Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 12

Chase stood in the doorway looking at a astonishingly beautiful girl. He hadn't expected less he supposed the way Parker went on about the girls mother. What he didn't understand was how a vampire had a daughter. Immortal children were forbidden among vampires. He shook his head. He came here to make sure that Parker was telling the truth. He couldn't believe it. How could he endanger him like this. He was done with his games. This obsession was completely ridiculous. He realized that he had been standing there like an idiot while he let his thoughts go awry. She moved off the bed and that was when he smelled it. His eyes widened in astonishment. She was part human! No, it couldn't be. It was hard for him to resist but he had to know. He walked in the room and closed the door against his better judgment.

"Your human." He stated not asking because he knew.

"Y-yes." She could see his red eyes and knew he smelled her scent.

"How can that be? Your mother is a vampire." She rolled her eyes. A reaction he wasn't anticipating. He almost laughed. She was a teenager he supposed. He had a feeling this was going to be interesting.

"I thought everyone knew about this already. My mother was human when she conceived me, and became vampire after I was born. I am half human, half vampire and grow everyday. But will stop at some point and never grow old. I'm immortal, but not an immortal child. I would have thought you would have heard about our fight with the Volturi." When she stopped talking she realized that she was babbling. Something she did when she was nervous or upset. This subject being such an ordeal with the Volturi made it a sensitive subject. She looked at the floor waiting for a response. She shuffled her foot kicking at some dirt on the floor.

"The Volturi? Hmm. No, can't say that I did but we don't get much news about events here in Canada." Nessies eyes shot up. So that's where they were. He didn't seem to notice his slip up so she acted like it was no big deal. She decided to get more information out of him.

"So Canada huh? You like living here?" She asked innocently. His eyes narrowed. Great. He caught on quicker than she thought. She tried her gift.

What harm would there be in talking to her. She isn't my problem anyway. She projected into his mind. He saw him thinking it over. Then he shrugged his shoulders. She let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding.

"Its OK, I just wish that I could stay somewhere a little more permanent. This nomad stuff is getting old. After you do it for a few centuries roots seem like a nice thing to have." She nodded in agreement.

"It is, my family maintain a permanent residence in America. And have jobs as well." He looked at her in disbelief.

"Your serious? How?"

"They think of themselves as vegetarians. They only drink animal blood." He laughed.

"Your kidding!?"

"No, I am completely serious. If you help me get out of here you could come live with us. We could teach you." Just then the door burst open again. Parker stood in the doorway.

"Chase what are you doing in here!?"

"I came to see if you were telling the truth and didn't finally lose your mind." He said with frustration. They didn't get along she would have to remember that and tuck it away to use for later.

"Well, I didn't so you can leave now I have things under control." Chase looked at Parkers hands.

"Well at least your feeding her."

"I want to use her as bait not hurt her Chase." Chase snorted out laughter. Then turned away from Parker to look at me strangely then winked at her. She could't help but think that he was trying to give her some sort of message. Then he turned and left. Parker put the food on the nightstand then followed suit. She ate what he gave her feeling marginally better knowing she had possibly made an ally. Now if I was able to give Alice a vision I just had to hold out until they got here. She thought trying to calm her nerves.

Alice came out of her trance. "Its Renesmee she projected what she saw to me. Gave me a vision. She is somewhere in a room in a basement...and where-ever she is its flat...absolutely no hills."

"And windmills and greenhouses." Edward finished for her. She looked over at him. "well that gives us somewhere to start. There can't be too many places with those things."

"Your right Edward," Carlisle chimed in, "if we take the things Renesmee has seen and calculate in the time its been since she was abducted then we can pinpoint a approximate radius of where she could have been taken." There seemed to be a renewed sense of hope flowing through the group.

"Well, what are we waiting for lets go figure it out." Emmett headed towards the house.

"You guys go on in, Jake's almost here. I'll fill him in and then be in to help." Edward said.

"Do you want me to stay with you?" Bella asked him.

"Sure." He smiled at her. The others headed into the house talking excitedly all at once. Jake came walking out of the woods, noting the relaxed and happy mood that they were in.

"I'm assuming that you have good news?"

Parker left the room in silence. Still thinking about Chase. He could ruin everything. He decided he would give him one warning. He left to go find him.

He found him in his room listening to music. "Chase we need to talk." Chase looked over at him and shrugged. "You need to stay away from the girl. She is my business. After I have Bella as my own then you and I can separate ways but until then just stay out of it OK?"

"Sounds good to me. I don't want involved in your mess anyway. Anymore than I already am anyway."

"Good. I'm going to hunt. I gave her dinner so she should be fine the rest of the evening. I'll be back by tomorrow morning. Just leave her be."

"OK, will do." Chase made sure that he was gone. Well, away from the house before he put his plan into action. He jumped up from his couch and went over to his desk and scrawled a note. Knowing that Parker would have locked the door and took the key with him after his last and only visit with the girl. When he finished he folded it into quarters and then went downstairs to give it to her. He knocked lightly twice and slid it under the door. Then left.

Renesmee heard the light knocking at the door and braced for the worst. Then she heard a piece of paper slide under the door. Luckily she had found and old flashlight in the drawer of the nightstand. She flipped it on and walked over to the note and picked it up. She unfolded it gently. She read the elegant handwriting quickly.

I have long grown tired of Parker's games. I would very much like to join your coven. To become as you call it 'vegetarian.' In three days time I will help you escape and return to them. I know you have a gift I could sense it.

That is my gift being able to sense and know other vampires (or in your case half-vampire) gifts. Please let them know of our plans. We will meet them in Port Angles in the mall. Food court. I know you have no reason to trust me, but I hope that you will.


She read the note three times committing it to memory. Then folded it and placed it in her pants pocket. She went over to the bed to try to give Alice another vision. She closed her eyes and focused on Alice's mind. Letting the words from the note flow to her. When she could focus no more she opened her eyes and stretched. She was exhausted. She rolled over on the bed and fell fast asleep, and had dreams of her and Jacob hanging out together at the trails where they first declared their love.

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