Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 5

Jacob ran through the forest letting his thoughts run freely through his mind. Seeing Edward and Bella. Recognizing that she could use her new gift. Alice's vision. Comforting Renesme. Laughing with her in the kitchen. Nessie saying she loved him. His feelings of fear over all the different scenarios that could be insinuated with this latest threat. What it could possibly mean to his new family. One that included Bella and Renesmee.

He soon made it to the reservation. Following Sams instructions on where the chase was taking place. He ran as fast as he could, determined to catch this vampire. The chase was a jumble of thoughts in his head.

'He went north up the stream,'though Seth.

'I see him.'thought Paul.

'Paul we will flank him you go on his right I'll go on the left.' Sam ordered.

'Good idea Sam,' thought Jacob.

Jacob was in the chase now. Suddenly the vampire stopped and there was a stirring in the wind. Jake felt something off. Just as the wolves were about to descend on the vampire. Jacob saw a huge wall of water rising in the stream.

'Seth! Sam! Paul! Look out behind you!' Jacob warned them, but it was to late the wave descended upon them, sweeping them away. Jacob was shocked. Although he shouldn't be after all the different gifts he saw when there were like a hundred vampires gathered for the showdown with the Volturi. Ok, not a hundred but to many for his comfort. Pushing his uneasiness aside he tried to find where the vampire went but in the midst of the confusion he disappeared. He swore to himself as he turned to help out the the others making sure they were alright after their dunking.

Bella wrapped her arms around her daughter finally letting the weight of the whole mornings events envelop her. She clung to Renesmee as a lifeline to the present while her mind took her to earlier. She remembered the way Edward was looking at her while she teased and tempted him. Then the feeling of his hands on her as they clung to each other, overwhelmed in a kiss that was as exciting and new as the first. Then she remembered how her whole morning and good mood dissolved with the attack of the unknown vampire. 'You will be mine...those you love will suffer...'she shuddered as she remembered those chilling words.

Sensing her mothers fear and feeling her shudder Renesmee tightened her hold on her. "I love you mom. I'm sorry you were scared."

"I wasn't scared sweetie, just caught off guard," she lied quickly. She hated lying to her daughter but she felt that given the circumstances it would be best for her to downplay the mornings events. Her daughter had been exposed to, too much as it was. Bella planted a kiss on her forehead. "And I love you too."

Edward watched the scene unfold between Bella and his daughter in the kitchen. He felt as though a knife was slicing through him. The whole way back to the house he kept running through this morning in his mind, wondering what he could have done differently to change the outcome. He thought that things were safe now that the showdown with the Volturi was over. He thought that leaving Bella hunt alone would be fine. Give her some space let her explore herself as a vampire. Knowing that she hadn't been able to do that before with all the pressing matters that had arose after she turned. He knew that he couldn't have anticipated the attack and that it was nothing he did to cause it, or that the vampire getting away was his fault either. His protectiveness over his family still prevented him from feeling anything else.

Jasper left Alices' side to step beside Edward placing his hand on his shoulder. He could sense the array of feelings he was going through, the main being fear, fury, and regret. "You did everything you could Edward," Jasper tried to reassure him. "We will get him. That's a promise." Edward turned and gave a small smile as thanks. He loved his family. Their steadfast love and devotion always there in the midst of whatever they faced together.

At Jasper's voice Bella rose and turned drawing Renesmee to her side. Clinging to her for comfort and reassurance unconsciously. As if having her nestled at her side would make things better. Bella's eyes rested on Edward staring at her intently, as if she were the only one in the room, and was quickly caught up in his gaze.

Suddenly overcome with emotion and the events of the day, Edward crossed the kitchen, grabbed Bella and kissed her, putting all his emotions he felt that morning into it. His mouth moved roughly over hers with a sense of urgency. His hands framed her face drawing her deeper into it. All other thoughts forgotten Bella curled her hands into the front of his shirt desperately. Overcome with need Bella deepened the kiss tilting her head to the side. Caught up, forgetting that they were in the middle of the kitchen surrounded by their family, they continued to kiss until Renesmee interrupted.

"UGH! Yuck, you guys are so gross!" They pulled away abruptly. If Bella would have been able to blush she was sure she would have been a million different shades of red. Edward reached down to ruffle Nessies' hair.

"Don't worry Nessie, someday you'll be doing that yourself with some guy and your dad will want to beat him up for doing it," Emmett said with a teasing grin. Renesmee stuck her tongue out at him. Edward flinched remembering Jacob had imprinted on her. Something Emmett clearly forgot. Edward turned to glare at him.

"That's enough of that kind of talk," Edward stated coolly to Emmett. Bella knew Edwards thoughts and felt the need to stand up for Jacob and maybe even tease Edward about it, having kissed Jake before. All that forgotten because before she could utter a word she realized that she wasn't blocking her thoughts as Edward whipped around to face her. She raised her hands in defense taking a step back.

"You knew I was teasing." He gazed at her from eyes heated with annoyance and tinged slightly with humor.

"You are in an awfully playful mood today Mrs. Cullen," he threatened softly. Jasper sensing the quick change in mood decided it best they take leave and let them release their tension from today in their own way.

Grinning at what he knew was to come between them he called across the kitchen, "Nessie, lets go, I believe that you owe me a game of checkers. Unless your afraid that I'm going to beat you again." Renesmee looked at Jasper gladly taking up the challenge if only to get away from her parents mushy displays of affection. She left with Alice and Jasper to go to the living room.

"Carlisle why don't we go help Rosalie and Emmett search the woods for any clues," Esme said softly. She pulled Carlisle away while grinning towards her son, who was still staring intently at his wife.

Bella absently noticed everyone's sudden urgency to leave, and wondered if she had made the right decision to tease Edward. She stood anxiously waiting for him to say something...anything.

"So, you think Jacob kisses pretty well huh?"

"I- I w-well...um..I mean... you know I was just joking," she finally managed to stammer. "I mean, I chose you after all didn't I," Bella said quickly fearing an argument. Edward closed the distance between them with painful slowness. He lifted his hand to trace a line down her neck, along her collar bone and down farther to the slight swell of her breasts. He heard her quick intake of breath. "Edward.." she half moaned. He put a finger to her lips.

"Maybe I should remind you of how well I can kiss," Edward all but purred. Bellas thoughts went to the kiss they shared in the woods that morning.

"I know how well you kiss. I remember this morning," she stated boldly and regaining some composure. She liked this teasing. This banter that they had come to enjoy doing to each other. Ever since she turned she felt a confidence she never had as a human. Drawing on that confidence now she turned the tables on him. She reached up to wrap her arms around his neck. She let her body mold to his tightly, in a rather suggestive manner. She then whispered softly in his ear, "I also remember you saying something about us finishing it later..."

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