Days of War and the Nights of Love

The dark clouds upon our sky

Bottles surrounded Magnus’s body, this morning, as he sat on the floor of his living room with back pressed into the couch arm. Tears dried on his face, but the new ones built in his cat-eyes already. A photo of him and Ragnor from 1898 laid next to him. It was the first photo of them, first of many.

The Chairman was laying on Magnus’s laps, nuzzling his nose into his thigh, to try and make feel better his owner. But nothing could help Magnus in this moment.

He lost his best friend. His brother.

Magnus felt in his heart a great pang of pain, when he realized that this is real, that Ragnor is gone, forever.

A sound of keys and opened the door was heard, further in the apartment. Chairman rushed to the door, stumbling over a half-empty bottle of wine. A wine that Ragnor had once gave Magnus, for Christmas. Someone came inside, as Magnus could hear footsteps.

“Magnus?” when Magnus turned his head to Alec, the Shadowhunter could see the red eyes of his warlock and tears on his face. Some glass was shattered by the wall, a red liquid, wine was running on the floor. Alec kneeled by Magnus, and took his hands in his. “What happened? Magnus?”

The warlock said nothing to the panicked voice of his lover, but he pressed himself into the chest of Alec. At first the boy was partly surprised partly concerned. He didn’t know what had put Magnus in such a state. The warlock, was crying, trembling in his arms, and murmuring something, that Alec couldn’t understand. So the boy did his best to comfort his lover. The Shadowhunter sat down and pulled Magnus on his laps, encircling his arms around his back. He was soothing his back, trying to calm him down.

“He’s dead…” Bane whispered, fisting Alec’s black shirt.

“Who’s dead Magnus, tell me what happened?”

“Ragnor…my best friend…my brother is dead,” his voice was almost emotionless. “He killed him…he fucking killed him, here.”

“Who killed your friend?”

“Valentine,” Alec didn’t know what to say about it. Firstly, it sounded to him a bit surreal because Valentine was away. But then, he was so vengeful towards Downworlders, so it could be, and possibly was the truth. “He killed him…my brother…he killed him.”

“Shhh,” Alec kissed the top of Magnus’s head, when the warlock burst into tears again.

The younger man was rocking slowly Magnus in his arms for a little while, before he heard that the sobbing turned into whimpering, and soft snoring. With a lot of effort he managed to get up from the floor with Magnus, still in his arms. He went to his bedroom, and laid him gently on the bed, disposing of his uncomfortable clothes. Alec covered Magnus’s frame with the canary-yellow sheets and wanted to quietly leave the house, but then the warlock grabbed his hand in a tight grip.

“Don’t leave me just yet,” he asked, and a silent tear rolled down his caramel cheek. Alec smiled ghostly, and nodded, before he laid down next to him, opening his arms widely. In no time, the warlock snuggled up to him, and placed his head on the hunter’s chest. Alec once again moved his fingers into Magnus’s hair and stroked it gently.

“I’m so sorry, for your loss, Magnus,” Alexander kissed his forehead. “I know you must feel devastated now, but know that, I’m here for you.”

“Thank you,” Magnus placed a small kiss on Alec’s chest, where his heart was beating. “I’m leaving for London, at the evening, for his funeral.”

“Just be careful there…who knows what…”

“I know he will come for me,” he cut Alec off. “Valentine will come for me, then Raphael, and Catarina. I know it.”


“He wants something what Ragnor had,” Magnus explained. “And Valentine wants it, badly. He won’t stop before he gets it back. Don’t trust him Alexander. Don’t trust him.”

“What does he want from you?”

“The Book of White. A very powerful spell book. It’s one of the most powerful, magic books, and many warlocks desire it. Ragnor had it for almost three centuries, he got it from my old teacher, when we met. He was older than me, and he took care of me ever since…” he took a deep breath, suppressing more tears, that built in his eyes. “He was like a brother for me…and now he’s gone…beside Catarina I have no one now…”

“You have me, I’m not going anywhere, Magnus,” they connected their lips, in a long kiss, mixed with Magnus’s salty tears. “I’m here for you, as long as you need me.”

