The Consequences

Chapter 4

They left and went to the hospital and Naruto said, “Ma’am these four need medical treatment.”

She looked up and sneered and said, “Wearing that ridiculous Jutsu won’t get you treated here demon.”

“Wasn’t planning on it Ma’am. I was asked by Hokage-Jiisan to bring them here. The two brothers were tied up with Nin wire for almost a month. And the other two had their throats slit. A normal medic has dealt with the outer damage but their vocal cords were damaged and need repaired. Plus Hokage-Jiisan wants medical reports on the four of them.” said Naruto smiling

“Fine but you stay out here. You’re not welcome here.” Said the woman

“That’s fine.” Said Naruto who looked, “Come on Toin we’ll just go wait for them to come out.”

Toin nodded and said, “Very well Naruto-sama.”

They went over to the chairs and sat down Zabuza wasn’t happy with the way she treated Naruto but until his voice was back he wasn’t intimidating enough. So he decided to wait until he was done being healed. Naruto though waited at the chairs and when Hana came in Naruto smiled and got up and went over to her and said, “Hello Hana-san.”

She said, “Hello Naruto. I take it the Medi-nin turned you away again.”

“Well yes but you know they always do.” Said Naruto smiling

“Alright what did you do that needs to be dealt with by a Medi-nin?’ said Hana as she checked charts

Naruto smiled and had his hands behind his back as he said, “Got myself knocked up.”

Hana laughed and then looked at him and stopped laughing and said, “You’re serious?”

Naruto took her hand and placed it on his stomach and she wide eyed said, “Ok your serious. Where’s the father?”

“They are both in with the medics. Their previous employer tried to off them.” said Naruto smiling

“They as in more than one?’ said Hana

“I slept with two enemy Nins and drugged them cause I didn’t want to face a potential friend and his adopted father on the field of battle and end up with them both dying.” Said Naruto shrugging, “My way seemed better. Their employer found them while still drugged.”

Hana said, “Alright come on then let’s go see how you’re doing.”

They went into the back and Zabuza saw them and got Meizu’s attention and he said, “Naruto?”

Naruto looked up and said, “Yes Meizu-kun?”

“Boss.” Said Meizu

Naruto looked at him and said, “Yes Za-chan?”

Hana saw him point at her and Naruto smiled and said, “Hana Inuzuka. She’s a veterinary but is nice enough to be my medic even though I am not an animal. Her little brother was the one with the white puppy in the mission room.”

Zabuza nodded and smiled and Naruto surprised her when he went over and kissed the elder man and said, “Thank you for being so sweet and worrying about me Za-chan.”

He smiled and nodded. When Naruto went to the other bed he gave one to the boy there too and went back to her and they went into a room and said, “Friends?’

“Baby Daddies actually. They are Haku Yuki the last remaining member of the Yuki clan in Kiri. And Zabuza Momochi the demon of the bloody mist himself.” Said Naruto smiling, “Haku was who could’ve been a potential friend. The other two are Meizu and Gozu the Oni brothers.”

Hana was shocked and said, “And you went on a mission?”

“A c-rank that was upped to an A-rank.” Said Naruto smiling

Hana shook her head and said, “The beds you make Naruto.”

Naruto laughed and said, “I even pulled my ultimate Jutsu on gramps to get them to stay here too.”

Hana laughed and said, “Alright lay down. Now any idea how far along you are?’

“We’re guessing a month. I used Kyuubi’s chakra the day after lying with them. And then got sick to my stomach and had to use this Jutsu in order to not kill myself. So sensei thinks I sped it up.” Said Naruto, “Kyuubi says I may either be further along or have twins since their moving already.”

Hana said, “Well let’s see shall we.”

Hana made her hands glow as she checked him over. She made sure he was alright before she focused on his stomach. She was surprised at what she found. She smiled and killed the Jutsu. He sat up and smiled at her.

“So?” said Naruto

She smiled and said, “You need to eat more buddy. Cause you are seriously underweight”

“How come if I am only a month?” said Naruto

“Oh no you’re not. Your three months pregnant Naruto. You should be showing by now.” Said Hana, “And you got twins too.”

Naruto squealed and said, “Do you think I pulled an inu?’

“Explain?’ said Hana

“Well I slept with two different guys. If a dog does that then they end up with a puppy from each one.” Said Naruto, “I do have a fox demon and my mother had it before me.”

