Days of War and the Nights of Love

Why is it so special?

There were many creatures tonight at the Hotel Dumort. Almost as many as during Council’s meetings, and yet it wasn’t what happened here tonight. People were screaming, one voice above the other, making it hard to understand. Raphael was sure, that there were only moments before they will jump to each other’s throats.

“SILENCE!” he boomed through the throne room. As it on a cue, all of the creatures turned their eyes on Santiago, closing their mouths. “Now…I will allow you to speak…but only representatives will speak. Magister Garroway, step out, and voice your case”

“Prime Magister,” he bowed his head to the vampire, and took three deep breaths, before he spoke. “I am brining rather sad and dreading report from my area,” with a gesture of a hand, he showed the werewolf to continue. “There has been an attack, led by Shadowhunters.”

“What is your loss, Magister Garroway?”

“Three, two adults, and one child,” Luke’s eyes dulled, as he said it. “But there was something strange in this.”


“The child, young boy…he was almost drained, from his blood,” a few gasps were heard from others werewolves in the room, as well as growls.

“Drained?” Magnus Bane moved himself to the front.

“Yes,” a female voice echoed in the room. The crowd stepped aside, revealing a woman, in the mid-thirty, with blonde hair and brown eyes full of tears. She wore a black dress, and a black hat with a veil around her face. “Joseph…my son…the hunter sliced his throat, and gathered his blood. He took almost everything…but my husband and a friend had stopped him, and he dropped the cup with blood of my child…” she burst into more tears now. Some other female werewolf tried to calm her down.

“Prime Magister,” another female voice, sounding like small bells, went through the room. “It is similar to what happened two nights ago.”

“Who are you?”

“Kaelie Whitewillow, I am from the Seelie Court, and today I’m here in replacement for our Magister,” she came closer to the front, bowing her head to Raphael, Magnus and Luke. “We’ve found a drained fey child too. Sliced throat, just like the werewolf child.”

“And there was an attack on one of the newborn,” Raphael muttered to himself. “Magnus, what do you think about it?”

The said warlock was absorbed in thoughts about what he had heard tonight. It wasn’t any abnormality, that Shadowhunters attacked Downworlders.

But why children?

What was so special about them?

Why did they matter?


“Sorry, what?”

“Magister Garroway, Magnus come with me, to my office,” the three of them moved to the second floor of the hotel, leaving the unsettling crowd for Josh to calm down. As soon as Raphael closed the door, he asked Magnus to silence the office. “It’s strange, don’t you think so?”

“Yes,” Garroway agreed. “Why are they killing kids?”

“I’m sure it has some meaning.”

“Do you think it’s Valentine’s sick plan?”

“I’m sure of it.”

“Me too,” Luke scratched his chin. “Magnus?”

“Magnus, you’re strangely quiet,” Raphael looked warily at the warlock. “And for once, I don’t like it…do you know something?”

“If you’re asking if…” he cut himself off. “the Shadowhunter told me, then you’re mistaken. I have a feeling that this is some part of Valentine’s plan, and the kids don’t know about it.”


“But,” Magnus looked through the window, up to the moon. Tonight, was a beautiful night. The sky was filled with bright stars, shining with a nice yellow light. “I’m not sure…but the children, the young blood of downworlders…it sounds familiar…but he would have to…”

“Magnus!” Raphael screeched, grabbing his attention.

“The Ritual of Infernal Conversion,” Luke and Raphael only gaped at him. “The blood of every young Downworlder will give him a power to control demons, as we come from demons. Some more, some less, but still, we’re coming from demons. But he needs a mortal sword as well to finish the ritual…so we have some time. The mortal sword is hidden.”

“Yes,” Luke interrupted him. “The Silent Brothers keep it in the Silent City…but he needs some protection, if he wants to summon demons.”

“And that’s where the cup is coming into the picture,” Raphael looked like lost at the see, between two other man. “The Mortal Cup can give a protection and helps in controlling demons.”

“But he doesn’t have the Cup,” the vampire stated.

“He does, Clarissa gave it to him…” the werewolf’s brown eyes, darkened at it. And Magnus knew why. Luke treated Clary as his own child for years. “Alec had told me this three days ago, she retrieved it from some witch, but she wasn’t really a witch…ah never mind.”

“And you forgot to tell me this,” Raphael rolled his eyes on Magnus.

