Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 24

Renesmee stands staring at the ring a few moments before looking at Jake. She looked confused.

"Jake, this-this looks like the ring in the pictures of your mom." She says almost reverently.

Jake instantly became nervous. Does she not like it? "Th-thats because it is. I-Is that OK?" He asks her hesitantly. He is now nervous that she might not like it.

"No no no, its perfect. I just wanted to make sure that it was OK with you. You don't talk about her much."

Jake didn't want this to become a serious conversation. It was supposed to be a time to celebrate.

"Look Nessie, I didn't know her very well, but I know that I loved her with all my heart. Almost as much as I love you." He smiled. "And I know that she would have been honored for you to wear it." She smiled at him.

"Really? Oh Jake that means so much!" He wrapped her in a hug. Relishing the touch.

"Now, what do you say we go to Seattle, to the same restaurant that we were at when you came back to me after being kidnapped. Seems like a good place for celebration."

"Ok its getting a little late and I am hungry." She shivered realizing now that the sun moved away from them.

"I know that your cold and I would offer my 108 degrees of warmth but considering how we...uh.. you know. Get carried away I think that its best we just get dressed and go." She looked at him disappointed. "Now don't be giving me that look you know that its not that I don't want to." He chuckled when she put out her bottom lip in a pout. She managed to grab his wrist before he realized what she was doing and pulled him to her.

"I love you Jacob." She said looking him in the eye. They were standing pressed against each other. She ran her hands down his arms and entwined their hands. A chill ran down his spine. Even though he wasn't cold. Her touch did things to him. He felt the ring on her finger and it excited him. He played with it.

"I like this ring on your finger. Lets everyone know your mine." He said proudly.

"Always." She smiled at him. They kissed, and Nessie was the one to break it this time. "As hungry as I am for you...I am hungrier for real food."

"Then lets go." They gathered up their clothes got dressed and headed back the path to the car.

Alice walked beside Rose and Lucy. Lucy was coming out of her shell. Alice was actually starting to like her. Rose on the other hand was being quite rude. She knew something was bothering her but didn't know what. She tried to get a vision on what it was but it was hazy. Like she couldn't decide what she was going to do.

She was interrupted by Roses comment. "Oh, great the dog followed us here." Alice looked around to see what she meant. She saw Jacob.

It hit her all at once a vision. Jake asking Edward for his blessing to marry Nessie.

She was overcome with excitement. She saw Jake realize that she knew and he shook his head ever so slightly.

She frowned but knew that it was his and Renesmees news to tell so she quickly hid her disappointment.

"Wheres Renesmee?" Alice asked once they met up.

"She uh- needed to freshen up." He blushed thinking of the state of disarray they were in after their afternoon of fun.

"I see. Oh, were are my manners. Lucy this is Jake, Jake this is Lucy. She is here for a while. She uh, needs our help." They nodded at each other in greeting.

"Um, Alice do you mind if I make a phone call? I need to check on my friend."

"Sure they are over in the food court by the restrooms. So, why are you guys at the mall?"

"Oh, nessie wanted to buy a new dress, we were going to dinner and she didn't want to wear what she had on. Where is Rose."

"Oh, she saw you coming and went to the shoe store and is giving the poor clerk a hard time. " Jake shook his head.

"Is it just me or is she more irritable than usual?" He noticed the strained look she had before answering.

"Just between you and me Jake. I am worried about her I have been trying to see her future and figure out what it is but I can't its too hazy."

"Wonder what shes up to?" Jake thought aloud.

Renesmee came out of the bathroom and noticed the stranger right away. She was a vampire. She stayed out of her line of sight to over hear her conversation.

"I don't care what Parker says...I can't do this. No, of course I'm not gonna join them. I just- but, OK. I'll call back again later. Goodbye." Lucy stood there with her head down...her hand still on the phone. She was really beginning to like this family who had taken her in. Alice especially. She couldn't do this anymore she was going to have to come clean.

Nessie couldn't believe her ears. She knew she had to let Alice know. She leaned against the pillar and closed her eyes focusing on what she was going to tell Alice. The vision came quickly and easily. She let her know she found a vampire who knew about Parker and sent a vision of what she looked like. Her phone started ringing. She looked at the caller ID it was Jake.

"Jake I just saw a vampire talking about Park- what?! OK, ill be right there." Nessie let out a sigh. This whole situation can't be over soon enough. She thought to herself ruefully.

When she turned to leave she noted that the mysterious vampire was gone. She hurried through the crowds to where Jake said he was with Alice. When she got there she couldn't believe her eyes there with her family was her! She stepped protectively between her and Jake a low growl escaping her lips. She felt Jakes hand on her should but chose to ignore it until Alice spoke.

"Nessie, its OK, shes with us." Nessie reluctantly took her eyes off the vampire. She stood there silently for a couple seconds debating on whether to deal her hand and lose her advantage. She decided to reveal knowledge but only to Alice and Jake. She took his hand and focused one what she knew. She heard Alice gasp. She pulled Lucy into a secluded hall and Jake and I followed.

