Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 23

Jake guided Nessie down a beautiful path in the woods. The scenery alone took her breath away. The moss and ferns and other plant life were all different shades of vibrant greens. The birds were singing a song of joy to each other across the trees. They hadn't even reached Jake's secret place yet and the view was already breathtaking. Jake suddenly stopped in front of her and she barely had time to stop herself from running into him because she was to busy taking in the view.

"Close your eyes." Jake told her his eyes dancing with excitement. "Listen to your surroundings." Nessie did as she was told but was having a hard time getting past how close Jake was standing behind her. She pushed that out of her mind and focused on what she was hearing...what she was feeling. She could hear the birds singing, the leaves rustling in the wind. A deer a few yards away, and water? Yes, she could hear it now a waterfall or something similar. The wind was blowing in her face blowing her hair back. She felt Jake shift behind her. The sun peeked out from between the trees and she could feel its warmth on her face.

"Renesmee," Jake said in wonder. "You're so beautiful." His voice barely above a whisper. Her eyes opened slowly, her face still upturned to the sky to soak up all the suns rays. She looked at Jacob the look on his face made her blush, but she couldn't look away. Jake looked away pulling them out of their trance. "Come on a little farther...and keep your eyes shut." He said, and the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes was Jake smiling at her. She could feel the excitement building in her. She was looking forward to sharing this with him. He was such a romantic. He may put on a good show sometimes being tough but he was really a big softy when it came down to it.

He led her up a slight incline and through some bushes before he brought her to a stop. "Ok, now when I say so open your eyes." There was a couple moments before he said she could open them, and when she did she was in awe.It was amazing. She didn't know places like this existed in Forks. There before her was a small lagoon type pool with a small waterfall. There were beautiful plants everywhere and a few rocks that would be perfect for sun bathing. She looked around and caught Jake with his shorts halfway off. Since his shirt was still in the car.

"JAKE!" She squealed. "What are you doing?!" She made a half-hearted attempt at covering her eyes.

He looked at her over his shoulder a sly grin on his face. "Going for a swim Nessie, what else would I be doing?" She felt her face warm as she blushed. She fully covered her eyes lifting her face to the sky not believing that this was happening. He laughed good naturedly and jumped in the water. She stood there watching him tread water as he waited for her to decide. She decided it was now or never and she quickly took off her shirt before she could change her mind. Her heart was pounding. She dropped it on the ground at her feet. She unbuttoned her pants, grateful that she had chose her boyshorts to wear instead of her other...choices. She avoided looking towards Jake while she was doing this. She quickly pulled them down and placed them beside her shirt. She slid her ballerina shoes off and quickly made her way to the water. Jake met her at the shallow waters. The entire upper half of his body out of the water. He held his hand out to her. She hesitantly took it. As soon as he had it he pulled her towards him and picked her up bridal style.

"Jake, don't even think about it." She threatened but it was too late. He threw her in the water. She swam away letting him sweat a little and came up a few feet away. Jake was looking around for her she called to him. His head turned to her and he gave her another look like she was in trouble.

"Oh, no you don't," she threatened, "Its my turn." She swam towards him and evaded his attempt to grab her and managed to grab his wrist, but he used it to pull her in. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Got ya." He whispered. The feel of skin against skin was something new and exciting for them both. He looked into her eyes and he knew that he needed to do something and soon he couldn't keep fending off these moments forever. They would give in eventually. He wanted to treasure and respect Renesmee. He wanted to marry her and do things right. Everything. He wanted to kiss her and he let himself but reminded himself not to go too far. She responded to his kiss immediately. Her arms wound around his neck causing her bare torso to touch his, the feel of her bare skin nearly causing him to lose control. He wanted more of her...all of her. He wrapped his arms tighter around her. A moan escaping her lips. He deepened the kiss, her hands wrapping in his hair. He let out a groan as he pulled away.

"Nessie, I'm sorry. I keep putting us in this position. Its getting harder and harder to stop we need to do something about this." He looked her in the eyes. "Nessie, do you love me?" He asked her earnestly. He kept his gaze on her intently, willing her to understand what he was asking.

Nessie had a hard time switching gears from desire to a conversation on love. "Y-yes I love you. You know that. I love you with everything I am." She answered genuinely. His grin was instant and perfect.

"Then there is something that I have to ask you, but first lets go to shore." She nodded nervously. Her mind raced with a million different scenarios. Was he breaking up with her? Did she do something wrong? Once they reached the shore he told her to head over to the rocks that were now showered with sunshine. She made her way over to the closest rock and sat down leaning back on her hands face upturned to the sky. She tried to calm her racing thoughts. There was no way that he could kiss her like that...make her feel like that if he was just going to break up with her. She decided to focus on the sun on her face and wait for Jake to come to meet her. He heard him shuffle up to the rocks and she opened on eye to look at him. He looked nervous. She sat up giving him all her attention.

"Everything OK Jake?" she asked gingerly. He cleared his throat.

"Nessie, I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you. You've helped me to feel loved, treasured, and accepted me just as I am. I want to give you everything that I am and everything that I can. You truly are my perfect other half." She started crying and he knelt in front of her taking her hand. "Renesmee do me the honor of being my wife and letting me love you... forever." I extend my other hand and offer her the ring that my father gave me. The one that was my mothers. She looks at the ring, tears falling freely down her face. Her mouth slightly ajar. She looks into his eyes and her face splits into a breathtaking smile.

