Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 13

As everyone gathered inside looking over maps and calculating formulas to figure out where Renesmee was, Alice fell into a chair in the living room. Everyone was so preoccupied looking for where she could have been taken, they didn't notice but Jacob did. He ran over to her side, drawing the others attention.

"Alice what is it?" Her eyes had a glazed over look. Lost in the vision. He turned to look at Edward who was frowning in concentration, reading Alice's mind. Then his face became one of disbelief. Alice came out of her trance. They looked at each other as if what they just discovered were to good to be true. "Mind filling us in?" Jacob said out of patience. Alice and turned her gaze toward him.

"Its Nessie. She sent me such a powerful vision. So full of emotion." She shook her head absently. "It surprised even her."

"It was about another vampire. One living with Parker. He decided to leave him and help Renesmee." Edward added.

"He slipped her a note, saying that he would meet us at Port Angeles mall in the food court." Alice said. No one would have expected the next words from her mouth. "Nessie told him about our eating animals. H-he wants to be one of us. Teach him our ways. " Everyone stood there silent. Letting the weight of her words sink in. Another vampire. Were his motivations pure? Is that what he truly wanted?

"Can we trust him?" Carlisle asked no one in particular. Alice nodded.

"If what Renesmee projected to me is true than she believes him. That's enough for me." She looked to Edward and Bella. "What do you think?" They looked at each other.

'What do you think Edward? Renesmee is still so young, she could be deceived easily, but then again she is mature for her age having gone through all she has."

"Your right, what is your gut telling you?" Bella gave Edward one last look. Letting him know that she loved and appreciated him all in one look, then turned to everyone. They awaited her answer.

"I think that maybe we should find the house she is being kept. Make sure that he is what he says he is. A couple of us can stay up there and then follow them to Port Angeles and make sure everything goes smoothly." Carlisle nodded in agreement.

"I agree Bella. Its just to risky to just take his word for it. Jasper and myself will go." Bella was shaking her head before he even finished.

"No, I will go. That way should something go wrong I can project to Renesmee instructions or something."

"NO!" Edward seemed appalled at the idea. "Parker is the one who wants you for his own and you want to actually go there where he could possibly just grab you? We would never know!"

"Edward, you know I would never let that happen." Jasper said trying to reassure him. Edward turned to pace the room like a caged animal. Jasper could feel his uneasiness at the idea and fear of losing Bella. It was so strong he tried to calm him with his gift. Gradually his emotions lowered to a level that was safer for both of them. Edward stopped pacing and looked at Jasper.

"Thanks. I can think clearer now." He looked at Bella. "Bells, I can't let you go. I can't let anything happen to you. We don't know what Parker is capable of, or his reasoning for wanting you. We don't even know if this other vampire is good for his word." Edward tried reasoning with her. He knew that once she had her mind on something it was hard to change it. Bella set her mind to it.

"Edward I'm going." With that she turned and went outside.

As Renesmee slept she had dreams of Chase and his letter. She felt a sort of pull towards him for some reason. Like she should trust him, even though logic told her that she shouldn't. Her dream was so powerful that it woke her from her sleep. She jolted awake in the lumpy bed. Reaching for the flashlight she turned it on as she got her bearings. She shook her head. That was more than a dream. She projected in her sleep. That was new, she has never done that before. Although she has never been put into a situation like this before when she has had to rely so much on her gift to help her survive. She heard footsteps and quickly turned off the flashlight. She braced for the door to open and see Parker.

Early in the morning Chase heard Parker come in the door. He decided it was now or never. He was always in the best mood after feeding. He made his way to Parkers door and knocked.

"Ya, come in." Parker said absently. He was leaned over his desk writing out something.

"Parker I just need to know what are your plans once you get the girls mother."

"I will return her to her father so she will have someone, then once Bella realizes that I am her true mate we will leave and become lovers traveling the world." He turned spreading his arms wide in a grand gesture.

"And if she isn't your mate? What if you have become so obsessed with this woman that you don't even know if she truly is your mate?" Parker sat there staring at his work. He had thought the same thing on occasion. But he had traveled the world for centuries and no one had struck him as much as she did. She had to be his mate.

Chase took his silence as his dismissal and left. He went back to his room to try and decide what to do about the girl. He couldn't stop thinking about her. She was beautiful. Brave and strong. She was young, but had a maturity about her that he found appealing. He found himself having daydreams about her. Like the one he was having now.

They were running through the forest. Enjoying the day. The sun warm on them. Then suddenly they were met by a large wolf. The girl seemed unconcerned and actually hugged it.

