Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 22

Jake and Nessie drove down the road in silence. Nessie's mind was reeling. Where could he be taking her? He said it was something he wanted to show her, what could it be? She glanced sideways at him. Her heart was still racing from their encounter. She had no idea desire could hit so hard and fast. She knew she loved Jacob but had no idea that her feelings had morphed so much in the little time they had been together. One thing she was sure of she wanted him and she didn't know what to do about it. She hoped Jake knew what he was doing because she was lost. The only thing she was sure of was that she was his forever.

Jake knew that they were on a precipice. If they decided to act on their feelings their whole relationship could change. They only thing that he was worried about was he wanted it for the better not the worse. He would never do anything to hurt her, or force Nessie to do anything she wasn't ready for. But in the heat of the moment they could both do things they weren't ready for and didn't intend to do. He would have to be careful. He turned into the alcove, and turned off the engine. The quiet enveloped them. The birds were chirping and seemed as if they were lulling us into a more peaceful state. I turned to face Nessie. She looked at me innocently.

"Look Nessie, I know that we...uh...well we are both experiencing feelings that are new to both of us." My gaze faltered and I looked out the window. "I respect you Nessie and as much as I would just love to give into those feelings and see where it leads us I don't want to do anything that would jeopardize our relationship." I turned to look at her again. The look of love and affection on her face almost my undoing. "Ness, I love you and want to do whats right for both of us and our future."

She sat there and listened to Jake tell her what he felt and it just added more reassurance to the decision she had already made. She was ready. "Jake, I love you more than I can express in words." She slid across the car seat until she was just inches away from him. She could feel his body heat against her body. She took a deep breath to calm her racing heart and emotions, closing her eyes. She opened them and looked into Jakes big brown ones and she reached up to his face but didn't touch it waiting for his permission. He nodded ever so slightly and she poured all of her emotions and desires into her touch so he could know what she meant and felt.

When Nessie touched his face he was bombarded with so many emotions and feelings it took his breath away. How she felt when we came to the Reservation. A feeling of love and belonging. Nervousness at his dads. Safe and at home with Charlie. Then when he came out of his house. Wow, the emotions, desire and nervousness took my breath away again. He had no idea that he could do that to her. Then the moments in the car before coming to his special place. He was hit again with her pull towards him. Like there was nothing in the world more important and nowhere else she wanted to be. Nessies voice entered his head.

'Jake I love you more than words. Like I've shown you, you do things to me that both scare and excite me. There is noone in the world better suited for me than you. I love you, and I am ready for the next step in our relationship. We can take it slow, but I just want to let you know that I trust you...completely. Your my whole world...forever.'

She slowly let her hand drop from his face as we gazed into each others eyes. We sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Jake moved closer yet, closing the small gap there was between us, his eyes never leaving hers. Both our breathing coming in shallow gasps. He put his hand on her hip, her breath caught. Their torsos touching his other hand reached up to get tangled in her hair. His gaze quickly dipped to her lips, that were slightly parted in anticipation. His eyes swept up to meet hers again. He leaned forward and closed the distance. The moment their mouths touched it was like something went off inside each of them. The kiss went from sweet to intense almost immediately. As the kiss deepened they tried to get as close as humanly possible. Her hands went into his shirt needing to feel his hot skin under her hands. She ripped it off and let out a groan of pleasure at the feel of his flesh. Her sound pushing him further. He leaned her down on the bench seat her shirt slipping up exposing her stomach. Putting his weight on his elbow he gently ran his hands over it, and she closed her eyes, her back arching at the touch. She waited for another touch, or kiss anything. When nothing happened her eyes flew open searching for Jacob.

"Jake whats wrong?" She struggled to sit up, then gave up. "Jake, please whats wrong!?" She grew frustrated at the sudden stop. Jake was looking at her a mixture of desire and uncertainty in his eyes.

"I am sorry Ness. I want to do this, but not here in a car. If we do this were doing this right." They held each others gaze for a moment before nodding. He was right. It had to be special. He kissed her again chastely. "Come on Nessie, I still have to show you my special spot." He smiled at her brightly putting his shirt back on. She loved that smile.

Jasper moved into the room with the rest of his family but stayed out of eveyone's line of sight but Bellas. He waited until she looked at him before nodding slightly towards the back deck. Bella gave Edward a kiss on the cheek and squeezed his hand.

"I am going to go get some fresh air. Jasper care to join me?" Jasper smiled.