Hana smiled and said, “I don’t know. My mother would be able to tell you that though.”

She wrote up a script and said, “Come by the compound later today. I’ll have all the meds you need alright.”

Naruto smiled and said, “Alright. Can you write up a report for Jiisan? He wanted one for me too.”

“Yeah no problem Naruto-kun.” Said Hana who hugged him, “I am so happy for you.”

Naruto smiled and returned it and when he walked out he looked at them and smiled and Haku in a harsh voice said, “So are you two alright?”

“Yes all three of us are fine.” Said Naruto smiling

Haku smiled and said, “Three as in twins.”

“Yep and apparently we only have six months left.” Said Naruto smiling, “I will tell you later who gets the title of dad. Hana’s mom can tell better than her.”

Haku was just happy and went over and hugged him and said, “I am so happy. I don’t care if their mine of Father’s children. I am going to love them anyway.”

Naruto smiled and actually snuggled into his arms and Hana smiled from her place and Naruto smiled at him and kissed him and said, “I know you will.”

He went over and Zabuza smiled and hugged him and kissed him as well then taped Naruto then turned around had placed his hand over his heart and Naruto smiled and touched unmasked face and said, “I love you too Za-Chan.”

He flashed him a smile and brushed his hand against his stomach feeling the small yet surprisingly strong kick to his hand and nodded. And Naruto smiled and looked at Haku who came and sat near Zabuza and said, “So what do you have to say?”

Haku laughed and kissed his cheek and said, “I love you as well Naruto-chan.”

Naruto smiled and kissed his cheek too and said, “Good because I love you too.”

Naruto laughed and looked at Hana and said, “I bet this is the first time the CRA has gone backward.”

Hana laughed and said, “Oh I know it’s funny.”

“CRA?” said Haku

“The Clan Restoration Act. It basically states that any clan down to one or two members is to take more than one wife or husband in some cases to ensure that there is more than one child with their blood. It is to ensure that the clan doesn’t die out. Is mostly used with boys though. Sasuke will be subjected to the CRA next year as will I and you as well Haku. It is mandatory for anyone bearing a blood limit and the clan being down to one or two members to take multiple partners to get the numbers up. Hana’s brother Kiba is going to be under it as well since it is just him, Hana and their mother.” Said Naruto smiling

“So they won’t complain that you’re with both of us then?” said Haku

“Nope they shouldn’t. I merely started mine early.” Said Naruto smiling

“Yes very early in fact.” Said Hana amused

“It’s not that early. It states that the CRA is effective the moment you turn 13.” Said Naruto

“He is twelve Miss Inuzuka.” Said Haku

Hana chuckled and said, “You haven’t told them Naru-chan.”

Naruto blushed and said, “They never asked.”

Haku said, “What are we missing?”

“I’m not 12.” Said Naruto who blushed more and scoffed his sandal, “I’m 10.”

Zabuza went wide eyed and the medic came back and said, “Why are you here vermin?’

“Because he is talking with some people. Do your job you worthless cunt then leave.” Snarled Hana angrily

She hated it when people were mean to Naruto. He was a sweet child and didn’t deserve that and once the medic healed Zabuza’s throat she said, “You may leave in half an hour. It will be healed enough you won’t have complications.”

Once she was gone Zabuza said, “Your 10.” He looked at Hana, ‘He’s kidding right?”

“No he isn’t. Naruto was born the night of the Kyuubi attack. That was 10 years ago on the 10th of October.” Said Hana smiling, ‘my brother was a year old then.”

Naruto sheepishly said, “Does it really matter how old I am? You both loved me before finding out how old I was. Has that changed knowing my true age?”

Haku smiled and said, “Not in the least. Just a shock knowing I am 5 years older than you are.”

Naruto smiled and looked at Zabuza and said, “Za-Chan?”

“No Naru-chan it doesn’t. I am merely trying to figure out how I am not in custody for being a baby rapper.” Said Zabuza

Hana laughed and said, “This is Naruto we’re talking about. Half this village should be in jail for that then.”

Naruto smiled and Gozu said, “what do you mean ma’am?”

“Naruto spent the majority of his life on the street. He was raped so many times it’s pathetic. Hell he was almost killed once.” Said Hana as she came over, “Some assholes, who are thankfully dead already curtsey of my mother, kidnapped him and took him to an abandoned hideout and tied him to the bed. They raped him repeatedly. They almost killed him.” Hana pet his head, “Do you know what it takes for someone to be raped to death?”

