Doing Time

A Good Day

When he was living in Vegas everyday had felt like Fridays. In prison Fridays felt like every other day. Reid ran a hand through his hair an sighed as the men sitting next to him discussed passionately about what to do with a man Reid had noticed was selling out his fellow gang-members to the guards. It had really been too obvious what the man had been doing.

Reid wasn't afraid anymore. People knew he was close to Prentiss but didn't know what he had done to get it. Rumors had it that he was sleeping with him, was blackmailing ham, was some sort of rich heir outside the prison and the Prentiss was being payed to take care of him.

All incredibly ridiculous theories.

“You should stop cooperating with the Nazis.” Reid said absentmindedly while he was watching a couple of White Bread gang members interact with a member from Adol-fans. Prentiss stopped the heated discussion he was having with Davis and gave Reid a sharp look.

"Why on earth would I do that?"

"They tend to piss off all the other groups."

"And to pick on you I've heard." Davis was watching the young man intently. "Gang-politics isn't for personal use. Not that I don't understand your wish to get revenge."

Reid locked eyes with Prentiss. "My personal need is second next to the welfare of the gang." It was a matter of interpretation. Reid's own welfare were very dependent on the welfare of the gang.


Reid nodded to Prentiss who was looking at him with his usual calculating look. "If you stopped being so friendly with them it would leave them totally isolated, which is something the other gangs would love to happen." He gave a small shrug. "It would drastically improve our relations to Italo Brothers, Taco Loco and the KFC all in one small move. And you really can't have too many alliances, right?"

Prentiss facial expression had turned contemplating and thoughtful.

"I acknowledge your logic..." Reid almost felt the urge to cock a brow and tell him his logic was flawless – always had been, always would be – but his discipline kept him silent. "It might just be..." Davis and Prentiss shared a long look.

"Besides," Reid continued. "I've been observing some unusual behavior among the leading Nazis. I think they're plotting something."

Davis' eyebrows shot in the air while Prentiss narrowed his eyes.

"Something like what?"

"I have no idea. But if you as the leader of their closest and only allied gang haven't heard anything about it, I'll suspect that it's something that won't profit anyone but them."

"It sounds like something the damn Nazis would do," Davis muttered to Prentiss who nodded.

"I'm glad you've noticed this Reid."

"I tend to see and remember things others think is unimportant. You'd be surprised to know how often it can be helpful."

"You've proven yourself to be useful again. I'm glad I got my hands on you first." Prentiss gave Reid a diplomatic smile.

Reid was dismissed.

He shuffled over and sat next to JJ who was looking at a couple of KFC-members playing a friendly game of basketball.

"You look thoughtful."

JJ flashed Reid a warm smile before looking back on the players. "I have to figure out their weakness so I'll be able to win next time, you now." They sat in silence for a while, JJ carefully analyzing every move the players made, Reid admiring the sweaty, toned bodies. "You've been busy lately."

Reid was pulled out if his daze and gave his friend a long look. "I've been trying."

"To get comfortable?" Reid was just about to be offended when he noticed the teasing smile on JJ's lips.

"I suppose you could call it that."

"You've could have done like me, and find someone to look out for you."

"Yeah," Reid sighed. "I don't think anyone's interested in taking care of me like that."

"Are you kidding me?" JJ looked at Reid unbelievingly. "Haven't you noticed the way Derek Morgan looks at you? He is practically eating you with his eyes!"

"Why do people keep saying that?"

JJ smirked. "Ever considered the possibility that it might actually be true?"

"Please? Why would a man as incredibly attractive as him want to be with a man like me?"

JJ slapped his forehead, a big grin dominating his face.

"I think he just might be thinking the same thing about you."

Reid looked at his blond friend incredulously. The other man smiled and gestured to his right with a small movement with his head. Reid looked in the direction.

Morgan was seemingly discussing with Black. The KFC-leader glanced at Reid and smiled when he found him looking at him.

A blush rose to Reid's cheeks.

“I'll be right back, JJ.”

“Yeah, right,” the small man muttered looking after his friend with a smug smile.

Reid's heart was hammering in his slim chest while he walked towards to two black men.

“Black.” Reid nodded curtly to his cell mate. The black man hadn't been as friendly as Garcia or Conrad, but he'd never done anything to make Reid's stay worse in any way and actually defended him sometimes when Garcia's nicknames grew too demeaning. “Morgan.” Reid looked directly into Morgan's eyes and prayed that his heartbeat wasn't as loud to the others as it was to him. “I need to talk you.”

The puzzled expression on Morgan's face was replaced by a big grin. “Of course Pretty Boy.”

Reid gestured for Morgan to follow him, and walked closer to the wall. This could turn out to be unpleasant or embarrassing for one or both parts and if that was going to happen, he didn't want a big crowd watching.

“So?” Morgan asked curiously as he stepped next to Reid. “What do you want to talk about?”

"What do you want from me? This game is driving me crazy!" A lazy smile unfolded on Morgan's face and he leaned against the wall.

