Trapped in Lace


Saying “no” is one thing, but rejecting them is something completely different. Astrid Hunt is a lone wolf (literally). Being the Alpha’s daughter makes her have to be strong and being a white werewolf means being even stronger. Can she hold up this strong front toward her mate Lace Gray and stand for what she believes?

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1


As I flutter my eyes open to the sunshine and the smell of bacon, I hear my mom calling me down for breakfast. I reach over to check the time on my phone. It lights up and says 6:45. Crap, I’m late.
I jump out of bed and run to the bathroom to get myself together. It takes me about 20 minutes to get ready.

I decided to wear a gray hoody that says slay on the front with black jeans and my gray low-top converses.

I grab my phone and run down the stairs to see my little brother, Aiden, my older brother, Nathan, and my eldest brother, Alex all stitting at the table, mouths watering over pancakes.
I look around confused for a minute before I finally ask, “Where’s Nahomi?”, that’s my youngest sister. She’s an angel but everyone insist she’s the devil, I just don’t see it.

And of course, the first one to speak is Aiden, although his mouth is full, “She’s in the bathroom”, of course he stuttered and stumbled a little because of his age and pancake full mouth but I understood him.

I walk over to my mom, whose at the stove making pancakes, and kiss her on the cheek.
“Good morning, Astrid,” I love when she says my name, “Mornin’ mom.”, is all I say as I sneak a pancake while she talks to Alex.

“Mom, why didn’t anyone wake me up?”, I ask. Then she look at Nathan and immediately I know what’s up. He was supposed to wake me up.
“Nathan, why didn’t you wake your sister up?” She directs the question to Nathan.

“B-because...” He stutters, knowing he’s treading on thin ice. Everyone gets scared when she gets like this, she may be our mother but she’s still the Luna.

“Well...?”, she asked again. If she has to ask twice, you’re dead meat. “Um...”, he responds, finally surrendering, “I thought it’d be funny if she overslept.”

Nathan may play a lot of jokes and stuff but when it comes to being brother and sister, we are always there for each other. We’re actually pretty close. But, at that very moment my dad walks in, the alpha of the blood moon pack, and states “Nathan, your grounded.”

He looks over to me and I peek at him under my long beeline honey colored hair, and swipe it out of my face, right in time to see him wink at me, I smile because I know that he doesn’t even know what we’re talking about. He strides over to my mom as he snakes an arm around her waist and places a kiss on the lips. All she can do is giggle as he continues to kiss her neck.

“Dad, it was only a joke.”, Nathan says trying to get out of being in trouble. I chuckle and mind link my dad, go easy on him. He raises his eyebrows real quick looking at me to let me know he got it.

“Ok, fine...”, he starts “I don’t know what happen but you can’t go to that party on Friday.” Nathan sighs. He must be relieved.

“Well, I don’t know about y’all but I have to get to school. It’s the first day and I don’t wanna be late.” I said as I finally start realizing that something is tugging at the bottom of my hoody.

When I look down I see the most innocent turquoise eyes staring up at me, the same eyes that I have, and I couldn’t help but scoop her up.
“Hello, beautiful” I say as she starts pulling her caramel colored hair from her face and giggles, “Hey, sissy.” She’s a splinting image of me, she looks exactly like me besides her caramel colored hair. It breaks my heart to tell her this but I still do, “Sweetie, you took so long and I have to go now”, her whole smile falls, “ok”, is all she says.
“What if after school, I buy you ice cream”, I say so she would smile and her whole face lit up again. And of course, her smile is contagious so I can’t help but smile when she says, “ok”, much perkier.

I put her down, go over to kiss my mom and dad, then Alex. Ruffle Nathan’s hair and grab my keys and bag with Nahomi’s hand in mine and walk to the door. As I open the door my mom calls to me, “You can’t take Nahomi!”, I internally curse and turn to hug and kiss Nahomi. “Make sure you don’t make plans and I’ll be back at 2:00, ok?”, she nods and responds “promise?”, “Promise.”, as we lock pinky fingers and I leave the most important part of me.

“You better come on if you want a ride, Aiden!” I say and mom hollars back “I’ll take him!”
I walk over to my car, get in and start the engine.
I wave at Nahomi as I pull off in my car and mouth the words I love you.

As I pull up to the school and gather my things, I almost cry. Thinking to myself I miss her so much. I pull myself together, put my ear buds in playing whatever comes up on my Pandora playlist, and walk proudly into school with my head held high, trying to navigate to the main office.

Everyone’s eyes are on me because I’m the alpha’s daughter. I wander around for a while before someone walks up and ask, “Do you need some help?”, I turn to see a girl about my height with freckles and light auburn hair. “Yes”, I smile and blush and tell her I’m looking for the main office. She shows me the way and I find out her name is Niccloe, but people call her Cloe, and we exchange numbers. I thanked her and walk away.
Here goes nothing.

Hey guys, it’s the author! Y’all can call me “page”, it’s just a code name, but I just want to let y’all know that this IS my first book and I’m kinda excited to do it. I don’t know for sure if I will continue it but if y’all like it, I definitely will.

Yours truest
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