Days of War and the Nights of Love

Everything has changed

They were sitting in the training room, all five of them. Jace had been staying away from Clary, he was still hurt by the fact, that they’re siblings by blood. It was obvious to Alec. After all those years, of living together, being parabatai, he could read Jace as an open book. Clary was equally hurt, if not more. And for the red-haired girl, it was harder to hide it. Jace could pull-up his cold attitude, but Clary, she couldn’t do anything to mask her pain.

Normally, Alec would jump into the air from happiness, that Jace cannot be with Clary anymore. But something inside of him has changed. It was like, he wasn’t happy with the fact. And he didn’t understand it, at all. After all, he was in love with Jace.

“You ok, brother?” Isabelle sat down next to Alec, as he was reading the book about demons. “You seem off.”

“I’m fine,” she didn’t look convinced. The girl moved herself even closer to Alec, and leaned down.

“Is this about you know…Magnus?” she whispered. “Is he hurting you? If he is, he’s gonna die…”

“He’s not hurting me,” he whispered back. “He’s good for me”

“Then what is it?” Alec’s eyes wandered to Jace, who now was growling, when Sebastian was teaching Clary, how to fight with a sword. “Jace?”

“I don’t know, what’s going on,” Isabelle narrowed her brows in confusion. “Here, he’s Clary’s brother, and I should be happy because he’s free again…but then…inside of me something has changed Izz. I’m not happy that he’s alone…and I don’t know…”

“Are you trying to tell me that you’re no longer in love with him?”

“I don’t know…but something has changed,” he stated quietly. “For sure.”

“You know, despite Magnus being a downworlder, I’m happy for you,” this time it was Alec, who was confused. “I think you’re in love with Magnus.”

“I’m not in love…” he raised his voice, which granted him three confused looks from Jace, Sebastian and Clary. As it on a cue, Alec’s cheeks went all red. He got up, and tugged Izzy by the sleeve of her white dress. The girl, could barely hold her laughter, followed Alec, outside the library. “I’m not in love with Magnus!”

Isabelle’s hazel eyes, showed Alec, that she didn’t believe in any word, spoken by the older boy.

A loud steps, followed by widely opening door interrupted their talk.

“What’s going on guys?” Jace asked, looking at the both black haired hunters. “Don’t leave me alone with…them.

“We’ll be right back, Jace. Alec agreed to teach me some archery,” Alec raised his left brow in a surprise, as he looked at his sister. “We’re going to the weapons room. You’ll manage without us for a bit, right? Hey, watch over Clary,” Isabelle said. “Sebastian is looking at her a bit creepy.”

“Ugh…” the blonde boy grunted. “You’re right…she’s my… sister. I have to keep the creeps away from her…be quick guys, ok?”

“We’ll be back in seconds, Jace,” Alexander patted Jace’s shoulder, before Izzy dragged him into the direction of weapons room.

“I think you are in love with Magnus,” Isabelle announced, as soon as Alec closed the door of the weapons room. Before the boy was able to open his mouth to deny it, Isabelle continued. “It’s so obvious. I mean, look at you, you’re no longer pinning after Jace. You’re waiting with an anxiety for every call of your sparkly boyfriend. You’re blushing whenever you’re mentioning him…which, brings another question, how far have you gone with him…”

Alec was sure, that his cheeks were bloody red now.

“It’s none of your business!” he hissed at her.

“My, oh my, you’re no longer so innocent, are you brother?” Alexander’s cheeks became even warmer, as he looked anywhere else but his sister. “By the Angel…” there was a slight excitement in her voice. “But he didn’t force you, did he? Because if he did, I’ll cut off his di…”

“He didn’t force me! I wanted it,” he stopped her. “He’s not forcing me to anything.”

“So…” Izzy started after a while, wiggling her eyebrows. “How was it?”

“Isabelle! I’m not going to talk to you about my sex life.”

“Oh come on!” she said after Alec darted out of the weapons room. “I’m your sister! I have a right to know!”

“You’re my little sister!” he spit back. “And it’s none of your business.”

“Alec…” she whined, when she caught up with him. The boy started to make bigger and faster steps, to try and lost Izzy. But the girl was equally fast, so soon she caught his arm, just when Alec was about to open the door of the training room. “You don’t have to tell me details, just tell me, was it good?”

