Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 18

Parker looked into her eyes. There was a plan solidifying in his head. One that he couldn't wait for them to do together. He smiled at her wickedly. "OK, my love. Here's the plan. Not everyone knows who you are. Especially the Cullen's. The only people who would is Chase and the girl. My thoughts are you could gather information from those the rest of her family since they don't know who you are or your connection to me. I saw at least five maybe six other vampires with them the day they got away. I'm not sure though. It happened rather quickly."

"I don't know Parker. If they could recruit your friend they must have some sort of pull to draw people to her...or them. I mean not that I'm worried about myself. Its just if they can draw Chase then there must have been something that he wanted that they offered. I don't think its a good idea to head in there because you want retribution. If were going to do this were going to do it right."

Chase pondered Monas suggestion. Or rather statement. Suggestion inferred that you had a choice. He chuckled. "OK, love, we will do it your way. So what did you have in mind?"

Mona looked at him a slow smile spreading across her flawless face. "I think I know exactly how we can do that."

Jake and Renesmee left the kitchen feeling more secure in their relationship. Jacob was overwhelmed at the feelings that Renesmee felt for him. It was an amazing feeling being treasured. He couldn't believe that he had ever felt jaded over the fact that his other "brothers" had imprinted. It was the best thing that ever happened to him. That and the fact he had someone who loved him with the same intensity and depth he loved her. Life was good. Well, at least when it came to his love life. Everything else was up in the air. They were just outside the dining room when Jake put a hand on her arm to stop her. "Nessie, are you sure that you don't want to stay. I can han-" he was stopped with a hand on his mouth. He looked at her wide eyed. She chuckled.

"Jake stop. I have told you a million times. You need me, I'm there. End of conversation, Capisce?" He looked at her confused.

"Capisce? What does that mean?"He said confused. She rolled her eyes.

"Your ruining the moment here. It means understand? in Italian. So you need me I'm there no questions asked OK?"

He smiled smugly. "Capisce." She tried her hardest to keep a straight face but she couldn't help it. She let a giggle escape her lips.

"Renesmee...we need you in here sweetie." Bella called to her. Jake took her hand and they walked into the room.

She looked around to see everyone looking at them. She wondered how much of the conversation they "tried" not to hear. Alice was looking at her through her lashes. Ugh, great they heard all of it.

'Don't worry sweetie it was only snippets but enough to get the gist of the conversation. We love you and are proud of the adult you becoming.'

"Thanks mom." Her eyes were moist. She took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling to prevent the threatening tears from spilling. Seeing that a private moment was shared between them Jake took over for Renesmee.

"Bella, Edward, Nessie has decided to come with me to visit my dad." He saw Edward about to say something, but Jake held up his hand to stop him and finished quickly. "I tried to talk her out of it but she..." he looked over at her, "is stubborn like her mother." Edward laughed and Bella gave him a dirty look.

"Bells you know its true." Edward laughed again.

"Anyway, I'll send Sa-" he stopped mind sentence realizing something. "Wait, Chase didn't you say you were surprised to see a wolf? Or me rather?"

Chase looked around as all eyes turned to him. He shifted in his seat. "Uh, yea I didn't know there was such a thing."

"So, its safe to assume that Parker doesn't know about them either, so its actually safer for Nessie at the Rez. Even if Parker does find her she will be surrounded by werewolves and Parker wont know what hit him." He smiled smugly at the thought of getting revenge.

"OK Jake, you convinced us just go." Bella said to him. Jake looked at her coming out of his thoughts. He nodded but sent Edward a message.

' Edward I want to still be in the loop here. Just because I am not directly involved for now doesn't mean I don't have any ideas for this asshole.' Edward winced. Jacob mentally slapped himself. 'Sorry, don't tell Emmett that's what I called his brother.' Edward nodded and Jake grabbed Nessies hand. They all murmered their goodbyes, and they left.

After Jake and Renesmee left Alice was the first to speak. "Well, if someone else wont say it I will. They are so cute together! And I am glad that things are finally getting serious between them. Their kids are going to be so beautiful." Edward let out a small growl. Bella glanced over at him. She was still adjusting to Jake and Renesmee too, but she knew that she was happy so it made it a little easier to accept. She placed a hand on his.

'Edward she is happy we need to accept it. She isn't a little girl anymore.'

