The Consequences

Chapter 5

They walked into the store and no one bothered with Naruto. Not with Kakashi there with them. They went to the back of the store where the baby section was. They went back there and Sakura said, “Alright let’s see we need a crib along with mattress, sheets, and cover. We also need a changing table, 2-3 diaper changing pads, changing station so that everything is in reach, diaper pail, bag, bottles, bottle brush, nipples, bath tub, baby monitor and rocking chair.”

Kakashi said, “How much of that do you have Naruto?”

“None of it. I don’t babysit at my place. I’m always over at theirs.” Said Naruto smiling

“Alright and of course so you know Naruto and it won’t be a huge shock but Shikamaru has decided that you need a baby shower.” Said Ino amused

Naruto chuckled and said, “Aww he’s going to make someone a good wife.’

That had all four of them laughing and Kakashi said, “I’ll take the rocking chair and baby monitor.”

Ino said, “I’ll do the changing table and everything related to that.”

“I’ll do the rest of it.” Said Sakura who smiled, “Naruto why don’t you pick out the crib.”

Naruto said, “Kay.”

They all split off to look for the things they were assigned and Naruto was looking at cribs. He was looking at everything thinking about prices since he didn’t have a lot of money on hand. He was smiling really because with the clothing shop now being his he was going to get a steady income coming in and it was all his even. He only had to pay the worker and the rent to the Yamanakas'. But it was awesome really. He was smiling and looking through them. When a woman came near him he waited for it to happen but nothing did. He looked at her and smiled really.

She was huge and having a problem he could see that so he went over and smiled and said, “Which one ma’am?”

She looked at him in shock but he saw the recognition in her eyes and she said, “The blue one.”

Naruto got it for her and smiled as he said, “Here you go Ma’am.”

She took it and said, “Thank you Naruto.” She was going to leave when she stopped and looked at him, “Why are you disguised as a girl exactly? And in a baby section exactly?” she had a thought, “Is Ayame Ichiraku pregnant?”

Naruto chuckled and said, “No.” he debated whether to say anything but decided it was going to get out eventually, “I’m buying baby furniture actually. Ino, Sakura, and Kakashi-sensei are helping. I’m looking for a crib big enough to hold twins. And I’m a girl right now because my chakra is acting up otherwise. Happens when you end up in the situation you’re in ma’am.”

She was shocked but said, “You’re a boy.”

“I know but when I used this Jutsu to get close to an enemy and drug them I wasn’t aware I had a twin sister that merged with me. Making me as much a girl this way as you are.” Said Naruto smiling

“So you’re at least a month along.” Said the woman curiously

“Three actually. Side effect of being from the clans I am. Unforeseen consequence of my parents breeding. It sped it up a lot.” Said Naruto smiling

She tilted her head and said, “What do you mean?”

Naruto smiled and said, “How far are you?”

She smiled and said, “Six months.”

Naruto smiled and said, “I’m flat today but tomorrow I’m going to be as bigger that you are.”

She actually showed the shock and she said, “Why bigger?”

“Oh cause I’m having twins.” Said Naruto smiling, “hence why I’m picking a crib for two instead of one.”

She was surprised and he smiled and held his hand out and said, “You want to feel. Their kicking me again.”

She knew what it felt like but was curious so she let him place her hand on his stomach and she actually felt the kicks against her hand and was amazed and she said, “Wow.”

Naruto smiled and she said, “So you’re doing this alone then? Well aside from your teammates.”

“No their fathers are here. Apparently I ended up splitting genetics. I have one from one guy and the other is from another. So their half siblings and twins. Kind of cool really.” Said Naruto smiling, “Lady Inuzuka even said I got one of each.”

That surprised her and she chuckled and said, “How come you’re shopping without them?”

“Their seeing Ibiki-san. Hokage-Jiisan wanted them evaluated first.” Said Naruto smiling still

“You’re not still going to live in your apartment are you? I know that place isn’t safe. It was never safe for you to live there let alone two infants.” Said the woman

Naruto shrugged and said, “I can’t afford anywhere else. I can only afford that one because the Hokage has been kind enough to pay for part of it. He pays for the utilities I’m only responsible for the rent. Which is like 1700 a week?”

