Doing Time

The Fun Chapter

Garcia was the first one to regain his composure.

“Well hello there Hot Stuff,” he cooed all but batting his lashes at the unexpected guest. “You just couldn't stay away from me, could you?”

“You know me Baby Boy,” Morgan directed a flirty smile at the blond man and Reid wasn't jealous! Really – he wasn't! “I just can't get enough of you. And with you in Taco Loco you don't grant me the time of day anymore!”

“Oh – don't worry Chocolate Stud, I could never let you go.” Aaaaargh! Stop flirting with him – he's min... Reid's eyes widened when he stopped himself from thinking the word. A quick glance at his cell mates assured him that no one had seen his weird reaction.

“Would you two stop acting repulsive? I'm trying to read up here,” Conrad growled looking immensely annoyed. “It really can't be true that I have to listen to your sick vocabulary calling people like Chocolate Stud and Baby Cheeks all the time! Behave like the man you have to be considering that you are in a male prison.”

“Michael,” Garcia squealed in scolding tone. “Behave yourself! Your making our guest feel unwelcome!”

“I sincerely doubt that he's a mere guest,” Conrad muttered returning his gaze to his book. “He looks like he's here to stay if you ask me.”

“Don't listen to him Morgan, he's just pissed you aren't here to see him.” Reid noticed Conrad rolling his eyes and Morgan's smirk.

“You know me sweetheart.” The black man winked at Garcia before turning serious. “But who else are you calling pet names? Baby Cheeks was it?”

Garcia nodded and Reid felt the blush starting to rise on his face. “Reid here is my little Boy Genius. He just reminds me so much of kittens and glitter and sunshine and hot cocoa.”

Morgan looked at Reid acknowledging his presence for the first time. “I see what you mean Garcia.”

Smoldering. The look in his eyes was simply smoldering.

Conrad looked down at Reid from his bunk, his concern for his friend clear on his face.

“Now, don't make me jealous Morgan! You know I won't fall for any of your tricks!”

The warning bell made the four men look out through the bars where guards were walking past, making sure that every cell had the right number of inmates.

“Well, my Black Adonis. You better get into your bunk and try to make yourself comfortable,” Garcia said but stepped closer to the other man putting his palm against the broad chest. “And if you plan on taking advantage of me, we better alert the guards so they can make sure the croaker is ready to revive me afterwards.”

Morgan chuckled before heading towards Reid on the bed. He halted before climbing to the top bunk sending Reid a heated look.

Reid's eyes widened in realization and he took hold of Morgan wrist to keep him where he was.

“You really do want me, don't you?”

“I don't know – did I say that?” Morgan's pupils dilated sending a flood of fire through Reid's body.

“Yes,” he whispered breathlessly. “Yes you did!”

“I guess it must be true then.” Morgan raised the hand Reid was holding on to and let a finger trace the young man's jawline. Slowly Reid loosened his grip on the other man's wrist and let his hand drop to his lap. Morgan smiled at bit smugly before hoistering his big body to the bunk above Reid's head.

Reid lay in the dark awake for a long while. He was somehow expecting Morgan to do something – anything. For God's sake, the man had gotten himself transferred into his cell to get closer to him – was he just going to lie up there leaving Reid alone, flustered and confused? But the man had said it himself. He wasn't used to “courting men” as he had called it.

Reid made a quick decision.

If he wasn't coming to him, he would go himself.

Derek was lying on his back wide awake. He had made a bold move, pulling a lot of strings and now he was closer than ever.

What to do next?

Derek's heart speed picked up at the sudden sound of movement beneath him. When two hands appeared on the edge of his bed and a slim figure pulled himself up next to him, his heart almost stopped instead.

“You've made me impatient, Morgan,” the young man whispered, slowly pulling up his legs and moving so he was straddling the other man.

“Derek,” he whispered. His need for the young man was more than mere physical attraction. If that had been all, there were plenty of opportunities to relief. He wanted more – the intimacy, the cuddling, the waking up together and gazing into each other's eyes. But right now he would settle for the other man to call him by his first name. “Call me Derek, Spencer.”

Spencer’s eyes met Derek’s . When the older man’s gaze fell to the slender man’s full lips, Spencer licked them slowly, making the plump, pink rim of his mouth glisten. This small action, the simple trace of residual moisture left behind by his retreating tongue, was enough to break the formidable man before him. Derek pulled Spencer down, closing the distance with surprising force, eager lips crashing together with an intensity and growing passion that neither could contain any more.