"It would be my pleasure ma'am." He drawled. Jasper made his way to Bella and offered his arm as a gentleman would. They then walked together outside.

After they were safely out of earshot Bella decided to see what Jasper was up too. "So Jazz, what are you up too?" Jasper smirked.

"Why whatever gave you the idea I would be up to something." Bella turned to him.

"Now Jasper, if I didn't know better I would say your planning something that Either my husband or Alice wouldn't approve of."

"You know me well." Deciding to get to the heart of the matter Jasper turned and looked at Bella. "Ok, heres the plan. We all are doubting the true intentions of this Lucy. We also want to help Emmett get this whole situation over with quickly. It can't be easy not knowing why your own brother wants some sort of revenge on you. Not to mention how he became a vampire in the first place." Bella glanced over her shoulder and at her husband. He wouldn't like this at all, but all she could do was hope he would forgive her and do what she thought was best for everyone. She looked back at Jasper.

"Ok, I'm with you so far."

"Ok, so here is the plan. We will ask Edward to go check on Charlie and Billy. Then we will have Alice take Lucy shopping, something Alice loves. You know to 'get her mind off things'. Then you, Emmett, Carlisle, Rose, and myself will go up and confront Parker...using you as bait."

"Do you think that will work? I mean what about what Jake saw when he went to check on him...that other female vampire? One more thing I think that we should recruit Sam and some of the others for this mission. Just in case things don't go as planned we have some sort of back up." Bella said quickly. Jasper smiled again.

"How is it you never cease to amaze me?!" He said with wonder. "That is indeed a great idea. Parker for sure has no idea about them yet."

"So how do you plan on suggesting this to everyone. Well were going to go back in the house one at a time and then wait for our entrance." Bella nodded then grimaced.

"I would like a favor though." She looked over at Jasper. He nodded for her to continue. "When Edward finds out...you tell him it was your idea." Jasper winced.

"I suppose thats fair." Jasper agreed solemnly. Bella smiled. They both knew Edwards temper.


Edward watched as Jasper and Bella walked out. He wondered idly what he was up too. If he knew Jasper it was nothing good. He shook his head and hoped Bella would behave too. She had a habit of doing things that she thought was good for the family but ultimately put herself in danger.

He looked around the room and was shocked to see Rosalie upset. He wondered what that was all about. He didn't want to read her thoughts, but Rosalie wasn't exactly forthcoming with information. He decided just a little wouldn't hurt.

He focused in on her mind. Her thoughts becoming clearer.

'Why would she call me?! How dare she just think that she could do that. I have been more than accommodating. Her demands have been getting out of hand. I either need to do something or get Emmett and I out of here. That would probably be better. Maybe we'll go...'

Edward turned away knowing that she had a feeling someone was watching her. That and he heard enough to know Rose was in trouble and they needed to handle one situation at a time, and right now it was Lucy and Parker. He heard Jasper come back in the house, and go to stand beside Alice. Bella came in a few minutes later. She sat down beside him kissing him smack on the lips.

'I love you.' She projected in his mind. He smiled at her. It had been way to long since we were alone together. He pulled her against him and whispered in her ear.

"Mrs. Cullen it has been entirely too long since we were alone. Nessie is gone with Jake for a while what do you say we take advantage of it?" She smiled at him making him desire her even more.

"I would say that is a great idea but what about our current situation with Lucy?" She nodded to the vampire curled up on the couch. He took a moment to think about this and as if right on cue Alice chimed in.

Alice crossed the room to stand beside Lucy and spoke gently to her. "Lucy you want to know what makes me happier when I'm down? Shopping! What do you say we head out to go shopping in a hour or so. Its late morning now anyway and the stores will be open." Everyone waited for her response. Lucy looked up at Alice and looked at her warily as if she were deciding whether she could trust her or not then a slow smile appeared on her face.

"Sure, I couldn't think of a better way to get my mind off things!" Her whole demeanor suddenly becoming a little more cheerful.

"Bella, Rosalie, would you guys like to join us?" Alice asked. Rosalie shrugged and nodded.

"Sure, why not beats hanging around here." Rosalie said seemingly bored with the thought.

Before Bella could answer Edward answered for her. "Alice I'm going to be keeping Bella to myself this afternoon. A little alone time." Alice winked and gave me a knowing smile. "Well, Mrs. Cullen are you ready to go?" She let out a giggle and whispered in his ear.

"Race you." And before he could formulate a response she was gone. He smiled and took off after her.

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