Edward let our a long sigh. "Your right."

Alice clapped her hands together. "OK, well now lets move onto business. What are we going to do about Parker?" She looked around the table but no one would meet her eyes. Finally her eyes fell on Emmett. She gathered her courage and spoke. "Emmett what are your thoughts? This is something that I think we all agree will ultimately be your decision. None of us wants to do anything that would cause you pain. We love you, and are here for you no matter what happens or what you decide." Everyone around the table murmured their own agreements.

Rosalie reached over and grabbed his hand. Emmett turned to look into her eyes. Her heart broke at the sight of this man. This man whom she loved unconditionally for centuries. Who she had always known to be strong, her rock, her solace. She squeezed his hand in reassurance. "What ever you decide baby, I'm with you all the way." She whispered to him gently. She saw it. The change in him. That quiet reassurance was all he needed from her. She saw him set his jaw and turn to his family. His real family.

"This has been on my mind for the longest time. I have tried to come to some sort of middle ground on what to do that would help me to keep my old and new family. I may know of a way to do that but I would need your help and the help of the wolves." Emmett met Carlisles eyes. He may decide what he wants to do, but he wanted Carlisles approval first. He didn't even hesitate.

"Whats your plan." Carlisle stated. Emmett smiled at him.

"Well, there are some kinks, but I have the majority of it planned. We should wait for Jake to send Sam we will need his input."

"They had to have reached the reservation...its been long enough." Alice said.

"It won't be long until Sam gets here." Edward said. "Ill grab some maps and papers so we will be ready for whatever you have planned." With that he stood up and pulled Bella along with him.

Emmett sat back and relaxed for the first time in a while. Hopefully his plan will work. If not than he may not be able to save his brother after all.

Renesmee sat in Jakes car looking out the window. Jacob was quiet and she could tell he was lost in his thoughts. She reached over to grab his hand. He lifted it to his lips and kissed it without even looking at her. That was it she couldn't take it anymore. "Jacob. Are you OK? I mean I know that you have a lot on your mind but please don't shut me out of what your feeling. Remember what I told you in the kitchen?"

"Yea, I don't think that I will forget that as long as I live." He smiled at her and kissed her hand again. "I love you Renesmee."

"I love you too Jake." They turned onto the Reservation. Jake visibly relaxed being back where he was comfortable. His home.

"Were gonna stop by Emily and Sams place first. I need to fill him in and send someone to get started on plans for Parker. And see whats going on with Charlie."

They pulled into Sams driveway and saw him walk out to meet them. They got out of the car and Sam and Jake embraced. They needed to get over here more often. This was Jakes family too.

"Jake, I missed you. Its been too long since I've seen you. Whats going on?"

"Well, we may need your help again. I would like to spend some time with my dad but there is a pressing matter that needs taken care of at the Cullen's." Paul laughed as he came out of the house.

"Isn't there always a pressing matter at the Cullen's." Pauls laughter subsided as he saw Jakes face.

"Why don't we go in the house and you can fill me in." Sam said. He gave Paul a glare. "You can come too, and take first shift for whatever it is were about to get into." Paul groaned and followed.

Mona lie there staring at her love. "Parker my love...this is what we're going to do. They obviously have a strong sense of moral. Or else they wouldn't have come back for the girl. And if what you say is the truth and she was conceived before she was a vampire who knows what their capable of. Now, assuming that they did have a showdown with the Volturi." Chase started to object. "Hear me out. We have to take into consideration that the rumors are true, we don't want to underestimate them; or we will fail."

"OK, go on." Parker said intrigued.

"So I'll get one of my acquaintances to play the damsel in distress. Based on what we know they will jump at the chance to help. We'll cook up some story about her being chased by some crazed vampire bent on revenge, and she heard that they could help her to find a way out." She waited to see what he thought. A slow smile spread across his face.

"I knew there was a reason I loved you!" He reached around and cupped her bottom. She giggled. "Now I do believe that this brilliant plan deserves a celebration and I know just what we can do." He pulled her to him.

"I think that is a lovely idea." She giggled as she reached for him and kissed him.

After another round of love making Mona decided it was now or never. "Well, I should go and see if Lucy is up for a little acting. I'll be back soon." She kissed him quickly got up and dressed. She turned to him and with a grin said "Miss me," and with that she was gone.

"Of course." He whispered to the emptiness.

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