As Spencer broke the kiss to explore the contours of the dark man’s jaw and neckline with seductive licks and nips, the sight was curious. Roles reversed. Derek was feeling an awful lot like the ‘fish’ as he lay here, mouth agape, just trying to breathe. Although sex was far from foreign to him, consensual sex with a man was undeniably new despite time served. He tangled his fingers into the younger man’s hair as he ran his slender fingers up his sides, taking his shirt with them, his hot mouth teasing the defined muscles of his abdomen as he worked his way further south.

When Spencer gently fingered the waistband of his underwear, he glanced up at dark man beneath for any sign not to continue. Derek raised his hips in response, allowing lithe figure to pull them down enough to gain access to the object of interest. When he felt the warm tongue slide down his aching member, Derek choked on a gratified moan brought on by the talented mouth working its magic, as it took him in, and he was fully enveloped in its sinful heat.

God, it had been so long, but even if it hadn’t, he had to admit the man deep throating him was exhibiting more skill at the task than Derek had ever experienced. Keeping quiet was becoming exceedingly more difficult, each new sensation bringing him that much closer to the edge every time his cock disappeared into Spencer’s impossibly perfect mouth. He wasn’t sure whether to cry or explode when he watched the man before him pull back slowly, the head of his throbbing member slipping out from between those luscious, parted lips.

A tiny growl of protest escaped Derek. Spencer smiled, moving back up to deliver a soul-draining kiss. When he pulled away, he stayed close and spoke gently into Derek's ear.

“I want you,” he whispered with a strange, shy confidence that only he could pull off. “Please…”

Looking into Derek’s eyes once more, he could see the unmasked desire in them. His hesitation to respond, Spencer knew, did not bring into question the man’s attraction to him. That part was, by now, a given. His silence was a testament to his uncertainty of treading into unfamiliar territory.

“You've tried anal before right? I mean, I doubt that any woman could turn you down if you wanted to experiment.” Spencer guessed.

“I have.” Morgan breathed, feeling proud from Reid's compliment to his appeal.

“Well, this is pretty much going to be the same, with three minor differences”.

“And what might they be?”

“One, I've got stubble. Two, my chest is flatter than my bed. And three, well, obviously I have the same thing as you between my legs.”

Derek chuckled as Spencer’s lips quirked into a sultry half-smile. He shifted position and tugged his underwear down, before moving back settling across Derek's stomach, legs spread wide. Derek watched in a state of curious awe as the man beside him sucked on his slender digits, reached around his back and began fingering himself.

What should have probably been extremely awkward, was surprisingly erotic as Derek watched him prepare himself, their positions making it surprisingly easy to watch the eager movements in and out. Spencer's head fell back as he added a second finger, breath hitching, his long, delicate neck exposed while he scissored them inside, stretching himself. To say that it was an incredible turn on would be a vast understatement to the reaction Derek’s body was having to what he was witnessing. Deciding this wasn’t a spectators sport, he began touching the man on top of him, gently stroking his taught belly and soft inner thighs while he licked and sucked at his neck.

After a few minutes, Spencer leaned back, pressing his ass flush with Derek’s rock hard groin.

“Ready when you are.” He whispered.

With a low growl Derek took hold of the Spencer's hips and quickly reversed their positions. With Spencer sprawled on his stomach in front of him Derek spat into his hand and quickly lathered up his impressive length. He eagerly positioned himself and started pushing slowly into the awaiting, tight channel with a low moan as Spencer gasped and threw his head back. Stilling himself for a moment to allow time for them both to adjust to the new sensation, he tried to control his breathing. Finally, Spencer rocked back further with an encouraging hiss and Derek started to move.

Gripping the young man’s hip, he pulled out to the tip and thrust back in. The feeling was phenomenal. He quickly set into a brutal pace, leaning forward wrapping his arm around the waist of the trembling man, holding him close, the slight change of angle causing Spencer to buck as his prostate was battered by every glorious thrust.

Spencer bit his lip to keep from screaming from the mind-blowing pleasure he was receiving. He wanted to cry out and let his partner know just how good he felt. He could hear, as well as feel, the hot, ragged bursts of air coming from the ridiculously sexy man behind him, and any question as to what his condition was, was answered when he felt a strong hand wrap around his cock, stroking him furiously. Oh yeah, this wouldn’t last much longer.

