Edward, Bella, and Renesmee/New Beginnings

Chapter 9

Renesme looked over at Jacob who looked like the only one not shocked to hear this news. I remembered him saying that he would need me tonight and now I knew why. "Jake I-" I reached for his hand under the table to find it clenched into a fist. His breathing was becoming jagged and I knew he was fighting running out of here and phasing. I looked to Billy. "Billy I am so sorry. Is there anything that I can do?" I realized that I was the only one who seemed able to find my voice. He turned his gaze from Jacob to me and smiled a sad smile.

"Yes, Renesmee you can." I looked at him expectantly waiting for his request. "You can promise that you will look after Jacob." He glanced at his son. "He will need you this coming year." I looked at him weighing the meaning behind his words. He meant as more than a friend. He would need someone much closer than a friend to help get him through this year. I nodded.

"Of course Billy. Jacob means everything to me. I love him." I wouldn't have professed my feelings for Jacob publicly under normal circumstances. Especially when I just came to the realization myself recently. I felt my heart rate pick up at my unplanned confession.

Jacob pushed his chair back and stood taking us all by surprise. "I need some air. Excuse me." I looked up at him trying to read what he was feeling. He managed a half smile. "I love you too Nessie." He leaned down kissed me quickly and was gone before I could react.

I couldn't believe it. Never in all my endless life would I have suspected that this was Billys news. I turned to look at Edward. He for once looked at shocked as me. I knew he wouldn't have read Billys thoughts. It wasn't his way. He knew everyone needed their privacy. I turned to see Renesmee, my beautiful daughter so grown up, looking at Jacob. His own pain reflected on her own face. She truly did love him. I knew that she did but to see it so plainly written on her face was still new for me. I was stunned that she was the first to find her voice. I was even more shocked when Billy stated what he did.

He knew that she would understand his hidden meaning behind his words. I myself wasn't exactly sure how I felt about this development. I love Jacob and I trust him with my life, and have on occasion, but this was my daughter. A whole new love I've never known came with her birth. Then she actually said that she loved him. And he said it too...publicly. As thrilling as it was I tried to turn my attention back to Billy. He was looking out to where Renesmee had chased Jacob out the door. I reached for Edwards hand.

Jacob went out the back door. He stood there calming himself. The anger he felt was there but more so was hurt. His dad had looked so sad. He knew he had cancer but six months to a year!? It was less time then he thought. He heard Renesmee come out the door. Could feel the heat from her body against his back in the cool night air.

"Jake? Are you ok?" She asked softly. There was a pause and then she continued. "I know that's a stupid question, of course your aren't, but is there anything I can do for you?" He turned to face her. The moonlight casting a glow over her flawless features.

"You said you love me." He smiled. "In front of our family." She flushed. Her eyes sweeping downward towards the ground, then back up to me quickly.

"So did you," she pointed out meekly.

"Yeah," He said with a half smile.

She searched his face. Wondering how to go about this. She had known him as long as she could remember. He had always been there for her, no matter what. She had always relied on him to be there, and he never asked for anything in return. She was overcome with gratitude. Her eyes became wet with moisture. She knew he needed her now and she was gonna be whatever he needed. He saw tears running down her cheeks. "Hey don't cry. My dad will be ok. He is the strongest man I know. He could go into remission." She shook her head.

"No, I mean I know, and that does sadden me but, I am crying for you. How selfless you are. Your always there for me. Always for as long as I can remember. Now its my turn to be there for you. Whatever you need Jacob." Overcome with love he wrapped her in an embrace.

"Thank you Nessie," he said hoarsely. "Thank you." he leaned back and looked at her. "I'm gonna head back in. You ready?" She wiped her cheeks of tears.

"No, I am gonna take a couple moments for myself if that's ok." He leaned in and kissed her trying to put all of what he was feeling into it.

"Absolutely but don't be too long." He smiled. "I'll miss you."

This was his chance! He watched her with her male friend. Hmm...he may be a problem. Well, he will worry about that bridge when it comes time to cross it. Yes, he is leaving. Now is his chance. Just as he entered the house he made his move. He walked out, making his presence known as to not startle her.

"Excuse me? My name is Parker. I was just wondering if you know Emmett? We're old friends."

She knew who it was the minute she saw him. She saw the drawing, then the mention of Emmett just confirmed it. She tossed a few ideas around. Should she scream? Run? Try to get more information? She tried for the latter.

"May I ask your name?"

"Parker." What harm was there in giving her his name again. The surprise of seeing him unexpectedly must have made her miss it the first time. She wouldn't be going anywhere anyhow.

"Parker, well sir. I know a Emmet whether it is the one your looking for I don't know." She took a few steps back towards the house. He advanced quicker than she was retreating and if she turned to run she knew she would never make it. She was growing uncomfortable. His name was enough information for now. She decided it was time to scream. She let out an ear piercing scream.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH, JACOB! MOM, DAD, CHA-" He clamped his hand over her mouth. Shit! He should have seen that one coming. She was just like her mother. He tossed her over his shoulder just as he saw them coming out the door.

"I told you that those you loved will suffer, and I believe that we will start with your beautiful daughter here." He let out an sinister laugh. He had time to plan and scout out the land so he had a large basin of water nearby just in case. He called on the water and made a shield around the Cullens, while he took off. After a distance he let it fall thinking he had enough of a head start. He just had to make it to his hideout.

They were sitting and talking with Billy. Peppering him with questions about what his plans were, if her was going to try chemo or radiation or not when they heard it. Renesmes scream. Edward and Bella looked at each other. Bells heart would have stopped if it were beating. Terror ripped through them both. And they were out the door in an instant. Jacob on their heels. Bella recognized him instantly. She grabbed Edwards arm. 'Edward its him! That's the man from the woods. He has NESS!'

He quoted the same words as he said to her that day in the woods. Then before any of them could react they were surrounded by a wall of water. By the time they were able to chase him they were behind. But Edward was fast and gained ground easily. Jacob took flank moving on his right side. They ran for what seemed like an eternity.

'I could take him out Bells but I don't want to hurt Nessie! Damn he isn't stupid.'

' I know Jake I'm not sure what to do. We could back off make him think we gave up and then attack.' I projected this into both Jakes and Edwards mind. We backed off enough to let him think exactly that. Us being downwind being a blessing. Jacob could still smell him well enough to track him, but allowed us to stay far enough he didn't know that we were. Then Jacob stopped.

"Whats wrong Jake." I asked him anxiously. He became human again frustrated.

"I can't smell him anymore! Or Nessie. Bells I can't smell them."

"What do you mean you can't smell them," Edward yelled.

"He's right Edward I can't either." They searched the woods for hours. Not wanting to give up but seeing no choice they headed back to Charlies.

"Where the hell did they go?!" Charlie was livid. How could they just disappear? "Billy how the hell did they just get up and leave that quickly and what the hell was that with the water?" He turned to face Billy.

"Do you really want to know Charlie?" Billy asked earnestly. He looked at him, searching his face. He always knew something changed with Bells, and Nessie well that it was definitely different. He couldn't ignore it any longer.

"Ya, lay it on me."

"This may be a long conversation and your gonna need a drink." They turned and went to the kitchen. Charlie went to pull out a beer. " You may want something a little stronger than that." He pulled out the scotch. Poured them both a double. Then sat at the kitchen table.

"Ok, Billy now just tell me. I've been in the dark long enough." Billy took a deep breath and began.

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