Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 7

By the time Renesme and Jake entered the den everyone was already gathered. He heard Carlisle asking Bella about what happened. "Bella I know that today must have been a shock for you but can you remember anything about what he looked like?"

Bella closed her eyes recalling the memory. "He was about Edwards height, but had Emmetts build." Her eyes flew open. "Emmett!" she gasped. "Emmett he said something about you!" She shook her head as she beat herself up that she didn't remember it before. "He said will suffer. 'You will be mine or those you love and tell Emmett I said hello." Bella shivered again remembering the look in his eyes when he said it. Edward no longer able to stand it took Bellas hand. She accepted it grateful. Just the thought of someone saying those words to her made him furious.

"I am so sorry I wasn't there." He pressed his face in her hair. Giving her hand one last squeeze he let it go. Emmett stood there shocked. He wracked his brain trying to think of someone that he could have upset or of any enemies that he may have made in the time he had been a vampire. He was drawing a blank.

"Bella, I- " he didn't know where to start. "I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. Even worse that he used me against you. I honestly have no idea who it could be. Can you maybe describe him to me?"

"I can try. His hair was like a golden brown, muscular like you. Now that I think of it I swear, Emmett, he could have been your twin."

"Your right Bella, he did. I didn't get a good glimpse of him in my vision but its true from what I could see he could pass as your brother Emmett." Alice agreed grasping Jaspers hand.

"Well, I did have brothers as a human but I don't think any of them became vampires." He looked at Rosalie. "Although I didn't really keep tabs on them after I was rescued by my angel. So, theoretically I suppose it is possible." He gave Rosalie a small smile trying to keep things light even though on the inside his fear was growing rapidly.

"So whats the plan? Sam didn't want to do anything until you guys had an idea of what you were going to do. You have our support for patrols and what not. Beyond that its up to you guys for a plan of action."

"Thank you Jacob. We appreciate it." Carlisle said to him always the peace keeper. "Edward I know this concerns your family, but you are all my family so if you don't mind me helping out." Edward nodded. "Ok, Alice do you think that you and Bella could put together a sketch of the vampire?"

"Sure Carlisle. Bella why don't we start on that now." With that they left the room. Edward watched them leave. Grateful to start having somewhere to start.

"Jacob as soon as they are done I'll see to it that you get a copy so that you can let the others know what he looks like." Edward looked at Jacob. "Then you can keep a patrol on our house and your land."

"That's a good idea Edward, that way we can have a chance to feed so we can be strong should we have to fight soon. We then can help keeping a patrol. Esme and I will go now to hunt with Emmett and Rosalie that way we can be strong. You Jacob, Alice, and Jasper stay and watch over Renesmee and Bella." With plans set they left.

He walked into his house slamming the door. How could he have been so stupid?! Of course she was going to scream. Especially after being on edge since their last encounter with the Volturi. He was planning on her being stunned into silence that way he could make his case and then try to court her. Charm his way into her heart and make her realize that he is her true mate.

He continued to stomp around the house berating himself for his stupidity. He was so self absorbed he didn't realize that his friend Chase was yelling at him.

"Parker! Parker! What is your problem?!" Parker looked at him blankly. Chase waved his hand in front of his face. His words finally registering he answered.

"Its nothing of your concern!" He snapped. "I had a bad morning is all."

"Well, you keep up this temper tantrum you will have the neighbors call the police on us."

"Oh, please the Canadians are weak. We could take out whatever cop comes this way without a problem." Parker waved him off without a second thought again trying to think of a new plan.

"Parker you know we can't do that or else that would defeat the purpose of moving here to begin with. You lost control last time and that's why we had to leave Washington." He mumbled knowing his friend was already lost in his thoughts. He was growing tired of his friends careless, nonchalant attitude towards hunting, and humans. He shook his head.

Parker knew his friend was getting fed up with his bad habits but he couldn't help it. He preferred to move around anyway. Chase was the one who wanted roots, and he thought it was a good idea since that was what Bella was used to anyway. He was beginning to have doubts. He shook his head as if to shake away the nuisance of his friends angry outburst. He instead turned his thoughts to the dilemma of Bella. He grabbed his MP3 player and went to his room to put together some sort of plan.