They didn’t even answer and Naruto merely smiled at her and Meizu said, “No offense but how can you stand to let Zabuza-sama or any man for that matter touch you in such an intimate way Naruto?”

Naruto looked at him and said, “Because it doesn’t bother me. I’ve had men doing that to me for so long it doesn’t affect me.”

Haku touched his face making him look at him and said, “How long are we talking here Naruto?”

Hana frowned and said, “I don’t even know that one. He won’t tell anyone when the abuse started. Nor does give up who it was that first started it.”

Naruto smiled at her and said, “Because it is wrong to speak ill of the dead Hana-chan.”

Zabuza said, “Naruto age and name.”

There was no question it was an order. Naruto looked at him and said, “What makes you think you can order me to tell you when not even the Hokage can do so?”

“Because if you want me to satisfy you in any way in the near future you’ll answer me.” Said Zabuza

Naruto pointed at him and said, “That is cruel Za-chan. Very cruel. Do you know how rare it is to find someone who can last longer than me in bed? By the time my partners are done I have yet to get off. I wasn’t lying to Haku when I told him it takes 10 guys to satisfy me in a single night Za-chan. And it took you to do that all by yourself. Hell not even Haku got me off on his own even after going twice. I finished 5 times with you before you did once. So that is extremely cruel.”

Zabuza smiled and leaned forward and said, “So then answer me. Name and age.”

Naruto narrowed his eyes and said, “2. Akio”

Hana was horrified and made him look at her and said, “My father started this?”

They were shocked and Naruto said, “Yes.”

Haku said, “How can anyone do that to a 2 year old child?”

“I never said 2 years Haku. I said 2.” Said Naruto

Zabuza said, “2 what?”

Naruto looked at him and said, “Just know her father is dead so you can’t hunt him down and kill him yourself. His wife did that for you when she realized he was fucking me.”

“That’s why mama got mad at him. I knew he was cheating on her but not with you.” Said Hana who did the math and said, “You were three when my dad was killed.”

Naruto said, “I meant 2 days old.”

That horrified them and Naruto smiled and said, “As I said earlier. I am used to it by now so it doesn’t bother me.”

Zabuza frowned and merely pulled him into his arms and said, “That is not acceptable. I will be having words with this leader of yours.”

Naruto smiled from his arms and said, “As long as you don’t kill him then I won’t bother you.” He looked at him, “he’s the only one who actually cared about me. I had Guards for the most part but once I was inside the orphanage I wasn’t watched. He figured because I was inside the building I was safe.”

Naruto merely laid his head against his chest and said, “He doesn’t know.’

“about what Naruto? When it started?” said Haku

“Any of it. I’ve never told him about any of it.” Said Naruto from the man’s arms, ‘as far as he knows you two are the ones who were my first. I have kept the majority of my abuse from him.”

Zabuza made him look at him and said, “Why? Why would you hide that from him? If he cares for you he would stop it?”

“Yes if he cared.” Said Naruto smiling, “He is all I have ever had Za-chan. I was afraid if I told him then he would do nothing. That would’ve broken me it still would. To know that the person who became your grandfather the only family you’ve ever had turn out to be nothing but a lying fake. I couldn’t take that.” He laid his head back down, “I still can’t. so if you confront him I don’t want to know what he says. If he apologizes then tell him he has nothing to be sorry for cause I kept it from him and you can even tell him why. But I don’t want to know either way.”

Haku understood and said, “Because it would break your heart to know he didn’t really care about you and it was all a lie. And if he did care then you will feel stupid and hate yourself for not telling him sooner to get it all stopped.”

“Exactly. Ignorance is bliss. And I like my blissful ignorance thank you.’ Said Naruto smiling

Zabuza understood that and said, “Alright Naruto I won’t tell you. But I want an accurate account of everything to take to him alright. If you can complete with names, dates, and places everything occurred.”

Naruto smiled and said, “I can do that. I have a written record of everything. It helps me deal with it all. If I write it down then I don’t have to think about it and it doesn’t bother me.”

Hana smiled and said, “That sounds like something Inoichi would say.”

“It is something he said. I have counseling sessions with him every Sunday. I don’t go as myself mind you but I do go.” Said Naruto smiling, ‘I started going when I was three.”

