Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 3

He stood a few yards away admiring her. She was beautiful. Much more so than when she was merely human. She suddenly stopped. He ducked behind a tree. He knew that she couldn't smell him. He made sure that he stayed downwind from them to avoid exactly that. He had to try to lure her out. Yes, he would lure her out he thought making up his mind. They were running again. He followed making sure to be downwind and out of their range of hearing. As long as he couldn't hear them they couldn't hear him. That and he had her mate to worry about. He could hear thoughts.

He watched them for half an hour. He was growing tired of their flirting and foreplay. It made him sick. She was his she just didn't know it yet. He was just about to give up when they decided to part ways to do their hunting. Now was his chance. He had to make her notice him. He tried his best to predict her path and made his way through the forest to get in front of her.

He stayed out of the wind just to keep the element of surprise in his favor. He watched her as she stalked a cougar. He moved to a position where he would have the advantage. He took a deep breath and lunged to attack.

Edward chased Bella through the woods. He was faster than her so he caught up easily and wrapped his arms around her waist as they both went tumbling to the ground. Bella laughing freely. He loved her laugh, he loved everything about her. As they came to a stop she landed on top of him with a thud. He grinned up at her.

"Bella, I do believe that I won," he stated smugly. She searched his eyes trying to decide how she wanted to play this out.

"I let you win," she stated confidently. He raised his eyebrows at her. She rest her arms on his chest for support as she reached up to his face, running her fingers down his cheek. He let out a quiet murmurer of pleasure. "I am willing to give you a rematch if you think your up to it," she said seductively.

"So, you want to play," he asked her with a threat in his voice. She knew that look. Before she could get up he had her on her back and was hovering over her before she knew it. She let out a giggle. He leaned in closer invading her space. He reached his hand up to her face. She held her breath and closed her eyes anticipating the kiss.

"You have leaves in your hair," he whispered in her ear. She let out the breath she was holding and pushed on his chest as he laughed not moving.

"Now Bella, don't be a grouch. Since you were so gracious as to let me win, I think it only fair that I should repay you somehow." His face was inches away. Noses almost touching. They remained there eyes locked on each other oblivious to the birds songs or the gentle wind blowing through the trees. Annoyance forgotten her gaze faltered falling to his full lips. Unable to hold out any longer, even if teasing her was enjoyable, he closed the remaining distance and captured her mouth with his. They both let out a groan. She reached up and let her fingers tangle in his hair causing leaves to fall around them. He slid his hand down to grasp her leg letting it glide up until it rested on her thigh. They bowed against each other in anticipation. Bella started to pull away.

"Edward, we need to stop," she said it unconvincingly as he traced kisses down her jaw and throat. She let out a weak laugh. "Edward really we need to hunt and get back to Renesmee." He sighed and rest his head on my shoulder.

"Ok, but were going to finish this later." He lifted his head to give me a swift kiss before getting up and extending a hand to help me. I thought it would be better for us to hunt alone so we agreed to meet back at the house in a half an hour. With one last glance over my shoulder I took off following a scent I picked up. One of my favorite dinners. Cougar.

I made my way silently and swiftly through the trees with a grace I never had when I was human. I had the cougar in my sights. I could feel my anticipation growing. I shouldnt have waited so long to hunt. The cougar moved a few paces to the right putting it right in my path. Just as I was about to spring something caught my eye to the left, just before I caught the scent. Another Vampire. He sprung forward just before I screamed for Edward.

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