Doing Time

The New Beginning

Reid watched Prentiss with a feeling of uneasiness growing in his gut. Judging by the very visible mood changes on Prentiss's face someone was going to be hurt very soon. The fact that Davis, who was the one talking to their leader in hushed tones, kept glancing over at Reid wasn't a good sign. Davis finished speaking and leaned back against the wall with a patient look on his face – now it was up to Prentiss what was going to happen.

Almost choking as he tried to swallow the big lump in his throat, Reid got up and walked over to Prentiss. The look on the man's face was as close to a thundercloud as it could get without him actually sticking his head up into one.

If a thundercloud had seen the dark haired man it would probably rush off without shedding a single raindrop.

“When I said you could keep doing what you did, I didn't mean for you to let Morgan fuck you at first possible occasion.” The voice was low and ominously calm.

“Well,” Reid said, frantically contemplating as to which tactic that could prevent him from getting beating up for betraying his gang. “I figured it would be smartest to act along. Turning him down when he got transferred into my cell probably would've hurt our relationship a lot.”

“Your relationship?” Thunder seemed to erupt from Prentiss's eyes. Very disturbing.

Our relationship. Between White Bread and KFC.” The tension in Reid's body lightened when he saw the small change on Prentiss's face. “He knows that I'm fairly treasured and taking it out on the gang-relations would be a very easy vengeance.”

“I really hope you aren't going to try and convince me that you merely obliged from gang-obligations. From what I heard you were practically all over him in the showers yesterday.”

“I really didn't considerer lying to you an option. You would have seen through me. But although I might not use the phrase 'all over him' I'm not going to argue with Davis. I'm a young healthy gay man. Morgan is a gorgeous man who apparently wanted me – still wants me I'd like to think considering his behavior in the showers.” Prentiss gave Reid a sharp look. “And of course I'm immensely attracted to him, so working for the benefit of the gang has never been easier for me.”

“So you're ready to spin him round you finger, and make him do what I want him to do?”

"I'm not going to play with him.”

“I'm not asking you to play with him, I'm asking if you can make him do what is needed.”

“If your schemes and my plans doesn't happen to collide I might just be able to... Affect Morgan in a given direction..." Reid let the words trail off as he anticipated Prentiss' response. If he was as smart as Reid suspected he was, he would be able to comprehend the benefits this arrangement included.

"What if our plans do collide?" Prentiss narrowed his eyes at Reid.

"I'll figure that out when it happens. If it happens..."

Prentiss' lips formed in to a smug smile and Reid knew he had played his cards right. But then again, he had always been a very tactical card-player.

"I knew I was right about you, Reid. And I happen to think that the two of us could be rather useful to each other."

Reid frowned at the sudden change of direction in their conversation. "What are you saying?"

"If it doesn't collide with your plans, I'd like to keep you closer than normal. I find you advices helpful and your observations useful. I'd like for us to keep cooperating."

"Well." Reid felt his frown melt into a smile. "At this point that doesn't collide with any of my plans. It was more like a part of it." They shook hands and Reid settled next to Prentiss.

He wondered if should start to grow a mustache.

Wasn't that something that a consigliori would have?

It had taken a bit of internal discussion for Reid to return to the library and even more to go the entire way to the last bookcase and his beloved non-fiction books.

One part was scared shitless that the Nazis would gang up on him again – this time they had more than a few good reasons to leave him bleeding to death.

Another part – the winning one – was hungering for his daily fix of knowledge.

There just wasn't that many people interested in deep intellectual discussions with him.

The happiness from being back among his books had him caressing some of the backs as he leaned his forehead against one of the higher shelves.

The dry smell of paper. The quiet rustling of someone turning a page in a book. The warm hand slowly sliding around his waist settling on his stomach.

Wait – what?

A brief glance over his shoulder made Reid smile a happy little smile and he felt a slight blush creep to his cheeks.


“I've been looking for you Pretty Boy,” a dark voice murmured close to his ear and made a shiver run down his spine. “Have you been hiding from me?”

“No,” Reid whispered enjoying the feeling of fingertips tracing small circles on the taut stomach underneath his shirt.

“You should know that simply hiding wouldn't stop me from finding you.”

“I know. Prentiss wanted to talk to me.” Reid leisurely closed his eyes when a hand came down on his lovingly intertwining their fingers.

“What did he want to talk about?” A warm mouth on that special place right behind his ear. Reid shivered from pleasure.

“He wanted to know if he should cut me off or throw himself at my feet.”

“What?” All the loving caresses stopped and two big hands turned Reid easily and quickly so he was facing the big dark man in front of him.

“Don't worry – I convinced him to do the latter.”

