Unblinking Eyes

Chapter Thirty-Three

Saturday 23rd September 2006


Logan's POV

I paced the floor of my bedroom.

I looked pretty damn awful- my hair was sticking up all over the place and I was as pale as heck. The shadows around my eyes reminded me of a corpse and it was disgusting. I turned away from the mirror in my old room as soon as I saw myself.

I hadn't slept since Evelyn left. It was a wonder that I hadn't collapsed from exhaustion but coffee and caffeine patches were life savers. I kept running my hands through my hair, sure the ground would ware away under my feet if I continued for any longer.

I thumped down on my old desk chair, resting my arm on the desk and letting out a sigh of frustration. It felt like I had relapsed to three years ago and the thought of that was terrifying. I kept thinking of what my psychiatrist said- that depression wasn't something to be messed with. That, more often than not, it would come back and be worse.

I couldn't let that happen. There were so many things I wanted to do... I wanted a good career, my own house. Sure, I even wanted kids.

The baby wasn't planned- that was obvious. It was stupidity on my behalf and wasn't Carmen's fault. I began to think of all the times she belittled me because of it, because of my fear. I didn't feel ready to be a dad. It was too soon. It was like the Hund 'curse' was coming back to haunt me.

My parents would have been horrified. I knocked up my girlfriend after only knowing each other for a couple of months? It was sure suicide. My grandparents had gone through the whole thing before and so they were more than delighted and happy to help... but it just didn't feel right to me. The whole buying baby clothes and ordering cribs... it felt like Carmen was doing it all. She even went to labour class by herself since she couldn't wait for me to get time off work.

I knew I sounded like an awful fiancé but I was. Being a boyfriend I can handle. My friend told me that I should propose straight away after Carmen told me she was pregnant and, being the dumb ass I was, of course I took his advice.

Look at the mess it had put me in. I loved Carmen. She was bright and smart and funny and... but, you know, most girls I've gone out with are like that. They were all hot, too, believe me, and so was Carmen. I guess I loved all of them but Carmen the most. In the beginning, she really cared about me. We talked to each other a lot and took weekend trips together. To be perfectly honest, she was actually a one night stand at first. That's how much of a douche I was. I didn't even call her until four days later.

I realised what a jerk I had been and so I spent all my time with her- every last drop of my time. I was either with her, calling her, thinking about her or telling someone about her. When she announced she was pregnant I was delighted at first, if slightly afraid. That only built after time. I hadn't wanted to tell anyone about her meanness and how she commanded that we'd move to Michigan. I didn't want to leave Washington. It was home.

Home. I thought back to the tiny house in Forks and Sunday night cooking with little Lynnie. She was such an adorable kid- all doughy blue eyes and frothy blonde hair and dimpled cheeks. I loved her so much and was determined to look after her. Then... when mom and dad died... well, it kind of ruined me and I missed days with her. I basically set this to ruin from the start.

My head snapped up when I realised all of these thoughts that were running through my head. How there was one single solution that meant so much sacrifice but perhaps it could make something even better...

I remembered the way she looked at Seth and how I thought that was what true love was meant to look like. Bravery, personal loss, forgiveness, loyalty. Not heated romance and one night stands from the get go.

I dropped my head into my hands, feeling tears come into my eyes as I picked up the land line phone on my desk. I meekly dialled Carmen's parent's number and rubbed my exhausted eyes. I knew I was practically a walking zombie, but I knew this was the only way.

"Who on earth do you think you are?!" Boomed a male voice down the phone. "It's four in the morning for Christ's sake! Bog off!"

"Sir, I'm sorry, I need to speak to Carmen, it's urgent." I said calmly.

"Who is this?" He sighed and I could hear him yawn.

"It's... Logan."


"Oh... alright. Hang on a moment."

I had never met her parents. Michigan was too far away. But, from the sound of it, her dad was not an early riser.

"Logan?" Her voice cracked down the line. "Has something happened?" She asked. "Is your grandfather-"

"He's fine." I said, slouching in my chair and letting out a sigh.

"Then... why... why the hell are you calling me at this hour?!" She groaned and I saw the family resemblance.

