Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 8

Jacob was glad to have received Nessies phone call. He hadn't had much time with her the past few weeks. When they were alone they talked for hours. Their relationship was blossoming. He was so in love with her, and had a feeling she was getting there too. Ever since their embrace by the tire swing Nessie had changed toward him. Not in a bad way but in a way that she seemed more aware of him. Their meetings had a routine. When they first saw each other she was nervous. As if unsure how to act, but once they got talking she was animated and passionate. She was the same today.

"Did you have fun shopping?" He glanced over at her.

"Yes. Thank you for asking."

He rolled the idea of asking his next question around in his head, then decided that going with a direct approach always worked best with her. "Nessie why are you always so nervous when we first see each other?" He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted her to be comfortable with him. She looked over at him a bit shocked at his forwardness. She couldn't tell him her true feelings. Not until she was sure how he felt. She couldn't bear telling him her feelings and not having them returned. Whats even worse is if she told him and he didn't feel the same then she might lose his friendship and that would be the greatest loss yet. She didn't think she would survive it.

"I- I don't know." She lied. She cursed herself as a blush crept up her face, giving her away.

Deciding that this wasn't a discussion for the car he pulled into a park with trails they could walk. She looked around then at him confused. "What are we doing here?" He parked the car and turned to face her. He took a deep breath and realized that he was nervous.

"Nessie, I think that we should talk..." She looked at him expectantly. "About us." She looked down at her hands in her lap. "Nessie." He reached for her hand. She drew in a breath. Her heart was pounding.

"Jake." He laced her hand with his. She looked up at him through her thick lashes. His heart stopped. She was so beautiful. He shook his head as if to clear it. He was gonna need some fresh air if he was going to say this.

"Lets go for a walk." He walked around the car and opened her door for her. They walked in silence for a while before Renesmee couldn't take it anymore.

"Jake, I don't know what your thinking but I can't take this silence anymore. Will you please just say what it is you wanted to." She put her hand on his arm to stop him. He turned to face her. They were on a path in the woods. Shaded by the pine trees. The sun was out. A rare occurrence for Forks.

"Nessie. Renesmee, I- I don't know how to say this so..." He leaned in until they were a breath away. He waited to see if she would protest. When she didn't he closed the distance. When their lips met there was a spark of heat. He brought his hands up to cup her face. Her hands wrapped in his shirt. He knew kissing her would be wonderful but what he didn't expect was how badly he wanted her. He slid his hand around to the back of her head wrapping his hands in her hair. Realizing that he was getting carried away he pulled back. "I'm sorry," he said huskily, "I've wanted to do that since they day I saw you on the tire swing."

Now she was confused. This is what shes wanted for so long, but she couldn't help but wonder if it meant the same thing to him as it did her. He rested his forehead on hers. "Jake. I-"

"Nessie please wait. I'm sorry that I got carried away but it was the only way I knew how to tell you how I felt."

"What do you mean? I mean- how do you feel? Do you just like me or..." She couldn't bring herself to finish that sentence. She searched his eyes while she waited her unfinished sentence lingering in the air between them. He took his hand and placed it on her chest. She took a quick intake of breath.

"Your heart is racing." He brought her hand up to his chest. "So is mine Nessie. My heart races every time I'm around you. Every time I hear your laugh my knees go weak. And your smile." His finger traced the outline of her lips. Her breath and his going jagged. He cleared his throat. "Your smile is enough to take my breath away."

"Oh, Jake. I-" She stood there staring into his eyes and decided it was now or never. "Jake I love you. I hope that this doesn't ruin things between us. I mean if you don't fe-" She was unable to finish her sentence her lips suddenly busy with Jakes. This kiss was tender, gentle, without all the heat of the first.

"I love you too Renesmee. I always have and always will." She felt lighter. Like she could float away. "I am glad that you feel this way. Nessie." He waited until she looked at him. "Charlie is having a dinner at his house with your parents and Billy. I am gonna be there too. My dad has some news to share, and I'm really going to need you tonight. Will you please come?"

Her feeling of lightness was quickly replaced with worry. "Of course Jacob. Are you ok?"

"I will be." They started to walk back to the car, hand in hand. Her thoughts wandering.

"How am I going to tell my parents about us." she wondered aloud. Jacob gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

"I think they already have an idea." He smiled at her and she blushed. "We have been flirting and dancing around the subject for a while. We should get back so you can get ready for tonight."

