Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 10

He kicked the tree branch which triggered the trap door. He climbed down the stairs pushing cobwebs out of his way, and placing the now knocked out Renesmee on the dirt floor. He climbed back up to seal the door. He decended underground into the dim light. The only light source now an old lantern. He would stay here until they left then head back to Canada. They searched for hours. Luckily in his favor Renesmee didn't regain consciousness. Probably from all the jostling around. He would be more careful next time. His goal was to use her as bait for Bella not hurt her. Although if it did end up coming to that he would do it if need be. He no longer heard them traipsing around so he gingerly opened the door. It let out a rickety screech as the hinges moved. He did a quick but thorough search. Then went back for the girl. She was just waking up. Good. He had bound her hands and feet before he left just in case. Now he was glad he did.

She woke up in a cold dimly lit room, for lack of a better word. Her hands and feet were bound. She looked around trying to figure out where she was. Underground by the feel of the temperature, and tree roots. She heard footsteps. He came down the makeshift stairs. She had to say something.

"What is it you plan on doing with me Parker." She said it with more confidence than she felt. She hoped she was keeping her face indifferent. What she really wanted to do was cry. She had to try and pull herself together. She wasn't gonna form a plan or possibly try to escape when she was hysterical, or feeling bad for herself. She took a deep breath. She saw something glisten in the low light. He started to reach for her, knife in his hand. She tried to move away but couldn't, her limbs bound. He leaned down and cut her binding on her feet.

"You try to run...you'll regret it. It would be in your best interest to follow my directions. "

She nodded as her heart rate slowed down. She could try using her mind control to change his mind and let her go but she had no idea where they were. So she decided to wait. He dragged her out of the underground hideout and into the night.

"Well Charlie, let me start by saying that you were right to feel left out when we were younger. We were different and not just because of the Quileute tribe. You see Charlie the Quileute Tribe has a legend that we're descendants of werewolves."

"Ok, its a legend so what." He shrugged it off not thinking anything of it.

"Yes, Charlie it is, but it's also true." He looked long and hard at Charlie letting his words sink in. Charlies mind instantly flew to memories of hunting beasts in the woods. Bella saying that they were wolves not bears. Then of Jacob. He shook his head. He leaned back in his chair, running his hands through his hair. Bella. His eyes met Billys.

"They didn't kill those people did they?" He asked as his stomach clenched at the thought.


"Alright...ok...werewolves. Right." He stood up to pace the kitchen. His mind still processing this latest news. He stopped raised his hand and opened his mouth as if to say something. Then shook his head and resumed pacing. After doing this a few times he stopped and looked at Billy. "So, uh, your boy is he. I mean, is he, uh, you know. " He knew he was a large dog but a werewolf was something completely different.

"Yes, and I know this is alot but there is more. If you think you can handle it." Charlie sat down in the chair again. He grabbed his empty glass and started making circles on the table with the condensation to give his hands something to do. "Ok, Billy lets just finish this." He cleared his throat, which was suddenly dry.

"There is another legend. A legend about a neighboring tribe we called 'The Cold Ones'." He waited for Charlie to ask but he remained silent. Still making circles with his glass. "Charlie its about Vampires." Charlie snorted out a laugh.

"Vampires?! Billy I don't think-" Then involuntarily all the memories came flooding into his mind once again. All of the clues clicking together. The footprint found in the dirt. The 'animal bites'. Bellas excuses on why she couldn't see him during the honeymoon, her change in appearance. All the blood drained from Charlies face. Bella. No! Not his little girl. Edward. His fear for his little girl quickly turned to rage towards Edward. "He did this to her! Edward...he-"

"Charlie, Bella loves Edward and they made a child from their love. She didn't go into this blind. She knew what she was getting into, and made her decision. Bella would have died giving birth to Renesmee if Edward hadn't been there, did what he did, Bella wouldn't be here today at all."

Edward, Bella and Jacob made their way back with heavy hearts. Each consumed with their own thoughts. The silence almost uncomfortable. When they were a few yards from the house Edward spoke.

"Stop." They instantly stopped.

"What is it Edward?" His face went through an array of emotions. Worry, fear, then saddness.

"He knows." That being the only words he said. As if they were supposed to understand. They looked at him waiting for further explanation. "Charlie. He knows. He saw the water. We weren't thinking when we left the room. Too much happened that he can't explain away." He paused. "Bella you should go in. Reassure him that your still you and that it's ok, you're ok. Hes pretty shaken. You too Jake."

"What about you Edward?" Bella was suddenly nervous about seeing her father now that he knew, but at the same time relieved that she no longer had to lie.

