Days of War and the Nights of Love

Of good and bad dreams

The place was dark, even darker than the night. Cold, deathly cold air was floating around it. A blue flames of fire appeared here and there, yet it still was dark. A rustle of a material was heard, followed by a sound of falling, and heavily breathing. It was all strange. In the middle were two, light, golden points, looking like eyes. Familiar cat eyes. They stared at something in front, something hidden in the darkness. The floor…ground was covered with white, human bones, fragments of skulls. Dark red blood was running near walls. From the ceiling hung chains, which were holding a body, skinny body.

‘Heshowals anhrelus’ it was clearly a demon language. ‘The sacrifice is needed’

After that the cat eyes disappeared into a white foam, filled with screams of torture. They were tearing apart the skinny body with chains, making its blood getting out from every possible place.

Around the body, were flying white and black feathers. Almost as if they danced around him.

Then, like an echo, was heard a name.




“Magnus! Wake up! Magnus!” a loud, familiar voice was heard by the warlock, who still was consumed in a sleep. “Mags!”

He had opened his eyes with an effort, still being overwhelmed by those pictures. Before him was a pale, blurred vision. That slowly with every next second, was more and more sharp, turning into a familiar shape.

“Alexander?” the eyes of the man before him were filled with concern and wariness. He was holding his shoulders, trying to keep him in a place. Magnus then realized, that his own body was trembling. “What are…”

“Did you have a nightmare? You were talking in your sleep and stirring in the bed. You’ve worried me?” Alec was saying. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah…what are you doing here? How long…”

“I came here a half hour ago,” Alec moved closer to Magnus, and moved his sweaty hair out of his face. “You were sleeping so I didn’t want to wake you.”

“You’re finally using the key I gave you?” the younger man nodded. Last week Magnus gave Alec a key to his apartment, so the boy could come whenever he was able, even if the warlock was out or sleeping. “That’s good.”

“What were you dreaming about?” Alec was now caressing Magnus’s cheek in a loving way, trying to calm him a bit. Still, his body was trembling on its own, and the warlock couldn’t control himself.

“Some…dark place…I don’t know it…there was blood, and it was cold…” Bane was speaking in riddles, making his own mind to try to understand what it means. But nothing came to it. He didn’t know the meaning of this dream. And that was scary.

For now, he decided to let it go.

“How long time we have left, before you have to go?” he asked, laying his head on Alec’s shoulder.

“An hour, maybe two. I really don’t want to go back to the Institute,” Magnus looked at him confused. “The atmosphere is there awful now”

“What happened?”

“Not only Jace is depressed because he’s Clary’s brother…” at that the warlock’s face was blank and shocked at the same time. “I didn’t tell you?”


“Valentine, had a son, Jonathan,” Magnus nodded at it. He remembered that Jocelyn had a son before Clary, but the son burned… Of course, how could he not see it. If Valentine is alive, so is his son. And somehow Jace looked like Valentine, he spoke like him, moved like him. He was blind to not see the similarity. “And Jace’s true name is Jonathan. Mom just gave him the nickname when he came to live with us.”

“So he’s Valentine’s son,” Alec agreed with it. “Oh damn.”

“Yes. And he’s depressed. Because he loves Clary, and Clary loves him,” Alec continued, now sitting more comfortably on the bed, with his back on the headboard. Magnus moved himself up, and sat next to the boy. He took his hand in his, and interlocked their fingers, laying them on the top of canary yellow covers. “And they can’t be together because they’re siblings. But they still love each other.”

“Hmmm,” Magnus only hummed.

“But Clary is even more upset now, with Simon’s situation,” that caught Magnus’s attention, and looked at the boy with confusion in his cat eyes.

“Simon? Is that the mundane kid?” Alec only nodded. “What happened to him?”

“You don’t know? I thought you’d know…” Magnus still was looking all confused. “He was turned into a vampire two nights ago…”

“What?” the older man moved himself a bit away, to have a better look at his lover. Alexander was looking at him with a slight confusion in his blue eyes, yet he nodded again. “Sheldon is a vampire now?”

“Simon. And yes. Apparently, he went to Hotel Dumort on his own, after he had a fight with Clary. And he was turned…”

“How do you know this?” Magnus asked.

