Ondine's Curse

Chapter 18: Finding

“All the things my body once did by itself, it does now only by special order ... A single moment of inattention and I forget to breathe”

Chapter 18 | Finding

To Jeongin namdongsaeng,

Mianhamnida Jeongin, but someway I have realized that Chin-hae needs me, I know deep inside him, he had all those scars from his past. I want to heal him, I need to follow him and prove Yoon that no one can have him, but me. Please do take care of Mom and Hanseok for me. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

To Hanseok namdongsaeng,

I’m sorry, but your smile hurts me, I need sometime to think, since Chin-hae has been the love of my life. And you just complicate everything.

The sun raised at its highest peek, it scorches the concrete floor covered with ocean water, the firmament sky reflects down the mirror-like puddle of water against the sandy ground whilst two individual walk silently gazing to the scenery before them.

Birds chirping with rhythm and harmony while they flew into the beautiful coloured sky.

Abruptly the ringing of someone’s phone broke the serene silence as the two individual jolt in surprise.

“Ugh. That scared the hell out of me Jeongin!” the other one exclaimed clutching his chest, glaring at Jeongin, completely shocked.

“Ah, sorry Hanseok. Give me a minute.” Jeongin held up his hand, walking away. Whilst the other one pulled out his phone scrolling through his media while he waits for Jeongin to come back. Suddenly his eyes caught something stopping at the very least post of Yoon on social media. “Thought this guy’s outdated.” Hanseok whispered clicking Yoon’s profile, stalking the guy. Mostly it’s pictures of natures and Chin-hae. He didn’t bother to look more, cause Jeongin has already returned.

“Yah! You’re really glaring closely at your phone, something wrong?” asked Jeongin teased, whom secretly peeked through Hanseok’s phone. “Yah! Mind your own business!” Hanseok harshly pushed Jeongin’s face away. Not until a girl interrupted the two individual’s wee argument.

“Excuse me, Oppa!” A high pitch screech engulfed Hanseok’s and Jeongin’s ears, they both tirn to face the girl, whom is wearing a denim jumper under were yellow fabric, approached them both. With their questionable faces, the girl stop in front of them, gasping for breath. Her shoulder length hair blew together with the gentle wind.

“Uh. Im...I’m quite lost. Oh btw Hi I’m Kira.” The girl hands over her arms to shake. Momentarily the two guys are silent and quite shock at her sudden outburst. “Sorry I didn’t know who to ask help, I just find you pleasing and friendly too.” Kira spoke, her shoulders dropped pouting.

“Ah! Yah, what do you need help for?” Jeongin suddenly spoke smiling at the girl in front of him. He felt bad for the girl. While Hanseok glared at him in disbelief. He doesn’t want to get close to anyone since he just want his hyung to be his husband in the future.

Hanseok stood in front of the two, who are talking endlessly. Whilst Hanseok stared blankly through the vast ocean. He couldn’t get So-jung out of his mind there was a connection. But it’s not that strong, not like before.

However Hanseok wonders what if his hyung forgot to put on his ventilator when he sleeps? What if Yoon hyung hurt him? What if-

Obviously Hanseok got interrupted by Jeongin’s voice, turning his head towards Jeongin with a worried face. Hanseok ask, “Why, Whats wrong?” Asked Hanseok, whilst Jeongin remained silent. Not until Jeongin burst into tears. Where everything went downfall, he knew something happened, really bad. He just wanna know what excatly, is it his hyung? So-jung hyung?

After a while Jeongin calmed, and started talking. Hanseok was silent at the moment but tears slowly poured like rain drops. He wanted to run and go to his hyung. But they should go back and tell So-jung’s mother.

Not too long, they finally got back and Jeongin has to do all the talking. Everyone were on tears, it was his hyung. He got into an accident, a car hit him and now he’s been admitted in the same hospital, Chin-hae and So-jung met.

The girl in yellow was the sister of the guy who hit So-jung, whom is Joonie. It was an accident, Kira said it was her fault, Joonie and her were arguing. And coming to tell So-jung’s family is the least she can do.

They all drove to the hospital, where So-jung rest. His head were bandaged, he had his ventilator on. He look sick, very sick. At the side of So-jung’s bed, there, a blonde haired guy sleeping, holding So-jung’s arm.

It was an accident.

Not until, Joonie’s voice illumate the whole room. His arms full of fruits and healthy food.

“Mrs. Kim. I’m really sorry for what happened.” Joonie muttered bowing ninety-degrees. The old woman nodded, diverting her gaze to Chin-hae who has awaken from his deep sleep. The blonde haired guy stood up, wiping the sleep off his eyes as he approach, So-jung’s mother.

“I-I’m so sorry for what happened Mrs. Kim. It was not Joonie’s intention. H-he had bruises on his face and I know it wasn’t the cause of the hit. It looks like he got beaten up. ” Chin-hae spoke, tears fall endlessly as he apologizes. “I-I’m really sorry, I really am.” Chin-hae apologized.

So-jung’s mother did not ask further questions, she sat on the edge of the bed, caressing her son’s right arm while Chin-hae hold the other. The room stayed silent, no one dared to speak a word. Everyone was just there, observing So-jung’s chest, rising and falling. Until So-jung’s monitor started to beep visciously, shocking everyone in place.

At that time So-jung’s family and friends stood in silence whilst the people in white coat dash in.

“I didn’t mean to.” Namjoon softly whispered upon seeing the most intense scene before his eyes.

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