Doing Time


In movies prison riots usually takes place at night. Fires ignite for no good reason and people would lie scattered all around screaming in pain.

The only thing that fitted this scene was the screaming men clutching random body parts, crying for somebody to ease their pain.

Spencer peaked over Derek's shoulder as he eyed the scene in front of him. Chaos.

He let his eyes wander noticing the group of Nazis, standing in the middle waving guns around over their heads aiming at anyone who got too close, and crouching behind a table not too far away from Spencer and Derek was Prentiss gesturing for them to come over and join him in his makeshift hiding place.

“Derek,” Spencer said in a low voice and pointed at Prentiss waving frantically at the two men. “We'll be safer over there than standing here right next to the door. They will eventually try to move in and take over the administrations-floor.”

Derek nodded without asking who they were. He took a firm grip on Spencer's hand and started running towards the other gang-leader. Spencer followed right behind him but frowned when he noticed the figure next to Prentiss.

JJ was leaning against his boyfriend, his face disturbingly pale.

“What's going on?” Derek asked panting for his breath when he threw himself down next to the dark haired man.

“The Nazis are taking over the prison.”

“What?” Spencer and Derek looked at the man with shock clear on their faces.

“So I guess you were right, Reid. They provoked a fight with us – accusing us of stabbing them in their backs and such like – and when guards came rushing to stop the fight the damn Nazis overpowered them!” Prentiss face grew dark with contempt but a small whimper from JJ made his his expression lighten into one of worry instead. “Jacob got hit by a bullet. They got Davis too.”

Spencer noticed the way JJ was holding tightly on to his arm and the blood that continued to seep through between his fingers.

“Got Davis?” Spencer asked with his eyes fixed on his bleeding friend. “How much?”

“He got a back door parole...” Prentiss said absentmindedly and Derek rubbed his face and tightened the grip on Reid's hand.

“It means he's dead, Spence,” JJ whispered with a weak smile to Spencer who felt something cold creep up his spine and spreading to his entire body – from his scalp down to his toes.

“They got a couple more of our guys, some of guards, a few of your men Morgan, and I think some of the boys from Taco Loco too.”

“Is Garcia okay?” Spencer asked when he remembered his friend. “And Conrad?”

“Garcia is as safe as can be.” Prentiss pointed left and Spencer saw his friend surrounded by a group of men from the Mexican gang hiding behind a flipped table like himself. Garcia noticed Spencer watching him and gave a small wave and a smile. Rossi was sitting close by with his minions close by. The man looked exactly as relaxed as he used to. Spencer was beginning to doubt anything could disturb the proud man's calm.

“I think Conrad is somewhere across the yard... He wasn't participating in the fight anyway.”

Spencer nodded feeling the worry lighten and he glanced at JJ who was quietly whimpering in pain. Spencer stroked JJ's white face with a frown and let his eyes wander once again. Hotch was still standing at the door looking around the yard with a shocked and devastated look on his face. His stance suddenly changed and the man's face turned angry and concerned. Spencer watched in dismay as the guard started forward.


Spencer peaked over the table to find out what made Hotch react in such a violent fashion.

In the middle of the yard, a group of Nazis had starting kicking to a unmoving lying figure Spencer thought resembled the guard called Lynch. He swiftly looked for Hotch and found him just as a figure tackled the running guard. Spencer watched in open-mouthed amazement as the guard was robbed of his weapon and the prisoner got to his feet pointing the gun right at Hotch's face.


Spencer jumped to his feet and started running towards the two men not taking the time to consider the brightness of his idea. He had to stop Hankel from hurting the guard! For God's sake – the man was married with a son!

His loud protest was heard by Hankel and Spencer watched when Hankel as if in slowmotion moved around, lifted the the gun up, and pointed it at his running figure.

And pulled the trigger.

A overwhelming pain entered Spencer's body slamming his chest so hard he lost his breath and was sent spinning round.

