Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 17

"Well its interesting that you should say that Emmett, because I just caught your brother doing something very interesting." Jacob segued into his new information. "When I went back to his house to check that it was safe for us to head back here I caught him in the middle of what... I can only imagine lead to..." He blushed and glanced over at Nessie with a sideways glance. "Well, lets just say it ended well for Parker."

Everyone stood there in shock. Why would Chase do that? Jacob had explained what he caught Parker doing. But no one could put together the reason for his bizarre actions. They all turned to the one vampire who may have some idea. Chase looked at them uneasily. Even though he had known him longer than anyone else, sometimes Parkers actions could confuse even him.

"Well, the reason he was going after Bella was because he is convinced she is her true mate. The thing that doesn't make sense is, if he believes that, why is he with this other vampire? And where did he meet her so soon after us esca..." Parkers thought trailed off. Understanding lit his eyes.

"What is it Chase?" Bella asked him.

"Ness do you remember that vampire we ran into when we were escaping?" She closed her eyes to recall that night. Her eyes flew open.

"Yes, she said her name was Mona." She looked at Chase confused. "What about her?" He looked at everyone weighing how the next bit of information would go over with the group. He took a deep breath and continued.

"OK, this may sound crazy but what if he was coming after us,ran into her on his way to get us, and he discovered she was his real mate not Bella? She seemed like bad news to me and paired with Parker, I can only imagine what they could do together."

Edward looked skeptical. He turned to Carlisle wanting his opinion. "I suppose it could happen. But the chances of that are slim. Don't you think Carlisle?" He turned back to Chase. "I mean for him to meet her on the exact night that you were escaping and then...its a long shot." He finished becoming frustrated.

"But it does make sense given the circumstances." Emmett offered. Carlisle nodded in agreement.

"Thats true but the question is now if Chases theory is true what will his next move be? And how are we going to be ready for it?" Rosalie asked unable to help being sucked into the situation. This was her family after all no matter what was going on in her personal life, family came first.

Mona and Parker both lie there sated. Mona lay on her stomach wrapped in the sheets looking out the window. Parker ran his fingers up and down her back. She made a sound of contentment. "So what are your plans now?" She asked him.

"Well, I have a few..." he trailed kisses in place of his finger. She chuckled.

"As much I would love that idea, I meant about your friend and the human." She felt him tense. She turned over to face him. "You can't put it off forever...and I think that I deserve to know what is going on with that whole situation." She looked at him coyly. "Being that we are companions now and all." She gave him a stunning smile that took his breath away and caused his mind to go blank. He shook his head to try to get some composure back.

"OK, I..." he chuckled, "its kind of a funny story. I thought Bella was my true soulmate." He felt her tense and he grabbed her bare hip and pulled her closer. "But that was before I met you." She relaxed a little. "I watched Bella ever since she was human. When she turned into a vampire I knew I had to bring her here to convince her of that. That is what I was doing with the girl. Its her daughter. I was using her as bait."

"Wait, the girl was human. How is it her daughter. Did she have it before she was vampire?"

"I'm not entirely sure. They say that her and her mate Edward conceived it on their honeymoon when she was human, but that's impossible. They have to be lying. It wasn't important to my purposed so I never thought about it to much. I know that they had some kind of showdown with the Volturi also, but like I said never been interested. But now that I have my true love," He gave her a chaste kiss, "and Chase has betrayed me I have a new score to settle. Not to mention a brother who I haven't seen for some time who has some explaining to do."

"OK, so whats your plan?" She gave him a wicked grin. Oh, ya she is his equal in everyway. No questions asked she just asked his plans. He loved this woman.

"Well, the only advantage that we have so far is the wolves." Alice stated. "Jake would you mind doing some more spying?"

"No, but I think I will sit this one out and send Sam and someone else so I can go and see how my dad is doing. I haven't been to check on him since Renesmee was taken." He felt Renesmee take his hand and squeeze.

"Ill go with you. I think he and Charlie deserve an explanation."

"Um, that's not gonna be a problem." Edward said. Ness looked at him nervously. "What do you mean?" She said quietly.

"Well, when you were taken," Edward paused for the right words, "Charlie saw...too much for him to explain away. So, Billy explained everything to him."

"What did he see?" Renesmee was suddenly worried about Charlie. If he knew too much and the Volturi found out...she didn't want to finish that thought. It was just the thing that they were looking for to pick a fight with the Cullen's.

Edward and Bella looked at each other and then at Jacob. Some things would come better from him. Jacob took their cue. "Ness," Jacob crossed over to her, taking her hand. He looked at their joined hands trying to keep himself in check as he,for the first time, allowed himself to feel the emotions from those moments come to the surface. He swallowed trying to push past the sudden array of emotions that washed over him.

Jasper who was standing beside them cleared his throat as he leaned over to whisper into Alice's ear. She nodded. "

"Why don't we head to the living room and discuss out plans for dealing with Parker." Everyone nodded and left the room leaving Nessie and Jacob to themselves. Knowing that privacy was needed.

Nessie could see Jacob was troubled so she lead him to the kitchen table. They sat down beside each other. She waited for him to finish not wanting to interrupt. "Ness, remember when I said I would need you?"

"Yes," she said quietly. She wouldn't have spoken but he hadn't yet met her eyes. Seeing him this way broke her heart. He was always the one taking care of her, always the strong one; her protector. She grasped the necklace he made her now dangling from her neck.