“Least you’re dealing with it and not just pushing it away to explode later.” Said Zabuza petting his head

When they left the hospital they went to the Intelligence building and Naruto smiled and knocked on a door and said, “Hi Obassan.”

She smiled and said, “Naruto what a surprise. What do you need sweet heart?”

Naruto smiled and scratched the dog’s ears and said, “I was wondering if you could do a scan on me before I drop these six off at Ibiki’s office.’

She noticed the others and said, “Of course but what kind of scan?”

Naruto smiled and said, “I’m pregnant with twins apparently. Hana-chan says I’m three months along cause of the Kyuubi’s chakra it sped it up when I used it after sleeping with them.”

Both Haku and Zabuza raised their hands and she smiled and said, “And you want me to tell you whose children they are correct.”

“Please if you would. I am curious to know if I followed after the vulpine half of my life.” Said Naruto smiling

She laughed and said, “Well come here and we will see.”

Naruto went over to her and said, “Thank you Tsume-Obassan.”

“Oh you’re welcome.” Said Tsume

She checked and smiled and said, “Interesting. You did in fact fox child. Seems it pays to be a Kitsune.”

Naruto laughed and said, “Thank you Obassan.’ He leaned near her and whispered, “Can you tell what they are yet?”

She smiled and whispered back, “One of each.” She moved away and said, “but I am not telling you who got which.”

Naruto smiled and said, “That’s alright I want that to be a surprise. But I can’t pick names or anything else if I don’t know which they are.”

She laughed and shooed him out and Naruto said, “I will see you later Obassan.”

He was walking and said, “That was Lady Inuzuka she’s Hana’s mom.”

“So what did she say?” said Haku smiling

Naruto looked at them and said, “Both of you are dads. And one is a girl and one is a boy.”

They both smiled and hugged him tightly and Meizu said, “Looks like we start picking names one for each set. Four names. One girl and boy for both Zabuza-sama and Haku-kun.”

Naruto smiled and said, “You know what I like that idea cause there is no telling who got what. And this way we all get the names we like.”

They went to the other office and Naruto said, “Oji?”

“Naruto what a surprise.” Said the man

“Why are you in girls clothes exactly brat?’ said the woman

“Because I went and got myself pregnant Miss Anko.’ Said Naruto amused then cracking up at her shocked face, “oh man I want a camera that was perfect.”

“Not funny brat.” Snapped Anko

Naruto smiled as he stopped laughing and said, “Wasn’t kidding. I’m three months with a set of twins one of each from what Tsume-Obassan says.”

Anko said, ‘where is the dad?”

Naruto pointed at the group behind him and said, “The two in the back are the dads. I ended up getting one from each of them ironically enough. Oji, Jiisan wants the six of them evaluated. And he wants Toin to be seen by Inoichi-san as well since he isn’t joining the village.”

Anko said, “Then why evaluate him then?”

“Because he is entering and living in the village. He is an ex –Ronin not a Nin. And he isn’t loyal to Konoha or Jiisan. He is loyal to me and only me. He swore allegiance to me on the battlefield. Gramps wants his loyalties and intentions checked.” Said Naruto smiling

Ibiki said, “Alright Naruto. Who are the others?’

“The two in front are the Oni brothers of Kiri Meizu and Gozu.” Said Naruto and then indicated the other two, “And those are Haku Yuki and his adopted father Zabuza Momochi the demon of the bloody mist.” He smiled, “And they’re both my baby daddies.”

Anko jaw dropped and said, “You got with a seven swordsmen. Oh you and I are so going to talk. I want every sorted detail Naruto.”

Naruto laughed and said, “I’ll do you one better. I’ll pull my Godfather and give you a book so you can keep reading it over and over again.”

Anko went star eyed and said, “You promise?’

“Promise.” Said Naruto smiling

Anko jumped around and Naruto looked at them and said, “My Godfather is Jiraiya. He writes the Icha Icha series and she loves them. she is also a sadistic snake queen and one of our Interrogators. Ibiki here is the other one. He is the head of the T&I division.”

They were shocked and Zabuza said, “Alright then how long is this going to take?”

“Why?” said Ibiki raising an eyebrow

“Because I don’t want my Koibito out in that village alone for longer than necessary.” Said Zabuza

The name surprised the two Konoha Nins but Ibiki said, “It may take a while. But I will do this for you.’

He reached into his vest pocket and handed a set of keys to Naruto and said, “Till I am done with your friends you may stay at my house. No one would dare try to break into my place.’

