Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 6

Jacob walked back towards his house with his pack discussing different plans on what to do about their unexpected guest.

"I think that it would be best to wait to see what the Cullens are thinking before we make any solid plans. I mean were not even sure what the threat was exactly," Sam was thinking out loud.

"She was threatened that's enough for me," Jake said moodily. He knew he shouldn't take his frustration out on Sam but he couldn't help it.

"I wasn't trying to imply that it wasn't important," Sam said cautiously. "Only that until we know the whole situation and how serious it is, we should just wait until we hear the Cullens thoughts. I mean it was Bella that was threatened and not anyone here."

"That's true but hunting vampires is what we do, and who's to say that, that stupid vamp won't come back on Quileute land." They had finally reached Jacobs house.

"Well, Jacob why don't you call the Cullens and see what they have to say and get back to us. Afterwards you should spend some time with your dad. He may be feeling better but it would be nice for you to spend some time with him just in case it doesn't last." Sam looked at Jacob willing him to understand the meaning behind his words. Jacob looked up at Sam with alarm.

"Do you know something I don't know Sam?" Jacob looked at him with in accusation.

"Just keep it in mind." He gave Jacob one last look before turning to leave. Jake stood there a moment wondering what Sam could have meant. His dad was fine when he left this morning. He knew that he had some test results that they were waiting on but his dad seemed his normal self. Jacob turned to go in his house.

Everything was the same as when he left it. There was a stack of unopened letters on the kitchen table, dishes that needed washed in the sink. No sign of his dad though he must be taking nap. He has been tired lately since becoming sick. He made his way to the living room taking a seat on the well used couch. He would make a quick phone call to the Cullens to let them know what happened.

He picked up the phone and put it to his ear to check for the dial-tone, but stopped when he heard voices on the line. He was about to hang up when he heard his dad say "Are you sure its cancer?"

Jacob froze. He covered the end of the phone so they wouldn't hear his now jagged breathing. "Yes, I'm sorry Mr. Black but it has progressed significantly since your last visit." Last visit? How long has he known?

"I thought that you said that the shadowing could just be remnants of pneumonia."

"Well, that's what we thought it was at first but your recent x-rays prove that it is indeed cancer. I'm so sorry, but we did discuss this as a possibility at your last appointment."

Jacob could listen to no more. He put the phone down as quietly as he could with his now shaking hands. He had to get out of here. He had to go somewhere to think. He could feel it building up inside him and he did nothing to stop it. He left the house quietly then took off at a sprint from the house toward the woods. Just as he reached the woods he phased into a wolf jumping into the treeline.

He ran not knowing where he was going. Needing to find some sort of solace. He let out a growl as he remembered that he needed to talk to the Cullens. That and he promised Nessie that he would keep her updated. Oh, Nessie. With the rapidness she was growing she was on the brink of womanhood, which left Jacob torn as to what he felt. He wanted to protect her and be her friend. Be there to listen to a problem or just to talk when things got to be too much. He needed to see her. To know that she was alright. She was his anchor. No matter what happened in his life he knew that she would always be there and that he loved her with his whole heart.

He made his way towards the Cullens house trying not to think of his dad so Edward wouldn't know. A few yards out he phased back into his human self. He decided to focus on Bella and what they should do to protect her. Edward walked out to meet him. He could already tell by the look on his face he didn't avoid thinking of his dad soon enough. He met Edward on the edge of the forest. There was a moment of silence as they each tried to gauge the others mood.

"Listen Jacob, I'm so sorry about your dad. Hes a good man. Is there anything that I can do?" Edward asked hesitantly.

"Ya, don't say anything to anyone. They have enough to worry about right now without worrying about me. Other than that I can't think of anything right now but I'll let you know." Trying to lighten the mood Jacob punched Edward on the arm. They grinned at each other with goofy grins, before turning for the house. Jacobs thoughts turned to Renesmee, and he wondered absently where she was.

"Shes out on the tire swing out back," Edward said smugly. Jacob rolled his eyes as he shook his head laughing.

"Thanks, but try not to read my thoughts later...or listen to our conversation." This time it was Jacobs turn to be smug. Edwards thoughts turned to Emmetts earlier comment, and Bellas teasing. He visibly winced at the memory. "Don't worry I wont try anything until she is ready. She means too much to me." He hesitated before adding. "I know that this can't be easy for you but I really do love her, and I'm not planning on going anywhere."

Edward gave him a sideways glance contemplating Jacobs words. They haven't ever really been close and Jacob wouldn't have taken what he said to him lightly. He knew he meant it and decided that he would rather it be Jacob than anyone else. Not to mention the thought of it being anyone else would have dire consequences. No one could know about the existence of vampires and werewolves. Coming to terms with it he nodded. "Ok, but don't pressure her. It has to be her decision. I know you love her and would never hurt her, but I want her choosing you to be her choice not something she chooses because she thinks she has to because of you imprinting."

Jacob nodded in agreement. "Ok, I can do that."

Edward was standing in the kitchen looking into the eyes of his wife when Jacobs distressed thoughts entered his mind.

Bella saw the change in Edward and tensed She wondered what caused it. "Edward whats wrong?"

"Its Jacob. Looks like we will have to wait a little longer before I can follow up on that promise," he said ruefully. "Sorry. Later I promise. Go and get the others and gather in the den I'll be in soon. Jacob will too."

Bella nodded. "Ok, I love you." She kissed him deftly.

He let out a sound of enjoyment . "Mrs. Cullen you are tempting." She gave him a grin, satisfied. "But I really should go. See you in the den." Bella watched him go then went out in search of her family.

Jacob walked around the side of the house but stopped when Renesmee came into view. She was so beautiful it took his breath away. She sat on the tire swing tied to the branch of the old tree in the middle of the yard. The afternoon sunlight dancing in her hair. She sat there with a slight scowl on her face making him wonder what put it there. Just then a gentle breeze blew and she closed her eyes lifting her face to the sky welcoming it. A slight smile now playing on her lips. He felt longing deep inside him. Trying to push aside his desire was easier said than done as she leaned back her skirt accidentally slid up to expose a creamy white thigh. He instinctively drew a breath. Hearing his intake of breath and startled, her eyes flew open and she fell off the swing. Jacob rushed over to her. Before he could get a word out to ask if she was ok he was tackled to the ground arms wrapped around his neck. His hands caught her hips in reflex.

"Jacob! I missed you where have you been?! You said you would keep me posted." She frowned down at him. Her hair fell over her shoulders in soft waves.

"I'm sorry...uh..something came up," he answered huskily. Suddenly becoming aware that she was laying on top of him she blushed and scrambled to sit back and rested on her knees. He sat up pulling up his knees to rest his forearms on them. She was still so close their limbs still brushed against each other. She wouldn't meet his eyes. He lifted a hand to her chin, "Nessie, look at me." She hesitantly met his gaze. When she did the intensity of it took her breath away.

"Jacob...I..." she couldn't finish her thought she didn't know what to say. She was overwhelmed with all the emotions she was feeling. All so new. This was Jake after all. I mean could she really feel this way about her best friend? Did he feel the same way. Looking at him now she would say yes but she knew she wasn't ready yet. She managed to look away instantly feeling a loss somewhere deep inside her. "Jacob I- I'm sorry I attacked you like that."

Jacob took a deep breath reminding himself to be patient, and to honor the agreement he had made with Edward. She would have to come to realize if she was in love with him on her own. "Its ok Nessie. I should have made a better effort to let you know how I was." Jacob rose to his feet and extended a hand to Renesmee. "Come on were all meeting in the den."

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