Days of War and the Nights of Love

Thank you, for your concern

Raphael was pacing nervously around the throne room just before the sun was about to rise. He was waiting for his people to come back from searching the areas close to the Hotel. He had sent his best seven people to do it, four hours ago, and they hadn't come back yet. He was worried, not that he'd say it out loud, for Magnus as well. The warlock had a tendency to put himself in danger. And this was something that they couldn't have, not right now, when they were closer to the war. Raphael knew that the war will happen, especially if there was truth in the rumor that Valentine Morgenstern was back.

"Master!" Lily rushed inside the throne room, covered in blood. "We've been attacked!"

"By Shadowhunters?!" she nodded. "What is our loss?"

"Four of us are dead. Louis, Anne, Thomas, Sam," Raphael cursed in Spanish at the news. "We've managed to wound two hunters."

"But not kill?"

"No, Master,"

"Joder!" He sat down on his throne, and looked distant for a while. "And Magister Bane? Was he around there?"

"We haven't seen him," she said. "But Josh is back…"

"Bring him to me," she excused herself, and with vampire-speed she left the room. Not long until she came back with the blonde male vampire. "Where's Bane, Josh?"

"I have left Master Bane, in front of the werewolves area," he explained. "He told me to come back here, to not wait for him."

"Estupido! Aghhh…" he took out his cell phone, something that he was glad to have at this time. Immediately he chose Magnus's number and placed the phone on his ear.

'It's Magnus Bane here. I can't pick up. If it's really important, leave a message.'

Raphael wasn't very fond of voicemails, so he hung up, and called once again. He repeated the process three times, until he heard the panting on the phone.


"Yeah…" a few quick breaths of Bane put the vampire in an alerted state.

"Where are you? Are you ok?"

"Still in Manhattan…" he heard the warlock swallowing hard before he lowered his voice, so that now it was almost a whisper. "He's really back. Valentine is back. I've seen him…shit!"

"What?!" he sucked in a breath, even though he didn't need to breathe. It was a habit, from his human life.

"Nothing…just this fucking seraph blade stuck in my arm…so…" Raphael heard some more cursing, before Magnus let out a breath. "They're gone now, so I'm going home…"

"Stay where you are. I'll send Josh for you…"

"I don't need a bodyguard. I can manage on my own," he cut the vampire off. "Thanks for your concern…but I'm fine."

"If you say so…but if you get killed on your way home, remember my words."

"Now I know you love me," Santiago rolled his eyes at him. "Bye."

He was consumed in a long silence, while sitting in his throne. There were a lot of thoughts running through his mind at this moment. Valentine was moving forward with his attacks. Slowly, but still. There were only moments, before he'd pull out something bigger that could end the entire Downworld in New York, if not in the entire world. But the big question is why does he want to do it? For power? Domination?

Or maybe there was something bigger in this, something beyond this world.

Whatever it is, they needed to stop it or they are doomed. That was something that Raphael was sure of.

He needed a plan, a good plan. Especially now, when their power and resources were reduced. If the Shadowhunters were making random attacks against them, not only against vampires, but against other Downworlders as well, soon there would be no one to stop them. Santiago knew that if he'd asked other vampires to come to New York, they wouldn't be so willing to, even if King de Quincy ordered it. No one would like to die, immortal or not. So there must be something that they could do here in their own area.

"Josh," he spoke with calmness in his voice. "How many have we lost lately?"

"Seven of us and Master Garroway said that hunters have killed two werewolves," the blonde one answered from his place before the throne. "Why do you ask, Master?"

"I think it's about time, we add some resources to our Downworld, don't you think so?" the younger vampire agreed. He was the right hand of Raphael, the one that always participated in the planning of attacks. He was definitely proud of his position, especially since he was the first vampire created by Raphael Santiago.

"Do you need me to do it?" Joshua asked, looking in the eye of the Prime Magister. Then, he saw, the almost devilish gleam in Santiago's black eyes, followed by a smirk. He knew that his maker was up to something, something rather not good.

"I'll take care of it myself. At least I'll create one of them."

"Alright. A random human or…"

"I have already picked a mundane," he interrupted, and in his speed, he came to stand next to Josh. He put a hand on his shoulder. "A mundane close to the Shadowhunters."

"I know, it doesn't look good, does it, Chairman?" Magnus turned to his white, small cat that was looking at him with concern. The warlock was taking the fragment of a blade from his left arm, a leftover from Valentine's attack. That man knew how to throw a blade at someone. Magnus was very lucky that he blocked the dagger fast enough with his magic, otherwise it could have gotten to his heart and killed him. Nevertheless, he was wounded by this seraph blade. "This will leave a nasty scar."

"Meow," Chairman replied, and jumped on the back of the couch. Then he licked the fresh wound on Magnus's arm.

"You're the only one that takes care of me Meow," he scratched the cat behind its ears, before he bandaged up the wound.

Even after a healing spell, it still hurt him. Something was strange about that blade Valentine used. It wasn't exactly a seraph blade, it was somehow more powerful. That's why Magnus's healing spell didn't work immediately. But the warlock couldn't think of anything. For sure, it wasn't the one with demonic power; he'd feel it in seconds. But still, it was powerful, and that meant that it was harmful, even for an immortal like himself.

There was a silent knock on the door, almost inaudible, yet Magnus heard it perfectly. He wondered who it could be. Maybe Raphael was too concerned and had sent Josh, after all.