She was appalled and then smiled and said, “Then I can help. I own a building in the nicer part of town. I have a huge penthouse free. No one wants it cause it’s so large and plus cause the rent is so high. But I’ll make you a deal. You let me watch those two once in a while and you can have the apartment for half price.”

Naruto said, “what’s the normal rent?’

She laughed and said, “2500 a month. I’m going to let you stay there for 1250 a month.”

Naruto had to admit that it was a good deal he smiled and said, “Can I see it before I agree? It’s a good deal and I love it. But I’ve been tricked so much it’s kind of hard to take people’s words for it you know.”

“I know that. And of course you can see it first.” Said the woman as she took a piece of paper from her purse and wrote something, “That’s the address. My eldest son is going to have to show you up. I can’t make that walk anymore.”

Naruto took it and said, “Alright and thank you.”

She inclined her head and Naruto almost jumped for joy. He went looking for a crib. He found one it was perfect. It was an egg-shaped wooden crib that was solid on one side and rested directly on the floor. And was perfectly priced too. It was only 300ryo. It was awesome. He could afford that. He saw the worker and smiled at him as he came over and said, “Can I help you Uzumaki?”

Naruto almost lost his smile till the worker said, “Not my father Naruto. You’ll get no problem from me.”

Naruto smiled and said, “I’ll take this one. It’s perfect.”

He smiled and said, “Alright I’ll take it. What name do you want it under so my father doesn’t tamper with it?”

“Momochi.” Said Naruto seeing the look, “He is my lover after all. And currently in with Ibiki.”

The boy was shocked and said, “Oh I bet there is a good story there somewhere.”

“Oh there is trust me. If she lets you ask Anko for the book I’m going to make for her. She wanted every sorted detail of our time together. I’m pulling a Toad Sannin.’ Said Naruto

The boy laughed and said, “If it’s as good as his are you may want to publish it.”

Naruto laughed as he left him to store the crib away for him and went looking for bedding. He didn’t know what prompted him really. But he had two sets of bedding he liked. One was an ocean theme and looked beautiful the other was a fox theme. He loved them both really because they were cute. He couldn’t decided and said, “Alright you two. I’m letting you two pick. Kick once for yes and twice for no. So who wants Ocean blankets?”

He wasn’t kicked so Naruto smiled and said, “Alright how bout toads?”

Again nothing and he smiled more and said, “Foxes?”

He was kicked four times twice by each and he laughed and said, “Alright then two sets of fox bedding it is then.”

He grabbed two sets and was going past the toys when he spotted two fox plushies. One was orangish red the other pure white. And when he saw their tails he smiled both were nine tails. So he grabbed them both and went to find the others. And when he did he found Kakashi trying to decide on chairs with the girls and said, “Hey guys.”

“Oh Naruto there you are. Did you find one?” said Ino coming over to help him.

“Yeah the shop owner’s son was really nice. I put the crib under Za-Chan’s last name since the owner doesn’t like me.” Said Naruto

“That’s why he said it was alright he knew what name to place them under.” Said Sakura who saw the fox plushies, ‘what’s with the foxes?”

Naruto said, “I found two bedding sets I liked. One was an ocean the other was the foxes. I left the decision up to them. Both picked the foxes. So I saw those and grabbed them.”

Ino laughed and Naruto said, “Sensei could I get you to come with me to look at a potential new apartment.”

He looked at him and said, “Going house hunting already huh?’

“I ran into a lady while looking for cribs and she got curious as to why I was dressed this way and in here. So I told her. I even came up with an on the spot excuse for why it’s happening faster. I said it was my parents fault for breeding.” Said Naruto

Kakashi cracked up and said, “Oh that’s perfect. I bet your dad is laughing his ass off at that one and your mother is smacking him for laughing.”

“She offered me an apartment for half price.” Said Naruto

“What’s the catch?’ said Kakashi

“Nothing the deal is I get the apartment for half price if she can watch the twins once in a while. It’s a good deal. The apartment is 2500 a month and I’m getting it for 1250 a month. I pay 1700 a week for my current place.” Said Naruto

“Your apartment is at most 20 ryo a month Naruto. I know because I used to be the one paying the landlord when I was your guard.” Said Kakashi

“I know but now that I am responsible for it he’s upped it. And this lady is the first person to let me live in their building. Plus it’s on the good side of town and not in the middle of the red light district.” Said Naruto giving him the paper, “That’s the address.”