Naruto took them and hugged him and said, “Thank you Oji.”

“Your welcome.” Said Ibiki returning it, “Does that work for you?”

“It does.” Said Zabuza

Haku took out a blue crystal (A/N: Tsunade’s crystal just blue instead of green.)from his pouch and slipped it around Naruto’s neck and said, “And this will ensure that you are safe while out in the village.”

Anko said, “what’s that do?”

Haku said, “Throw something at him.”

Anko tossed a book at him only for the crystal to glow and ice to surround Naruto completely and then receding away just as fast and Naruto smiled and said, “Aww your ice protected me.”

Haku kissed his cheek and said, “Of course it did. did you think I wouldn’t find a way to protect you? I had Hatake-san help me with the seals on it since my knowledge was limited. That is what we came up with.”

Naruto smiled and Zabuza said, “Now I am content to leave him alone for a length of time.”

When Naruto left them he went to the book store. He had promised Anko a book and he would give it to her. He came in and was shocked to see Kakashi and chuckled as he looked and said, “Getting the latest Icha Icha I take it.”

“actually I am replacing my other one. It got damaged beyond repair on our mission.’ Said Kakashi

“That explains why you weren’t reading it on the way back.’ Said Naruto smiling

“yes. So what did the medics say?’ said Kakashi

“That I am three months pregnant with twins. I got one boy and one girl. And one is Haku’s child and the other is Zabuza’s. lady Tsume said so.” Said Naruto smiling

Kakashi was shocked and said, ‘That’s not good. You have to be extremely careful now.”

“I know but no worries I will be fine. Hana-chan says I am too light though. So I got to eat more.” Said Naruto

“Why did the Inuzuka vets give you advice?’ said Kakashi

“Oh the medics at the hospital refuse me service. Hana-chan is my personal physician or her mother does it if she can’t. it doesn’t bother me to use them instead of the medics. They were trained to do the same things just on animals. Plus they don’t charge me for the service either.” Said Naruto smiling

Kakashi frowned but said, “Alright if you’re happy with it then I won’t interfere. So why are you here? Getting a mommy book?”

Naruto laughed and said, “No actually I don’t need one of those. I babysit all the time so I’m good there. No I am getting a blank book.”

“May I ask why?” said Kakashi, “It’ll help me find one better suited to what you’re doing.”

Naruto smiled and said, “Anko was present when I informed Ibiki of why they were staying here. She wanted me to tell her ever sorted detail of my escapade with a seven swordsmen. I told her I would do her one better. So I need a blank book to do a very personal version of my godfather’s famous book.”

Kakashi cracked up and said, “If your mother knew you were doing that she would beat you and murder Jiraiya for influencing you.”

“Wasn't toad father who did that sensei. She would be murdering you and your perverseness. It was your book I swiped and read after all.” Said Naruto smiling

“Oh good god your right it would be me.” Said Kakashi paling

Naruto chuckled and said, “I was kidding Sensei. I’ve never read the book. Don’t need to when you practically grow up in a brothel.”

“I guess not. Well this should be what you want.” Said Kakashi handing him a decent sized book.

Naruto took it and said, “Thank you sensei. Now would it be wrong if I started from the beginning of our mission or no. only asking cause I don’t want to get in trouble for depicting our mission accurately only to have it be classified.’

“No your good. Nothing in that is classified information except your secret. You can leave out the fact you used his chakra and just make it you going after them in a fit of rage.” Said Kakashi, ‘Just explain it to her when you give it to her.’

Naruto smiled and said, “I can do that.”

“So do you mind if I escort you back to your apartment?’ said Kakashi

“Not at all but I’m not going there.’ Said Naruto as he paid for the book at a normal price because Kakashi was there.

When they left he smiled and grabbed his arm and said, “would you mind coming with me?”

“To do what?’ said Kakashi

“Getting a change in wardrobe. He always throws me out or only sells me that orange thing if I order it. So I was thinking that if you came with me then they would have to let me shop there and I can get exactly what I want.” Said Naruto smiling

Kakashi couldn’t help the smile that showed on his face as he said, “Alright you got it.”

