Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 14

They stood there contemplating Carlisles' words. Did they want another vampire in their coven? Even for any short amount of time. Emmett was the first to speak.

"I'm not sure. I mean if he was friends with my brother, and he is doing all this to Bella then I'm not sure its safe."

Bella stood there in shock at how easily Emmett took her side over her own brothers. Her real brother. Rosalie spoke next.

"I agree with Emmett. We should keep an open mind and meet him before making any decisions." Rosalie looked over at Jacob when he scoffed at her.

"Sorry I'm just not used to you sounding so mature." He chuckled as her face contorted into a grimace.

"I only think that so that there will be one more vampire here to outnumber you when you come to visit." She countered back. Jacob almost wanted to stick his tongue out at her...almost.

"Put your guns away children." Esme said lovingly. She shook her head. They really did love to torment each other. Even with all that is going on. "I tend to agree don't you Carlisle?" He smiled at his wife.

"Yes, I do. So, the only question will be, who goes and who stays." He looked to Edward for the answer. "Edward this concerns your family what are your thoughts?" Edward looked to Bella. They seemed to have a conversation without words before Edward spoke.

"I will go with Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Jacob. Rosalie, Bella, and Emmett can stay here." Emmett started to protest but thought better of it. If Parker did end up figuring it out and showing up he didn't want to cause a confrontation before he figured out how he felt first. Maybe he could find out some information from this Chase character before he chose his next move when it came it his 'brother.'

Jasper felt Emmett's conflicting emotions and decided to have a talk with him before they left. When they parted ways to get ready to make the trip to Port Angeles Jasper pulled Emmett aside.

"Emmett I know that you are feeling torn right now. And you don't have answers to the questions that you want to ask, and that has to be difficult. I need to know that if it comes down to it and we have to make a decision between Nessie and your brother what do you feel we should do. I know its not yours to make but he is your brother and you should have some say in what happens."

Emmett looked at him in surprise. He had never considered that as an option. Visions of what happened to James, the vampire who tried to kill Bella, came to his mind. He shook his head clear. The decision was easy. "Save Nessie, she is more of a family to me than he is."

"OK, we can do that. If your sure." He hesitated waiting for confirmation from Emmett. He nodded so he patted him on the back and then joined the others.

Renesmee finished her food making sure she ate everything. She wanted to make sure that she had as much strength as possible. She just had to make it a few more hours. Then she could be free. She sat the bed for what seemed like forever before the door burst open again and she was given another tray of food. One more meal then she was gone. When the meal never came she started to get nervous. She tried to strain to hear something anything. It was useless there was nothing to hear. She fell back on the bed staring at the ceiling. It was cracked in places and was in need of a paint job. She eventually gave in and fell asleep.

She awoke to the door flying open and Chase standing there with a frantic look on his face. "Come on we need to go...now." She sat up and jumped off the bed.

"What is it? Why are you so on edge?" He was looking down the hall like he was waiting for Parker to come storming down to catch them.

"I'm sorry, leaving the first and only friend I've had for the better half of a decade is a little difficult for me." He said sarcastic. She looked at him as if slapped in the face, and hung his head. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap at you its just proving harder to do than I originally thought.

She shook her head at him regaining her composure. "No, I'm sorry I didn't realize how much I was asking of you." She hesitated before adding. "You don't have to do this you know."

He met her eyes with a sincerity that was unsettling. "Yes, I do. I feel drawn to you." She looked at him uncertainly. He rushed on. "Not in a romance, physical way, but more in a brotherly sort of way."

"Oh, OK." She looked around with a sudden nervousness. He knew they needed to go Parker would be down soon.

"We need to go..." He suddenly realized that he had never learned her name. Catching on she gave it to him.

"Renesmee. Nessie for short." She smiled.

"Nessie, we must be going." He extended his hand. She took it and they were off. Running down and old dimly lit hallway. They turned left and approached an old door. He searched his pockets, growing panicked he searched them all again.

She had an idea. "Wait. Check your shoe." Recognition lit his face as he remembered his hiding place. He smiled at her as he took off his shoe.

"Good guess." He unlocked the door and they ran off into the night. It was a full moon tonight. So it was easy to see where they were going. They ran towards the greenhouses and windmills. The moonlight giving the windmills an eerie look. They came to an abrupt stop. Chase pausing.

"What is it?" She gasped. Fear cutting to the bone. She looked around they were only a few yards from the windmills. She could hear the woosh...woosh, of their blades as they completed their rotation. They white noise was calming and oddly disconcerting at the same time. She looked at Chase who was looking to the right.

"Don't speak, there is another vampire coming." She searched the land looking for movement and suddenly there was a vampire with beautiful auburn locks and alabaster skin in front of them. She looked at Nessie with hunger.

"You going to share your snack?" She said her voice like a song.

"She isn't a snack. We're heading south to America. Would you like to join us?" She laughed tossing her head back. Her laugh like a melody.

