The Consequences

Chapter 6

Morning though Naruto found just as he’d been told the fact he was now 6 months pregnant. He smiled as he got up and showered. He then got dressed in the new outfit he’d bought. He bound his hair in a braid down his back. He then went down and started on breakfast. Ino woke to the smell of fresh baking.

When she came into the kitchen she said, “Hmm that smells good.”

Naruto laughed and said, “I’m glad. Just give me a moment and I’ll have them ready for you to eat. Though do be warned a whole batch of these goes to Hinata-chan.”

“How come?’ said Ino as she sat down

“Because she loves cinnamon rolls. And will most likely kill anyone to get to them.” said Naruto, “I’ve seen her push people out of the way just to get at them from the bakers stand.”

Ino shuddered and said, “Yeah she needs a whole batch.”

Naruto laughed and set a whole batch into the basket before placing a plate of them on the counter and said, “We’ll leave as soon as we’re done with breakfast. I have to take some to Uncle anyway. Plus I have to go open the shop too.”

Ino laughed as she picked one up and bit into it and said, “Oh man Naruto these are awesome.”

“Thank you.” Said Naruto packing more into another basket.

When they were done eating Ino went and got cleaned up. Naruto cleaned up the kitchen and tried to bend to slip on his slippers and laughed when he couldn’t reach his feet. He said, “Ino-chan I need help.”

Ino laughed and said, “Why did you make too much food?”

“No I can’t even get my sandals on.” Said Naruto laughing

Ino came out there and said, “What do you mean you can’t …” she saw him, “Ok never mind. And damn are you huge.”

Naruto laughed and said, “Thank you that’s just what I needed to hear.”

Ino laughed and came over and helped him put them on and he laughed and said, “Guess I’m going to have to get a pair of slip on's that don’t require me to bend down to put it on.”

Ino laughed and said, “I have a pair at my house. They should fit you. You can have them.”

Naruto smiled and said, “Thank you Ino-chan.”

When they left the house they went toward the clan district and Ino ran into her house and came back out with the shoes and knelt down and said, “Here let’s put these on. Your sandals aren’t going to be comfortable in a while.”

Once they switched shoes which Naruto was glad to find he could put on without a problem. They went past Kiba’s house just as him and his sister were leaving and Naruto smiled and said, “Hey Hana-chan.”

She chuckled and said, “Hello Naruto. How are you doing?”

“Fine if you don’t count the fact I had to have Ino-chan help me with my sandals and then switch them to slip on shoes.” Said Naruto amused

Ino chuckled and Kiba looked at him and said, “Holy shit what happened to you?”

Hana looked and went wide eyed and Naruto said, “Cause of the problem I explained to you yesterday it’s playing a major part of this now.”

Hana went over and crouched down and allowed her hands to glow and checked them and Kiba said, “what are you doing sis?”

“Checking to make sure my kids are alright.” Said Naruto

“And yourself.” Said Hana

When she was done she said, “Well you will be happy to know that you three are doing just fine.”

“Alright and I already know I got one girl and one boy. Your mom told me yesterday.” Said Naruto smiling, “And I did take after an Inu. I got one from each.”

Hana laughed as she stood up and reached into her pouch and handed him four bottles of pills and said, “Calcium, folic acid, iron, and vitamins. You have to take all of them.”

“Alright thank you Hana-chan. Appreciate it.” Said Naruto smiling putting them in the pockets of his dress.

Kiba was curious and was sniffing around him and Naruto laughed and said, “Just touch it Kiba.”

Kiba chuckled and actually did only to be double kicked hard and Naruto gasped and said, “Wow brats please don’t do that. That actually hurt.”

Kiba shook his hand and said, “Man that really hurt.”

Naruto laughed and said, “One of them is a Momochi Kiba-kun. Their daddy is one of the Seven swordsmen. So trust me their strong. And the other one’s dad beat Sasuke in a sparring match not once but several times.”

Kiba was shocked as was Ino and Kiba said, “Yeah that would do it.”

Naruto left them and headed for the shop and opened it and left another clone there. He also put a sign saying they were hiring a new manager and sales rep. When he left he left specific instructions to interview anyone who came in using the list of questions he left and then tell them to come by tomorrow for an answer. When they left they went to the flower shop and got flowers and a small stuffed animal. Then went to the hospital where they went to see Sakura.

Sakura was surprised to see them and Naruto smiled and said, “Sakura-chan how are you doing?”

Sakura looked at them and said, “Rei-chan, Ino-chan I’m so glad to see you.”

The new name surprised them but Naruto smiled and went over and whispered, “Parent’s?”

“Mom restroom. Dad cafeteria.” Whispered Sakura back

Naruto nodded and held her cross symbol and they watched her hair turn blue and her eyes turn silver and Naruto took out a compact and covered his whisker marks completely. Once done he looked at her and smiled and said, “Better.”