He watched in wonder as Derek came running towards him with worry and anger shining from his eyes even from the distance Spencer was watching from.

All the sounds were so loud he couldn't decide what made which noise but then he could feel the warm arms scooping him up and pressing him against something hard and warm.

Making the pain even more intense.

Derek watched horrified when Spencer got to his feet and started running towards Hotch. He couldn't do anything but sit and see the love of his life run straight at an armed man who hated his guts, completely unaware of what might happen to him.

The shot rang when he was rising and he ran faster than he ever ran before when the slim body he cared about so deeply swung around and slumped to the ground.


He threw himself to the ground, carefully picking up the frail body and he watched in horror as the blood slowly flowed out of the hole in his chest.

“Spencer,” he said in a quiet voice, softly pressing the young man against his chest, protecting him from sight and the now wildly flying bullets. Hankel's shot had gotten some of the other armed Nazis to panic and they started firing at all possible targets. The guards positioned in the towards started firing down on them in a useless attempt to calm down the inmate-population.

“Derek.” HE threaded his fingers through Spencer's hair and looked into his eyes.

“Yes, baby. What is it?” His heart was beating furiously – this was everything he had feared would happen.

“I'm cold.” Spencer's face was rapidly growing white and panic started to rise in Derek's chest.

No, no! Don't be cold – you can't be cold... Cold means your leaving me!

He wanted to scream and beg but held on to his outward cool. Panic wouldn't help his Spencer. “It's gonna be okay Pretty Boy. I'll take you inside and we'll get you sown up and warm again. And then we'll be together and everything will be perfect.” Spencer looked at him with big frightened eyes and Derek felt something burst inside of him. “I love you Spencer. I really think I do. It's stupid and unlikely to happen I know, but I've never felt this way before. I sound like a big cliché, don't I Spencer? But I'm not trying to insult your intelligence by spewing some stupid line I read in a book. I do love you. I love you, and I need you to stay here with me and make it through our time with me! You have to make it through so we can get out together and you can meet my mom and we can have a life. Together!”

A small smile grazed Spencer's before his eyes slowly closed, making Derek's breath hitch in his throat.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! Don't do this now, Spencer! Stay here Spencer, stay! You here me? Spencer, do you here me?” Derek tightened his grip on the frail body in his arms but Spencer didn't react to it. “Spencer!”

Derek looked at the lifeless body he was holding on to as all feeling left his body.


His inside was completely numb.

He didn't cry, he didn't yell, he just slowly put the empty shell who recently was his lover to the ground and rose.

His vision was tinted with read as he looked around and located the culprit who did this to his Spencer. Who did this to him.

“YOU KILLED HIM!” he roared and started towards Hankel who looked at him with surprise painted all over his face.

Without caring that the man in front of him regained his composure Derek started running as he watched the man raise the gun at point it at him.

And press the trigger several times again.

Spencer slowly opened his eyes.

White walls.

Somehow familiar but still new.

Somehow both scaring and comforting him.

“Welcome back to the living.” Spencer turned his head towards the familiar voice and smiled when he saw JJ lying in the bed next to him.

“Was I not in the world of the living at some point?”

“I don't know, but you've been sleeping for quite a while now.” The blonde smiled to him and Spencer noticed the way he carefully cradled his arm. “How do you feel?”

“Like a horse kicked me in the chest, then walked over me a couple of times to make sure I'd enjoy the pain to the fullest,” Spencer replied with a small smile. He carefully flexed his fingers making sure everything was working properly.

“Do you remember what happened?” JJ pushed himself into a sitting position and Spencer wished he could do the same, but the pain in his chest kept him from attempting.

“We came down from the library... There were a riot, and you were hurt and Prentiss was with you. And then Hankel hit Hotch and took his gun and aimed at him and...”

“And you started running towards them to stop Hankel from shooting him, and instead he planted a bullet right in your chest.”

