the severity of the mission. It wasn’t a C-rank he just couldn’t afford anything higher.” Said Kakashi, “On the way there we ran into the Oni Brothers here Meizu and Gozu. Sasuke and Naruto managed to stop them before I had to intervene. I tied them up with the intention that an ANBU patrol pick them up.”

He had indicated the two Kiri Nin wearing matching outfits and Kakashi said, “I left it up to the kids whether to continue or not. They decided to continue. We got to wave and ran into Zabuza Momochi. I managed to hold my own till he trapped me in water prison then Naruto and Sasuke got me out with Naruto’s plan.”

That surprised the kids and Naruto smiled from Zabuza’s shoulder and Kakashi said, “After that Haku stepped in and pretended to be a Kiri hunter Nin. He took Zabuza away and I passed out from exhaustion. After a couple of days Naruto ran into Haku again but didn’t know he was the hunter Nin we had seen. I gave Zabuza a week before he would be back to finish his job of killing Tazuna. The day before the estimated day of the new attack Naruto decided to take matters into his own hands. He used his oiroke Jutsu and some powdered belladonna root.”

Naruto smirked and said, “I tricked them into sleeping with me and then drugged them. They were out cold. I got back at dawn the next day.”

That surprised the whole group and Kakashi said, “We left him at Tazuna’s because he hadn’t slept and because I figured Gato would try something. I was right he sent two swordsmen to kidnap Tazuna’s daughter and grandson. Naruto stopped them.”

Hiruzen didn’t think he wanted to know but said, “Stopped them how exactly?”

Naruto smiled and said, “I did my job as a Ninja, Jiisan. I killed them so they couldn’t get free and hurt Tazuna’s family again.”

The fact he was smiling bothered them and Naruto chuckled and said, “My hands were stained far before I left the village on that mission Jiisan.”

Kakashi said, “Gato showed up and thanked Naruto for drugging them and making it easier to kill them. Naruto got pissed and went off on them. Sir I had to inform the other two of the triple s-rank secret attached to Naruto after he used its contents.”

The other kids were wondering what it meant and Hiruzen said, “Alright continue.”

“After he got done with Gato and his men. He appears to have gotten a bodyguard of sorts.” Said Kakashi who indicated the other man.

This man makes you think of a proud lion. He has narrow yellow eyes that are like two pieces of fools' gold. His silky, wavy, slate-gray hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a comet's trail. He is very tall and has a broad-shouldered build. His skin is cream-colored. He has an upturned nose. His wardrobe is severe and attractive, with a lot of violet. Naruto said, “That is Toin Kurada he’s sworn his allegiance to me.”

Hiruzen was shocked and said, “And you accepted.”

“I have. He’s also wearing a seal that prevents him from harming me too. It’s an Uzu seal so he can’t take it off and neither can anyone else. Was a condition to accepting his offer.” Said Naruto smiling, “He was an enemy when he requested to be my servant of sorts. Since I need a body guard I accepted. What better body guard then a former Ronin.”

Hiruzen was surprised and Kakashi said, “Naruto went back to Zabuza’s hideout. Turns out his nine devils luck worked for him. He found them barely alive. Haku was better off than Zabuza was though. They both recovered and have decided to follow Naruto. They owe him a life debt plus there was an unforeseen side effect to using his Oiroke Jutsu he wasn’t aware of when he seduced them.”

Hiruzen said, “What side effect? Is it why he is currently using said Jutsu?”

“Yeah. Um I kind of found out what happened to my twin sister.” Said Naruto sheepishly

That surprised the other kids and adults and Hiruzen shocked said, “Oh what? Cause not even Tsunade could figure that out.”

“Seems we sort of merged after she died.” Said Naruto smiling before sheepishly rubbing his head, “The reason I am using my Jutsu is cause if I don’t I could end up killing myself.”

“Why?’ said Iruka

Naruto smirked and said, “Eagle you remember how you said you wouldn’t be surprised if Sensei came home with a mission kid?’

“Hell yes.” Said Eagle coming out, “Why?”

“Because it wasn’t sensei.’ Said Naruto who blushed and sheepishly said, “I did.”

Ino said, “What do you mean you did?”

“He’s at least a month pregnant thanks to his secret speeding it up enough it took hold and caused chakra disruption a week later.” Said Sakura amused, “Naruto’s going to be a mommy.”

“Bite me Sakura. I can still kick your ass.” Said Naruto warningly

She put her hands up and said, “Truce.”

Hiruzen paled and said, “Kakashi?’

“She’s right he did. Seems the potent chakra sped up the growth some. We’re not sure exactly how far he is but it’s enough that it is messing with his chakra.” Said Kakashi who caught the movement out of the corner of his eye.

Zabuza put him down and Naruto went over to Hiruzen who looked at him and he surprised the man by putting his hand against his stomach and his eyes went wide and Naruto giggled and Kakashi said, “We figure either he’s further than we think or he has twins.”

They didn’t understand till he let Iruka do it and he dropped his files and said, “Holy crap it’s kicking.”

Naruto chuckled and said, “Yeah my alter ego has figured out why yet. Was his theory of either further than a month or twins. He’s leaning more towards twins.”

Iruka was shocked and said, “Whose is it?”

“It’s a tossup. It’s either Haku’s child or Zabuza’s. Hence why they came here with us.” Said Naruto

He turned and hugged Hiruzen around the neck and in the sweetest voice he could said, “Please can they come live here in the village with me? I really like them.”

The kids were shocked and Hiruzen said, “Naruto I don’t…”

Naruto allowed for the pouting lip and puppy eyes and said, “Aww please Grandpa. I never ask you for anything ever. Pretty please.”

Kakashi was trying hard not to crack up. So much so he actually had to cover his mouth with his hand and Hiruzen knew as soon as he looked in those eyes he would cave so he was avoiding them and said, “Naruto…”

That was all he got before Naruto actually added to the manipulation by letting go and covering his eyes with his hands and they were shocked when the tears actually fell and he actually sniffled and Hiruzen knew he was done he hung his head and sighed as he looked at Naruto and said, “Alright Naruto they can stay. But they have to be cleared by Ibiki first. And if he says their fine then they will have a month of probation then they will be allowed to take missions outside the village. And yes before you ask the same thing for the Oni brothers.”

Naruto dropped his hands and instantly smiled tears gone and hugged him and said, “Oh thank you grandpa you’re the best.”

Hiruzen chuckled and said, “Your welcome Naru-chan.”

When Naruto returned to his team he was smiling victoriously and the other kids were confused what happened and Kiba said, “what just happened cause I missed it?’

Asuma said, “My father’s greatest weakness. The Koinu Aizu no Nakihajimeru Jutsu (The puppy eyes no cry Jutsu) works every time.”

“Yep and is Naruto’s most deadly attack.” Said Kakashi, “It’s more deadly than a million of my Chidori.”

Naruto smiled and hugged Haku and said, “I can take them to the hospital now yes Jiisan.”

“Yes Naruto you may. Have them send me a report on all five of you when they are done.” Said Hiruzen who looked at Toin, “You will understand when I say you are allowed in this village after an evaluation yes.”

“Of course Hokage-sama. So long as you understand I am not under your control but Naruto-sama’s.” said Toin who bowed then stood up, “And that my loyalty lies with him and not yourself of this village.”

“I am aware. This is why I am asking that you be evaluated by not only Ibiki but Inoichi as well.” Said Hiruzen

Naruto smiled and said, “Once everyone is seen too I’ll take them to Ibiki-Oji’s office.”

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