"Ness, I need you now. Now that your here and safe and I have a few moments to slow down and think things through, its all catching up with me. Ness, remember that night before you were taken. What you said to me." He looked up into her eyes. She nodded as the thoughts and emotions of that night replayed in her mind. She heard Jacob gasp but she was lost in the memory.

""You said you love me." He smiled. "In front of our family." She flushed.

"So did you," she pointed out meekly.

Yeah" She searched his face. Wondering how to go about this. She had known him as long as she could remember. He had always been there for her, no matter what. She had always relied on him to be there, and he never asked for anything in return. She was overcome with gratitude. Her eyes became wet with moisture. She knew he needed her now and she was gonna be whatever he needed. He saw tears running down her cheeks. "Hey don't cry. My dad will be OK. He is the strongest man I know. He could go into remission." She shook her head.

"No, I mean I know and that does sadden me but, I am crying for you. How selfless you are. Your always there for me. Always for as long as I can remember. Now its my turn to be there for you. Whatever you need Jacob." He wrapped her in an embrace.

She came out of the memory a little dizzy. She took her hand off Jakes armand placed her hand on her head, trying to steady herself. Jake looked at her in shock. "Ness," Jacob whispered. "I- I- you- do you know what you just did? Everything you just thought of remembered, felt...I experienced it just as you did. You...you felt that strongly about me? Before we even knew where things were going? "

Renesmee laughed softly. Looking down as she blushed. "Jacob." He placed his hand on the side of her face and raised her eyes to meet his. The intensity caused the butterflies to go crazy in her stomach, her breath to catch.

"I love you." He pulled her up and into an embrace. They stood there a few moments then he started to pull back. Their faces almost touching. Nessie looked at him, and with everything she felt told him,

"Jacob. I love you." That was all it took, Jacob couldn't resist anymore. He pulled her against him. Kissing her with an intensity that shocked her, but she matched him with everything she had. Her hands were tangled in his hair, his hands spanned her waist. They kissed each other with a passion and heat that hadn't been there before. Before they knew it Jake had her pinned against the wall their hands intertwined above her head. She let out a whimper. She arched against him. He brought their hands down to their side. Jake slowly, reluctantly pulled away.

"I'm sorry." He sounded anything but sorry. She laughed. His voice joined hers. "It may not sound it but I am. As much as I would like to continue kissing you I have something I would like to tell you." He paused gathering himself. "When I heard you scream at Charlies house, its the first time I actually felt cold since becoming a werewolf. I could have swore my heart stopped." He took a deep breath, and again gathering his thoughts that were still muddled from their kiss. He took another step back to help, but kept his hand in hers needing the contact. "None of us were thinking. We just reacted. With what happened a few months ago with Bella we just...responded. We ran to you not trying to move at human speed. That was Charlies first clue. Then once we all got outside Parker decided to make a wall of water to block us from following, which Charlie conveniently decided to walk out right in the middle of the show." Renesmee could still hear the contempt in his voice. She knew that he would have been upset about a lot of things. Things that, now that he was able to reflect on them, he would understand. He paced away and she stayed silent letting him work through it. "There was nothing I could do I phased thinking I could get through but it didn't work. Nothing was in my control." He started to get angry so he let go of her hand and paced to the counter. He looked absently out the window and gripped the counter trying to reign in his emotions. He didn't have control Charlie, his dads cancer, Parker taking Nessie. None of it. "I'm sorry Nessie. I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you. I'm sorry that Charlie had to find out and now he is in danger too." He turned to look at her. "I am so sorry."

She crossed the kitchen making her way to where he stood. She looked at him her heart bursting with love, understanding and also breaking at the same time for him all that he is having to endure for her.

"Jacob, you don't have to apologize to me."

"But Ness I-" He interrupted.

"No, Jake you listen. You are the most selfless person I know. You have done more and loved me more than I deserve my whole life. When I needed a friend you were there. A shoulder to cry on you were there. Mad at my parents you helped me think of ways to get back at them," she kind of chuckled, "and when I realized my feelings for you, you were there to return them. Don't ever be sorry for things that you can't control. We will figure out together what to do about Charlie. You need to take some time and worry about you. Spend some time with your dad. I'll go with you until this all cools down. Let me be there for you for a change, Jacob, I love you."

He looked at her fighting tears. No one had ever so eloquently stated how they felt about him before. He didn't deserve this kind of devotion, this kind of deep love. He wrapped her in a hug. He turned his head into her hair taking in her scent. "I love you too, Ness. With my whole heart. I love you." He whispered into her ear.

Alice knew that all the emotions lately were catching up with Jasper. So when he leaned over to whisper in her ear she wasn't surprised.

"Alice, Jake is working through some pretty serious stuff right now and there are some things that need to be said between him and Renesmee. What do you say we gather everyone into another room. Work some things out without them and give them some space." Alice nodded.

"Why don't we head to the living room and discuss out plans for dealing with Parker." As she was turning to leave she saw Bella catch Jasper's arm and pull him aside. She would just meet him later.

"Jasper, thank you for helping out. Its hard to let go but I have a feeling that letting them get through this together will bring them closer. Renesmee knows that if she needs us were here."

"Your right. There are somethings that Jacob is working through that he will need Renesmee for. And don't worry. I can sense your worry. Jake still loves you, but in a different way. He will come to you when he is ready." Bella smiled at him and gave him a hug.

"Thank you Jasper. You are the best brother I could ask for." Jasper laughed as he pulled away.

"Come on we better get going before they plan this whole thing without us."

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