Naruto laughed and grabbed his hand and they went to the shop. Kakashi chuckled at his enthusiasm. How was he supposed to burst his bubble and tell him no. he smiled as they went to the store. When they came in the shop was full. In fact both Sakura and Ino were there. And when Naruto walked in the man actually surprised them by openly throwing a very heavy lamp at Naruto. Naruto didn’t bother dodging as the crystal glowed and ice surrounded him completely and the lamp shattered against it and when it dissolved Naruto said, “Missed me.”

Kakashi said, “I see Haku’s crystal works beautifully.”

“Yep. Now do you want to let me shop here or are you going to go spend time with My uncle in interrogation.” Said Naruto smiling

“He better let you or I’ll inform the Hokage and his shop will be shut down.” Said Kakashi reading his book

“Just make it fast monster.” Said the man

Ino placed her hands on her hips and said, “I can do one better Hatake-san.”

She contacted her father and told him about it and in a swirl of leaves he appeared and pointed at him and said, “Your fired now get out of my store.”

Naruto looked at him and said, “You own this store?”

“I own the building actually. And since he couldn’t pay for it he handed me ownership of the shop itself so now I am.” said Inoichi

He looked at him and said, “You can’t do that.”

“yes I can in fact I’m doing one better than that.’ Said Inoichi who pulled out a scroll and a pen and handed it to Naruto and said, “Sign that.”

Naruto took it and went to read it only for him to smile and say, “just sign it Naruto. I’ll explain it in a minute.”

Naruto was apprehensive and Kakashi smiled and said, “its ok Naruto it’s nothing bad.”

Naruto signed his name to the scroll and Inoichi took it and then let it fall open as he said, “As of right now Naruto owns this store not you. I just signed it over.” He looked at Naruto, “You may pick whoever you want to run this place.”

Naruto was shocked and said, “Thank you.”

Inoichi smiled and said, “You are welcome.” He looked at the man, “Why are you still here?”

He snarled before storming off out the door and Naruto cringed and said, “Good thing I ain’t living in my apartment for the time being.”

Kakashi was shocked and said, “where are you staying?’

“My uncle’s house.” Said Naruto showing the keys.

Inoichi said, “Oh yeah let them come after you while there. They will regret it.”

Kakashi said, “I’m confused.”

“He’s staying at Ibiki’s place.” Said Inoichi, “Let them try breaking into the head of the torture and interrogation department’s house. Guaranteed they’ll wish they hadn’t.”

Kakashi said, “Yeah ain’t that the truth.”

Naruto smiled and Inoichi said, “Well enjoy your shopping girls.”

Naruto snickered and Kakashi smiled and sat down in a chair and said, “Girls would you mind helping Naruto pick out clothes please.”

“Of course sensei.” Said Sakura coming over and hook arms with him

Once away Sakura said, “So what’s going on?”

Naruto chuckled and held up two fingers and Sakura squealed and said, “Twins really.”

“Yep one of each from what Kiba’s mom told me.” Said Naruto smiling

“Aww so whose are they any idea?’ said Sakura

Ino was listening and Naruto said, “Again one of each. She wouldn’t tell me who got what though. So it’s a surprise who got the boy and who got the girl. But both my men are going to be daddies.”

Sakura hugged him and said, “That is so cool.” She moved, “So how long till you start showing?’

Naruto laughed and Ino said, “Not till he’s three months at least Sakura.”

Naruto sheepishly said, “I am three months pregnant Ino-chan.”

Ino was shocked and said, “How is that possible?’

Naruto wrung his hands then told her the truth and said, “I used his chakra after sleeping with them. it sped it up rapidly. It won’t hurt them but it made it so I only have six months instead of nine.”

Ino said, “Then why aren’t you showing?”

Naruto shrugged and then thought, Do you know why I’m not showing despite being 3 months pregnant?

Because it is a demonic pregnancy. Everything is accelerated. And you don’t have six months monkey child. You have three. Because my chakra played a huge part in their growth they will keep growing rapidly. A demon only carries their child for six months. You are already three months along. You have three more to go. This means you are going to go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow looking like your 6 months pregnant.

Naruto was shocked and Sakura said, “Naruto what’s wrong?”

“I asked the fox.” Said Naruto in shock

“Ok so what did he say?” said Ino

“That because his chakra played a huge part in their growth it changed things. That it wasn’t going to be like a human pregnancy. That it was actually going to be more of a demon one. This means that it is a six month pregnancy. I’m already three months and that means I have three months left. And that when I wake up tomorrow I’m going to look six months pregnant.” Said Naruto still shocked

Sakura hugged him and said, “No worries alright.” She looked at Ino, “can you ask your father to ask Ibiki-san if we can spend the night with Naruto?”