"I'm sorry, Carmen." I said in the softest voice I had. I gripped the phone, picking the edge of the desk mindlessly. "I'm sorry for everything... for being awful. You know I love you, right?"

"Y-yeah, of course-"

"Carmen," I sighed, rubbing my eyes again. "I know it's four in the morning. I haven't slept in days and all I've done is think about my grandpa and my sister but mainly you and me and the baby."

"I've been thinking about you, too." She said quietly. "And that... I can't go back to Seattle, Logan."

"I know babe." I said, my voice full of remorse. "But I can't come to Michigan, either."

She breathed tightly in.

"I've still got to figure things out but... I can't go. I can't leave here. I have to get my sister out of that system, Carmen. I've seen her in so much pain in the past few years but I've never seen her happier than when she was with that boy. Seth?" I hoped she remembered him. "I'm going to do all I can for you, Carmen. So you can live a happy life, okay? And the baby- I love her so much. Please don't think I'm giving up on you."

She sniffed and began to cry. "Oh Logan... I thought you'd come out here with me."

"I'm not abandoning you, Carmen." I told her honestly, tears in my own eyes now. "I'll get a job- a good, full time one. And I'll send you a check every week- half my pay, okay? And I'll visit whenever I can. We'll make this work, Carmen. I promise."

She sobbed. "So... we're not..."

"You can do so much better than me." I laughed breathlessly. "Find a nice small town boy and get with him. Not some douchey chef-"

"You were never douchey." She interrupted. "Don't put yourself down like that Logan. Please. It breaks my heart."

I breathed in and nodded. "Okay."

"You call me when this is all done, alright?" She questioned, her voice teary.

"Of course." I told her.

"Goodnight." She whispered.

"Goodbye." I murmured back and I hung up. I leant back in my chair and gazed up at the ceiling, my heart pounding. I licked my lips and realised they tasted of salt. I blinked, finding tears grazed down my cheeks.

I hadn't cried since the day Evelyn found me tearing myself up with self-hatred.

I didn't know if I was crying for her, for Carmen, for the baby, or for the life I had just said goodbye to so easily.

Sighing, I stood and stretched out my arms, walking to my bed and laying down on top of the covers. I blinked, the tears dissolving now as I gazed out the window, the curtains open and allowing me to see the dark blue sky. It was getting paler now and in a few hours I would make the calls I needed to make.

To bring my sister home.

Evelyn's POV

The next day


"Come on Evelyn!" Dan shouted from down the path as I quickly tied my shoelaces.

"Wait up!" I yelled, pulling the strands of hair that had come out of my ponytail behind my ear. I jogged down the alleyway to him as he brought out his wallet, checking he had all his money. There were a few five dollar bills in there. His hazel eyes glanced to me and he smiled.

"Glad you came." He grinned. "Hate being alone." He sighed, looking forward as we came onto the road. Cars zoomed past us and we walked up to the crossing. An old lady pressed the button and we waited. I crossed my arms against the cold, letting out a small shiver.

"Where's Jo?" I asked, looking up to him. He shrugged, letting out a sigh. I had seen her a few times this week but she mostly stuck to her room. She was short and spunky with dyed blue hair. The kids upstairs loved her because on odd times she made cookies.

"Said she's got coursework." He rolled his eyes. I could tell from the get go that he and Jo were good friends- he had explained to me that they had come here at the same time together from another foster home that was shut down. "She's probably got a boyfriend to have fun with."

"Oh." I said and we crossed the road. "Has she had a lot of boyfriends?"

"Yeah." He mumbled. "None of them have lasted though. They're all bastar-"

The woman walking past us scowled at him and he coughed, letting out a chuckle and grabbing my arm- making us walk faster. "She does tend to go for the meanest ones."

"Mmm." I murmured and he let go of me as we began to walk along the street. "People wake up one day... they always do."

He smiled at me. "You're clever. Hey, you're like my sister- Cassie. She's older than me and she's quiet but has a huge brain. She decided not to go to university even though loads of places offered her scholarships. She's in... India right now. Helping little kids."


"Yeah, she's still pretty shy but she has some great friends. I'm glad she's happy." He told me and then walked up to one of the shops. "Here we are! The best place to spend all your money." He exclaimed, pushing through the door. I followed him into the store, looking around. He grinned at me and brought me over to the DVD section. He looked through a few copies but eventually he put them all back.