Kakashi was shocked and laughed and Sakura said, “What sensei?”

“This is right across the street from my apartment complex. You’re going to be living in the Jonin district for half price. I’m jealous now.” Said Kakashi amused

“So you’ll take me?” said Naruto smiling

“You bet.” Said Kakashi, “Alright so which one Naruto?”

He indicated a normal enough chair that looked like any other rocking chair he had seen in a nursery. Then another one that wasn’t. Sakura said, “I said this one because it was more comfortable. Sensei thinks that the other one is more to your liking.”

“Please settle this argument.” Said Ino exasperated

Naruto smiled the other chair was a recycled rustic wooden rocking chair: a beautiful well-proportioned rocking seat made from reclaimed wood. It looked like a flat piece of a tree with branches as the frame work. Naruto smiled and said, “Sorry Sakura-chan but Sensei knows me.”

Kakashi smirked and hugged him to his side and said, “I should brat. I practically raised you outside the orphanage for two years.”

Naruto smiled and laughed as he returned it and said, “Alright so this is everything?”

“Yep all but clothes and diapers.” Said Ino

“Awesome.” Said Naruto smiling

When they went to the front Kakashi had the chair and the owner saw Naruto and said, “Is that everything?”

Naruto smiled and said, “We also need to pick up everything under Momochi too.”

He got the scroll and said, “Alright that’s 3000.”

Naruto did the math and said, “No it’s not. It’s 900 even.”

He bristled and Kakashi said, “He’s right sir it’s 900 even.”

They paid the 900tryo and left the shop they went to the address and Naruto knocked on the door on the paper and she opened it and said, “Naruto-kun.”

She smiled and looked inside and said, “Ichi come here.”

He came over and said, “Yeah mom.”

He reminded them of Shikamaru a lot just older and she smiled and said, “Can you take them up to the apartment please?”

She handed him the keys and he said, “Alright mother.” He yawned and said, “Come on.”

They went up the stairs and Naruto said, “it’s on top right?’

“Yes it is.” Said Ichi, “You get the whole top floor to yourself.”

They got up there and he unlocked the door and they went inside. Naruto was in awe the place was huge. And he said, “Whoa I could fit my whole apartment in here over a hundred times.”

“Not surprising Nar. Your apartment is one room literally. Your kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom are all the same room.” Said Kakashi, “Any problems we need to know about?’

“Nope mother had me check it out earlier. Even made me clean it up for you. Said I wasn’t allowed to let you do it.” Said Ichi yawning

“No offense Ichi but you remind me of our friend Shikamaru.” Said Naruto amused

He chuckled and said, “None taken Naruto-san. You’ll have to excuse my behavior. I just got off a three day outer patrol. I just got in an hour ago.”

Naruto felt bad and smiled as he said, “That’s alright. I know how horrid that is.”

Sakura looked at him weird and he said, “Most of my friends are ANBU operatives.”

He chuckled and said, “I would believe it. So there are four bedrooms here. A large living room and dining room attached. A gourmet kitchen it was just renovated as was the master bath. There are two bathrooms. There is the master bath which is attached to the master bedroom then there is another full bath through that door.” He indicated the door, “There is a lot of closet space too.” He went over to the door and had them come with him, “The Balcony goes all the way around the apartment. And as you can see it’s got a guard rail all the way around it so no one can fall off it easily.” He took them over to the side, “Plus you have roof access.”

They went up and Naruto was shocked and said, “Oh wow.”

“Yeah mom had at one time wanted to put a green house up here but ran out of money. So the frame work is here for it. So if you want you can finish it off. She thought it would be a selling point with the apartment if it had its own garden.” Said Ichi

Ino inspected it and said; “My family can finish this easy.” she looked at Naruto, “Consider it a house warming gift.”

Naruto smiled and hugged her and said, “You’re awesome.”

Ichi chuckled and yawned again only to laugh at it and Naruto saw the bird. A forked tailed swallow he smiled at it and Ino wondered what he was looking at and looked up and gasped and said, “That’s a fire-breasted swallow isn’t it.”

Kakashi looked up as did Sakura and Ichi who said, “Yeah it is.’

Kakashi said, “There the fastest birds in the country.”