“I had bigger things on my mind lately,” like saving Alec two nights ago; he added in his mind.

“So what now?” Garroway ended the awkward silence that was between them for a while.

“I will look into it, and you,” he pointed at both at Raphael and Luke. “Protect your people. Because if I’m right about the Ritual, we have to prepare.”

As Magnus was leaving the Hotel, he heard as other Downworlders were discussing an attack upon Shadowhunters. But if Valentine is gathering demons to help him, he’s planning something big. Bane knew, that if they attack now, without enough resources, they will all die.

The chilly air, was brushing Magnus’s arms, as he sat on the old rocking chair, stroking the fluffy fur of Chairman Meow. The moonlight cast its light on Magnus’s face. He was thinking about everything that happened lately. About the attack of Abbadon on Shadowhunters, the near death of his beloved Alec.

It was strange, that so suddenly the realization hit him. Hit him hard. He was sure, that he feels something for Alec, though he didn’t know that it’s love.

Magnus was definitely happy about it, he hadn’t felt so strongly for anyone in years. Not since Etta, back in twenties. Though, this time, with Alec, it was even better, stronger. And Magnus would lie to himself, if he’d say that he doesn’t like it. He loved it. He loved being with Alec. Those small kisses, this amazing, and blissful love making, this strong arms around his frame. This feeling that someone cares for him, deeply. He loved it so much.

But as they say, every coin has two sides.

The warlock knew, that no matter how much he loved Alec, they could never be truly together. Not when they have to hide themselves. Not when there’s a threat of death hanging upon them for, what they feel to each other. As if, Alec feels the same.

Sometimes, Magnus wondered, how Alec felt around him. Has he been with him, only because he couldn’t be with Jace? Or maybe he actually feels something for the warlock. Or maybe…

“Magnus?” he heard the voice of his beloved hunter, coming from inside his loft. “Magnus, where are you?”

“On the balcony!” there was a while, before he heard that someone stepped out.

“Since when do you have a balcony?” Alec asked, scratching Chairman Meow, behind his ears.

“Since tonight,” he simply answered, before he conjured a spare chair for Alec. The Shadowhunter sat down, and took Magnus’s hand in his. “How are you feeling, sweetheart?”

“All better,” he kissed the top of Magnus’s hand. It’s been six days, since Alec was attacked by Abbadon. Six days, since Magnus had almost lost him. “I wanted to thank you, for saving me.”

“No need to thank me, Darling,” the warlock leaned and placed a soft kiss on Alec’s pinky lips. “I’m just glad you’re ok now.”

“You know…” the younger man started. “I felt you.”


“I felt your magic, when you were healing me,” Alec explained. “It was like warm tingles, and I told you to stop tickling me…or I tried to tell you…”

Magnus only laughed at it.

“I wanted to ask you something,” Magnus looked more focused at his boyfriend. “Abbadon…he said that he smells a great magic on me…do you…maybe know what he meant?”

“He smelled me, on you,” Alec titled his head in a confusion. “I healed some scratches on your face last week,” the boy nodded, remembering it. “Abbadon, like every other greater demon, can smell other…demonic power. And I’m coming from a demon…so…he felt my magic on you. Something like an aura. You, Shadowhunters, can be smelled by demons, by your angelic blood. Faeries, leaves behind a very sweet, intoxicated scent. Werewolves smells like night for them. And vampires, like a death. And we, warlocks, leaves a trace of our magic every time, we’re using it. So he smelled it on you, plus we…we had sex lately Alexander, my scent was all over you.”

“Oh,” it came out of Alec’s mouth.

“What’s that smell?” Magnus sniffed Alec closer, cringing his nose in a displeasure. “You smell like ashes, and incenses. Where the hell have you been?”

“The Silent City,” Bane remained silent, so the boy could continue his story. “There’s been an attack on the Silent Brothers. Three of them are dead.”


“A few hours ago. When we came to it, there was nothing left to fight. But we could smell a demon odor,” he was saying. “And the Brothers…their faces looked scary…not in the normal way, but like…like they were scared of something.”

“Demons? In the Silent City?” Alec nodded. “I thought that only Shadowhunters can get to the Silent City.”

“Apparently not,” he retorted. “And there’s something else…Maellartach was stolen.”

“The Mortal Sword,” Alec’s face changed in one second. He looked more warily at Magnus, who once again was consumed in thoughts.