"What do you think your doing?! We took you in and treated you like family and you betray us by checking in with Parker! After all he did to us."

Lucy was stuttering like an idiot and Nessie knew they had her.

"L-look, I started this without knowing what I was getting into. Then when I got here I realized that you were different than she said. You are caring and loving and took me in without a second thought. Made me feel like family. Told me about a different way of living than the one I'm used to. I'm so sorry and want to set this right. Please let me help. I know things that can help you." Alice's gaze shifted to meet mine, then Jakes.

"Jake, call Sam tell him to meet Jasper and Bella at the Quileute border. They are going to need their help."

Jasper and Bella waited for Sam at the border just like Alice said too. Jake and Nessie were heading to Charlies and Alice and Rose were on their way to meet Bella and Jazz. Carlisle and Emmett were on their way up to Parkers house to check on Chase who they asked to keep tabs on Parker in case something happened.

Jasper saw Sam approach. He quickly explained the situation and he was more than willing to help. He said that he would gather the others and meet them in 10 minutes. Jasper used that time to call Alice and see where she was and if everything was going according to plan. She informed him of the information Lucy had given them. They agreed to meet at Parkers in half an hour. Lucy decided to come along just to give them an advantage since she knew Mona. She felt guilty about betraying her but she had the rest of eternity to think about.

When they reached Parkers they had the wolves flank the house on all sides. Hidden in the shadows, bushes and the few trees there were in this flat land. Jasper thought it would be best if they were in their human form since the terrain was so sparse. They decided that it would be Bella to go in first since he was who he originally wanted. See how he reacts and they would have Emmett behind the bush by the door to barge in after he and Bella spoke.

"Ready brother." Jasper asked Emmett. He looked at Jasper and nodded. He could feel his apprehension and he sent a wave of calmness over his way. Emmett smiled.

"Thanks. Lets get this over with." Bella and Emmett walked up to the front door and knocked. "I can't believe we're just knocking on his front door like normal people. As if he deserves civility." Emmett muttered. Bella smiled at him. Hoping to put him at ease. She could have swore if she had a heartbeat it would be pounding right now, but she steeled herself against what she had to do. She would do anything for her family, they had already done so much for her. They heard a shuffle of feet and then the door opened to reveal a rather good looking vampire. He looked similar to Emmett the same hair color and build, but less muscular than Emmett.

"Parker, nice to finally meet you. I believe i'm the one you were wanting." He stared at her blankly. "You kidnapped my daughter." He still stood there looking at her blankly. She shifted her gaze to Emmett. That was all he needed he grabbed Bella and pulled her inside slamming the door. Emmett was on his feet and pounded the door in with his immense strength. Jasper and Alice were there a few moments later. Emmett had him pinned to the wall a menacing growl escaping his lips.

Emmett hated doing this to his brother, especially after all this time. He dropped him as he heard his family come in after him. He backed up as Parker drug himself off the floor. "Why! Why would you do this to me!" Emmett yelled at him. "After all we went through together...all I did for you." He said softer.

"That was decades ago. Those things don't matter anymore." Parker said in a sneer. "Its your fault that things went the way they did. After you disappeared everything went downhill. Mom was depressed. Dad was guilty...blamed himself for whatever happened to you. After a while things got better, but it was never the same. I decided to go after you...try and find you. All I got for my trouble was a run in with a vampire." He looked around at the others as if realizing that they were there for the first time. "So this is your new family..." Rose decided to come in just then unable to wait any longer from a distance. She went to Emmetts side taking a protective stance beside him. Parker let out a humorless laugh.

"So! This is your mate then. I must say Emmett you do have good taste. She is beautiful." Emmett let out another growl and took a step forward. "Now, now, no need to be hasty. My mate should be here soon enough." Bella stepped forward now too.

"Wait, if you have a mate then why go to all this trouble to get me." Parker smirked at her in a way that made her skin crawl.

"You see Bella, I have been following Emmett for years. I waited to find one thing that I knew would make him the angriest. I thought about killing his mate..." Emmett let out another growl. "But that was to easy...not fun at all. Then when this Edward met you, and wanted to take you as his mate I thought here is my chance. I can kill two birds with one stone. Destroy Emmetts 'brother' and hurt Emmett by taking you. I knew how fond he was of you even as a human. I wanted to take you as my mate, but since I found mine I have no need for you now." He turned to Emmett. "I also blame you for this life...this eternal existence...that seemed so boring until I met Mona."

"Where is your mate, I don't see her around here." Alice asked him.

"She should be here anytime now. She went out to get her dinner."

As if right on cue they hear a voice behind them. "So, I'm gone for an hour and you throw a homecoming party without me Parker. I'm hurt. " They all turned to Mona judging what her next move was. "Let's end this."

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