“No, Izzy I won’t te…” in this very moment, the door of the training room were brutally opened, which caused Alec to falter and almost falling to the floor. If it wasn’t for his hunter’s balance, his face would meet the cold floor of the hall. Sebastian looked at the both Lightwoods quasi-confused, quasi-warily.

“If you’re done with your chit-chat. We have to go,” Alec looked at him a bit lost. “There’s been an attack near the Central Park.”

“Vampires or Werewolves?” this time Isabelle popped a question.

“Vampires,” Sebastian moved to the stairs, leading to the second floor. “Gear up, and we’re going.”

“Shouldn’t we wait for the adults?” Clary spoke, looking at Jace, then Alec.

“They will be one more day in the L.A. Institute,” Jace grabbed Clary’s hand and lead her upstairs. Alec and Isabelle followed them. After they put their gears and took weapons, they made their way, to Central Park.

Alec didn’t expect this. Not even in his wildest dreams.

There weren’t vampires here.

“Alec watch out! On your left!” he had heard the voice of his parabatai. He quickly reacted, by taking an arrow, and shooting straight into the Iblis’s heart. The yellow- eyed creature, spited his black blood only inches before Alec’s body, before he turned into the ashes and black smoke.

“By the Angel,” Izzy started. “Demons…”

It was truly surprising for all of them. They haven’t seen a demon here, in New York, for so many years. If Alec was honest with himself, he didn’t remember any attacking demons since he was twelve and went on a first hunt with his father. He was surprised, then, to actually see the demon by himself. His dad had told him that demons hardly ever come out anymore, as it they are afraid to die by a hand of a Shadowhunter.

And yet, here Alec was shooting another arrow, this time into some Moloch’s direction, before it could attack Clary. He heard a small thanks, from the redhead, as she jumped into Jace’s direction. The blonde boy, tried to kill as many as he could with his daggers, and at the same time protect Clary. Sebastian was doing the same. He took out two seraph blades, and drove it through the hearts of some Eidolon demons, who approached him.

There were so many demons here, known to Alec only from the books or tales.

Isabelle was throwing her whip at the two Raums, slicing them in a half. Alec was proud of her. She was a great hunter.

“Alec, watch over Clary!” Jace had screamed, before he took off after two Dahaks. The black haired boy, took the hand of the ginger, and pushed her behind himself.

There were only seconds, before the two of them were attacked. Alec had only enough time to push Clary aside, before a demon approached him. He was different from the rest of them. Way taller, maybe 9 ft. He looked like a rotting, human skeleton, with black bones, with taloned fingers, or whatever had left from its fingers.


Alec had seen him in books. He knew, he was a Greater Demon, an Angel who followed Lucifer after his falling.

“I smell magic…a great magic on you boy,” he had spoken in his mind. Alexander shot an arrow in his direction, but it quickly disappeared, into the dark smoke. He was shooting one after another arrow, missing the moment, when Abbadon materialized himself behind Alec’s back.

A pain, sharp pain went through his whole body, ripping him apart inside. He was burning, and for a brief second Alec had thought that his body was consumed in flames. A loud scream escaped his mouth, into the night sky.

He heard a sound of cracking bones, followed by an empty, echoing voice.

“It’s done…Master.”

Then the darkness engulfed Alexander.

Isabelle was watching the scene before her. It was worse, than the worst nightmare she could ever have.

Alec was slowly falling to the cold ground.

“Alec!” she cut off the head of Eidolon demon, and ran towards her brother. The demon who attacked her brother, disappeared into the dark smoke, taking all of demons with him.

Alec was laying on the ground, unmoving. His heart was barely beating, Izzy could tell it easily. She tried to move the older boy, to see his injuries, but she wasn’t strong enough.

“Jace!” she called for her second brother. In no time the blonde one was next to her, dropping down to his knees. “Do something!”

The other boy, with Izzy’s helped turned Alec on his stomach. He ripped the top of Alec’s gear off and examined his wounds. They were deep, for sure. Jace took out his stele, and started to draw Iratzes on his brother’s back. And he was truly surprised when they burned out on the older boy skin.

“It’s not working!” he screamed. “What are we…Izzy what…”

“Damn…” she cursed, before she started to search Alec’s pockets. When she got his phone, she immediately started to scrolling through numbers.

“What are you doing?! We have to call for Silent Bro…”

“I know someone who will help him!”

“Alec…oh my god…” Clary and Sebastian approached them. “Is he…”

“Sebastian, take Clary to the Institute,” the girl tried to protest, but a glare from the black haired one, stopped her. Verlac nodded at Jace and Izzy, and dragged Clary away.

