Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 11

Jacob was just turning to leave when he heard Edwards phone ring. "Jacob hang on a second." Edward flipped oven the phone. "Alice what is goi-"

"Edward its Emmett. He overheard Jazz and me talking and is on his way now. I'm so sorry I thought he was hunting." Alice's words came out in a rush.

"Alice take a deep breath. Where is he going."

"He is on his way over he wants to talk to you guys."

"OK, we will take care of it. Call Carlisle and let him know what is going on. We may need him to talk to Emmett too." He hung up and looked at Bella and Jacob. "Emmett knows, he heard Alice and Jasper talking. Hes on his way over. Jake head over and let Sam and the others know to start a patrol on Charlie. I want someone here before we leave." Edward was so in control. Bella kind of liked it. She smiled to herself. She didn't think she would ever get used to his beauty. She shook her head. There were other things to worry about right now. I let out a sigh.

"You got it." Jacob looked at Bella before he turned, and grabbed her hand. "Bella we will find Renesmee you have my word." He squeezed her hand in reassurance. She squeezed back.

"Thank you Jacob. I know you mean that." With that Jake turned and left. She turned to face Edward. "So, how are we going to handle this?" Edward ran his hands through his hair. Things were starting to get to him. So much had happened in such a short span of time he was getting overwhelmed. He tried to push through it the best he could, Emmett would be here any second.

"I'll meet him outside so he doesn't wake Charlie." Edwards gaze shifted to outside. "He's here. Come out after I calm him." She nods. "I guess its now or never." She held back a giggle. Those were the exact words Jake had said before they came in the house before. Edward kissed her quickly before heading out the door.

Jake phased on the fly. Not wanting to let anytime go to waste he let out a loud howl letting all of his emotions pour into it. Letting the others know they needed to phase also, he had news. He then gave into his emotions again letting his thoughts flow freely once more. He let everything pass through. The dinner, his conversation with Renesmee, the chase with the vampire Parker, and the news about it being Emmett's brother. The others thoughts soon joined in with his.

'Jake no way. Im so sorry about Renesmee.' Seth thought.

'What do you need us to do Jake?' Sam thought.

'We need someone to keep watch on Charlies house round the clock. He found out about everything tonight. About us the vampires...everything.' Jacob informed them.

'I'm not happy about this were gonna talk about how this happened and why later...and I'm sorry about your dad. Paul and I will take the first shift. Don't worry about joining the rotation yet. You focus on Renesmee.' Sam thought to Jake.

'Will do. If you guys need me I'll be over at the Cullen's place.' Jake let them know and cut through the forest to their house. It was going to be a long night.

Emmett ran heading towards Charlies house. He didn't know what he was hurt about more. Learning his brother was a vampire or that the adoptive brother he had known for centuries had lied to him. Emmett stopped outside Charlies house. He knew Edward knew that he was there. He stepped outside alone.

"Hello Emmett." Edward said wearily. He put his hands in his pockets as he walked closer to Emmett. "Emmett I'm sorry tha-" Emmett cut him off with a raised hand.

"I don't want to hear your apologies...not yet. Let me say what I came to say." Edward nodded. "I can't believe that you kept it from me. My own brother being a vampire!" He shouted at him.

"Emmett this isn't the place. Lets go back to the house and we can discuss it there." Emmett sighed. He knew Edward was right. He was thinking irrationally. Letting his emotions cloud his judgment. He nodded and turned and left Edward to get Bella. Edward walked back into the house. "Bella, can you stay here until the wolves get here to watch the house? I'm gonna go try to talk to Emmett and then fill him in on what happened. Meet me there?"

"Yea, I can do that." She tried to hide the disappointment in her voice. She hated being left alone. Edward walked over and wrapped her in a hug.

"I'm so sorry for everything that has happened today. I hate to leave you, but we don't need to be searching for two people. And that is what will happen if we don't calm Emmett down. They should be here soon then we will be together again OK?" She nodded.

"OK, Edward, I love you. Please be safe." She gave him one last squeeze then let him go.

"I love you too Bells," and with that they turned and left disappearing into the night.

Edward and Emmett arrived back at the house around the same time. Edward was faster so it wasn't hard to catch up. They walked towards the house arguing.