"I told you I don't need a body…" he started when he opened the door. But there wasn't Josh, or Raphael standing there. There was a black haired boy, with blue eyes filled with concern standing "Alexan…"

"Are you ok?" he panted out, as he stepped inside the loft, shutting the door behind him. "I caught a glimpse of you in Manhattan. What were you doing there? It was dangerous there!"

"I was visiting a friend of mine…"

"He could have killed you," the boy retorted, as he was examining Magnus's face, neck, front. Then his eyes stopped on the bandaged arm. "He hurt you."

"It's nothing…" Alec led Magnus to the living room, and sat them both on the couch. His fingers slowly and gently unfolded the bandage and took it off. He inspected the wound himself, before he looked up at Magnus's face again.

"Did he hurt you anywhere else? I tried to take him away from you…if I'd been fast enough, he wouldn't have even…"

"It's ok, Alexander. This wound is nothing to me. A small scar only," he reassured the younger man, before he kissed him on a cheek. "You just came here to make sure I'm okay?"


"Thank you, for your concern, Darling."

This time the kiss was on the lips, long, slow, loving, even. Neither Magnus, nor Alec wanted to draw away first. The Shadowhunter moved one of his hands up to Magnus's hair, and tugged it gently, granting a small moan from the warlock. Bane laid him down on the couch, straddling his hips. He nibbled the lower lip of Alec, clearly giving the younger a sign. And the latter understood it perfectly, he parted his lips, and soon Magnus slid his tongue inside. Alexander's both hands now, moved under Magnus's ripped a bit shirt, rolling it up. He followed Alec's movement and drew away from him to take off his shirt. Instantly Alec did the same with his own. Now both bare-chested, they once again connected their lips, this time in a heated kiss. Magnus moved his whole body on Alec’s, to create some friction for both of them, and Lilith, he succeeded. Soon, he and Alexander were both moaning in the same way.

"Maybe…maybe we should…move this…" Alec started, red on his face, "to your…bedroom…"

"I'm all for it, baby," he literally jumped off of Alec, and dragged him to his bedroom shutting the door before Chairman could slip in.

At first he imagined that Alec would be all shy in the bedroom stuff, especially since the boy had had his very first kiss not so long ago. But Lilith, he was wrong. Alec was all for experimenting with Magnus. Maybe it was because he was still a teenager, and teenagers are non-stop horny; some guy on TV said so. Maybe because he was a warrior, and he had to let out all the tension that built up in his slim body somehow. Whatever it was, Magnus was very fond of it. Alec was almost like a wild animal in kissing, especially after he hadn't seen Magnus for a day or two. And he hoped that Alec is the same wild animal in the bed.

He couldn't wait to experience it for himself.

Alec pinned him to the wall, chest pressed to chest, as he moved his mouth to Magnus's neck. The warlock was sure that it was his revenge for leaving hickeys a few times on the pale skin of the hunter. But he loved that revenge. Alec pinned Magnus's hands above his head with one hand, and the other was trailing his naked chest, sending shivers down the warlock's spine, and making his ridiculously tight leather pants even tighter.

"Oh Alexander…" he moaned, when the boy slightly bit him on his neck. The hand of the hunter was still on Magnus's belt, slowly opening it. When he heard the familiar click of opening, he started to sing joyful songs in his mind. Next was the button of his pants, and zipper…all of it made him even more turned on and hard. He started to move his hips in the direction of Alec's hand, to get some touch from the boy.

Then it happened.

Magnus Bane didn't know if there was someone who was watching him and took pleasure from interrupting his hot times. Or maybe there was a curse, hanging upon him. Whatever it was, Magnus couldn't not curse it at this very moment.

Alec's phone rang.

The Shadowhunter moved himself away from Magnus, letting his hands down to his body, and leaving Magnus with unzipped pants and a frown of rage on his face.

"Hello?" he spoke, with a slight panting in his melodic voice. "I'm…at Magnus's."

That must be Izzy on the phone, as no one else knew about them.

"Yeah, yeah…I'll be home soon," the Shadowhunter was saying. "It's none of your business Isabelle!" Alec's cheeks turned red, and Magnus was sure it wasn't from what they were doing mere seconds ago. "I'm going, I'm going. Give me thirty minutes and I'll be home. Cover for me. Yeah, bye!" he hung up and looked at Bane. "Sorry, I have to go now."

"I get it," the warlock knew that even if he'd beg Alec not to go, it wouldn't do anything. Alec had his obligations and family. Even if Magnus didn't like it, he had to accept it.

Alec went out of the bedroom to find his shirt. Once he put it on, he turned to Magnus, and pulled him in for a quick, heated kiss.

"I'm sorry, I have to go, but…we're going to finish it soon. Promise," a smirk crept onto warlock's lips.

"You know," he trailed a finger over Alec's jaw. "I'm going to be thinking of you, when I'm going to…" he moved his lips to Alec's ear and whisper, "pleasure myself tonight."

He could feel it as Alec's heart immediately started to beat faster and his breath quickened.

"By…bye Magnus…"

"Goodnight, Alexander…" he drawled. "Dream about me."

Later in his own bed, Magnus couldn't stop thinking about Alec and his lips on himself. If he described the feelings that he felt around Alec, there would be no words for them. The boy was making him feel light, hell, even young again. Day, by day, for the past three weeks he felt more and more drawn to the boy.

And for sure, he didn't want to let go of that feeling.

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