“I always need you,” at that Alec’s heart beat faster. “I love you Alexander.”

His face was blank from a surprise. He found himself blinking for a few seconds, during this silence. His heart was racing, and he couldn’t find his voice.

“I love you, Alec,” Magnus repeated himself. “And you don’t have to say it back now, I just wanted you to know, how I feel. You’re not committed to say it. I just love you.”

Mere moments later, while Alec was still all silent, Magnus’s body shut down and he fell asleep from all those tears and exhaustion. His hand slid down from Alec’s torso, to the bed. He was snoring lightly, his chest was rising and falling in a steady motion.

And here, Alec still didn’t know what to think about it. Did Magnus really feel it, or did he say it under the influence of the emotions? But he couldn’t deny that those words filled his heart with warmth and happiness.

It was ten in the morning, when Alec decided that he has to go home, after a disturbing call from Isabelle. Magnus was still asleep, now with the Chairman by his side. The Shadowhunter kissed lightly Magnus’s lips, and whispered.

“I love you too.”

If Raphael’s heart would be still beating, it would break, shatter into million pieces the moment he saw Ragnor in Magnus’s arms. He never thought that this would happen, after all the warlock had lived for so long already. It still was unbelievable.

The pain that Raphael felt was the biggest pain he ever felt in his seventy five years of existing. If he would be still human, it would feel like someone, like Valentine, had ripped his heart out.

That man, that monster, took away the most important man in his life, from him, and for that Raphael sworn his revenge.

He will kill Valentine Morgenstern.

When he stepped out of the portal, that Magnus created for him, he couldn’t stop the bloody tears that run down his cheeks. All of his inferiors looked at him rather confused, and with a fear in their eyes. Raphael glanced at Josh, and whispered.

“You’re in the charge now,” the blonde-haired man nodded, still looking concerned at his maker.

Raphael moved to his bedroom, and shut the door behind him. He was partly glad that his bedroom was soundproofed, all those years ago, with a magic stone he received from Ragnor. He could now cry in a silence, and grieve his lover without witnesses.

The vampire looked over at the bed, where they lay together just a few hours ago, holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes. A small smile crept onto his face, when he recalled that.

“Has anyone ever told you, that you look beautiful in the moonlight?” Raphael said, caressing the bare, green arm of Ragnor. The light of the moon, was brightening his skin, making him glow.

“You’re too kind,” his cheeks became more greener.

“To you, I only speak the truth, my love,” that granted Raphael a sweet kiss from the warlock.

The sweet memory, of the last moment together, caused more tears from the vampire. His dead heart ached like never before, and there was nothing that could relieve his pain, even a little bit.

He felt empty.

A photo of him and Ragnor, from three years ago, stood on the nightstand. It was taken in Barcelona, during a small vacation, partly to get away from Magnus and glitter. But nevertheless, that vacations were wonderful for both of them. They had to admit, that Barcelona at night was very enjoying.

“I love you,” he said that night, holding his palm on his heart.

“I love you too.”

The love they had for each other, was something that many didn’t understand. It wasn’t a physical relationship, like many assumed. No, their love was in a way higher level than that, he even dared to say that they were soul-mates, even though he didn’t have a soul anymore. There was a strong bond between them, created the moment they met, sixty years ago in Magnus’s apartment.

“So, you’re the new roommate of Magnus?” he said, eyeing him from head to toe. “A small warning, he loves glitter, soap operas, and when he’s drunk, he’s running around naked singing songs from Moulin Rouge, and he’s the real pain in the butt.”

“Yes, I don’t doubt that,” he smiled upon the taller man. “I’m Raphael Santiago, and you?”

“Ragnor Fell,” they shook their hands. And Raphael could feel a jolt of electricity when their hands touched.

At first they started as friends, most of times ganging up on Magnus, but soon, they started to feel more for each other. And finally they realized it’s love.

Love, that now was brutally ended by that monster, who won’t live for too long anymore.