“He told us this. Clary called him after three days of no-speaking. And he said that he can’t come out of his home. So we all went there and…he told us,” Magnus tried to absorb all the facts into one. It wasn’t a coincidence that Stuart…Sheldon…whatever his name is, went to the Hotel Dumort and was turned into a vampire. Bane was sure that this was Raphael’s doing. “…and all of it is messed up at home now.”

“I see,” he commented, playing with Alec’s long, slim fingers.

“But let’s not talk about it anymore. I came here for something else.”

“Oh,” there was a smirk, slowly creeping onto Magnus’s face, when he looked at slightly blushing Alec. “What did you come here for, then?”

“I believe…” he started, licking his lips, in this seductive way. Magnus wasn’t sure, whether the boy knew what he was doing to him. “We have some unfinished business from last week.”

“Yes, we do.”

Magnus threw away the covers, and pushed Alec down to a lying position. Next, he crawled on top of the boy, placing his knees on both sides of Alec’s hips. His groin brushed with the hunter’s one, making them moan at the same time. There were only Alec’s jeans, and Magnus’s blue pajama pants with small ducks on it, separating them from the pleasure of the bare flesh. Alexander quickly disposed his own shirt, letting it fall down to the floor. Bane was admiring Alec’s black runes and scars. Normally he wasn’t very fond of any marks on the body, but on Alexander’s they looked beautiful. They were telling a story about him, and he cherished every one with an equal amount of affection. His lips found their way to Alec’s pale neck, remembering to not leave a visible mark this time. The boy reprimanded him last time for it. Slowly, he moved lower and lower with his lips, leaving pepper kisses on the hunter’s skin. He was rewarded with the most incredible sounds of moaning because of it, from the boy beneath him. Alec was moving his hands over Magnus’s sides, and back, and the warlock was moving his body on Alec’s, encouraging the younger to put his hands lower. And the boy obliged him, in the moment when Bane’s lips connected with his own. All the slow, and lazy kisses that Magnus liked, were now forgotten. Alec was kissing him hard, hungrily, trying to devour as much as he could from Magnus. When the warlock’s hands stopped at Alec’s belt buckle, he looked up at his lover.

“Are you sure you want it? We don’t have to jump straight into the big water, darling,” he said, still keeping his hands on Alec’s belt. His eyes hold an invisible bond with the hunter now. Magnus tried to read something from them. The last thing he wanted to do, was using Alec when he didn’t want or wasn’t 100% sure of it. He didn’t want to hurt his amazing hunter. “We can do it in slow steps, if you want.”

“Ok…” the boy breathed out. Alec’s cheeks were flushed, as Magnus opened the buckle, and unzipped his jeans. Before he slid them down, along with the boy’s black underwear, he once again looked up at Alec, for any sign of discomfort or disagreement. But the boy only nodded, still keeping his eyes on Magnus’s face.

Finally, they were both naked, and Lilith, Magnus would lie if he’d say that he wasn’t desperate and excited at the same time. There were only moments before his latest dreams will come true.

But of course the fate didn’t agree with his wishes and excitation.

A phone rang.

“Fuck!” He cursed, raising his head from Alec’s bare flesh, leaving the poor boy all panting. “I hate those infernal phones!”

“It’s not…mine…this…time…” Alec breathed out, reaching to touch Magnus’s bare hip. “It’s yours.”

“Screw it…” he smirked devilishly at the boy, before he grabbed his manhood in his lubricated hand, making Alec gasp in a surprise. “I have more important things to do now.”

“What if it’s im…important,” Alec’s voice was more and more shaky with every next stroke.

“You’re the most important,” Magnus, with his other hand silenced the phone with his magic. “Now…where were we…oh…I know, it’s time for some…fun.”

From behind the closed bedroom door, Chairman Meow heard only strange sounds of moaning and screams coming from his glittery master, and his fellow black haired Shadowhunter.

“It was a low move, you know,” those were the first words of Magnus, when he stepped inside the throne room in Hotel Dumort. Raphael was currently talking with Josh, or more rather whispering something to him.

“You could show me some more respect, you know,” the Prime Magister retorted. “It’s my home here.”

“Please…I’ve known you forever. We can skip that part,” he didn’t even look him in the eye, then he turned to the blonde vampire. “Hi Josh.”

“Hello Master Bane,” Raphael whispered something once again to the blonde man, and the latter took the papers from the desk, before he left the room.