He sat there for two hours and countless songs later before a plan began to form. He would sneak in every other month to keep tabs on her. Then when things cooled off and she thought it was safe he would do something so brilliant Bella would have no other choice but to come with him. Yes, as it solidified in his mind he he knew it was the best option. Renesmee was the key.

Bella and Edward sat in their house enjoying the quiet, but Bella was anything but relaxed. She did enjoy the quiet but her mind kept returning to what could have possibly happened to the vampire that threatened her and Emmett and their loved ones.

Edward looked at his wife. She wasn't aware that her thoughts weren't blocked so he knew what she was thinking. He didn't like her to have to live in constant fear. "Bella stop worrying. Maybe it was a hoax. Its been months since we have even seen or heard from him. " He didn't believe the hoax part but wanted comfort her.

'I love you Edward even when you read my thoughts. I just don't want to let my guard down and then be unprepared if something happens again.' Gazing into his beautiful golden brown eyes she gave a small smile. Her power was almost second nature now, controlling it almost effortless. Almost. Deciding that distraction was best for both of them she changed the subject. "And if I remember correctly Renesmee won't be back from shopping with Rosalie and Alice for a few hours." She said seductively as she straddled his lap. "So, lets forget everything for a while, and just enjoy each other."

"Mmmm... I couldn't think of anything better." He said. "But lets head home."

He liked her idea,but not here at Carlisles. Lets head back to our place. They ran off to their house that was a gift from their family. Bella walked in backwards falling into the couch.He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips pulling her hips closer to his. She let out a moan. He slowly moved his kisses down her jaw to her neck then down farther to her chest. She bowed back against him giving him better access. He made his way back to her mouth. Lifting her up as they clumsily tried to make their way to the bedroom. They made their way from the living room into the kitchen running into the kitchen table. He slammed her into the wall in the entry way as he found her neck again. His hands roaming freely over her torso and chest. She wove her fingers into his hair before she reached to pull off his shirt. He deftly unbuttoned her blouse while holding her against the wall. She loosened his pants as he grabbed her bottom to move towards the bedroom. They finally made it to the bedroom collapsing on the bed and giving in made love with each other as the sun made its way across the sky.

They both lay there sated wrapped in each others arms. The birds outside the window sang cheerfully. The leaves ruffling in the wind. She rolled over to rest her forearms on his chest, so she could look down at his face. "Charlie invited us over for dinner tomorrow. Billy Black will be there. He apparently has something important he wants to discuss. Jacob is going so I'm assuming Renesmee will want to go." Thoughts of Jacobs fathers news crossed Edwards mind. Jacob hasn't said much about it since the day Bella was attacked. "They seem to be pretty close lately."

"Ya, I spoke to Jacob about it. I told him not to pressure her. That she had to come to realize that she loved him on her own. I didn't want her to feel pressured to have to feel that way because he imprinted."

"That's funny because I talked to him the other day about the same thing." She laughed softly laying beside him again. Turning serious she added. "The reason being I think she truly may be in love with him and not even know it yet."

Renesmee felt exhausted. She forgot how overwhelming shopping with Rosalie and Alice could be. They sat at the food court. Nessie finishing her lunch, while Alice and Rosalie talked about some other stores they wanted to visit. Renesmee couldn't bear the thought of one more second shopping. Suddenly a thought came to her. "Hey Alice. I was wondering I'm pretty tired. Uh, do you mind me maybe calling Jake and getting a ride home with him?" Alice looked over at her. Mulling it over in her head.

"I don't know. What do you think Rose?" Rosalie shrugged. She sent a quick text to Bella letting her know that Renesmee would be going home with Jake. "Ok, but we're staying with you until he gets here." Nessie threw her arms around Alice in delight.

"Thank you Aunt Alice!"

"Geez Nessie I didn't think we were that boring." Rosalie teased. Renesmees face flushed.

"Oh, I don't thing that has anything to do with it. Renesmee has a thing for Jake." Alice chimed in. Nessie unable to take any more embarrassment and took her tray to the trash. As she made her way back to the table she tried her best to sound neutral.

"Jacob is in the area today so it shouldn't take long for him to get here."

She was right within a half an hour she was loading her bags in his car and waving goodbye to Alice and Rose.

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