Memories Of Me


When Isabella Swan strolled into Forks, she knew exactly who the Cullen's were. In fact, she was in town just for them. Isabella is as good as they come, and she has a message for the vampires. AU

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"Time goes on crutches till love have all his rites."

―William Shakespeare,Much Ado About Nothing

Isabella Swan sat on the branch overlooking the Cullen household. Her feet dangled beneath her as she lightly kicked her legs back and fro. Her teeth pulled at her lip as her gaze crossed the Victorian mansion.

The Cullen's sure aren't roughing it here.

From her place in the tree, she could tell that only Esme was in the house. Prior knowledge told her that five of the other Cullen's were currently in a high school playing human. Her sharp teeth left her lip as she decided whether or not to march into the hospital and ask for Carlisle. The Volturi don't still for anyone and here she was, waiting for these vampires to get back home from their day job.

Isabella was beginning to become frustrated. She knew that disturbing Carlisle was a bad idea; the chances of her slipping up in a hospital were quite high. Yet as she sat in that damn tree, she hadto do something.

Esme Cullen wasn't familiar with the beautiful vampire that was sitting outside of her home, in fact, she wasn't even aware that she was there. She carried on with her quick chores, completely oblivious to the girl with a dilemma. She dusted the already spotless furniture and straightened the paintings on the wall. As she made her way towards the grand piano that sat in her foyer, a small smile blossomed on her face.

She sat swiftly and played. Duets with Edward or Rosalie were one of her favourite pastimes, something she was grateful that forever would ensure.

Quick fingers danced across the keys easily and without hesitation. Esme was gifted with this talent. She could play for hours without end and her audience would remain enthralled with the music.

Unlike her son, her talents only developed after she became immortal. During those first new born years, she could hear Edward's music drift through the house where ever she went and she just knew that she wanted to be a part of such beauty. Edward taught her, her very first note, her very first song. She believed that because of that connection at the start, their relationship today was as strong as it was.

Gently shutting the lid of the piano, Esme stood and continued with her work.

As the melody shifted to a close, Isabella opened her eyes. She looked at the mansion with unseeing eyes, the music still floating inside of her head. Oh, how she loved the piano.

It was then when she stood from her waiting spot and enjoyed the view that the height gave her. The tall tree made sure she had an excellent advantage to her surroundings.

During Esme's performance, she had decided that seeing Carlisle would be far too risky and to be frank, stupid. She was a well-educated young lady, and walking straight into the lion's den wasn't something she was going to do any time soon.

Isabella also decided against introducing herself to Mrs Cullen alone. She wasn't afraid of the vampire, no, she merely wanted to skip the awkward introductions and the forceful conversation they would be likely to have.

As her feet hit the soft ground with a gentle thud, Isabella looked towards the clouded sun, in the hopes of being able to tell the time.

Either 12 or 1,she thought.

Instantly, the girl regretted the absence of her watch.

As she continued walking through the damp forest, her boots soundlessly crushed wet leaves. Her pace was slow, human like. She was in no rush to get to where she had to be, after all, they were all busy with their little game.

Isabella's logic followed something of the sort. If she could not visit the doctor, or the doctor's wife, then she shall visit his children. A high school isn't as accident filled as a hospital, and she knew she could handle herself around hormonal teenagers.

Days without hunting resulted in the dark brown colour of her eyes and a simple day pass would allow her into the school.

She smiled happily to herself as her plan came together in her mind.

The brunette vampire ran the rest of the way towards the school. As she stepped through the threshold for the school office, she was aware that her choice of clothing allowed her to fit in here. She wore dark colours, blacks and dark blues, so not to stand out against the lush greenness of Forks and for her luck, she was wearing a jacket. Looking around, she could see that the humans in the small space were wearing similar clothing items.

Satisfied that her position haven't been compromised, Isabella made her way to the front desk.


The human receptionist lifted her head quickly towards the girl. Her voice was beautiful and calming; everything and nothing that she really was.

Sensing that the old woman wasn't going to proceed, she continued on with her request.

"I was wondering if it was possible for me to get a day pass."

The old lady nodded and let out a small chuckle.

"Could I ask what for, miss?"

Mrs Connie Cope, or so said her name tag, looked up at her and waited.

"I wanted to surprise some of my friends at lunch today. You see, I'm passing through the town and thought they would be happy to see me."

Isabella smiled at the woman then. Once again Mrs Cope nodded, only this time she began filling out the day pass card.

"What's your name, dear?"

"Isabella Swan."

As she continued to fill the rest of the card, a clock ticked away on the back shelf.


Isabella inwardly grinned as her estimation was accurate.

"Here you go."

Taking the card in my hand she thanked the woman.

"Now, all the kids will be in the cafeteria; its lunch time you see."

A simple nod was given back.