"America, no I lived there for a time the food here is by far better." She looked at Nessie again. "If your sure you won't share than I should be on my way." Just as she was about to leave we heard a crash and then a door slam in the distance. Parker had found out.

"Nessie we need to go." Chase grabbed her hand, but before they could leave the woman blocked their path. She looked at them with amusement.

"So, on the run are you," she said, " and with a human no less." She said to Chase.

"I don't see how its any of your business, miss." Chase said in a voice dripping with malice. Renesmee looked between them, fear starting to climb up her spine.

"The name is Mona and your right it isn't my business but I like to make things my business. So, I'll give you two minutes before I tell your friend where I saw you heading. So you better run. " Bella and Chase looked at each other and started to run.

Parker was so wrapped up in his plans for Bella that he forgot to give the girl dinner. He went to the kitchen to get her some microwavable mac n' cheese and a roll with butter and some iced tea. He went downstairs to see her door open. He panicked and started yelling for Chase. He went upstairs to ask him if he knew anything to find him gone too. He stormed back down the stairs and tripped over a stack of cans and pretty much fell out the door and slammed it shut.

That's when he smelled it. It was heaven. Another vampire but with a scent so sweet it was almost sinful. Moments later he saw the silhouette of the woman the scent belonged to. She was tall with curves in all the right places.

"Hello there handsome," her voice rang out. She made her way over to him on legs that seemed to never end. Her shirt was cut in a manner is showed just enough cleavage to tease, and leather pants that hugged her hips. "Didn't your mother ever tell you its not polite to stare?" She teased.

"I- um, hello. I'm Parker." He was never at a loss for words. Who was this woman who suddenly had him memorized. She advanced closer brushing against him as she passed. Her scent and the contact was overwhelming. He grabbed her hand stopping her. She glanced back at him over her shoulder. "Where are you going in such a hurry?"

"Oh, I told your friend with the human I would stall you a couple minutes. To be honest I did so longer than I expected, for my own pleasure. Your better looking than I thought." She ran her hand up his arm.

"My friend.." She saw him realize what she was talking about and knew she was out of time.

"Well, I'll be around if you wanna get together sometime." And with that she was gone. He turned to say something to her, but decided to go and find Chase and the girl instead. He would think about the feelings she stirred in him later. He turned in the direction she had pointed and lifted his nose to the air. Yes, their scent was still lingered. He ran off in that direction.

They left the Cullen's house. Leaving Rosalie, Emmett and Bella behind. As they ran to the place where Nessie was being held captive Edward felt anxious. Something didn't feel right. Something felt...off. Dusk was settling on the area giving them the cover of darkness. A few minutes later Alice was getting another vision.

"Edward" Alice looked at him in alarm. "What are we going to do."

"Whats going on you two." Carlisle asked in frustration. He sometimes grew tired of their private conversations.

"Its Nessie she sent a vision to Alice. Her and Chase were confronted by another vampire who informed Parker of their plans. They are on the run from him. They are almost to the border. They want us to meed them there and then head somewhere safe until Parker is gone." Edward explained.

'What if you guys stay ahead of them and I go behind so that my scent will somewhat disguise yours? You think it will work then you can go to the restaurant and your scent can be lost among the humans?' Jacob suggested. Edward relayed Jacobs plan to them.

"I think that it just might work. That is if we can find them. Alice how sure are you that you can find her based on what she projected?" Jasper asked her.

"I think I can. And once we get close enough we will just have to try to smell her scent and one of a vampire we don't know."

They ran what seemed forever before Edward caught wind of her scent. "This way, shes over here!"

Jacob felt his heart swell as Nessies scent filled his nose once again. Hope was renewed as the thought of seeing her coursed through his veins. He saw her and he could see the fear and worry crease her features. Then he saw her catch wind of his scent and her features light up with joy. Their eyes met and he saw hers mist over with moisture.

'Oh Jacob! I missed you so much! I love you and I never want to be apart from you again! Parker is a few yards away. Please try not to hurt him for Emmett.'

Jacob was taken aback. Not only was he hearing her but the emotions she projected was overwhelming. He let out a growl to let her know he understood.

Chase heard the growl and looked over to see the same wolf from his daydream running with what he assumed to be Nessies family. He watched as he went behind them, as her family met up beside them.

"Chase I assume?" Edward asked.

"Yes," Chase said still shocked at the sight of the wolf.

"We will keep heading to the restaurant and Jacob, the wolf, will hide our scent."

"Is that what that smell is?" He said as he wrinkled his nose.

"Yes," Edward laughed.

Parker continued running following their scent when suddenly he lost it. His nose becoming filled with an awful stench, making his eyes water. He stopped trying to get their scent again, but everywhere he went was this foul odor. He let out a feral growl, and decided to head back.

He would come up with a plan. One where he wouldn't care about collateral damage. If Bellas family was killed so be it.

On his way back a sweet smell filled his nose. He recognized it instantly. The woman from before. He felt something stir inside him once again, and he headed towards her.

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