"Yes." She whispers. "Yes, Jacob! A thousand times yes!" She says louder and filled with joy. He let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. They embrace and when they break apart he placed the ring on her finger. Perfect fit.

Bella and Edward raced through the woods to their cottage. Bella got a head start so she made it there first. She turned around to gloat but Edward was nowhere to be seen. She glanced around the forest quickly. Nothing.

"Edward this isn't funny." She said cautiously. Suddenly there was a loud thud behind her. She turned around to see Edward smiling at her. She crossed her arms and glared at him.

"That was not funny." She pouted.

"Oh, come on Bells," he said reaching for her, "I had to do something to get back at you for winning." He smiled down at her. She stood there glaring at him unmoving. He knew the moment she broke because a small smile appeared just before she hid it from him.

"Well, I guess I'll let you off the hook this time." She turned away from him. Waited for him to get uncomfortable and then she pounced on him, causing both of them to fall into the entry way of the cottage.

Their gazes locked and before they knew it they were locked in an embrace and kissing passionately. Bella was on top of Edward the way they fell in the doorway. Edward quickly switched positions and then next thing she knew she was being carried with vampire quickness to their bed.

Edward lays her gently on the bed. She lays there soaking in his beauty. He slips out of his shirt and places it on the floor. He then unbuttons his pants and strips down to his boxers. He crosses over to Bella. He climbs over the bed to her and helps her undress also. After they are both naked they lay there soaking each other in their bodies glistening in the sunlight.

"You are so beautiful you know that?" Edward murmured in her hair. She smiled at him, something in her eyes made him wonder what she was thinking. "Whats going on in that head of yours?" she giggled, and wrapped her shield around him.

It came into his mind quickly and vividly. They were laying in their special meadow. Bella was still human. It was one of the first times Bella had seen his skin. He could feel her wonder, love, and aw at how beautiful he was. He felt her remembering that she had thought he looked like an angel. The image faded and he was brought back to the present.

"You were beautiful...even then..." he said to her softly. "Now I don't have to worry about breaking you." He smiled at her as he leaned in to kiss her.

Hours later, they lay there in the late afternoon sun just enjoying each other. Watching as the shadows moved across the room.

"Were definitely worse than Rose and Emmett." Edward let out a low chuckle. Bella soon joined in. After composing themselves silence once again descended upon them before Bella decided to speak.

"Edward?" She said quietly as to not interrupt their moment of peacefulness.

"Hmmm..." was all Edward said as he traced lazy circles on her back.

"Can you do something for me?" She heard Edward shift to look at her something in her voice causing him to move. "Can you please check on charlie for me later today?" I just would like to know he is OK, but I don't want to go over myself yet. Just in case he has more questions. We didn't really end it on a good note, with Renesmee missing and all." She rolled over on her side to face Edward.

He studied her before nodding. "I can do that. Are you worried about him?"

She thought about it before answering...she was yes but also knew that it would help her cause to go with Jasper tonight and confront Parker. "Yes, I love him and I just want to know that he is OK. Just...make sure that he truly is OK with everything, now that he has had time to think about it. Billy too. I know that being sick has to be hard. I'm glad that Jake is spending time with him while he can. Maybe you can check on him and Renesmee too while your there. I'm sure they will all be at Charlie's. There is probably some baseball game on or something." She looked over at Edward. The memories of many weekends on the couch with Charlie coming back. She smiled. "Just make sure he smiles."

He kissed her again stirring something in them once more. "I will...and I think that we have a little time left for some more fun." He said pulling her towards him as she giggled. He loved her giggle. It was carefree and joyful.

Some time later she suggested that they should get going. They put themselves together again and made their way back to the house.

Alice had already left with Lucy, and Rose to go shopping, and Emmett and Jasper were pretending to be engrossed in a game of chess while we all waited for Edward to leave. She kissed Edward.

"Please remember to make Charlie smile for me?" She asked him gently. He nodded kissing me again more passionately. We soon forgot there were others present. Emmett chuckled causing us to pull apart reluctantly.

"You guys are worse than Rose and I." He joked. Edward threw him a glance.

"I should go before I have to show Emmett a thing or two." He sad snidely.

Emmett let out a loud guffaw and stood up. "Oh, you wish you could brother."

"You want to try your luck Emmett?" Edward threatened taking his stance. Emmett smiled and was about to answer when Bella stepped in.

"I think that you should wait until later." Bella said to both of them. Then looking at Edward she said, "You should probably leave soon. You don't want to be interrupting once the game starts." She smiled. "You know how Charlie is."

"Yes, I suppose your right." Edward looked over at Emmett. "Guess its your lucky night."

"Oh I don't think so. Your the one who is lucky...but we'll find out later...you and me."

Edward rolled his eyes and turned back to me. "I'll see you later." He kissed her chastely. Then was gone.

They waited until they couldn't heart he cars engine anymore. Which didn't take long considering how fast they drive.

Jasper turned to us. "Lets get this plan put into action."

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