Derek fought hard against his impending orgasm as he pounded into the lithe body he’d wanted to claim since the very first time he laid eyes on him. The draw he’d felt toward this man had been confusing but had only grown stronger every time he'd seen him. Now, feeling the body he was deriving an obscene amount of satisfaction from tense around him, the sudden pulsing beneath his palm and the hot, wet spurts of cum that followed , Derek came undone. He plowed almost violently into him, the orgasm he’d been holding back tearing through his every nerve ending as with one final thrust, he buried himself deep inside, filling Spencer completely before collapsing.

Panting for air, Derek tried to move his body, so the smaller man wouldn't be completely squashed beneath him. He frowned when Spencer sat and started feeling round for his discarded clothes.

“What are you doing?” Derek whispered.

“Going back to bed,” Reid said just as quietly as he pulled his underwear back on and slung his legs over the edge of the bed. Derek reached out and took hold of a slim wrist.

“Don't. Stay up here.” The young man looked back at Derek with an air of vulnerability. “I want to wake up next to you,” Derek confessed and looked away from the other man's face. Seconds went by without Spencer replying and Derek hesitantly let go of his wrist with a sinking feeling in his chest. He pulled up his underwear and positioned his body on the side with a disappointed sigh. Quickly drifting off to sleep he still smiled when a warm form snuggled up to him.

“You asked for it, but I warn you – I have a mean case of morning hair each morning.” Derek nodded and pulled the younger man closer and with his nose in the nook of Spencer's neck he fell asleep.

Spencer was in a fabulous mood. Sneaking into Derek's bed had proven to be an impulse worth following. Waking up in the smooth-skinned man's arms was the best moment in all of the time he had spent in jail. Despite Garcia's annoying cheery comments and Conrad's worried and confused glances. Apparently both men had expected Derek to be the man slipping into Spencer's bed and they were greatly amused when Spencer almost had fallen out of bed when he miscalculated the distance to the edge.

Pushing all these thoughts aside Spencer concentrated on the hot water pouring down on his body washing away the familiar scent of sex that had lingered on his body the entire day. He sighed in satisfaction and looked to his left when a low chuckle made something in the pit of his stomach stir. The black man next to him gave him an appreciating smile and Spencer felt the sudden urge to reach over and pull Derek closer. Pulling his eyes from the godlike body next to him Spencer bit his lip before his rising arousal became too obvious. Too late. He turned his back to the open room and started listing the elements alphabetically. A hand groping his butt stopped his line of thought and he turned around to face a strange face with a mischievous grin.

“What do you think you're doing?” A quick glance left revealed Derek frowning at the unfamiliar man.

“I noticed you ogling. I can give you the real deal.”

Spencer's eyes grew wide with disbelief. “I'm sorry, what?”

“You know you want it,” the strange man said and stepped closer forcing Spencer to step back. When his back hit the cold tiles a flash of panic surged through him rendering him speechless. Gaping Spencer watched as the man stepped even closer slowly raising his hand to touch his chest.

“I'd suggest that you stepped away immediately.” The words were a low growl and dark hand took hold of the man's shoulder and pulled him around so he was facing the furious Derek.

Spencer drew a deep relieved breath and he finally noticed that he was shaking.

“Why should I? You gonna stop me?” Spencer saw Derek's eyes widen at the man's challenge. While the man was indeed larger and stronger than Spencer he was next to nothing compared to the black man.

“He will try. And although I doubt he will fail, I'll stay right here to finish the job if he should. So I suggest you fuck off and leave our friend alone.” The appearance of Davis came as a bit of a surprise to Spencer, but a brief look around revealed almost the entire bathing population staring at the small argument. Apparently the other man did the same as he quickly shuffled towards the door and the safety of the guards. “You okay Reid?”

Spencer nodded unenthusiastic and Derek stepped close enveloping the shivering man in his warm body. Davis raised an eyebrow before returning to his shower with a dismissing shrug.

Derek whispered soothing words into Spencer's ear to the shivering faded and the panicked feelings calmed.

“Nothing's going to happen to you as long I'm here,” Derek whispered and Spencer nodded. In Derek's arms he was safe.

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