Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 16

Parker stood there staring at this stunningly beautiful creature. She was his. The thought gave him a odd sort of high. "So, your my mate? Well, I must say you are beautiful...and sure to be a handful." He chuckled to himself. Perfect for him.

"Oh, really? Thanks for the compliment and if you would like to see how much of a handful I can be you'll take me back to your place." She ran her hands up his chest and around his shoulders. He figured that the girl could wait a couple of hours.

"Right this way." He took her hand and led her back. When they reached the house she shoved him up against the wall. He looked at her in surprise. She ran her finger along his jaw, down his neck and to his chest before ripping open his shirt. Sending the buttons flying. He grinned. "Like I said...a handful." He advanced on her throwing her on the couch. She let out a laugh. Oh, her laugh made him crazy. He felt himself growing more aroused by the second. He pulled her shirt off and unclasped her bra. Letting his hands roam freely, she let out a moan. He picked her up and carried her through the kitchen running into the chairs around the island. He chuckled in between kissing her. She pinned him on the dining room table where she pulled off his pants. He lifted her up by her bottom and carried her upstairs. There was heat but also a playfulness that he hadn't expected. Her hands tangled in his hair. He leaned her against the wall roughly causing a picture frame to fall onto them. They eventually made it to the bedroom and made steamy passionate, but playful love for the next hour.

Jacob reached Parkers house. Turned back into a human to do some reconnaissance. He ran across the open yard to the window looking into the kitchen. He saw Parker and another vampire going at it. "Ugh, yuck." He mumbled to himself. Needless to say he knew Parker should be busy for a while. He headed back to the cover of the woods when he heard another crash. He froze. Then he heard laughter. He shook his head, if he wasn't trying to harm his family he would have laughed.

While he was running back to the restaurant, and Nessie, he thought about what he just saw. It didn't add up. If Parker thought Bella was his mate why would he be going at it with some other vampire. He didn't like where this may be heading. He ran even faster. They had some decisions to make.

Nessie walked back into the restaurant and sat down, still clutching the necklace. Edward looked at Renesmee. "You OK?" She nodded and offered a smile. In an attempt to take her mind off Jacobs absence, and to try to break the ice she confronted Chase.

"Chase why don't you explain why you would like to join our coven." Nessie offered. Chase looked around slightly nervous. He was trying not to make eye contact so that no one would notice his red eyes.

"Well," he said looking at where he was playing with the silverware on the table. "I lived in Pennsylvania for a while. Grew up there. My dad and I went camping one day. I went out to gather some fire wood for that evening when I met him. He said his name was Elliot. He said he was just a lost tourist but I knew as soon as I saw those blood red eyes it was a lie." He looked up everyone was looking at him waiting for him to finish. He missed this. The conversation, feeling apart of something. He shook his head, and adjusted himself in his seat. "Anyway I tried to run but it was useless. He bit me and dragged me even farther into the woods so no one would hear my screams. Then he just left. The first year was hard. All I knew was that I needed blood. I tried to take it from criminals but the thirst was so overwhelming I just took what I could when I could."

"Chase, its OK. We have all been there. Well, most of us anyway." He smiled at Renesmee. "The lifestyle were offering is strictly animals only. We maintain a permanent residence, and if you do anything to compromise that we will have to reconsider your living here. Of course we know that it will be difficult and that you may have urges, but for the most part you will be at the house away from humans for a while." He looked around realizing that he had made the decision to accept Chase with out anyone else's consent. "That is if everyone else is in agreement." He amended. They exchanged glances around the table. Everyone nodded.

"There is one thing to consider though before this is a done deal." Jasper stated. "We have Emmett to think about. It is his brother after all. And friend by association. We don't know what he thinks yet."

"Woah, wait...brother. Parker...Emmett." Suddenly it was all clicking together. "When I used to ask Parker about why he was so bound and determined to get this Bella as his mate and to torment her family, he would always say its Emmetts fault. But he never explained who he was."

"Who, who was?" Nessie looked up to see Jacob had arrived at some point.

"Jacob!" Nessies heart leaped in her chest. He smiled.

"Hey gorgeous. What do you say we all get out of here and head back. Your not gonna believe what I saw Parker doing."

Edward winced as he read his mind. "Your right I don't believe it." Jacob saw the instant he put it together. His eyes flew to Jacobs.

"We'll talk about it when were all together." Edward nodded. "Lets go."

"I'll call Bells and let her know were on our way."

Rosalie stood there as she watched Bella chase after Emmett. She hated not comforting him but there were circumstances preventing her from being able to.

She ran her hand over her back pocket of her jeans, making sure it was still there. It had come earlier today. This was the third one, the third note! She had no idea who it was from or what he or she was. Vampire? Werewolf? No, couldn't be a werewolf.