Disgusting, horrid, human food.

The tray that lay in front of Edward was untouched and like every other day, it would remain that way.

On today's menu, the food of choice was pizza. The humans around him were easily excited and easily pleased that pizza would be their lunch.

Edward couldn't understand how greasy dough was enjoyable, but then again, he highly doubt that the likes of Mike Newton understood his love for mountain lions.

Four more trays were placed on the table as his siblings arrived. Taking their seats, they all thought him a greeting and continued on in silence.

Edward, Carlisle wants to hold a family meeting after school today. I don't know what it's about and to be honest, I don't think he knows either.

He fiddled with the apple in front of him.

"He doesn't know what it'll be about?"

She shrugged.

I don't know how it's working out like that, but something's going to cause it.

Edward simply nodded at her, knowing that they'll find out after school what has Carlisle worried.

"If it was serious, he would have called us, Alice."

"That's what I thought." Alice nodded.

He placed his apple back on the tray and avoided looking at the pizza.

"If what was serious?"

Emmett's loud voice caught their attention.

As Alice explained to them, Edward tuned out.

Like always the humans were avoiding their table, but of course they crossed the mind of at least one group of humans. Over time, their thoughts of curiosity stilled but everyday there was someone that wanted to figure out the mystery of the Cullen family.

As his gaze surfed through the crowd of students, Jessica smiled at him hesitantly. Edward knew better than to smiled back; one smile and that is all it would take. Human girls would forever try to force his attention on themselves and he didn't want that. Not now, not ever.

"Oh God, did you feel that sudden rush of lust? It's like every human male in this room just felt it."

Jasper's thoughts rushed into Edward's mind and he looked up to see what had caused all the fuss.

It was a good four seconds before all five Cullen's looked in her direction.

The cafeteria was an awful place to be, Isabella decided. As she neared the table that the vampires were sitting around, she bought her hands to her hips.

"Pizza, really? That's disgusting."

Her dark eyes went from gold eye to gold eye until she finally allowed herself to sit down.

She smiled at their silence, enjoying that they were surprised.

"You couldn't tell I was coming, psychic?"

Alice shook her head softly but quickly.

"There was a blank in the timeline."

And now I know that it was you.

Isabella didn't reply, it was then she got straight into business.

"When do you all finish playing your game of house?"

Jasper's eyes met Isabella's and she could see all the questions pouring out of them.

She broke contact as she waited for an answer.

"We have two periods left."

She smiled at the blonde; Rosalie truly was a beauty.

"And I'm guessing you're all going to stick around for those classes?" She shrugged. "Very well, who wants to spend time with me?"

Immediately, Jasper spoke up.

"I do."

Isabella replied with a gentle nod.

"We have all night Jasper, there's no rush."

At Isabella's words, Edward felt an unfamiliar tug pull at his chest; who was this girl?

"You're welcome to come with me to my Biology class, if you'd prefer."

The beautiful vampire looked at him, and smiled.

"I'd love that. It's been such a long time since I've done any kind of science."

Edward nodded and then stood; his internal clock telling him that they had 5 minutes before class started.

He offered his arm to her.

Isabella gladly took his offer and then turned towards the others.

"I'll see you after school."

The long corridors that lead to Edward's classroom allowed the two of them to talk.

"So you remember me, then?"

Isabella's beautiful voice warmed his dead heart.

"I only know your name because of Jasper's thoughts, Isabella." He said shaking his head. "Where have we met before?"

The girl twisted out of his hold and they continued to walk side by side.

"You can call me Bella."

That was all she said to him until they reached the classroom. Edward led them to his table and Bella swiftly took the day pass out of her pocket and placed it on the teacher's desk.

As she settled beside him, he turned to face her.

"Why can't I read your mind?"

Her face softened but it quickly passed.

"It's a dangerous place to be." She joked.

Her joke only spiked Edward's curiosity and he suddenly felt like the humans in the cafeteria.

As the lesson progressed, Bella and Edward continued to talk.

"I met you a long time ago, when you were still human. Carlisle was a friend of mine back then and when I came to visit him, you were there too."

"You were in Chicago?"

Bella nodded, her body turned in her seat so she could face him completely.

"I was passing through and picked up his scent. I must say though, Edward, you were a challenge to me."

Confusion clouded Edward.

"Why was that?"

"You're scent was absolutely delicious."

"Was I your singer?"

Bella chuckled softly and leaned in closer to her friend.

"If only."

She kept eye contact with him.

"If you were my singer, Edward, then I wouldn't have wanted to get to know you. You'd be dead right now."

"You regret knowing me then?"

A bright smile passed her lips and she moved her hand to brush the bronze hair from his eyes.

"My only regret is leaving you."

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disquietude: noun

a state of uneasiness or anxiety.

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