“I love you, forever,” he whispered to the photo of him and Ragnor, while tracing, with one finger, the face of the warlock.

Just then, he let the morning rest consumed him, and he dreamt about his green-skinned, beloved warlock.

The moonlight cast down at the three downworlders, as they stood on the green hills, outside the London. The night was truly beautiful, a cool air surrounded them, as they were looking at the wooden-opened casket. Inside was Ragnor, wearing his best suit, bought once in XX century.

Catarina stood next to Magnus, arms linked. On the other side stood Raphael holding a lemon blossom in his hand. A flower that Ragnor loved, because it reminded him about his home, and family.

“What are you doing here?” Magnus heard the cracking sound of a bony-cane, a sound that he could recognize everywhere. The three of them turned around to the pale man in a black suit, matching their black clothes.

“I have come to pay my respects” Alexei said, standing next to the female warlock. “Catarina, Magnus, Raphael, I feel sorry for your loss. Ragnor Fell was one of the greatest men I ever knew. He was very loyal and my best Magister. The loss of Ragnor brings a great grief for me and Downworlders in London. But of course, I cannot imagine, how the death of his influenced all of you, the closest people to him.”

“Thank you,” Catarina said, after she wiped tears from her blue cheeks. “It’s very kind of you, to come and grieve our friend with us.”

“My people retrieved this from Ragnor’s house, when the flames disappeared.”

He took out from his coat-pocket a frame, broken, covered in black smudges of burning. Magnus took the frame in his hands and let out a loud sob. The photo was taken back in the sixties, here in London, during the ball in Pandemonium. All of them were here, wearing great suits and a beautiful dress. Catarina, Ragnor, Magnus and Raphael, they were smiling to the camera, with drinks in their hands, alcohol for warlocks, and blood for the vampire. That was a great time, they didn’t have to hide or fight with Shadowhunters. They could be themselves, freely.

“Thank you, for it,” Magnus bowed his head to Alexei.

It was time for the last goodbye.

Catarina was first, she leaned down and kissed his forehead, whispering some words to him. Then it was Magnus’s turn.

“Goodbye my friend. You were always there for me. You were the only family I had over the years,” he caressed for the last time his green cheek. “I love you brother. Farwell.”

And at the end, it was Raphael, who approached the casket. He leaned down, and pressed his cold lips to Ragnor’s cold ones. A bloody-tear escaped his eye, and fell down in the middle of the warlock’s lips, giving them some color. Even dead Ragnor looked truly marvelous for Raphael.

“Goodbye, my love,” he placed the flower in his hand, touching him for the last time.

“Are you ready?” Magnus looked at both, Catarina and Raphael. With a pain in the heart they nodded. “Ok, let’s do it.”

Bane closed his eyes, and focused on his hands. He felt as the magic is running through his veins and straight to his fingers. He let the blue sparks out of them, down to the casket, lighting it. The flames were blue and green, a mixed magic of Magnus and Ragnor. Around the flame were flying fireflies, brightening the darkened sky even more.

Magnus clasped his hand with Catarina, and drew the vampire closer to them. They remained silent, listening to the sound of fire and night. The male warlock closed his eyes, and whispered for the last time.

“Goodbye my friend.”

Back in New York, Magnus and Raphael escorted Catarina to her home, and left two vampires with her, for protection. For Bane, the vampire had as well protectors.

Before they separated their ways, Raphael took out from inside his jacket, a book, grayish looking, old book.

“I had it for eighteen years,” the vampire drawled. “Ragnor would want you to have it now.”

“Now I understand his message…” Magnus whispered to himself, and took the book from his hands.

“Hide it, and look out for yourself Magnus,” the vampire smiled ghostly. “ He will come for the book, to us. And then I will kill him, without mercy. I will rip his heart out. I will make him regret that he dared to raise a hand on Ragnor. We will beg me for killing him, for mercy, but I won’t give him any. I will take his life, just like he did with Ragnor. I promise you this. I will kill Valentine Morgenstern. And I will kill him soon.”

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