“Much.” Said Sakura smiling, “And you look so cute.”

When the door opened a fair-skinned woman with shoulder-length, blonde hair with a single bang which fell down into her face. She also had green eyes and wore a white qipao dress with three red circular designs at the bottom of the front of her dress as well as the back. Underneath the dress, she wore pink ¾-length pants along with brown sandals. And she said, “Ino-chan what a surprise. Whose this?”

Naruto smiled and said, “Rei Yoko, Ma’am.”

Aww I feel so loved you used my surname brat.

She said, “I’ve never heard of you before?”

“She’s a new friend of mine mom.” Said Sakura smiling

“Civilian family?” said Mrs. Haruno

Naruto smiled and said, “I’m actually distantly related to the Umino clan actually ma’am.”

That registered shock and she smiled and said, “Well then it’s a pleasure to meet you Rei-chan.”

Naruto smiled and all three were snickering at her stupidity and Naruto smiled and handed the small pig plushie to Sakura and said, “I thought you’d think it funny.”

Sakura laughed and took the plushie and said, “Aww you got me a stuffed Ino toy.”

Ino snorted and said, “Nice one billboard brow.”

She smiled and said, “I try pig.”

Naruto chuckled and said, “Alright you two no arguing. I don’t need to be in the middle of that. I get kicked enough as it is.”

Both girls laughed and Mrs. Haruno said, “What’s so funny girls?”

Naruto handed her mother the flowers and said, “These are from us to her.”

She took them and placed them on the table and said, “Thank you girls that was very…”

She stopped midsentence upon seeing Naruto. Sakura counted on her fingers and She yelled, “WHAT THE HELL?”

Naruto laughed as Mr. Haruno came in and said, “What is the matter honey?”

She pointed at Naruto and said, “Our daughter’s new friend is pregnant.”

He noticed then and blinked and he said, “Please don’t take any offense but what do you do?”

Naruto smiled and said, “I’m a Genin same as your daughter and Ino-chan.”

Sakura was trying not to snicker and he placed the food down and said, “Forgive me for this straight forward and very rude question but were you raped on your first c-rank?”

Naruto laughed and said, “No sir I wasn’t. I merely used my seduction lessons to their fullest extent during my mission. I thought it was better to drug our opponent then it was to face them on the battle field. Seduction and sleeping with my enemy was the best way to get them to drink the drugged bourbon.”

Sakura cracked up and said, “Chill mom, dad. It’s alright. It’s not that bad. She’s my age.”

Naruto blushed and said, “Um Sakura-chan?’

“Yeah Rei-chan?’ said Sakura smiling

“UM we’re not the same age.” Said Naruto

Ino was shocked and said, “How much older are you then us?”

Naruto rubbed his arm and said, “I’m younger than you actually.”

Mr. Haruno said, “How old are you?”

Naruto sheepishly said, “10.”

Both girls were shocked and Sakura said, “Your 10. Seriously? Seriously, seriously?’

“Yeah you remember what Hatake-san told you yes?’ said Naruto

“Yeah.” Said Sakura, “What about it?”

“Do the math how long ago was that?’ said Naruto

Sakura did and went wide eyed and said, “You are 10. Wow. Do the boys know that?’

Naruto knew who he meant and said, “yeah they were told yesterday by Hana-chan.”

“Za-chan was shocked and trying to figure out how he wasn’t in chains.” Said Naruto amused

Sakura chuckled and said, “I have to agree. He’s what Sensei’s age?’

“Yeah actually.’ Said Naruto chuckling

“Girls?” said Mrs. Haruno

“Our enemy turned out on our side after their employer used my actions to keep them off the field to their advantage. After I found out I was pregnant they both returned to the village with me. There in with Ibiki-san being evaluated for entry and instatement into the ranks.” Said Naruto smiling, “They both want to be with me and help me.”

They were shocked and Mr. Haruno said, “Why not just get rid of it exactly?”

Naruto smiled and said, “I’m orphan sir. I’ve been alone my whole life. So I can’t it would be wrong. Their family and the only thing I’ve ever wanted was one. So I can’t in good conscious do that.”

He understood and said, “So is Iruka-san helping you right now?”

Naruto smiled and said, “I’ve been raising myself my whole life sir. I think I can handle myself just fine. Sides Ino-chan stayed with me last night.”

Ino smiled and said, “Yeah and it was funny this morning.”

“Needing help putting my sandals on was amusing.” Said Naruto amused

“Well it was funny from my point of view. Sides I fixed it by giving you my pair of slip on’s.” Said Ino amused

Naruto pushed himself up and said, “Sorry Sakura-chan I got to go. I still got to go take my Uncle his breakfast and take the batch I made for Hinata-chan to her.”

