Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 21

Jacob sat and stared at the ring in his hand. He loved Nessie with all his heart, of that he was certain, but marriage? That was a serious step. Not that he didn't want to. He did...alot. For a moment he could see it as clear as day. Nessie and him in a house on the Rez, kids running around. Renesmee chasing a little boy with hair with auburn highlights and a little girl with dark hair like his. They are laughing and enjoying the day. He smiled. His dad cleared his throat bringing him back to the present. He looked up at him, and seeing the look on his face he couldn't help himself. He leaned over and wrapped his dad in a hug.

"I love you son. I want the best for you and Renesmee. I hope that you guys have a long and happy life."

"We'll have an eternity." He smiled and looked at him. "Thank you dad...I really appreciate it." Billy looked at him with a gleam in his eye.

"Go on now son, your lady is waiting for you." Jake nodded and walked out his dad following. He pushed open the front door and the instant his eyes met Renesmees' he knew. He wanted that vision he had of them together to come true. He saw something there. Something familiar, something comforting...he felt home. Well, he felt other things too, lust, desire,love nothing that he could dwell on here in front of Charlie and his dad. He looked down shyly. Something out of character for him and smiled smugly. He heard Nessies breath catch. He looked up sharply. Just in time to see Nessie blush slightly and look away, but not before he saw the desire cloud her eyes. He looked at Charlie who seems oblivious of the connection between them. He glanced over his shoulder at his dad who he knows is smirking. Nessie is still avoiding eye contact. He clears his throat.

"Nessie we should get going." She nods silently. He chuckled, he will have to figure that one out. They say their goodbyes Nessie avoiding him at all costs. They pile into the car and after they drive down the road he makes a decision he pulls into a turn around in the road. Nessie looks at him alarmed.

"Whats wrong Jake? What are you doing?" She finally looks at him in the eye. He shifts to face her.

"Look, Nessie I just can't get over whats come over you. At my dads you were so standoffish after we came out of the house. Why?" He mentally wondered...oh no what if she heard my conversation with my dad. He shook his head no she was far enough away, and anyway she wouldn't do that. She turned to look out the window a blush stealing across her cheeks. After a minute he reaches over and grabs her hand and she jumps. "Hey its just me what is it?" She looks at him he could tell she was fighting with herself on whether to tell him.

"Ok," She says finally, "well, when you came out with your dad, and you looked well, so confident and then well something in you...changed. You looked, vulnerable...shy even. It...it um...well..." she stops her cheeks reddening further. She sighs heavily and rolls her eyes. Then blurts it out quickly. "Ok, I-i though it was kinda hot OK. Your usually so self confident and self assured and in charge and well, it just caught me off guard is all." She finishes in a rush. Looking down at her fingers she waits for his response. After what feels like an eternity she look over at him through her eyelashes. He is sitting there with an stunned look on his face. "Please say something." she whispers.

"I-I...I mean, um...wow." Then a plan forms in his mind. Maybe he will mess around with her a little bit. He holds back a grin. "So, when I look like this." He quickly downcasts his eyes and feigns shyness looking up at her through his thick black lashes. She sharply inhales and her eyes cloud with desire quickly. He laughed to himself tucking this away for another day. He never knew the effect he had on her. His game quickly escalates into something more.

She doesn't know why his look of vulnerability appeals to her so much. She can hear his heart rate accelerate to match her own. She can hear their labored breathing cut through the silence. "Jake." She whispers. That's all she can manage.

"Yeah," he whispers hoarsely. "I know. I feel it." Neither one of them can move, even though they have kissed before and they felt something but this brought on a whole new level. A conscious awareness that they both want and need this. Knowing that if they give into this it could lead to something more than it has before, something that they both aren't sure they are ready for.

He decides to give them both some time and space to think. He turns and starts the car. "I have something that I want to show you." He smiles thinking of his secret place. He pulls a u-turn and heads towards the woods.

Bella sat there trying to feign concern while her mind raced. Who was this vampire. It was too much of a coincidence for it not to be Parkers doing. Her thoughts drifted to Emmett... poor Emmett. She wished that this thing would be over sooner rather than later for his sake. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Rose looking at her cell phone and a distraught look cross her features before she wiped it clean. She looked at Bella and she looked away giving her privacy. She watched in her peripheral vision as Rose stalked over to the corner and answered the phone speaking in hushed tones. She wasn't happy. Something was going on there and she intended to find out what after this nonsense was over. Bella pulled her attention away from the peculiar conversation going on across the room and tried to focus on the conversation going on between Esme and Lucy.

"Now Lucy, are you sure that your mate was killed? I mean I'm not saying that I don't believe you its just that there are some things in your story that just isn't coming together."

"I know and I'm so sorry but I am just so overwhelmed right now. I think I just need to gather myself." she states softly. Lucy bows her head and covers her face, while Esme looks over her head to Bella and she shrugs her shoulders.

'I still don't trust her,' She projected to Esme, 'something doesn't feel right. I think that we should ask her to go until we have discussed it as a family. We really need Emmetts input here. He knows Parker best.' Esme nods in agreement.

Just then the rest of our family decides to join us. Edwards eyes meet Bellas and she knows that he feels the same way. She projects what she's told Esme to him as well. He agrees too.

Now to just figure out what to do with her and how to break the news.

Jasper pulled Emmett to the side before he could enter the room with everyone else.

"I think that we need to take offense on this...if this is one of Parkers ploys then we need to pretend to go with it and secretly deploy one of our own." Jasper spoke to him softly but urgently. Emmett rolled the idea around in his head. He knew of Jaspers military background and knew that he wouldn't take making this suggestion lightly. He nodded.

"Ok, but I don't think that Edward will go along with my plan." Jasper grimaced.

"Let me worry about that one." Emmett looked at him warily but agreed. They shook hands making it official and turned to walk into the room.

Rose saw the number on her phone and instantly became agitated. This was becoming obessive. Whoever this person was that was stalking her was taking it to a whole new level. Not only that but they knew way too much about what was going on with her and her family. It was becoming disconcerting and if it kept up she would have to say something.

She stalked off to the corner and answered the phone.

"What do you want?!" She answered harshly.

"Now is that anyway to answer the phone?" The female voice stated arrogantly. There was something chillingly familiar about the voice. Something that she just couldn't place.

"Listen I don' t have time for this right now. I am in the middle of something right now and don't have time for your childish games." The woman on the other end of the phone tsk tsked her.

"And her I was going to give you some advice on the situation, but given your foul mood I think I'll call back when you've cooled off."

"NO! WAIT!" But it was useless the line was dead. Rose knew Bella was watching her so she wiped her face of emotion and turned back to the conversation. Ignoring Bella.

As soon as this whole Parker escapade was over she and Emmett were going on an extended vacation. They would both need it and maybe it would dissuade whoever was harassing her from continuing. She sat there half listening to the conversation as she thought of different places they could go.

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