She ran the words from the paper through her head again. I know what you are. Hmm, that could mean anything. I know what you are as in I know what you are as a person. Lord knows she wasn't the kindest at times. Pigheaded...she shook her head. This wasn't the time to count her flaws. I know what you are... it could mean I know what you are as a vampire. She heard Bella coming back in and tried to close it out of her mind for now. No one could know. At least not until this mess with Nessie was over. Oh, and the mutt was taken care of. She didn't mind Jacob, but he could grate on her nerves. Bella walked back into the kitchen. She glanced at Rosalie. 'You know you could at least go and ask if he is OK. Even just stand beside him and let him know that your there for him silently. No words needed something!' Bella gasped and looked at Rose. She as if she had been slapped in the face.

"Oh, Rose I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to...I mean- I -I just wanted to get you to do something. I didn't mean to come across like that." Bella stammered. Rose managed to compose herself as her proper upbringing taught her.

"Its OK Bella. I know that your still learning and didn't mean to let me feel how much you detested the way I treated Emmett." She walked closer to Bella looking her in the eyes. "But heres the thing. I don't have to care what you think, but since I do and you're family, why don't you think about this. There may be more going on here than you think." Bella looked puzzled.

Just then they heard the others arrive and the moment was pushed to the way side for now. Renesmee ran through the house looking for her mom. She met her in the living room. They stood there for a moment frozen in time. Then Renesmee snapped out of it and ran into Bellas arms. They held each other for a long time. A conversation between them needing no words. The understanding of a mother and daughters love.

Rose walked into the room and saw them like that. In an embrace that only a mother knows. She felt a pang of jealousy. Bella got her happily ever after even while becoming a vampire. She berated herself for thinking such things. If anything Nessie brought her and Bella closer. She pasted on her smile and looked at Edward who was watching his wife and daughter. "Edward I'm so glad that you all made it back OK. What is the news on Parker?"

Edward came back to the present as Rose reminded him of the images that had ran through Jacobs mind at the restaurant. "That is a good question. One that I would love to answer as soon as we're all here. Where is Emmett?"

Bella pulled herself away from Renesmee. "He went out for some air. Rose why don't you go get him?" Bella suggested pointedly. Jasper felt the tension between them instantly. Emmett would not need this especially with what he would be having to face soon.

"I'll go." Jasper offered as he left the room before anyone could protest. He circled the house and saw no sign of Emmett. He was just about to go and get the others when he remembered a conversation that he and Emmett had one night about a spot that he liked to go not far from the house where he could see the stars. He headed in that direction. Sure enough that's where he was. As he approached he felt Emmetts' emotions. They were strong because he didn't think anyone was around to notice. Anger, pain, confusion. "Hey Emmett." Jasper stated letting him know who joined him.

He looked over his shoulder. "Hey, whats going on. Good to see you all in one piece. Hows Nessie?" Jazz could hear the strain and tension in his voice. Emmett may be like a big rock immovable, but in other aspects he was the sweetest gentlest man you could meet. He thought he could recall Renesmee calling him a big teddy bear.

"Good. We should head back, you can see for yourself. There are some things we need to discuss about your brother." Jasper warned gently.

"Ok, well I guess the sooner we can get this all over with the better. That way everyones lives can go back to normal." They started to head back towards the house.

"Oh, and one more thing. Chase, the vampire that lived with Parker, he's here too. Seems like he is a good guy. I think he's genuine." Emmett nodded. If Jasper liked him than that was enough for him. He was a good judge of character.

They walked into the house to see everyone gathered together. Emmettt couldn't help but feel a small sense of relief. Then he saw him. He decided it was now or never. He strode over to where he stood in the corner observing and stopped right in front of him. He could sense the other vampires uneasiness. They stood there sizing each other up. Making a decision Emmett offered his hand. "Welcome to the family."

It was as if the whole room seemingly let out a simultaneous sigh of relief.

"Well then shall we take a vote. Make it official?" Carlisle asked us. "Renesmee?" She looked at Edward and Bella. They discussed without words. Renesmee then turned and said,

"We accept Chase. Welcome to the family." They all went around the room with the same thoughts. All except Rosalie but she agreed anyway because she didn't want to raise suspicion. Bella caught her attention. Rose looked over at her.

'Something is wrong and know that something is wrong. I relied on you when I needed someone. We'll talk soon.' Bella promised her silently. Rosalie looked at Bella with contempt. She turned away so Bella was out of her line of sight. She reached for Emmetts hand. He turned to look at her. She saw the worry in his eyes and it broke her heart.As much as she hated to admit it Bella was right, she needed to be more supporting of her husband. She squeezed his hand and then leaned in to kiss his cheek. "I love you Emmett."

"I love you too Rose." He wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "So, now that were one larger as a family. What are we gonna do about my old one? Parker. "

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