"You're not getting one?"

"Nah, Vince will let me see them on his computer some time. He downloads stuff pretty easily." He flashed me a grin, going out back to look at the music. Vince was the other boy in the house- I hadn't seen him at all. Dan brought up his dinner every night. In return, Vince would let him on his computer to play games and stuff. I supposed it was a fair deal.

I walked to the book section, realising my grandpa had most of the novels. I began to tear up so I quickly moved away from there to a bit of the store with art materials. I was looking at the back of a pack of pens when Daniel suddenly rushed over to me, his cell phone in his hand.

"Madison just called." He said, breathing out. "She told me that there's a person there for you? It's urgent apparently."

My eyes widened and I dropped the packet. "E-er, okay. Thanks. I... erm, gotta go..." I mumbled and ran out of the shop, leaving him behind me. My mind raced as I ran down the side walk, dodging past people. No cars were on the road at the time and so I bolted across it and into the alleyway. It felt so good to run and I flashed back to when I was a little girl- running through the forest, pretending it was enchanted. Seth's laugh echoed in my mind and I smiled, rosy cheeked, as I got out of the alley and sprinted down another street and to the house.

I pushed the door open with a huge breath and closed it with a slam behind me. Madison looked around the kitchen door and rushed to me. "Evelyn! There's a boy here to see you."

"Yeah?" I asked, pulling off my bag and placing it in the corner. She nodded and took my wrist, taking me into the living room. I looked around, hoping for Seth, but instead Logan looked up at me from the dark blue sofa. He smiled, standing. He was wearing a white button up and black slacks... it looked formal. Happiness burst in me despite it not being Seth and I ran to him, hugging him tightly.

"Logan!" I exclaimed tearfully. He stroked my hair and bent back to look at me.

"Hey there, Lynnie. How are you doing?"

"I'm..." I breathed in, wiping my eyes on my sleeve. "I'm... alright, I suppose."

He sat us both down on the sofa and Madison bumbled over to he armchair. "Sorry for dropping in so unexpectedly, Mrs Connors."

"Oh, it's okay." She said, smiling at us. "I'm just glad to see Evelyn happy."

Logan grinned and nodded, locks of his blonde hair falling into his eyes as he looked to me. "So, the reason I'm here."

"Yes, so unexpectedly." I breathed. He chuckled, taking both of my hands.

"I got my first proper night's sleep last night." He murmured. "I haven't slept since you left. I've been racking my brain for a solution to this, and I suppose, in hindsight, a good night's rest would've been good." He laughed in a self-depreciating way. I saw his eyes were clear- like Lake Ozette on a warm summers day. "But then it hit me. And I know you'll probably say I'm crazy..." His smile disappeared. "But I called Carmen. We talked about stuff... and we both came to realise we both had to part our separate ways."

"What?" I whispered, my eyes widening. "What are you talking about?"

"I found a house." He said quietly. "It's this old fisherman's cottage, just outside the reservation boarder, right by the sea." He bit his lip. "I've been talking to lawyers all morning... to Aunt Abby, to Sue Clearwater and your principal." He sighed. "I got a job, too. At the pizza place in Port Angeles. They said they'd be delighted to take me on as a chef." He smiled a little. "I've sorted everything out. It's just... slotted into place so easily. I can look after you now. I can be your legal guardian."

I couldn't breathe. I had to look away from him- out the window- to a few birds pecking at a feeder. "But.. the baby..."

"I'll visit whenever I can." Logan explained. "Carmen's alright with it. I'm sharing my pay check with her."

Tears built in my eyes and I lifted my hand to smack his shoulder. "I'm not worth it, Logan! I'm not worth all of this!" I sobbed. "You were going to get married! I could see it- you with the baby, in your own house with Carmen."

"You never liked her."

"So? You were happy!"

He shook his head, looking at our hands. He sighed, his shoulders deflating. "It was time."

The tears overflowed. "It's already been done, hasn't it?"

"My friend from college is going to help me move my stuff out today." He murmured. "Take it to the place. I sealed the deal this morning... I came across an ad for the house in the local paper while I was getting a coffee the other day." He glanced up at me. "It's perfect, Lynnie. I swore to myself long ago that I'd protect you... no matter the cost."