Naruto smiled and gave a sharp whistle sound. They actually saw the swallow fly up and back flip into a dive. It dove right for them. And then flew right past them and turned sharply and came back at them at a slower pace and landed on Naruto’s outstretched hand. She sat on his finger and chirped at him a few times. He smiled and said, “Hello to you too. And I’m fine actually. You?”

She chirped again and they were just shocked and Naruto merely pet her back with the kunai shaped red feathers and he said, “Well that’s good. Bout time you got a boyfriend Swift-chan.”

She chirped again and hopped closer to him along his arm and then surprised them by rubbing her head against his own and he giggled and Ino was in awe. And he said, “Yeah actually.”

She chirped some more before she flew off and he laughed and Ino said, “I can’t believe you got her to land on your hand.”

“Oh yeah Swift-chan and me are friends. We’re training partners. We play tag all the time.” Said Naruto smiling, “I chase her all over the village.”

“Bet that’s fun.” Said Ichi, “You managed to catch her yet?”

“I always catch swift-chan. It’s her learning curve to my moves and anticipating them that makes her an awesome training partner.” Said Naruto smiling

“And you can understand her chirps.” Said Sakura

“Yeah if you’re around animals long enough you learn to understand their language.” Said Naruto smiling

Kakashi said, “What’d she ask you?”

“If I was going to be living here now.” Said Naruto amused

Ichi said, “Alright let’s go down and you can sort everything out with mother.”

They went down and after Naruto signed the paperwork Ino said, “Why am I not surprised you rented a four bedroom house. Though you’re going to be a room short though.”

“No I won’t.” said Naruto smiling, “One room for the twins. One for the Oni brothers. One for Toin. And one for the three of us.”

Ino’s face was perfect and they went to his place to pack up. Once they arrived Naruto leaned around the corner and listened and didn’t hear anything and went to the hallway and knocked on the door across from his in three quick raps followed by two more. And the door opened and the boy came out and Kakashi said, “Lee.”

He smiled and waved at them and he grabbed his tonfa and went to the door across from them. Naruto merely leaned on the wall near Lee’s door and they heard several thuds and grunts before Lee came out dragging five men by the foot and flashed Naruto a bright smile and said, “It’s safe to return home now my friend.”

Naruto smiled and said, “Thank you Lee. Appreciate it.”

“You are very welcome. I will take these un-youthful men to the nearest ANBU station.” Said Lee

Naruto went inside and Ino said, “Good god this place is horrid.”

Naruto laughed and said, “Yeah I know. But its home. Or at least it was.”

His apartment was at the top of a rundown building with broken windows, no hot water and water that came out as black sludge first, no electricity, and no working fridge. The stove barely worked. And the whole building swayed with a strong gust of wind. There was no heat or air conditioning. The floor was rotten, there were cracks in the walls and the ceiling leaked like crazy when I rained. His walls were covered in mold from the rain water. His walls were also covered in bright red spray paint that read, Monster. Demon. Die. No one wants you here.

Kakashi said, “It’s a good thing you’re moving.”

Naruto smiled and Sakura actually flipped the light switch. She screamed and Naruto spun and knocked her free with a broom and Kakashi lifted her up and took her to the hospital and Ino said, “What happened?”

“My electricity shorts out. She flipped the switch it shorted and shocked the hell out of her.” Said Naruto near tears.

Ino hugged him and said, “It’s alright Naruto. It wasn’t your fault.”

Lee came back and said, “What has happened? The whole building went flicker.”

“Sakura flipped the light on.” Said Ino while rubbing Naruto’s back.

Naruto moved and wiped his face and said, “Lee you should see about getting a new place.”

“You know I am not going to up and leave you here alone.” Said Lee

“I got a new place. The landlord is letting me have it for half price even. It’s in the Jonin section of the village. So you can find a new place like you planned on doing.” Said Naruto

Lee inclined his head and said, “Alright my friend. Sensei has already reserved me a place in his building.”

“doesn’t he live in the same building as Kakashi?’ said Naruto amused

“Yes actually. Right next door in fact.” Said Lee smiling, “I am going to be above sensei.”

“My new place is the building across from yours.” Said Naruto smiling

Lee laughed and said, “Then I am even more pleased.”

They packed everything and Lee helped them carry things after he himself packed up his apartment. Both left together and both went to Naruto’s apartment and unpacked everything. Lee said, “Wow I’m almost jealous now my friend.”

