Ondine's Curse

Chapter 2: Sleepless

“All the things my body once did by itself, it does now only by special order ... A single moment of inattention and I forget to breathe”

Chapter 2 | Sleepless

After the night, has gone by, everyone in the house was asleep. The moon rises from the dark abyss above as the moonlight reflects through windows leaving the house filled with light, it was cold, the wind is heavy from outside, the palm trees swayed back and forth from the strong wind coming from the oceans. The sound of the waves crashing down tall rocks are the sound of the night. Two individual walk through the dark and cold night. A thick brume (a/n brume meaning: n; mist or fog) dances below their feet as they walk to the nearest bench just beside the oceans border.

“Hyung.” So-jung turned to face his cousin both hands inside his pocket to keep him warm. Jeongin smiled for a second and cleared his throat, he sighed a cloud of mist came out his mouth as he began to speak. “Have you fallen in love?” So-jung’s eyes widen at the sudden question. He never really expected that’ll be their first conversation after those years. He chuckled, sighing as he blew the cold air. “My organs are too weak to bear with love.” So-jung closed his eyes, remembering the love of his life.

“What do you mean by that hyung?” Jeongin asked, he flicked his eyes open and turned to his cousin. He let out a small laugh. “It’s the curse.” So-jung replied standing up from the bench. “Hyung wait for me!” Jeongin called out running towards his hyung, while So-jung lifted himself up the pavilion spreading his arms around fighting off the strong wind that sent blows that almost got him lost his balance. The ocean view and the strong waves made the ocean water cold once you fall back, the cold water might kill a person in hours.

“Hyung! Don’t do this!” The younger screamed stomping his feet against the concrete floor. He whines for his hyung to come down but he doesn’t seem to listen from the whining. He closed his eyes taking a deep breath upon all the pain and struggles, he was learning to love himself.

As the cold night lingers and marked the two individuals, rain started to flow like melting ice. So-jung stayed awake reading books to keep him awake from tiredness. Not long the rain stops and the sun finally shines, the smeraldo flowers blooms. Lurking to be watered as soon as it dried out, the palm trees swayed gently through the smooth warm air. So-jung drank almost all his mother’s coffee, as he tried to stay awake all night. It was the first time he stayed up and never used his machine, the night was cold and could make a person fall asleep from the sound of the rain, and the coldness of the night, but it didn’t bother So-jung.

“So-jung-ah! Wake up!” He flicked his eyes open, he almost fell asleep in the morning’s warm weather. “It’s a dream. Thank God.” So-jung sighed wiping the sweat off his forehead. The sun strikes through his crystalline structured window, it sends warmth throughout his weary body. “Hyung!” A loud heavy footstep approached as the door got slammed several times. Jeongin in the other hand screaming So-jung’s name behind the door. “Would you please lower down your voice? It’s early in the morning.” So-jung replied behind the door. His cousin stopped and ask. “Have breakfast hyung!” The younger said as his feet drift away.

So-jung opens the door making a creak sound. Not long before I was greeted by my cousin tackling me on the back. “Jeongin! Go easy on him.” One of Jeongin’s friends said. As he handed So-jung a cup of coffee, Hanseok steal glances at So-jung as he gulps down his coffee. “Oi! Hanseok-ssi why are you staring at hyung?” Jeongin teased Hanseok elbowing his friend and sending hearts. “Stop it now. Oh, So-jung-- Jeongin wants to see the shore across the village. Would you give him a tour around?” So-jung’s mother said cleaning up the table. “Okay Eomma.” So-jung said with a smile Jeongin smiled as he approached Hanseok. “Auntie, can Hanseok come too?” Jeongin asked. “If So-jung would be okay with it.” Jeongin turned to face So-jung. “Would it be okay hyung?” So-jung nodded in response as they cheered in unison.

Little did So-jung know, his dongsaeng Hanseok admires him. They walked down the bulky road heading to the shore Jeongin wanted to see. Two years ago, the shore wasn’t that clean, all kinds of garbage are there. But as years passed, they cleaned the place and the beautiful crystallized water above the white sand captures the village’s eyes. As the three reaches the shore, they were utterly speechless. Jeongin fished out his phone and started taking pictures and mostly spying and silently capturing the moment when his hyung So-jung and Hanseok stood at the center of the view where Hanseok steal glances at So-jung. The place was so breathtakingly beautiful that you can see the happiness of a loving couple while watching the moment where the sun kisses the ocean.

So-jung was uneasy as the sun sets, he forgot his routine when the sun sets. It bagged him, he sat at the ground staring at the sun slowly setting down a firmament colors on the sky exploded this made Jeongin take pictures as if he was a tourist. Well, aside from his tourist attire. So-jung slowly closed his eyes spreading his arms as the strong wind gashes over him feeling the warmth of the sun as it fades under the ocean. He breathes in the cold breeze as soon as the sun fades. Soon the rest of the people left, leaving the shore silent and cold. As the cold breeze attacked the once left.

“Ugh, I forgot to bring my jacket.” Jeongin complained rubbing his hands as he breathes out hot air from his mouth. So-jung kept his hands warm under his jean pocket. Meanwhile Hanseok shivers from the cold breeze. “Aish, why did you wear a thin shirt!? Aigoo you’ll freeze to death!” Jeongin scolded at his friend. “Yah! I didn’t expect you to be taking pictures until the sun sets!” They both argued whilst So-jung sighed as his surrounding went silent while memories started to fill his head. His mopped hair bouncing, he wore his caramel colored scarf as he watches him run around as they approached his house.

“Hyung!” Jeongin shouted as if he has been calling So-jung for quite some time. “You stopped walking and when we came back running back for you, you had tears in your eyes. What happened?” His cousin Jeongin asked. “Uh, I just remembered someone.” He replied wiping away his tears, Hanseok looked at So-jung with worried eyes. “Okay, let’s get going, it’ll get colder if we stay longer.” They walk home and ate dinner. After that, So-jung headed for his room and turned on his machine as he readies himself to sleep.

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