“Yes…how do you know?”

“Alexander, I’m old…and I’ve been around Shadowhunters before. I had friends among Shadowhunters…” Magnus explained. “Tell me…where Valentine was during the attack?”

“With us. Why do you ask?”

It was all strange. If it wasn’t Valentine, who stole the sword, then who? Who wanted it, and more importantly for what? Was it possible that there was another person, standing behind it? But then, who was it?

“Mags?” Alec was waving his hand before his eyes.

“Sorry…” he shook his head, and smiled at the younger boy. Alec’s blue eyes were now filled with questioning and concern. “We had some suspicions about Valentine, but you say that he was with you.”

“What suspicious?” Alexander asked.

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Magnus moved his hand to Alec’s cheek, and caressed it softly. “How long time we have tonight?”

“All night,” Bane was blinking from disbelief. “Mom and dad, are busy with what happened in the Silent City, and Valentine took Sebastian and Jace with him to Brazil Institute, he wanted them to meet someone. Izzy is with Max and Clary, and she’s covering for me…so we have whole night. Izzy will let me know if I’m needed.”

“Have I mentioned, that I love your sister?” the boy giggled a bit. “Hey, how are things between you and Jace?”

“He was ok, we talked…and all…” there was a slight blush on the hunter’s cheeks, but before Magnus could ask some more, Alec opened his mouth again. “So, are we going to the bed?”

“Lead the way, love. But first, you need a shower, and I could use some as well,” Magnus stole Alec a hungry kiss, before they both went to the familiar room.

There was a loud banging on the front door, that woke Magnus up, at the ungodly, morning hour. With a groaning, he threw his legs off the bed, and reached for his blue, satin robe, that he wore last night, when Alec came. After the warlock stood up, he looked at the other side of the bed, occupied not so long before, by his beloved hunter. It was still messed after their last, eventful night. The night was even more than eventful, it was amazing, and Magnus couldn’t take off a smirk from his face, even at the early hour.

His sweet thoughts about the pale Angel, were disturbed once again, by a loud banging. He knotted the robe on his naked body, and moved himself towards the front door.

But Lilith, he didn’t expect that.

“Ragnor?” Magnus was utterly shocked to see his green-skinned friend here, in New York. He didn’t remember, that Ragnor had called and inform about coming to visit. Especially, that he was here not so long ago. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry it took me a week, but Alexei had held me,” he let himself inside the apartment, and straight to the living room. Magnus closed the door, and followed his example, conjuring pajama pants for himself in the meantime. “You sounded so strange over the phone.”

“And you came here because of it?”

“Magnus you are my best friend,” he stated. “I’m worried.”

“No, need,” Bane sat next to him on the couch, and patted his knee. “I’m actually good. In love.”

“Yeah, with a Shadowhunter,” a cold silence fell between them, after Ragnor said it. “Look…I know, I know, now it seems to be a good thing, you’re happy and all…but what will happen later? You cannot be with him for real. You will always have to hide.”

“I know,” Magnus’s arms slumped, and he brought his knees to the chest. “I know that we can’t be together for real…but I love him. It’s crazy, I know, but I’ve never felt like this before. When we kiss, I feel like my knees are made of cotton. When we hold hands, I feel this warmth in my stomach. Hell, I even feel butterflies in it, call me crazy, but that’s how I feel around him. When I look into his beautiful eyes, it’s like…the time stops for me, and all I can see is Alec. I know, I’m old, and I shouldn’t feel like a teenage girl, but…but I can’t help at it. His laugh, I swear on Lilith, it’s the most amazing thing I ever heard. My heart beats faster when I see or hear him…”

“Alright, I understand, you love him,” Ragnor stopped him.


“Have you consider, what will happen when he’ll find out?” at that Magnus’s face showed pure confusion. “That you met him, because of your task? That you were bound to seduce him, for our cause?”

“I’m dreading this day…”

“You’re gonna get hurt,” the green skinned man placed a hand on top of Magnus’s hand. “I don’t want you to be hurt. Magnus, it would be better for you, to end it now, before it’s too late. Why is it so special, anyway? You’ve been in love before, many times. Why is it different this time?”

“I don’t know,” Magnus breathed out. “But I know, that Alec Lightwood owns my heart.” The other man only huffed on it. “I’m in love with him, Ragnor. Truly in love.”

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