Bella and Edward were just getting ready to leave for Charlies when they heard Renesmees laughing. "Oh, Jacob I don't think that I'll ever let you forget that one."

"What? It looked like a pirate to me!"

"Jake, pirates have a eye patch, a big hat and a wooden leg. He wasn't even close." she continued to laugh.

"He had two out of three. All he was missing was the wooden leg. Not all pirates can be as good looking as Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean."

"Well, that didn't mean that you had to talk to me for the rest of the trip in that phony pirate voice. It was awful." They stopped in front of a tree outside her house. Her back leaning against it for support. She stood there wondering if he would give her another kiss. They stood there lost in each others eyes for what seemed like forever. "Jake, I would like to thank you for bringing me home. There was no telling how long I would have been there with Alice and Rose." She said looking down suddenly shy.

"It was no problem...really." He lifted her head up to look at him again. "I'm glad you called, and a few pit stops on the way home were fun too." He leaned forward and kissed her gently. He was about to pull away when she pulled him back. The force in the action catching him off guard. He quickly fell into it. They were just starting to explore when they heard someone clear their throat rather loudly. They jumped apart quickly. Renesmee turned to see her dad standing there. She flushed instantly.

"Dad! I- I mean I- Jake and I- I mean-" She looked to Jacob for help.

"Edward, I would like to date your daughter with your permission." Jacob said confidently. Nessie stood there the most nervous she could ever remember being. She searched his face trying to look for any clue as to what he was thinking, but it was impossible to tell.

He lifted his hand up to stroke his chin as if to be contemplating something life or death. He decided to have some fun with the situation...make them sweat a little.Then in an instant he clapped his hands together, causing her to jump, and smiled wide. "Welcome to the family Jacob!" He moved to shake his hand and drew him in close for a hug and whispered in his ear, " I had to play it up, it was too perfect to pass up. But remember our conversation. On her terms." He let Jake go. Jake gave him a quick nod stating he understood.

She stood there shocked. Mouth hanging open. She thought for sure she would have been in trouble. Although the more she thought of it the more it made sense she guessed. Jake has always been there. In a way he was already part of the family.

"Nessie go take your packages into the house were gonna be leaving to go to Jacobs house." Finding her voice again she said,

"I know Jacob already told me."

When they reached Charlies there were warm hugs and greetings passed. The house looked the same. She missed this place sometimes. The game was on TV and she assumed that Billy was already here. Sure enough he was in the kitchen 'supervising' as he called it.

"Hello Bella. "

"Hi Billy." I leaned down to hug him and noticed he had lost some weight. As we were pulling away I noticed a look in Jacobs eyes that made me uneasy. He met my gaze across the room.

'Whats wrong Jacob?' He shook his head. Then his whole face transformed into a grin. I turned to see Renesmee. She was flushed with embarrassment looking at the floor. Billy had noticed too.

"I see you finally made a move. Its about time son." This time it was Jakes turn to blush. He reached his hand out to Nessie.

"Come on Ness, lets take our seat at the table." She took his hand and followed him into the dining room. Charlie passed them on his way into the kitchen. He pointed at them with his thumb. A confused look on his face.

"Did I miss something." Edward smiled.

"Mr. Swan their dating." Charlie knew that there was something different with Renesmee, but never asked. afraid to ask, or afraid to know the answer. He shook his head and picked up the last dish to take to the dining room.

"Well, better eat before it gets cold." and with that he was gone. I smiled to myself. Good ole' Charlie. Always straight to the point.

Dinner was filled with conversation and laughter. Never a dull moment. It wasn't until dinner that things began to become awkward. Everyone was thinking it. What could Billys news be? Edward put his hand on my leg, gave it a squeeze. I looked up at him and he smiled. I knew he read my thoughts.

After everyone was filled with delicious food, and were sitting talking and enjoying coffee. Billy cleared his throat.

"I know I invited you all here to tell you some news and I figure its best to get it out now." He glanced at each of us around the table, lingering on Jacobs face. A pained expression maybe one of hurt crossed his features. He looked down quickly hoping it wasn't noticed. My dad leaned over to pat Billy on the shoulder in encouragement. Billy reached up to grab his hand. He took a deep breath looked up and said, " I have cancer, and have been given only 6 months to a year to live." We all looked at him stunned.

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