"What makes you think I want something from you? What if I just want you?"

Morgan's question startled Reid, rendering him speechless for a moment.

"W-well..." Stupid stutter! Why did he have to stutter one-word-sentences all of a sudden? "I-if that's the case, you sure have a fun way of showing it!" Reid could feel the heat color his cheeks but he wouldn't acknowledge it. He wanted a logical explanation, and he wanted it now.

"If you say so." And then that cocky smile! Reid felt something flutter in his chest – why did Morgan hold such power over him when he couldn't seem to do anything to disturb that rock hard peace of his?

"If what you say is the truth, then your mental age must be a lot lower than your actual age. Your behavior is only one level above actually pulling my ponytail. Not exactly mature, do you think?"

"I probably should have acted differently, but this was the only way. You don't have a ponytail." Morgan reached out and tugged softly on a lock of Reid's hair twisting it around his finger. Instinctively Reid leaned into the touch as the hand graced his cheek. When soft lips brushed against his he let out a relieved breath he had been holding for some reason. The fingers in his hair moved to the nape of his neck to pull his face forward, another hand appeared on his hips willing him to step closer too. Reid responded by grabbing Morgan's shirt and kissing him back with a need that had been growing ever since he first noticed the dark skinned man.

There might have been fireworks included at some point.

It could have been from lack of oxygen.

Probably wasn't though.

Reid couldn't help the unsatisfied moan from escaping his lips when Morgan pulled back.

"I'm sorry if my behavior has been confusing you, Pretty Boy, but I'm not used to... courting men." Reid couldn't help but cock a brow.

"Courting men?"

"Yes... I've never been interested in men before, and I'm – hands down – totally on strange ground with this thing I've started. But I just can't seem to stay away from you."

"I guess I should be flattered." He was. A stunningly gorgeous man just admitted he was his first male love interest. With all the alternatives you could find in a prison, that was quite the praise.

"Yes, you should." Morgan ran his fingers through Reid's hair with a small sigh. "Do you know why I'm in here?" Reid shook his head. "I killed the man who molested me as a child."

"Oh..." Reid was speechless. "...I... I'm sorry..."

"I just wanted you to know, that this is new to me. And that you probably never will get to top." A grin spread on the dark man's face and Reid felt his heart flutter again.

"I can work with that." Reid stepped even closer to Morgan and slung his arms around the other mans neck. "But if you don't kiss me again, I will do something that I'll probably end up regretting."

Morgan obliged with a smile, softly pressing their lips together. Reid opened his mouth a bit, encouraging the other man to deepen the kiss which he did with a passion that send shivers down the back of Reid's legs.

Oh, sweet Lord – this man was a skilled kisser. A very skilled kisser indeed.

Reid pressed his body against the other man. His fingertips traced slow circles on the bald head and lines down the nape of Morgan's neck.

“I'm glad the attraction is mutual,” Morgan whispered and Reid felt a sense of relief wash over his body. Morgan's hand ran up and down Reid's side adding to the heat growing in the slender man's groin. Morgan pressed another small kiss to Reid's mouth before pulling back leaning his head against the wall.

“I'm actually glad you came up to me – I have to warn you about something.”

“What?” The nice warm feeling in Reid's body cooled perceptibly at the serious tone in Morgan's voice. “Have you noticed something about the stupid Nazis too?”

“What? No? The Nazis? Is something up with them?” The black man frowned at Reid who cocked a brow.

“Am I the only one to notice these things?”

“You are the smart one...” Morgan caressed Reid's cheek with his thumb and a smile on the plump lips Reid now knew was as soft as the looked. “But that wasn't what I was referring to. I have a bit of a surprise for you.”

“Oh!” Reid's eyes widened in excitement. “What is it?” He couldn't help it – he loved surprises!

“If I tell you it wouldn't be a surprise,” Morgan smirked. “But don't worry – you'll find out later. But if you'll excuse me. I have to go pull some strings.” He leaned in and gave Reid a last lingering kiss before pushing away from the wall and walking off.

Reid willed the blush to fade.

If he had to pick only one word to describe the feeling of or Morgan's lips against his it would be soft.

No – tender.

Reid walked over to JJ who welcomed him with a smug grin.

Garcia put a heavy hand on Reid's shoulder making the younger man jump.

“Do you know where Black is?”

Reid glanced around the small cell confused. Where was Black? “I have no idea. Shouldn't he be here by now? Do you think something's wrong?” Reid dropped to his bunk with a worried look et Garcia.

“I don't know. Has he said anything to you? Done anything out of the ordinary?”

“He was talking with Morgan earlier today – he didn't look happy.” Something in the back of Reid's mind kept insisting that he knew the answer.

“Do you think they were arguing?” Conrad asked curiously looking down from his top bunk.

“I don't think...”

“Step away from the door.” Garcia few steps away from the bars, all three inmates casting curious glances at the anomaly.

“Get inside.” Reid looked in puzzled wonder as Morgan entered the cell.

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