Ino nodded and she did and smiled as she said, “He said it was fine and that given circumstances he would prefer it actually.”

“Ok then we’ll get your new clothes and we’ll make sure that they will fit you while pregnant and then we will go to the furniture store. They have a section that is strictly for infants. We’ll get everything you need.” Said Sakura smiling at him

Naruto smiled and nodded and they around looking for clothes. Naruto smiled and giggled and Ino said, “What?”

“I was just thinking maybe I should pull a Haku.” Said Naruto

“which is what?” said Ino

“Ware girls’ clothes despite being a boy.” Said Sakura amused

Naruto chuckled and Ino said, “Yeah that may work. Get some for both that way you can switch back and forth perfectly.”

“That’s what I have been doing actually.” Said Naruto smiling, “I always bring clothes for Naruko even if I don’t need them.”

They looked through the clothes and Naruto smiled at a set he found. For some reason they seemed familiar. He picked them out and went into the back and put them on and went into the main showroom and to the front and said, “Sensei?”

Kakashi said, “Yes Naruto.”

When he didn’t answer Kakashi looked up and actually gasped in shock. Naruto was wearing a white high collared sleeveless blouse with a long loose fitting green dress over it and his black ninja sandals. His hair was even down instead of being in his pig tails and Naruto said, “Is this bad? Should I go change?”

Kakashi was having trouble and barely above a whisper said, “If your hair was dark red and your eyes dark violet you’d look just like her.”

Naruto smiled and said, “Like who sensei?”

“Your mother.” Said Kakashi in shock

Naruto was shocked and said, “Really?”

“That’s the exact same outfit she wore when off duty and while pregnant with you.” Said Kakashi who said, “Sakura give me a black wrist band.”

Sakura came up with it and gave it to him and Kakashi put it around Naruto’s right wrist and smiled as he brushed her hair back and said, “Now you look like your mama used to.”

That surprised the two girls and Naruto smiled and said, “I think I’ll get these guys.”

Kakashi smiled and said, “If you get white or slate blue blouses like this one and green and tan dresses like this one and either black or lavender sandals and the wrist band in either black or dark blue then you can dress like your mom when off duty.”

Naruto smiled and nodded and when he left to get them Ino chuckled and said, “We’re going to spend the night with Naruto at Ibiki-san’s house tonight.”

“Apparently cause of the fox’s influence his pregnancy is sped up.” Said Sakura, “He’s going to be showing like he’s six months tomorrow when he wakes up.”

“Wonderful.” Said Kakashi who frowned and said, “Wait we can say it’s a Momochi or Yuki thing. Blame it on the two guys so that it takes suspicion off of Naruto and the nine-tails.”

“Blame what on them?’ said Naruto

“The hyper pregnancy. We’ll tell everyone that it has to do with the Momochi or Yuki blood mixing with your Uzumaki blood. That way when it doesn’t happen the again then they won’t worry about it.” Said Kakashi

“Won’t work. Cause what if we have more? I’m supposed to use the Fox’s chakra again after sleeping with them to make it work again.” Said Naruto

Kakashi swore and Naruto smiled and said, “No worries I will deal with it. Promise.”

When they left the store they had clothes and Sakura said, “What are you going to do about the shop?”

Naruto smiled and thought I can still use chakra yes? Or would that be bad like it is with Kunoichi?

No you can use chakra. Your mother could while pregnant with you. It’s an upside to being my container. My chakra surrounds and protects the infant instead of your own.

Alright thank you for that and for the help. Naruto smiled and made a cross sign and before Kakashi could stop him made a single Shadow clone but a male version.

Kakashi said, “Are you insane?”

“No. Kyuubi’s chakra surrounds my babies not mine just as it did with me when Mom was pregnant. I can still use my chakra mom could.” Said Naruto, “And it won’t copy the babies either.”

The clone henged into a tall short orange haired man with violet eyes he smiled and said, “Go on I got everything.”

They left and Kakashi said, “Orange hair?”

Naruto shrugged and said, “His decision not mine. Clones as you know have their own personality’s sensei.”

“Yep they do.” Said Kakashi, “So where to now?”

“Furniture store. We need to stock up on stuff for Naruto. He has three months left after all sensei.” Said Sakura

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