Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 20

They sat there looking over maps when Edward heard Sams thoughts.

"Sam is here. Hes uncomfortable just walking in, I'm going to go meet him at the door." He gave Bella a quick kiss and left the room. He made it to the door just as Sam was about to knock. "Hello Sam." He smiled.

"You know that will always be weird." He walked in and waited for Edward to shut the door before following him up the stairs. "So what are we looking at here? Are we going to spare the...guy...or, uh, kill him. Jake told me he was Emmets brother."

Edward glanced at him over his shoulder. "Were not sure yet Emmett said he has a plan but he hasn't revealed it yet. He was waiting for you to get here."Sam nodded. They walked into the room and Sam took a seat at the end of the table.

"So Emmett what is your plan?" Emmett looked at Sam then at Edward before letting his plan form in his mind. He watched Edwards face carefully. Ready to run if needed. He knew that Edward wouldn't like this plan but it seemed like the best one that would capture his brother. He reached for Roses hand. She squeezed it. Edwards face went blank then he let out a low growl growing in intensity. He shot up and Emmett stood as well.

"Now, Edward let me explain." Emmett tried to sooth. Bells grabbed Edwards hand grateful that she was stronger because Edward was tense and ready to pounce on Emmett across the table. She pulled him down and into the chair, and stood in front of him blocking his view. She put her hands up to frame his face.

"Edward look at me." His eyes hesitantly looked into hers. "Calm down and explain to the rest of us, please, what has you so worked up." Edward closed his eyes and leaned into her. Taking a calming breath he leaned back and looked at her again.

"He wants to use you as bait." Bella stood there looking at him. Knowing that he, always her protector, would hate the idea. She was angry initially too but as she let the idea roll around in her head it seemed to be a good plan. She kissed Edward on the forehead then turned to face her family. They all looked at her waiting for her response. She took Edwards hand and looking at Emmett she announced her answer.

"I'll do it."

Lucy ran through the woods heading in the direction Parker had stalked Bella that first day. She stopped a few yards from the house. She checked her watch 1 am. Perfect. She gathered her courage and tried to get her self worked up so she was convincing. She cleared her head thinking only of the mythical situation. Of all the terrible things she had went through that would have lead her to the decision to bring her here to the Cullens. She took a deep breath and ran for the door. When she reached it she pounded dementedly. She heard movement inside...showtime! She thought smugly.

Edward heard an unfamiliar voice in his head. He looked moodily at Emmett then his wife.

"Bella we'll talk about this later. We have company." Everyone listened carefully when suddenly there was a crazy banging on the front door.

"Wait!" Carlisle said urgently. "It could be a trap. Parkers doing. We must be on our guard. Jasper you come and tell us if she is truly feeling the way she says. Emmett you come just in case we need your strength and Edward you come to see if her thoughts are true." They all nodded.

"She is worked up that's for sure. Her thoughts are going crazy I'm having a hard time deciphering them. From what I gather its something about revenge on her?" They reached the front door and Carlisle opened it slowly. He looked at a beautiful vampire with crazed red eyes.

"Please, please, you must help me. My old...lover is chasing me. He is upset that I found my true mate and now he wants revenge. He already killed my mate." At that last sentence she burst into a wail. "Oh Johnny!" She clung to Carlisle's shirt front. Edward and Emmett tensed and reached to pull her off. Carlisle looked over to Jasper...he shrugged and nodded.

"She's legit...her pain is strong." Edward flinched. Something didn't feel right. This was all too familiar. It was the situation with James all over again. He looked at the others. He knew they felt it too.

"Why don't we go into the living room and sit down. That way you can explain the whole situation to us. My wife Esme will take you." Carlisle said just as Esme walked into the entry way.

"Right this way...uh, what was your name?" Esme crooned.

"L- l-lucy. My n-name is Lucy." She all but sobbed. As Esme escorted Lucy into the next room we all dashed upstairs. Sam was standing tense in the doorway.

"I don't like the way this whole thing smells. Something is off. I don't believe her. What are the chances that this is just something arranged by Parker? I mean how did she hear about you, and why does she seem to think you will help her." Sam exclaimed.

"I don't know but I agree we will have to be careful around her until we're sure.

We all looked at each other an uneasy feeling enveloping all of us. This was about to get a lot more complicated.

Charlie looked down at Renesmee. She could tell by the look in his eyes that Jacob would need her. She gave Charlie one last squeeze and then walked over to Jacob. She kissed him on the lips and then looked at him intently.

"Jacob no matter what this news is I am here for you. Remember that. I love you and please don't shut me out. Lean on me...I'm stronger than you think."

She smiled at him, her whole face lighting up. Jacobs stomach tightened. He loved this woman. Everything about her was precious, intriguing, unique, amazing...some one cleared their throat. Billy chuckled.

"Im glad you found her Jake." Billy said his voice full of emotion. He cleared his throat and looked down at his hands. "Now, there is something I would like to tell you guys. The cancer is not responding to the treatment like we hoped." He paused seemingly gathering courage from somewhere deep inside. He looked up into Jakes eyes. "It won't be long until there is nothing they can do."

Renesmee grabbed Jakes hand and squeezed to keep him from running. This is one thing that she wouldn't let him run from. He needed to face this head on so he would have no regrets later. She looked over at Jake. His face was unreadable. She decided she would take the lead until he could gather himself.

"Billy I am so sorry." She let go of Jakes hand and walked over to Billy and wrapped him in a hug. He gratefully accepted.

"Its OK Renesmee. My time is coming and then it will be up to Jake to decided if he wants to take my place as chief." He whispered into her ear, barely audible knowing that she would hear him. "Help him make the right decision." She leaned back and searched his face, and nodding she accepted.

Jake found his balance and approached his dad. "Dad can I have a moment alone." Billy looked at Charlie and Nessie. "Of course."

Jake turned to Nessie, and pulled her aside before she could leave.

"Look I'm not shutting you out there are just things I need to say." She reached up and placed her hand on his cheek.

"I understand Jake. I love you and will be outside when your done." She kissed his other cheek and followed Charlie out the door. Jake took a moment to gather himself before turning around. When he did he saw his dad closing a drawer on the hutch in the other room. He turned around with something in his hand. He rolled himself back to the kitchen table as Jake took a seat.

"Jake, there is something that I would like to give you before...before, I- well, before I die." Jake started to protest but Billy put up his hand silencing him. "Its something I have saved to give you when the day was right, and seeing you and Renesmee together...well it gave me the push I needed to confirm that I was right in giving it to you now." He reached into his pocket and placed a small box on the table. Jake felt his pulse quicken. He reached for the small box and opened it gingerly. What he saw inside took his breath away. He looked at his dad his eyes swimming.

"dad..." he choked. Billy was tearing up too.

"I know, I know I want you to have it. Its your mothers engagement ring."

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