Naruto laughed and said, “Nah just about time we moved up.”

“Yep.” Said Lee.

After everything was unpacked and all the baby furniture was placed in the nursery they smiled. Ino said, “where is your bed Naruto?”

“I have to get a new one. Mine got destroyed before we left.” Said Naruto, “Got attacked long story.”

Ino said, “We could’ve gotten it at the furniture store.”

“I don’t use normal ones Ino-chan.” Said Naruto as they left they ran into Kakashi outside.

“Hey sensei. How is she?” said Naruto

“She had to be hospitalized. She actually ended up with her heart stopping. So they want her for observation.” Said Kakashi

Naruto started crying again and Ino hugged him and told him it was alright. Kakashi felt horrid for him and said, “Sakura already said that she wasn’t angry. Her parents aren’t happy but she told them off for bad mouthing you saying it was her own fault for doing it.”

Ino smiled and said, “Come on let’s go get your new bed then we can go over to your Uncle’s house for the night as we had planned.”

Naruto sniffled and they went to the other market district and Naruto took them to a shop and smiled as he said, “Hello Granny Haru. How are you today?”

This lady reminds you of a precise clock. She has almond-shaped orange eyes that are like two rising suns. Her thick, straight, very long hair is the color of ripe lemons, and is worn in a dignified style. She is very tall and has a graceful build. Her skin is white. She has high cheekbones and a pointed chin. Her wardrobe is uncomplicated and dignified, with a mostly black color scheme.

She didn’t even spare him a glance as she in the most dignified tone they’d ever heard said, “Is that any way to address your betters’ boy?”

Naruto smiled and chuckled before he actually bowed and said, “Forgive me Haru-sama. How are you this fine evening?”

She smiled and said, “I am fine. What did you come here for boy?”

“I am in need of a new bed. Would you mind me looking in your store for a new one?” said Naruto smiling

She said, “So long as you don’t make a mess or break nothing I guess I can allow it.”

He smiled and chuckled as he walked passed her into the store. He looked through them all and picked out beds for everyone to use. He then walked out with a single scroll and said, “I got four full sets.”

“Alright well that’s 70ryo.” Said Haru

Naruto gave her the 70 ryo and bowed as he said, “Thank you Haru-sama.”

“Welcome.” Said Haru going back to her tea

Naruto kissed her cheek and said, “I will see you Sunday so that we can go to temple.”

That surprised the two greatly and Haru said, “Very well.”

When they left Kakashi said, “What was that?”

“That was Granny Haru. She is really strict like Fugaku used to be and Hiashi is. So she prefers it when your address her properly. She used to be the head of a clan back in Tanigakure. So she prefers to be addressed like one.” Said Naruto smiling

“I never took you to be the religious type Naruto?” said Ino

Naruto smiled and said, “Granny Haru goes to the fire temple every Sunday. I accompany her.”

“Again I didn’t take you for the religious type.” Said Ino

Naruto chuckled and said, “I’m not. She goes there to pray. I go to meditate. I Join Bansai in meditation when I am there. Or I get instruction from Chiriku in Taijutsu. He uses a spear plus he’s been teaching me Fuinjutsu since he is the only other seal master I know of besides the old man and my godfather.”

Kakashi was shocked and said, “Oh we are so sparing in a real match when you are able to brat.”

Naruto laughed and said, “You may regret that sensei.” He smiled, “You could always join us Sunday when we go you know.”

“You will be unable to spar with him Naruto.” Said Kakashi

Naruto smiled and said, “I know. I meant so you could spar with him.”

Ino chuckled and said, “That may be worth a laugh.”

After they had placed all the beds which surprised Ino cause they were all futons in their correct place Kakashi escorted them to Ibiki’s house. When they went there Naruto surprised Ino by cooking dinner. She was even surprised when he went outside.

“What are you doing?” said Ino

Naruto said, “Raven?”

A raven masked ANBU came out of the background and said, “Yes Naruto-kun.”

Naruto held up a package and said, “Can you take this to Ibiki-oji please? It’s his dinner.”

Raven smiled under his mask and said, “Of course Naruto.”

When he left Naruto went inside with Ino and they sat down to eat. When their day ended they went to bed. Naruto climbed into his Uncle’s bed while Ino took the guest room he usually took when staying there. The night everything was fine but come morning they had a problem.

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