Naruto reached picked up another basket and uncovered it and said, “You three want some. Their fresh. Made them this morning.”

Ino said, “Oh you have to have one forehead their amazing. I almost ate a whole plate myself.”

Sakura picked one up and said, “Thank you Rei-chan.”

“Welcome Sakura-chan.” Said Naruto smiling

Mr. Haruno took one as well and said, “Thank you Rei.”

Mrs. Haruno smiled and also thanked him for them as she took one and she bite into it and said, “Oh my god these are really good. You should sell this Rei-chan.”

Naruto laughed and said, “Thank you ma’am. If you will all excuse me.” He was leaving then turned, “Oh Sakura-chan I ran into Naruto-kun on the way here. He said he was sorry but he couldn’t come see you. Kakashi has him running errands for him today.”

Sakura smiled and said, “Thank you Rei-chan. I’m sure Sensei just has him doing things he’s too lazy to do himself.”

That had the girls laughing cause they knew the lie and Ino said, “Come on Rei. I’ll help you deliver these others.”

When they left Naruto dropped the henge or went to only to have someone yell his name. he turned and saw Mr. Haruno and glanced at Ino and shrugged and said, “Yes Mr. Haruno?”

“A moment please Ino.” Said Mr. Haruno

Ino nodded and said, “I’ll wait for you at the elevator alright Rei.”

“Alright Ino-chan.” Said Naruto

Once alone Mr. Haruno said, “I just wanted to make sure what you told us was the truth is all Rei. My wife can be intimidating.”

Naruto smiled and said, “I can assure you sir it is. You can check with the Hokage if you wish. He knows about it.”

“Alright.” Said Mr. Haruno and he surprised Naruto by taking something from his pocket and handing it to him.

Naruto took it and saw what it was and said, “Oh sir you don’t have to do that.”

“It’s alright. You keep it. You need it more than we do right now.” Said Mr. Haruno before leaving.

Naruto looked at the money in his hand and swore as he made his way to Ino and said, “Ask if anyone in your family is on guard duty with the Hokage right now?’

Ino was confused but did and said, “Yeah one of my cousins. Why?”

“Tell him that Mr. Haruno is going to come see him. That he knows about the fact I’m pregnant and what name we used so that the story is the same.” Said Naruto

Ino paled and then told her cousin everything and he told the Sandaime and Ino said, “He’s agreed and even managed to tell Iruka that he has a cousin living in the village.”

Naruto said, “Thank you. He just left so fast I didn’t think he’d do that actually.”

“what did he want?” said Ino as they stood on the elevator

“He wanted to know if I was lying. Then handed me this.” Said Naruto showing her the large amount of money.

“Whoa. Why?” said Ino

“said I needed it more. Ironically enough when I was younger I used to beg for money. I asked him once for money.’ Said Naruto

“And?” said Ino

“He kicked me and told me that there was no way he was going to give a worthless urchin like me money. His family needed it more than I did.” said Naruto amused, “I was filthy, starving, and homeless. Now he decides to give me the money I asked him for when I was two.”

Ino laughed and said, “Better late than never.”

Naruto laughed his ass off and said, “Oh man your awesome.” He wiped the tears, “We should totally hang out more.”

Ino laughed with him and they ran into Kakashi and Naruto smiled and said, “Sensei in case Sakura’s family asks you got me running errands today.”

Kakashi was confused and Naruto dropped the henge and he said, “Whoa you weren’t kidding about looking it were you.”

“Nope. Had to use a henge to see Sakura. My henge’s name is Rei Yoko I’m distantly related to Iruka.” Said Naruto amused

Kakashi snorted and said, “And they didn’t see through it?”

“Nope.” Said Naruto

Kakashi shook his head and said, “Alright got you covered.”

Naruto and Ino left and they ran into the others. Naruto laughed and said, “Hinata-chan.”

Hinata looked at him and he held up a basket and said, “All yours.”

Kiba said, “What are those anyway?”

“Freshly made Cinnamon rolls.” Said Naruto amused

Hinata was at his side in an instant basket in hand and Naruto said, “That basket is all yours.”

She smiled and said, “Thank you Naruto-kun.”

Naruto smiled and said, “Welcome.”

He held the other one open and open and said, “Anyone else want one? I got plenty.”

Lee took one and said, “You know me Naruto I am not one to pass up any of your baking. You could make an Akimichi think they died and gone to heaven with your baking.”

Choji chose one as well and bite into it and actually shocked them all by moaning and Lee pointed and said, “See told you so.”

Choji said, “I’m sorry Naruto-kun but he’s right. Your really good at baking.”

Naruto blushed and said, “Thank you Choji.”