Isabelle finally found the number, and she pressed the phone to her ear.

“Where are you calling, Izzy…” She shushed Jace, as the person answered on the other line.

“Good evening, Darling. I missed you, when are you comi…”

“It’s Isabelle,” there was a small pause, before Izzy spoke again. “We’ve been attacked and Alec’s been injured…badly…”

Where are you?!” A more frantic voice of Magnus was heard. Isabelle could easily tell that he was breathing fast and heavy.

“Near Delacorte Theater…”

I’m opening a portal! Can you lift Alec?” Magnus whispered some words to himself.

“Jace, lift Alec,” the boy was all confused, and opened his mouth to say something. “Just do it! We don’t have much time.”

Isabelle!” Magnus interrupted her. “Do you see a portal?

“The blue light?” Magnus mhm-ed to her. “I see it.”

“Get through it! Now!”

There wasn’t a word that could perfectly describe how Magnus felt when Isabelle called. Scared? Worried? Terrified? All of them at once? He couldn’t even think straight, after he heard those words.

‘Alec’s been injured…badly’

Magnus was living long enough, to know that when Shadowhunters says ‘badly injured’ it means they’re dying. And that was what terrified Magnus the most. He couldn’t bear a thought of dying Alec. This couldn’t happen, not now. Not when he cares for him so much.

The two Shadowhunters had stepped through the portal. The blonde one – Jace, had Alec in his arms. His hands were covered with blood, blood of Alec.

“Lay him down on the bed,” he instructed the boy. “Do it boy!”

“Who the hell…”

“Jace, do it!” Isabelle growled at the other Shadowhunter. After a small looks exchange between them, the boy obliged, and laid down Alec on Magnus’s bed in his bedroom. “Magnus, save him…please…”

“Move away, and let me do my job,” when Isabelle and Jace went out of his room, shutting the door behind them, Magnus started to examine Alec’s wounds. “Oh honey…I’ll save you.”

He took off Alec’s shattered shirt, and with a simple spell cleaned his upper body, to see better his wounds. There was something inside of them. A black fluid…

A poison.

“Isabelle!” the girl ran inside quickly. “What attacked Alexander?”


“Which one?!”

“Abbadon,” this time it was Jace, who spoke. “I’ve seen a glimpse of him, before I got to Alec and Izzy.”

“Ok. Get out!”

Magnus moved his hands above Alec’s back, and straddled his backside, being extra careful not to hurt him more. He whispered the healing spell, and soon, from his fingers shot turquoise sparkles, straight to wounds on Alec’s back.

“Don’t you dare die on me Alec! Not now!” he hissed, after the second spell didn’t work properly. Alec’s heart was barely beating, and the warlock was sure that if the next spell won’t work, he will lose the boy. “Come on Darling! Come back to me! Don’t leave me! Not yet! Come on Alexander! Please…don’t leave me…”

It took six spells to heal those wounds, but finally Magnus managed to do it. He was glad that for the whole time Alexander was unconscious. He didn’t want to cause him any more pain. And disposing of poison is very hurtful. Magnus, with the rest of his powers, conjured bandages, and put them on Alec’s back.

He stood up, his body was trembling, and he barely made his way to the door. When he opened them, he found two hunters, with watered eyes, looking at him with pleading in them. Magnus wiped the blood running from his nose, with his sleeve, before he spoke to them.

“He’s alive…” just then he collapsed to the floor, with a loud thud.

She could feel Jace’s glaring at the back of her head since they left Magnus’s Bane bedroom, leaving Alec in the warlock’s hands. She hoped that Bane will save him, because there was no one else that could do it.

Isabelle was pacing nervously in front of the bedroom door, muttering to herself ‘let Alec live’.

“Izzy!” Jace hissed at her, finally making her stop. “What the hell is going on here?! Why did we come to this…Downworlder? What is going on here?!”

“Jace…it’s not really my position to tell you.”

“Oh no, sister,” he came closer to her, and grabbed her arms. “You’re telling me this instant. Why is this warlock helping us? And how does he know Alec and you?”

There were many thoughts in Isabelle’s mind. She knew that Alec would hate her forever if she’d tell his secret to Jace. But then, she also knew that Jace won’t drop the topic so easily. Sometimes she hated being between them.

“Come on Darling! Come back to me!” they heard from behind closed door “Please…don’t leave me.”