"You jerk." I mumbled, heaving a sigh. "I'm super angry at you."

"I know." He said. "I'm going to court in a week or so time for the proceedings, but I'm going to drop by every few days." He looked to Madison. "Will that be alright?"

She smiled softly. "Yes, I'll tell Ava."

He grinned and gazed to me. "Everyone we know is banding together to bring you home, Lynnie. Aunt Abby is flying out. The lawyers... dad's old work friends... even the Forks priest!" He laughed. "I guess telling Sue Clearwater to get the word around was a good idea."

I laughed and it suddenly felt effortless to just laugh. "She does have a way." I sniffed, rubbing my nose and looking to him with a small smile. "They really want me back?"

"Everyone wants you back." He replied.

"And Seth?"

He smiled. "Said he's going to come here tomorrow with me. Oh, yeah, I'm coming tomorrow."

Madison laughed, standing. "I suppose I'll make some calls, shall I? Oh, and Mr Hund, I forgot to ask you if you wanted a drink?"

"No, I'm alright Mrs Connors. I've got enough coffee in me to keep me going for days." He chuckled good-naturedly and my smile grew. To my surprise he did look happy. He faced me when Madison was gone. "Seth said he had to go and speak to some guys about it."

"Oh." It dawned on me he was probably talking to the Cullen's and the packs. "That makes perfect sense."

"Does it? Well, good." He stood and sighed happily. I beamed and jumped up, hugging him again.

"I can't believe you did this."

"I can't believe I didn't do it sooner." He said, his voice muffled. I bent back and smiled at him. "Mom and dad would be so proud of you, Lynnie."

Tears moistened in my eyes. "They're proud of both of us."

Monday 24th September 2006 (the next day)


"Ah, so this is the Seth I've heard so much about." Said Madison as she opened the door. I was running down the hallway, pulling on my socks as I went. I heard him chuckle and my heart pounded. I bolted down the stairs and right into his arms. He was like a brick wall and he laughed, hugging me back softly. Logan scooted past us, carrying a briefcase and talking to Madison as she lead him into the living room.

I smothered my face in his chest, listening to his heart throb. I felt him kiss the top of my head and fire coursed through my body at his touch. I looked up to him and he was smiling so beautifully that I stopped breathing.

"I told you it would be alright." He murmured. I beamed, breathing in shakily, gripping his shirt in my small hands.

"You did."

He laughed softly, pulling me up to his height and before I could do anything he kissed me. It felt so right to kiss him and I wasn't ashamed at all of our intimacy. His hands made their way into my hair and I surprised myself when I moaned. He seemed a little surprised too and leant back, placing me on the floor.

"This is a government building. They probably have secret cameras." He said huskily, closing the still open door behind him. I blushed and laughed breathlessly, resorting to take his hand instead. I glanced up at the top of the stairs as he began to pull me into the living room and I saw Dan leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, watching me intently.

It made me a little confused but I soon forgot about it as Logan grabbed me and pulled me into the seat next to him. He began to talk about all the legal stuff as Ava walked in. She had been on the phone in the kitchen and sat down next to Madison, listening to Logan talk and asking appropriate questions. It was all a blur to me so I just cuddled into Seth. His arms were wrapped around me and the warmth was so much better than I remembered. He hadn't come last night- I supposed it was to do with him talking to the Cullen's or something. It was okay, though. I kneweverything was going to be okay now.

After a while, when Ava was on the phone to the lawyers, Logan brought forward a picture of the cottage. I grasped it between my hands.

It was small- smaller than I thought it would be- and it was painted blue, the window frames peeling and white. There was a parking space beside it and trees around it. The door was white and the name Hazen Cottage was on a small driftwood plaque outside.

"No one's lived there for years." Logan said, giving me a picture of the backyard. It was small- again- and had broken fences with vines wrapped around them. The trees around it were tall and imposing but sunlight still came through the canopy. "I went there yesterday- you know, with my college friend. Mark. Anyway, we found out that there's no mildew- thank god- and no mould. But we knew we had to put some anti-stuff up soon just to be sure. So tomorrow we're doing that. Seth and I."