"I think its better if he doesn't see me for now. I'll be in soon." He walked over kissed her on the forehead. "Don't worry we will find Renesmee. I'll call Alice and tell her to start trying to see if she can get a vision of her, and then we can track down that vampire."

"Ok, come on Jake." He was human again now. He morphed for part of the way back it was faster. They walked to the house.

As soon as they were gone Edward pulled out his cell phone. Alice picked up on the first ring. "Edward whats wrong?!"

"Alice that vampire took Nessie! I need you to find out who it is and fast and keep tabs on Nessie in case you can get a vision."

"Oh, no! Edward I'm so sorry...we'll find her. And about the vampire. I did some digging after Bella and I put together that sketch. It panned out to give me a name. His name is Parker McCarty." She waited for the news to sink in.

"McCarty. Isn't that...that's how he knows Emmett. Its his brother! I thought they all died."

"Well, we assumed that they did, but Emmett never kept tabs on them after he turned. He knew he could never go back so he let them live out their own lives."

"Does he know? About anything Renesmee or Parker?"

"No, no one does not yet. Well, no one other than Jasper."

"Ok, make sure you or he don't say anything for now. I have another issue I have to deal with now. Charlie knows. He saw too much. Parker used his water gift and Charlie saw that among other things."

"Oh, ok. Well we will tackle one thing at a time. I'll keep an open mind for Renesmee and see you soon."

"Thanks Alice." He hung up, and decided that it was time to go in and talk to Charlie.

Bella and Jacob stood outside the door. They looked at eachother. Jacob shrugged. "Its now or never Bells."

"I think I prefer never." Now that she thought about it Charlie is even more vulnerable now that he knew about them. They will have to keep a patrol on the house. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

Charlie and Billy turned to see Jake and Bella. There was an awkward silence. After a few moments Bella couldn't take it anymore. "Dad I-"

He held up his hand silencing Bella. "I have questions and I am angry that you kept secrets from me. I understand why you did it and the reasoning behind your actions the past few years, but just let me work through it. It will take some time. Now, where is Ness."

Bella felt the pain rip through her anew. Like a fresh wound. "He took her and we lost her." Bella barely whispered. Jacob grabbed her hand.

"We searched for hours in those woods with nothing." Jacob squeezed her hand in reassurance.

Charlie looked at them in disbelief. "Your telling me that some other Vampire has my granddaughter?!" The word vampire coming out of his mouth feeling foreign and unnatural. Jacob and Bella looked stunned. Billy really didn't waste time filling in the blanks.

"Yes, dad but we have gifts. Like what you saw tonight with the water. Between all of us we will find her." Edward chose that exact moment to walk in the door.

"Mr. Swan." Charlie looked lost. Like he wasn't sure how he was supposed to feel. I was shocked when I next saw a tear roll down his cheek.

"Edward, I understand you saved my daughter. Thank you. " Charlie felt as if his emotions were put through a meat grinder. He felt exhausted. "I know that there is a lot to do, but its late and some of us sleep. I have a lot to uh, to think about. I know you guys will take care of Renesmee. I don't think, now that I know, its something that the police can handle. I'm going to bed. Keep me posted. Billy your staying here tonight." He looked at Bella. "Bells, I love you." He crossed over to hug her and gasped at how cold she was. He shook his head. "Night."

"Goodnight dad." He turned and headed for the stairs. As soon as he and Billy were asleep they talked about a strategy.

"What did you say to Alice?" Bella asked.

"Well, I filled her in on Nessie's abduction. And she took the liberty of looking further into the drawing the two of you did. She has his name. Parker McCarty." Bella gasped.

"Isn't that Emmets last name! That's what he was talking about. 'Tell Emmett I said hello.' But what does that have to do with me? Or Renesmee?"

"I don't know, but we have to have a starting point. I told Alice to keep her mind open for Renesmee."

"Good." Bella started to feel better having a plan. That is until Edward spoke again.

"Bella, your dad is at risk now. We should set up a patrol. Jacob can you let Sam and the others know and have them start around the clock patrol?"


Alice hung up the phone. She turned to Jasper. "Ok, Jazz we have a major problem, but we have to keep it under raps for now. Renesmees been taken by Parker."

"We have to tell Emmet. I know that you don't want to but Bella and Edward know now. "

"We can't Edward wants to wai-"

"Parker!?" Alice and Jasper whirled around to see Emmet in the doorway.

"Emmett! I thought you were out hunting." Alice said shocked.

"Lucky for me I got back early." Emmett said hurt.

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