Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 19

Mona ran though the woods to her friends house, praying that her friend was in a giving mood. She reached the alcove in the woods where her makeshift house stood, and knocked on the lean to buildings door. She waited a few seconds and knocked again.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Lucy yelled. She opened the door and her face went blank, then a huge grin spread across her face. "Mona! Oh my goodness what are you doing here?! I havent seen you in months!" She backed up and motioned her in. "Come in. Come in."

Mona walked in and looked around the sparse two room building. It had a old torn up couch and a makeshift fireplace. With the next room over with a big basin used for washing, separated only by a ragged looking cloth between the two.

"So, what brings you here to my humble abode." She laughed lightly, knowing that her words were close to the truth. Her place may be sparse but it gave her the freedom she needed. Mona settled down on the couch and looked at her with consideration.

"Lucy, it seems that I am in need of your assistance, but before I get into all that I need to fill you in on what has happened since we last met." Lucy nodded leaning forward intrigued. "I have met my mate." She smiled as Lucy gasped and clapped her hands.

"Oh Mona! That's wonderful! I would love to meet him." She gushed. Mona rolled her eyes. She was always into that true love crap. Not that she wasn't, it was just now that she experienced it, well, it was better in real life.

"Oh, you will, which brings me to my proposal. He has a vendetta he needs to settle with an old friend and... well, old family. This is where you come in. We need someone to play the damsel in distress. These vampires have a bad habit of not being able to help out another vampire who needs it. What do you think so far? You interested?" She looked at Lucy.

"I am so far. Keep going." She replied.

"OK, so your gonna be on the run from some crazed ex lover who is bent on revenge." She got up to pace the floor. The plan solidifying in her mind. "You will have to be terrified when you get there. We'll make it so you arrive in the middle of the night or early morning. You'll pound on the door terrified. But be aware that we don't know what kind of gifts that this...group...has so be cautious." She turned to Lucy. "Well?"

"Sounds like a plan. When do you put it into action." She smiled slyly.

Renesmee watched Jake, Sam and Paul walk into the house. She realized then that this was his family just as much as the Cullen's were hers. She made a mental note to make more trips here. Maybe they could even stay here until his dad got better. That made her breath catch. Did she just make plans for them to live together. She did. She put her hand to her head in astonishment.

"Renesmee you coming?" Jake yelled from the porch. She looked up at him.

"Ya, sorry just lost in thought I guess. " She laughed weakly and followed him into the house. She took a seat at the kitchen table next to Jacob.

"So, whats the problem." Sam asked getting to the point.

"Well, there is a vampire after Ness. Were not sure if he has someone else with him or not." Jake summarized.

Sam sighed. "OK. So what do the Cullen's need?"

"Well, that's not all. The Vampire is Emmets brother from when he was human."

Sam rubbed his hands across his face in frustration. "OK, this keeps getting better. So, once again. What do the Cullen's need?"

"Well, that's the thing I'm not sure. They don't want to hurt Emmetts feelings so they are leaving it up to him but they will need our help. They are making a plan now. That's why I came to get you. Renesmee and I are gonna sit this one out. I need to spend time with my dad." He glanced over at Renesmee grabbing her hand. "And I think Ness will not only be safer here but I need her here."

Sam looked at him, and Renesmee. "OK, we will head over there now. Paul gather everyone up and meet me at the Cullen's. I will just head over now and get started." With that they were gone leaving Jake and Renesmee to walk to the truck alone. She noticed Jake tensing again.

"You OK Jake?" She glanced over at him as he started the engine.

"Ya, just hoping that my dad is doing alright." She nodded in agreement.

They rode the short distance to his house in silence. When they pulled up they saw Charlies police car in the driveway. Nessie brightened.

"This is awesome! Now I can see how he is doing too. Well, ever since he found out. Were gonna have to figure out what to do with him now that he knows once this whole thing is over."

Jake sighed. "Yea, but lets worry about one problem at a time." She chuckled.

"OK Jake. You sound so old." He looked over at her amusement lighting his eyes.

"Old huh?" She knew that look she tried to open the car door but she didn't make it he had her pinned to the door and wrapped his arms in an instant. They gazed into each others eyes. "I love you Nessie."

"I love you too Jake." They kissed slowly. It slowly building until they heard a knock on the window. They jumped apart to see Charlie looking in with a awkward look on his face.

"I heard you guys pull up. Wanted to see Nessie." She squealed and jumped out. Running around the vehicle and into his arms.

"I missed you!" She breathed. He squeezed her tight.

"I missed you too." He said gruffly. He cleared his throat and let her go as Jake stepped out. "Jacob." He said offering his hand. Jake took it, and shook it. A silent message passing between them. He knew that Charlie trusted him with Nessie but still he wanted to make sure that he was respecting her. He had nothing to worry about there. He would never make Renesmee do anything she wasn't ready for or wanted to. "Your dad is looking forward to seeing you."

Jake took a deep breath and nodded. "Lets not keep him waiting then." He smiled. They turned and headed up the path to his house. His heart picking up. Nessie was in front of him and she turned to look over her shoulder at him to give him a reassuring look. They walked in the front door and he was startled to see his dad sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch.

"Jake, its so great to see you. Come sit. Nessie you as well, welcome. I have some news for you."

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