He shook his head. That was weird, giant wolves didn't exist. He heard Parker leave and decided to up the time in which to put his plan into action. He wrote her another note.

I know that I said in three days time but I fear Parker may catch on. I can't risk your life. Please send word. We will leave tonight.

Your knight in shining armor,


He once again folded it into fours, and headed to the basement. Taking precautions as to not get caught as he made his way to the door. Knocked lightly three times and slid it under.

Renesmee relaxed as she realized that it was Chase again. She was enjoying this note thing. It was kind of sweet. She quickly switched the flashlight on and scrambled off the bed to the note by the door. She opened it and read it thoroughly. She gave a small smile. He had a sense of humor. She walked silently over to the bed to send another vision to Alice. Looking out the window she saw the sky was just starting to be tinged with color showcasing a beautiful canvas of art. She just had to last the day and then she had to believe that she was on her way home. There was something about Chase. She trusted him completely and she just met him. She sat cross legged on the bed focusing on Alice's mind once again. She could feel that it was getting easier to channel her emotions and projecting what she wanted to her.

After a few minutes she was startled as the door burst open and Parker stormed in to give her another tray of food.

Bella stormed out the front door furious. She couldn't believe that even after she became a vampire Edward still felt the need to protect her! She was stronger than he was, she should be protecting him. She whirled around to see him staring at her from the stairs in front of the house.

'Edward how could you after everything that we have been through think that I still need protecting?! Renesmee is my daughter...and I have to protect her no matter what. Edward if anything happens to her..." she left the thought go unfinished as she was overcome with emotion. If she were able to cry she would have. He stepped down off the stair and wrapped her in an embrace. He stepped back looking down into her up turned face.

"Bella, I know how you feel, I feel the same way but you will be no help to any one if you are taken or hurt by Parker. We don't know what he is capable of yet. Other than his gift we don't know what he wants with you. We should probably talk to Emmett about what he was like as a human since most of our traits that we have before were turned are pretty much set afterwards. Might give us some insight as to what his thinking is. Come on lets go and see wh-" Edwards eyes glazed over as he was consumed with what Alice was seeing.

Bella perked up to his abrupt change quickly. "Edward what is it? Is it Alice?" Just then Jacob yelled for them.

"Hey guys get in here looks like Renesmee has more to say." He laughed at himself. He was so proud of her. She was being so strong. He couldn't wait to see her again. He missed her so much. He turned to see Bella and Edward walk in. "Sorry Edward I know you knew what was going on but I was feeling unneeded."

"Oh, Jacob what you don't realize is that your always unneeded." Rosalie snapped happy to be back to picking on Jacob.

"I'm afraid to say that Nessie would greatly disagree with you there." He stroked his chin as if pondering something serious. "And I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't be happy with your saying that either."

"Guys can we torment each other later Nessies time frame was just upped. Chase sent her another letter. They are going tonight. He's afraid for her safety." Alice brought them back to the present problem with astounding clarity. They looked at the floor.

"Sorry, all this stress needs to be released somehow." He offered a lopsided smile at her. She smiled back. "Anyway, Edward, do you know the restaurant she is talking about?"

Edward smiled and looked at Bella. "Of course I do. That's the first time Bella learned I could read minds." He reached out and twirled her hair around his finger. "She thought something was wrong with her." He chuckled.

"It was also then when you said that you weren't strong enough to stay away from me anymore...and I said so don't." She stared into his eyes recalling the memory with astounding clarity. Most of her human memories were foggy but this came on strong and clear. She heard Edward gasp. Somewhere in the back of her mind she realized she was projecting it to him. She remembered the mystery surrounding him and how nervous she was. The attraction she felt towards him, but also the doubt that he would return it. As all of that and more passed from her to him he was struck by her. How even then she had no idea of his love for her. As the memory faded and they stood looking at each other Bella spoke. "Edward I'll stay behind if you want me too." The emotions and memory reminded her of how far they had come.

"No, we will go..." he looked at the rest of them remembering that they weren't alone. "all of us. We're family and Nessie needs us. The question that needs answered now is what do we do about Chase?"

"That is a good question." Carlisle said. " Jacob how would you and your pack feel about us adding another member possibly." Jacob shrugged.

"Whats another vampire?" He joked. "But seriously, I mean I'll talk to Sam but you would have to be with him all the time, take responsibility for him."

"Yes, of course. We would go with him to hunt keep him from all human contact until we know that he can control his urges, and of course it would have to be OK with the rest of you." He said looking at the rest of his family.

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