"Cool." I said, smiling at him. "You two working together..."

Seth chuckled. "Everyone's working together."

"So I heard." I said, beaming as I handed the pictures back to him. I couldn't really imagine it- all these people coming together to bring me home. I had only ever thought family was the people you were born into, when, in fact, it was the people that made you who you are. I knew that it wouldn't really matter where I was, or what home was. Family was the most important thing and that, without them, I was nothing.

Logan's phone began to ring and he answered it. I looked around to Seth and he smiled at me widely. "You know what the best part about this is?" He asked gently.


"There's a huge tree right outside your new bedroom window. No more falling down drain pipes."

I began to laugh and I didn't stop.

Saturday 30th September 2006


I hopped from foot to foot, looking outside the window of the front room, waiting for Logan's car to turn up. I was dressed in nice clothes since we were going to court. Downed in my summer dress from grandma, wooden butterfly necklace and red Jasper bracelet, I tried to feel prepared. It was hard, though. The last time I had been to court was when my grandparent's were made mine and my brother's legal guardians. Now, the same thing was happening. But it was Logan who would become a parent to me.

The thought made me want to squirm a bit. Logan, wanting to see my homework and test results? Logan, telling me about prom and... ergh... protection when I went on dates? I supposed he would try and be really cool about it all. It wasn't like he could cause Seth much harm, anyway.

"Hey, Eve?"

I jumped, looking around and seeing Daniel. My heart did a double skip because for a moment I thought it was Seth and he had magically appeared. Only Seth called me that...

There would be a riot on our hands.

I remembered him saying that when Jasper called me Eve. My throat tightened.

"I'm sorry, my..." I sighed. Was there use in calling Seth my best friend any more? "My boyfriend only calls me that." I said quietly, a silent thrill running through me at the use of the wordboyfriend. I hoped Seth wouldn't mind.

"Oh." Dan muttered. "Well... it's been great having you here." He said.

"I'm coming back for my stuff-"

"There won't be any time then." He shrugged. "It was nice having someone else here. I'm telling you, it does get lonely sometimes."

"You have Jo, don't you?"

He chuckled and shook his head. "Jo's pretty distant. She gets angry quite a lot and, you know, after a while that puts someone off. I'll always be her friend, though."

I bit my lip and nodded. "Dan, you're a really good person."

He smiled. "Thanks." I saw his cheeks darken with a blush.

"Why don't we exchange number's or something? I don't have a cell phone but if you give me yours I'll call you from the house some time?"

He nodded, grinning. "That would be great."

I rummaged around in my bag for my notebook and a pen. I handed it to him and he quickly wrote down his number and I smiled, placing it back in my bag. "I hope you'll have a great time in the new house." He told me. "And you know, make as many friends as you can. It's worth it."

I smiled. "I have." I said, flashing him a grin. I heard the doorbell go and I ran to it just as Madison came out of the bathroom. She had done her hair up and it looked pretty like that. Ava came down the stairs, dressed in a dark suit this time, her hair flowing over her head messily. It was a strange juxtaposition. I opened the door and Logan grinned at me.

I took his hand and glanced around to Dan to wave at him. Dan lifted his hand to me and then I was gone, running down the path with him to his car. Sue was in the front and I jumped in the back with Seth and Brady- who was coming too. Ava and Madison got in Ava's car and I rolled my window down, waving at Dan. He was at the doorway and a few of the kids hung around his knees. A house sitter had come down for the day since Madison needed to be at the hearing. The kids smiled at me and waved. I didn't know all their names off by heart but I knew they loved to hear bedtime stories.

I hoped they'd all find homes one day. Especially Dan. He deserved a loving family like mine.


"Quit being so nervous!" Brady gasped at me, pushing my shoulders down. I frowned at him, realising I had been pacing for the past few minutes. "It does no good." I pushed him off me and he grinned. "Bet Seth makes you nervous."

"Shut up." I huffed and he just laughed as we sat down on the bench outside of the court room. The others had gone off to get coffee's and go to the toilet. Logan was talking with Ava a little way away and I saw Madison bustling towards them, talking on the phone to somebody.

"He does though, doesn't he?" Brady said. I looked to him, crossing my arms. He was leaning against the wall and looked to me. "Aw, come on, teenage hormones don't apply to you?"