The others grabbed one and Naruto said, “Alright well I am sorry to just disappear and all but I got to take this other one to my Uncle.”

He left them and went to the intelligence building and offered them to everyone there and then went into the break room and said, “Miss Anko.”

She looked and said, “Holy crap gaki. You weren’t that big yesterday.”

“Yeah I know. Fox’s fault. His chakra sped everything up. So I got three months left instead of the six I had yesterday. Just don’t tell my two guys that.” said Naruto amused

Anko smiled and said, “You got it Naruto.”

Naruto offered her some and she took one and he handed her a book and said, “One Icha Icha Swordsman as promised.”

She snatched the book and Naruto pulled it away and said, “This is the entire C-rank turned A-rank we took. Now the section in here where I get pissed off during the encounter with Gato. I actually used the fox’s chakra. It’s the classified section of the mission so it’s not in here. Otherwise everything else is. Alright.”

“Alright let me read it brat.” Said Anko

Naruto let her have it and she squealed and sat down and saw the cover picture of Naruko between a 15 year old male and a muscular Zabuza and said, “Did you draw this or source it out?’

“I did. I am a man of many talents Miss Anko.” Said Naruto smiling, “so Uncle still in talking?”

“Nope right here.” Said Ibiki

Naruto turned and said, “Ah Ibiki-oji.” He handed him the basket, “Here is your breakfast. I packed you a lunch as well it’s in there. And your dinner is already waiting in your fridge for you to heat up in your office.”

Ibiki smiled and said, “Thank you Naruto. That was thoughtful of you.”

He took the basket and saw her reading and said, “what is that?’

“The book I promised her. That is the first installment of Icha Icha Swordsman.” Said Naruto amused

Ibiki snorted and said, “Well if it’s any where as good as Jiraiya’s she’ll let you know. She reads his books too.”

Naruto smiled and said, “Did the art work myself.”

“I can tell you always were a good artist.” Said Ibiki amused.

When Naruto left he gave some of his rolls to the Hokage then went to the mission desk and gave them some. He went to the academy room and took his henge and went into the room. Everyone in there was staring and she smiled and went over and said, “Iruka-Nii.”

He looked up and said, “Sis. What can I do for you?”

Naruto took out a bento box and said, “Brought you lunch. I’m sorry for interrupting your class.”

Iruka took it and kissed his cheek and said, “No thank you Imoto. I love it when you bring me lunch.”

Naruto smiled and said, “Your welcome Nissan. And I’m sorry about Mr. Haruno this morning.”

“It’s alright I set him straight.” Said Iruka smiling

Naruto inclined his head and was going to leave when one boy said, “Um no offense but you two look nothing alike?”

Naruto laughed and said, “Iruka is my cousin. We’re orphans and he is basically my elder brother. So Nissan is his name. I’m sure Hanabi knows what I mean. Her elder sister Hinata-chan calls their cousin Neji but Nissan.”

Hanabi was shocked but said, “She does.”

“It’s just an affectionate epithet.” Said Naruto smiling before turning to Iruka, “Would you mind if they broke your rule Nissan? I still have quite a few of them left.”

Iruka smiled and said, “No sis they can have some.”

Naruto uncovered the basket and said, “Come on up and get one. Their cinnamon rolls. Just made them this morning.”

The whole class got one and Hanabi said, “Never get any at home. My sister eats them all before they can be handed out.”

Naruto smiled and said, “And that was why I was smart and made her a whole basket just for her.”

Hanabi was shocked and smiled making Iruka shocked cause Hanabi never smiled and she sheepishly said, “Can I?”

Naruto smiled and said, “Go ahead. Just don’t be surprised if they kick you hard enough to hurt.”

“They?” said Iruka amused

“Yeah Lady Inuzuka said, I got twins. One of each.” Said Naruto smiling

“From?’ said Iruka

“One of each.” Said Naruto amused, “Don’t know who got what though. But both were happy about it. Though Za-chan was horrified when he learned my real age though.”

Iruka chuckled and said, “Oh I bet he did. I mean he is a 26 year old man sis. It’s not surprising he was horrified. He’s my age.”

Naruto smiled and said, “He was more surprised he wasn’t behind bars for it.”

Iruka laughed and Hanabi placed her hands there and then used her blood limit and said, “Um Miss?”

“Rei, sweetie. But what is it?’ said Naruto looking at her.

“Um I think Miss Inuzuka was wrong.” Said Hanabi

Naruto said, “why do you say that?”

“Um cause I’m seeing four.” Said Hanabi

Naruto looked at Iruka and said, “Ok. I will have her check again then. Thank you Hanabi-chan.”

“Welcome. But looks like two of each. I think you ended up with two sets of identical twins like my daddy.” Said Hanabi

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