Ondine's Curse

Chapter 5: Falling

“All the things my body once did by itself, it does now only by special order ... A single moment of inattention and I forget to breathe”

Chapter 5 | Falling

So-jung stood in between the land and the ocean as he watches the waves wet his feet, he had his head tilted upwards while he closed his eyes like Chin-hae always tell him, Chin-hae once told him, he looked good while he closed his eyes facing the sky. Afterwards, he always does the thing every day at the same time Chin-hae and So-jung spent their time looking at the horizon.

So-jung smiled imagining Chin-hae beside him while admiring the beautiful scenery of the ocean and the sky. He enjoyed the scenery as he inhales the ocean’s smell. Abruptly, a voice interrupts his peaceful environment. “Hyung, what are you doing?” Hanseok’s voice invaded So-jung’s mind. He opened his eyes to meet a pair of brown eyes looking down at him with his head looking up.

He cleared his throat and break the awkward eye contact. Hanseok sat beside him dipping his bare feet on the ocean while he steals glances at his hyung, smiling sheepishly every time he catches So-jung close his eyes while hanging his head up to the sky. “What’s Jeongin doing?” So-jung asked the young one, he glances at Hanseok who turned to look at the other direction. “Uh, he brought a girl he met on the way home.” Hanseok said quite uninterested in the topic. So-jung chuckled.

“Why did you come here?” So-jung asked, Hanseok blinked twice as he tried to find a word. He hummed. “Y-you were alone and I thought you needed some company. A-I should leave-” Hanseok’s sentence got cut off when So-jung replied. “No. It’s okay. Thanks for thinking of it, otherwise I might jump off the ocean.” So-jung chuckled. Unfortunately, Hanseok doesn’t want the idea of his hyung jumping off the ocean, he got a concerned look on his face, as So-jung glanced at the younger one, he got himself frowning. “Yah! I was just kidding. Don’t take it seriously.” So-jung tackled Hanseok sprinkling him some salt water. “Cheer up, kiddo.” That made Hanseok frown again, he likes seeing his hyung happy yet being called a kiddo, he doesn’t want that. Hanseok smiled at his hyung do the same thing sprinkling his hyung in the face while they laugh continuously.

Meanwhile, Jeongin, spying the two, was taking pictures to blackmail his friend in the future, a devilish smirk formed on Jeongin’s lips while Jihoon and his friends looked at him in disbelief. In an unexpected way, So-jung lost his balance, unintentionally throwing himself off the ocean. Hanseok got shocked and dove to save So-jung who got himself up the pavilion together with Hanseok. Jeongin ran towards them panting.

“What the hell!? You gave me a heart attack hyung!” Jeongin implied, while Jihoon handed them some towel to dry themselves. “I’m fine, okay. I know how to swim and the waves are not that strong.” So-jung stated drying off his hair. That soak in the water earlier. Hanseok on the other hand watching So-jung dry off himself So-jung’s white shirt was soaking and his shirt stuck in his skin revealing his curves and toned torso. “Hey Hanseok! Mind looking the other way?” Jeongin teased Hanseok as he quickly looks away. Jeongin approached his friend and whispers.

“You’re falling for him eh?” Jeongin smiled at his friend. “Aish, shut up.” Hanseok cupped Jeongin’s mouth shutting his friend up. “Fine, fine.” Jeongin muttered and Hanseok lets go of his mouth glaring at Jeongin who had an annoying smile on his face. Hanseok sighed. “You know I got an idea! What about we go on a road trip?” Jeongin asked getting everyone’s attention. And everyone agreed.

“Hyung, I’ll talk to your mom about this. You need to go out sometime to earn memories and experience.” Jeongin winked at So-jung. As soon as So-jung dried himself he got in the house and argued a little with his mom. And making his mom agree with the terms Jeongin said. They started packing things up while So-jung packed his ventilator and some food and money.

He also packed the white sweater packing it in a sealed plastic to contain the smell of the perfume. He had a smile on his face as he carried his backpack to the black pick-up truck that Jihoon owned one of Jeongin’s friend who is filthy rich. He lives in the across the shore. Jeongin came up to an idea to go for a road trip to have fun. So-jung’s mother insisted, however So-jung wanted it so badly, unfortunately his mother let him go in one condition, he will bring his ventilator wherever he goes, So-jung agreed and they went to a road trip, it was fun.

The boys had fun times, they’ve gone to the gas station where Joonie works, however Joonie insisted in joining their road trip. After a one day trip, they finally reached their destination where they shared their stories. Hanseok, on the other hand, have lived with his abusive father. In his unfortunate life, he got his father killed, watching his father drown in the sea. It was so tragic, that Hanseok would jump the platform in a form of washing his sins. After many hours, they build a bonfire where they warm themselves while watching the stars. As hours passed and finally the sun rises Hanseok started to climb the platform, the other boys cheered meanwhile So-jung looked at Hanseok with concern.

He finally reached the top where he’s now at the edge, looks back fondly at his childhood friends. Without second thought, Hanseok jumped. Jeongin and the others stared in awe as So-jung ran to see if Hanseok was okay. “Hyung?” Jeongin asked as the others joined Jeongin, So-jung stared at oceans depth however Hanseok never swam up. It got So-jung worried. He took off his jacket leaving the others clueless as he jumped off the ocean.

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