I rolled my eyes and, praise the lord, Seth came back. He handed me a Styrofoam cup and threw Brady a doughnut. I looked to him quizzically as he sat down next to me, sipping his own drink. He just grinned at me.

"Hot chocolate, m'lady."

I laughed, shaking my head a bit and sipping the steaming hot drink. It burnt my tongue but it tasted great.

"Mmm. Thank you."

Brady elbowed me in the ribs and I scowled at him. He just laughed, licking his sugary lips.

"I can't believe they could do it after only a week..." I murmured, gazing down to my drink. Brady let out a cough and I glanced up to see Seth scowl at him. "What? What is it?" I asked him, nudging his arm.

He looked to me, his eyes defeated. "Um... the Cullen's may have had something to do with that."

"Oh." I murmured, biting my lip. "I suppose it's good?"

"Yes! Of course." Seth grinned, guzzling his coffee down. I faced forward, wanting to do the same to my hot chocolate but I wasn't a fast healing shape shifter and it would probably burn my tongue again.

Logan then waved his hand at me so I placed my drink down, jogging over. "Yeah?" I asked.

"Look." He pointed. I glanced around and gasped to see people I knew were walking into the court house. Billy Black, being wheeled in my Jake, Sam Uley with Emily, Embry Call, Paul Lahote, Jared, Kim, Quil and Collin. Tears built in my eyes as I saw Aunt Abby talking fondly with Emily and I ran to them, seeing Principal Rivera, one of dad's old work friends (his name was Duncan), Father Blackwell, but, most importantly, my grandma. She passed her bag to Aunt Abby and began to run to me as fast as she could.

I hit her and she swayed a little but hugged me tightly, stroking my hair like she always did. She laughed and I did too, sniffing as I looked to her. "Oh, how I've missed you, pumpkin."

My eyes stung at my parent's nickname for me. Then, all the others came around me and I was hugging Aunt Abby and thanking them all for coming. I couldn't believe it. They had come all this way for me? I was so overjoyed that I felt a little faint.

"Hey stranger!" Gina suddenly ran around them all, her eyes lined in smoky eye shadow. She was wearing a black eyelet lace dress and boots and I suddenly realised how fashionable she was and how I wasn't.

"Gina!" I breathed and she giggled, hugging me. After a moment she bent back to punch my shoulder lightly. Everybody was talking hurriedly about the proceedings and so she wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

"There are some pretty hot guys here, Evelyn." She said quietly. "Why didn't anyone tell me? I should have worn more make up, or at least done something with my hair..."

"You look great. Honestly." I assured her.

"Naw, thanks." She smiled before running off to hug my grandma. I looked back around, trying to breathe steadily.

Then came forward Edward and Carlisle Cullen and they smiled at me. I didn't hold back my gratitude for them and so I hugged them both. Bella came around and I embraced her too. She laughed, her voice all tinkly and sweet.

"Where's Nessie?" I asked. She didn't even react about the name. I supposed she got used to it now.

"She's at home. We didn't want to risk anything." She smiled, wrapping an arm around me as we walked with the others.

"I do suppose there are a lot of people here." I said, but something about Bella's easiness with everything told me she was fine in these situations. Well, at least alright with them.

"Exactly." Edward said, kissing the side of Bella's head. Carlisle squeezed my arm gently before going off to Logan and handing him some papers. Tears were still in my eyes as I looked to the beautiful people who were walking with me. A sudden fear dawned on me and Edward shook his head knowingly.

"That won't happen."

"How do you know?"

"Alice has seen it." He said, smiling crookedly.

"She's been watching?" I asked, disbelieving.

"Of course."

"Um... what are you talking about?" Bella asked, her brown eyes darting between both of us so quickly I couldn't keep up. She was wearing contacts again so I assumed she still had alarming red eyes.

"Evelyn is fearful that the judge won't accept Logan to be her guardian." Edward explained. "They have had this case for a week now. The call has already been made."

"But we haven't even been in court." I said.

"Yes, but this is how they do it now." He told me as we got to the others. I nodded, understanding as I looked about at the great hallway. The ceiling was huge and a glass dome was above us, letting in the watery sunlight. The walls were creamy marble and the floors were white stone. I could hear every foot step upon it.