“Now you have to explain this Isabelle,” Jace said in his serious tone. “Who is this Magnus for our Alec?”

“Well…you see…am…” she clearly hesitated, making the other hunter more annoyed. “He’s a friend…”

“You mean, he’s Alec’s boyfriend,” Isabelle was shocked at this point. She thought that Jace didn’t know.


“Come on, Alec isn’t good at hiding,” Jace let go of Izzy’s arms and took a step back. “I know that he’s gay since he was fifteen. I don’t get it, why he hid it from me. I don’t care about it. He’s my brother, my best friend, my parabatai…”

“Alec, darling, please…come back to me,” once again, they heard Magnus’s frantic voice.

“Tell me one thing, Izzy,” Jace spoke, darting his gaze towards the bedroom door. “Is Alec happy with…him?”

“He is.”

“Then I’m ok with it, even if he’s… a Downworlder,” in this moment, Magnus opened the door. He was looking horrible. His face was pale, from his nose was running blood. His body was trembling.

“He’s alive…” In one second he was falling to the floor.

Jace moved Magnus to the side of the bed not occupied by Alec’s unmoving form. He was beyond grateful that this warlock had saved his brother’s life.

A loud moan came out from Alec’s mouth, alerting both of his siblings.

“Alec? Alec can you hear me?” Isabelle kneeled next to the bed, looking with a concern at the older brother. “Alec.”

Another moan and muttering from Alec, was followed by a loud gasp from Magnus. The warlock’s eyes shot open and he sat up too quickly, making his head dizzy. Thankfully, Jace had caught his body, before he tumbled out of the bed. For a moment, Magnus seemed to be disorientated, especially when some blonde boy was holding him.

“Magnus…” the said man moved his head towards the direction of the voice. That’s when he saw him, and everything came back to him in an eye blinking.

“Alexander!” he darted out of the bed, and moved Isabelle aside, to get a better access to the boy. “Did…did he wake up?”

“Not yet,” Jace answered, coming closer to them. “I’m Jace, by the way.”

“I know who you are. Alec had spoken about you,” Magnus was caressing Alec’s cheek softly, and he could swear on Lilith, that the boy let out a sigh of relief.

“So…you’re his boyfriend?” Magnus just leave the question to be. He was sure that Alec has to tell it by himself. “I’m ok with it, as long as you won’t hurt him. Because if you will, I’ll…”

“Kill me?” Jace nodded. “Yeah, get to the line. Isabelle was first.”

A phone call interrupted their talk.

“Yeah?” Jace answered. “We’ll be back soon. No, we went to someone to save Alec, Clary. Just stay at the Institute. No! Stay there! He did what?! Damn! Fine, we’re coming back. Yeah, Alec is better. Yeah,” he hung up and looked at Izzy, then at Alec. “We have to go back. That idiot Sebastian had called for mom and Robert. They’ll be in the Institute in three hours…”

“Ok… we shouldn’t move Alec now, but I know it’s out of the question…so be gentle, ok?” Magnus leaned down to Alec’s face to capture his lips in a short kiss, or more like a peck. Then he kissed Alec’s forehead, before he let Jace lift him from the bed. “Isabelle, if anything…”

“I’ll call you,” Magnus nodded, and once again kissed Alec’s forehead. “Thank you Magnus, for saving my brother.”

“Yes, thank you,” Jace followed her suit. After that Magnus had created a portal for them, as close to the Institute as he could.

Magnus felt relieved when Isabelle had called in the morning to tell, that Alec had woken up. His heart was dreading about the boy, like never before. Sure, he was scared for his lovers before, but not like this. When he was healing the boy, who was nearly dying, he realized that he can’t let him go. That he’s too into it already. That he doesn’t see himself without him anymore.

Everything has changed then. And Magnus was sure about it. He was sure that his feelings have changed.

Then, the realization hit him.

“You better have a good reason to call me, at two a.m.” a yawing voice answered on the phone.

“Ragnor…I’m screwed.”

“Lilith!” this time, Ragnor’s voice was frightened. “Are you ok? Where are you?! Stay where you are! I’m creating a portal! Call Catarina…Lilith…Tessa is…damn…Cate and I will get you out of…”

“Ragnor!” Magnus interrupted Ragnor’s rambling. “Listen to me.”

“What’s going on Magnus?”

“I’m screwed…” he repeated himself.


“I’m in love with Alec.”

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