Morgan – no Derek – frowned his eyes ablaze with worry and concern.

“Pretty Boy, you have to remember you can't do everything on your own...”

“I know, don't worry Derek. I slipped your name into the conversation and now Prentiss think I got you practically eating of my hand.” Derek cocked a brow with a clearly amused look on his face.

“I am?” He leaned closer with a smug smile and started threading his finger's through Spencer's hair. The younger man nodded weakly encouraging Derek to move even closer softly pressing his lips to his cheek. “Lucky you, that I don't mind your hands then.”

Spencer let out a small groan before turning his head and meeting Derek's lips. The older man deepened the kiss while pressing Spencer against the bookcase. He registered, through the the breathless and dizzy state of mind the kiss put him in, that Derek once again slid his hand up under his shirt now sliding to the back pressing their body's together.

“I don't think it's very clever to act like two infatuated teenagers in a place like this. What won't people think?” Spencer gasped breathlessly when they finally broke the kiss. He could feel Derek's semi-hard length press against his hip and his own throbbing from abandon in his pants.

“People are too scared of me to think anything I wouldn't like. Perhaps Prentiss, but he would shuffle off to find his own little pretty boy,” Derek said in a low seductive voice staring into Spencer's big eyes. “And so what if we are?”

“Are what,” Spencer asked dazed. He was amazed that Derek could keep his cool when were standing in so close, every plane of their bodies touching.


Choking on his breath Spencer looked at Derek with wide surprised eyes. “Infatuated?” He felt heat rush to his cheeks and for once he didn't care about his blush. “Like, with feelings? Like in love with feelings?” Oh, the joy of sounding retarded.

Oh, the joy of a gorgeous man nodding with a serious look on his face.

“I think I'm falling in love with you, Pretty Boy.” The young man was rendered speechless. He couldn't do anything but stand and watch Derek watching his face for a reaction. “I always look for you, watch you when I spot you. I feel so much at ease when I'm with you. I just... You make me happy, Spencer.”

“Did you know, that people experience a love-like feeling after sex? It's all due to hormones...”

“Before that too.” Derek smiled and stifled Spencer by pressing a finger to his lips. “The first time I saw you – the day you came here – I saw this scared young boy and my heart almost burst through my chest. And by the look on your face you felt something like it too.” The last was added with a slightly cocky tone and smirk.

“I felt very attracted to you, I didn't expect you to swipe me off my feet...”

“Like I did?” Again Spencer stared with his mouth uselessly open. “That looks like a yes to me.” Derek smirked.

“This is ridiculous. We're two grown men – we don't fall in love like... like... like this!”

“That definitely means yes.” Derek grinned at Spencer who couldn't help but smile back. He raised his hand and rested it gently on the older man's cheek as he analyzed the thin layer of perspiration on his body, the faster than normal heart rate and the weird fluttery feeling in his stomach.

“I guess it does... I think I'm falling in love with you too...” Derek's lips came crashing down on Spencer's. Pinning the the young man's hands on each side of his head he broke the kiss. “I never thought you would admit it,” he whispered before returning his lips against Spencer's and letting go of his wrists.

Both men were entirely caught up in each other's warm mouths and the frantic way their hands wanted to be everywhere at the same time. Both men missed the distant gun-shots. Both men heard the loud yell.


Spencer and Derek broke apart panting for breath and Derek slowly moved away from the other man.

“What's going on?” the bald man asked no one in particular but Spencer shrugged.

“We better go ask someone. Either way – apparently somebody wants us to come to the yard.” He started towards the door in the far end of the room and with a sigh Derek followed behind him. Spencer frowned as he took in all the other convicts as they confused got up from their tables and shuffled out the door where Hotch was standing, walkie-talkie in hand and a securing hand over the gun at his hip.

“Hotch,” Spencer called and hurried over to the friendly guard. “What's going on?”

A line of unintelligible noise erupted from the electronic device in Hotch's hand making the man frown. Derek walked up behind Spencer and put his hand protectively on the boy's hip as he eyed some of the exiting men suspiciously.

“Something's happening I don't know what, but we've been ordered to get everyone to the yard. Did you see anybody down there?”

Spencer shook his head and leaned slightly back against Derek enjoying the hard planes of his body and the musky smell surrounding it. Hotch's tense stance lightened as he noticed the small gestures between the two men.

“Well then. We're the last ones here – let's hurry to the yard and find out what's happening.”

Derek grabbed Spencer's hand and led the way down the stairs with Hotch following right behind them – an unmasked smile dominating his face despite the unusual circumstances.

Derek recognized the sound of gun-shots as they neared the door and made sure Spencer stayed behind him when they slowly walked towards wide opening.

Outside was chaos.

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