“What happened afterwards? To Hotch? And Prentiss? Morgan? What happened to Derek, he was right beside me before I blacked out?” Panic was growing in Spencer's chest making his breath shallow and quick and he started to feel a bit dizzy.

“Calm down, Spence. Prentiss's alright. He said he'd make sure we came back to him when we're released. Hotch is okay too – Hankel walked away after...” JJ looked away and swallowed something.

“After what JJ? Tell me what you're hiding!” The panic was clear in Spencer's voice and he grabbed the edge of his bed, trying to sit while ignoring the pain shooting from his chest to his fingertips and head, messing with the clarity of mind he really needed at the moment. “Tell me what happened to Derek!”

“You have to understand, that you were dying Spencer. You were almost gone and Morgan he... He just snapped you know? He charged towards Hankel and he...” Spencer watched as his friends swallowed and apparently struggled to say the words.

“He WHAT? Tell me JJ! Tell me NOW!”

“Hankel – he shot him. Emptied his gun in Morgan's chest and walked away.” JJ looked at Spencer with so much compassion the younger man had to close his eyes and lean back on the bed. “He was dead on the scene. There was nothing they could do. I'm sorry Spence, I know how much you cared about him.”

“No,” Spencer whispered and looked desperately at the ceiling. A tear ran down his cheek and he slowly closed his eyes again.


JJ looked confused at one of the screens showing nothing but a line. It wasn't supposed to do that, he was pretty sure.

“HE'S FLATLINING!” A nurse yelled in the hallway and rushed to Reid, checking his pulse and pushing buttons on the electrical equipment beside his bed.

“Start CPR.” A tall white haired man, with his coat fluttering behind him as he stomped through the door, said in an authoritative voice. He gave Reid a critical look.

A nurse started pumping on Reid's chest with a vigorousness that made her hair fall from her tight ponytail. “He's not reacting doctor,” the nurse by the equipment said. A third nurse came rushing into the room pushing a wheelcart with a new, big machine on it. JJ felt his heart sink in his chest when the nurse held two pads out for the doctor who took them with a small nod.

“Louise, give me 300 volts.”


“Clear.” The nurse doing CPR withdrew her hands from Reid's unmoving body and the doctor put the two pads down on the pale chest carefully avoiding the wound.



“Nothing's happening doctor.”

“Again – Louise, 360!” The doctor's forehead was creased in concentration and one of the nurses shot him a worried glance.


“Clear!” The nurses withdrew their hands again.


Reid's chest raised itself from the bed briefly before falling back down hard.


“Still nothing.”

“Adrenalin – now!” The doctor held his hand out and a nurse placed a big syringe in his hand. JJ's eyes widened in terror when the old man plunged it into Reid's chest and emptied it. The nurses looked at the monitor holding back their breaths.


“No change,” one of them declared in a strangely flat and hopeless voice.

“Damnit.” The doctor ran his hand through his hair and reached for the journal et the end of Reid's bed. “We lost him...”

JJ drew a sharp breath and tried to ignore the burning feeling in the back of his throat. A nurse flicked a switch and the loud beeping noise stopped abruptly, leaving the room in a deep undisturbed silence.

“Time of death is...” The doctor glanced at his watch. “11.34 A.M.. Make sure he's autopsied.” He said to a nurse and left the room with his coat flowing like a cape behind him.

JJ watched a nurse as she pulled up a sheet to cover Reid's body.

“Spence,” he whispered the moment before the sheet hid the pale face. “Oh, God – Spence...”

“Was he a friend of yours?”

JJ looked up and found a nurse to be standing next to his bed with a pitying look in her eyes. JJ nodded. “He was like brother to me,” he said quietly and the nurse nodded and patted his leg before following the nurse pushing Reid's bed into the hallway.

He looked at the empty spot beside him, his vision growing increasingly blurry.

“Oh Spence!” He cried covering his eyes with his hands.

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