"I still can't believe you didn't tell me. My own brother!"

"Emmett I told you I had just found out, and if you would listen I wou-" Edward was cut off by a fist in his face. He was caught off guard. He quickly recovered charging Emmett and ramming into his stomach like a linebacker, both tumbling to the ground. They both knew this wasn't the answer but it gave them both an outlet for the stress of the day. It wasn't about hurting the other one, not that they could anyway being indestructible, it was about releasing frustrations and tension. Getting rid of a little stress. They were both so involved in fighting that they didn't hear Alice, Carlisle and Jasper come storming out of the house.

"Stop it you two. Now! There is no need for this foolishness!" Carlisle shouted.They both stopped where they were. Growls escaping their lips.

"You two need to grow up. We have more important things to worry about than you two acting like children! Emmett, Edward had no idea about your brother until a few minutes before you did, and I knew only a couple hours before that. No one is keeping anything from you and if you would stick around long enough, and keep that trap of yours shut for a few minutes you would know that! I know that its a shock for you but we have more pressing matters at the moment. Renesmees been kidnapped by Parker." Alice said putting him in his place. Edward held back a smirk despite the circumstances.

Emmett was shocked. Of all the things Alice could have said nothing could have shocked him more. He looked at Edward for confirmation. The look in his eyes was all he needed to know that it was true. Emmett stood up from his crouched position as Edward did.

"Edward I'm so sorry. I- I had no idea." He shook his head. Just then Bella came through the trees. Looking confused at the situation in front of her.

"Whats going on. Did I miss something?" She knew they were going to talk but there was a lot of tension here, but she didn't understand. "Emmett are you OK?"

"Bells, I'm so sorry for assuming that you guys would keep anything from me, and I'm sorry that Parker took Nessie. I have no idea why he would do that. I mean we never really got along all that well, but..." he trailed off not knowing what else to say. Bella looked at him. He looked so defeated. He loved Renesmee, they all did, but they had a special connection. Like her and Emmett did. They were always close, joking around. Like no matter what she knew he would always be on her side. She hated seeing him like this. She crossed over to hug Emmett. She could feel the tension.

"Its OK Emmett. We all have been hit with a lot today. " He picked her up and swung her around. Pushing aside his grief. She let out a giggle. She loved this guy.

"So, whats the plan?" No sooner were the words out of his mouth Alice let out a gasp and Edward tuned into what she was seeing in his mind. "Alice what do you see? Is it Nessie?" Emmett let a wave of hope surge through him.

"It can't be..."Alice whispered confused.

Nessie landed hard on the carpeted floor as she was shoved into a small room. She whirled around in hopes of catching the door but it was no use he had it shut and locked before she could stand up. She rubbed her wrists. The ropes left marks on them. She looked around to take in her surroundings. A small single twin bed. Nightstand. Window high towards the ceiling leading her to believe she was in the basement. And a closet with hangers. She sat on the bed to try to come up with some sort of plan. What was she going to do. She sat there thinking for a few minutes but all that came to her mind was useless. She shook her head and dropped it into her hands.

She thought of Jacob. She wished that she could tell him she loved him one more time. Emmett would probably try to cheer her up with one of his bad jokes. She smiled. And Jasper wouldn't need to say anything. His just being there would be enough, and it wasn't just because of his gift. Aunt Alice. She would probably talk incessantly while trying to get a vision. She sat up straight. That was it! She would try to put into Alice's mind everything she was seeing. She would make Alice have a vision! She had never done it before but what other options did she have?

She jumped up from from the bed. Looking around the room she formed a plan...she focused on the room absorbing everything, every detail. Then she looked at the window. Grabbing the nightstand she moved it to under the window and climbed on top. She could just barely see out it. She saw lots of flat land. A windmill. Kind of eerie looking in the vague light, and a couple of green houses in the distance. She climbed back down and moved the nightstand back in case Parker came returned. She didn't want to let him know she was up to something. She then returned to the bed and closed her eyes focusing all of her energy into what she saw and focusing on Alice's mind. She wasn't sure how long she spent like that, but she was interrupted when the door burst open to see a vampire she didn't know standing in the doorway.

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