“What are you doing here, Bane?” Santiago, sat, now more comfortable on his throne. “Came to annoy me, or you have some important information?”

“You’ve turned the mundane boy into a vampire,” Raphael shrugged his arms, clearly faking that he didn’t know what the warlock was talking about. “The boy, who hung around the Shadowhunters.”

“Ah, you mean Simon Lewis?” Magnus nodded, though he wasn’t sure if it was the name. “He came to my area, and was turned willingly. Besides, why do you care so much? Did your, little hunter come with tears to you?”

“No. He told me. You didn’t expect him to keep it from me, right?” Magnus sat down at the chair next to Raphael. “What did you want from me, anyway? You called me.”

“Why haven’t you answered, hm? You’ve been busy playing with the boy?”

“Why, are you jealous? Ragnor is not giving you any…” before he could finish, a cold hand of Raphael, tightened on his neck, blocking the air. The warlock quickly reacted and whispered, with an effort, a spell. Soon the vampire, was pulled away from him with an invisible force, and threw onto the wall. “Do not, do it again. Because you may be in a higher position than me, but I’m more powerful and older than you.”

The vampire didn’t comment it, but only got up and get back to his throne.

“Now what did you want from me?” Bane repeated himself.

“Do you have any new information, for me?”

“Yes,” at that Raphael looked at him all focused. “Alec says, that Valentine is looking for a Mortal cup.”


“Oh jeez…Mortal Cup is a Cup,” Prime Magister rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Do you want all history?”


“Ok. So the cup, Jonathan Shadowhunter, the first one of them, asked Angel Raziel to give him some of his blood to create warriors, a.k.a. Shadowhunters…”

“Spare the history, it’s boring,” Magnus couldn’t agree more with it.

“Now, they’re using the cup for creating new Shadowhunters, the mundane with the sight, chosen to be a Shadowhunter, they call them ascended or something like that, drinks the blood of a hunter from the cup. And bam, he becomes a Shadowhunter.” Raphael was moving his head at this. “Normally, it was the Clave’s job to have the Cup. But Valentine had stolen it, for something. Then after the uprising his ex-wife had stolen it from him, and hid somewhere.”

“Where is this wife of his?” In his head, Raphael was forming a plan, to find the cup and destroy it, to prevent creating the new hunters.

“Alec says, that she gone missing, and that she had drank something to fall in coma, kind of coma,” Magnus shrugged his arms. “But the point is, that they don’t have the cup, and Valentine is trying to find it. He even got his kids to help him with it. He believes that his daughter knows where the cup is.”


“Clarissa Morgenstern,” the name was telling nothing to Raphael, and if Magnus would tell him the name she used to go by, he was sure that he’d link her with Luke. And that would cause more problems for them. Bane knew, from the very beginning who the Jocelyn and Clary was. He even agreed on helping to block her sight, along with Tessa. When he was offered the position of Magister of area four, he knew that he can’t help them more. Then he had taught Tessa, how to block Clary’s mind, with the spell, once created by him.

“We need this cup,” Raphael got him out of his thoughts. “With it, they won’t be able to get more forces, right?”

“Yes,” the vampire wanted to say something more, but Magnus didn’t let him. “But they are other Shadowhunters, who will come to help Valentine. People still see him as a leader. They will follow him.”

“We will be prepared. I’m gathering our forces too, not only by making some new vampires,” he pushed a letter in Magnus’s direction. “De Quincy will move a clan from Brazil, Spain, and Eastern Europe here. They aren’t so many of them, but still, it’s some help. And Praetor Lupus promised to gather some werewolves too, to my disposition.”

“And Faeries?”

“You know, as good as I, that Queen will stay out of it, as much as she can,” Magnus muttered an agreement under his nose. “Do you know any warlocks?”

“You have me, and Ragnor for sure. I’d like Catarina to stay out of it, but…we’ll need her as a healer,” Bane was saying. “There’s Malcolm Fade, Dmitri from Russia. And maybe Cassandra, if she’s still alive… the rest of warlocks that I know, won’t be so willing to help.”

Raphael let out an air from his mouth.

“But still, we will outnumber them easily. We don’t have to worry.”

“I hope so, Magnus. I hope so,” Santiago, looked distant for a while. “We have to win this.”

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