Seth bounded up to us, grinning at Edward before looking to me.

"It's time."

I breathed tightly in and left Bella with a timid smile. Edward wrapped his arm around her as Carlisle walked over to them. Seth encircled me in his arms, placing the hot chocolate back in my cold hands.

"Will you be alright?" He asked me.

"Y-yeah." I murmured. He smiled sadly, stopping to wrap his arms tighter around me.

"We'll be in the stands. I love you, okay?"

"Okay." I whispered as he let go of me.

"Don't let that get cold. It cost four dollars."

I raised my brows and he grinned, kissing my cheek before walking over to Billy and Jacob. I spotted Logan and I walked to him, seeing Mr Guildwright was beside him, carrying his briefcase again.

"Miss Evelyn," he smiled at me, shaking my hand.


"Are you ready?"

"Yes." I nodded and Logan smiled. We stepped into the court room and people were walking about. Some were sitting down in the stands already- people I didn't know. I was lead forward into the cavernous, half circle room to be seated at one of the tables in front of the judge.

It was a dark skinned woman who was looking through the papers, a young man beside her and a police officer by the jury. I swallowed, sitting down next to Ava. Logan sat at the other table and I laced my fingers together in front of me. I glanced to the stands and they were all sitting down- my family. Edward smiled at me, nodding, and I smiled a little back. Seth waved at me and I grinned, looking back forward.

"Alright, let's start this." The judge said and she began to bang the gavel. "Order! Order in court!"

The chatter when silent immediately and she began to read off the paper.

"Before me is Miss Evelyn Hund, fifteen years of age, currently housed in a foster home," she said, tilting her glasses up, "and Miss Ava Lackrost, her social worker. Then Evelyn's older brother, a Mr Logan Hund, unmarried and unattached, as I am now aware of. Mr Guildwright, do you conquer that the home Logan Hund provides would be a safe one?"

Mr Guildwright stood. "I have visited the home in recent days and I have official reports that it is a safe home for Miss Hund to live in."

"Can I see these reports?"

"You may." He picked them up and walked over, handing it to the young man who handed it to the judge in return. She looked at them for a moment and I breathed in, looking over to Logan. He was dressed in a sharp black suit with a tie, his hair actually brushed. He looked intently forward. I gazed down at my hands, fear striking me.

Official things carried on for a while. My grandma was called forward to talk about my grandfather- who was still in hospital but doing okay. Also my Aunt Abby went up to talk about how she lived in Canada and she couldn't look after me, but also to talk about my parents and the proceedings that went on for that. I sipped my hot chocolate carefully, listening to my principal talk about my outstanding achievements in English, Art and History. I had barely looked at my school reports so it was pretty outstanding to me, too. The priest talked about how my brother and me had a tough start and that he believes god had brought us to this. He knew my parents well since my dad went to him to talk a lot.

Dr Cullen went up to say about my brother's medical condition and that his associate Dr Eathom (who couldn't make it) did a thorough examination of my brother and concluded he is fit and healthy in body and in mind. Logan then told the judge how he is looking after Carmen despite being a few states away and that he is giving half of his pay check to her and that he would visit her whenever he can.

When it came down to it, the judge took five minutes to look through her notes. I chewed my lip, breathing in and out. One. Two. Three. Four-

"I have made my decision, though it seems it is profoundly clear." The judge said, looking up to face the courtroom. "Mr Logan Hund is the legal guardian of Miss Evelyn Hund. Please come up to sign some documents, Mr Hund."

The breath let me and tears pooled in my eyes. Ava hugged me, patting my shoulder, telling me everything was going to be alright now and that I would always have her number if I needed to contact her.

Logan got up to sign the documents with Mr Guildwright and I stood, shakily, looking around. When they had finished Logan walked to me and hugged me tightly, laughing in my ear.

"I knew they'd say yes." He sighed and broke away to shake people's hands. I weaved through them, rushing, looking anywhere and everywhere for Seth.

I spotted him running down the steps and he saw me. He sprinted to me in a flash and embraced me, holding me tightly, letting me know that from now on, everything would be okay.

He had promised, after all.


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