Days of War and the Nights of Love

All hell broke loose

It’s been four days since they buried Max Lightwood in the Silent City. Four days of mourning in the New York Institute. Four days of planning the revenge on the vampires.

Robert Lightwood, along with his wife, asked their Shadowhunters friends, from all over the world, for help. Everyone agreed to fight by their side, to kill the monsters that kill children. Especially since the attacks on innocent children have increased all over the world. The word was spread that Raphael Santiago and his clan had initiated all of the attacks in the past four days. And so, all Shadowhunters decided that it was about time to end this madness.

“We need a tactic, a good one” Jia Penhallow, the Consul of the Shadowhunter’s World, the head of the Beijing’s Institute, looked through the faces of all the Shadowhunters in the room. They were sitting in the Library of the New York Institute, since the City had been the one mostly attacked, as well as since the attackers resided here.

Maryse had an unreadable face, she was still mourning over the loss of her youngest; her blue eyes showed nothing more but sorrow and rage, yet she remained stoic. The same look has now covered Robert Lightwood’s face, though he tried to stay more stoic during the meeting. Blackthorn, from the Los Angeles Institute, was offering his condolences to Maryse, smiling ghostly at her and her husband.

Jia moved her eyes towards the two youngest people in the room, Alec Lightwood and Sebastian Morgenstern. They were allowed to participate in the courting, as both of them were eighteen now. Alec was still wearing white clothing with red runes on them, even though it’s been four days since the funeral.

“That is true, Jia,” Valentine spoke from his place, on the top of the table. All eyes moved on him, with questions painted inside of them. “We can’t just go and attack the Hotel, the residence of the Vampires. I’m sure, that they are expecting us to do it. The word of the death of Max, and of other children was spread, so they know we will come for them. They are waiting for us, that’s why they haven’t been wandering around New York lately, they are hiding and waiting for us.”

“We should just invade the Hotel and kill them all,” Arthur Blackthorn hit his hand over the table. “They can’t kill more children! We have to kill them first! If they touch any of my children…”

“Let’s not act on our feelings for a while,” Morgenstern stopped him. “I’m sure that they are well protected during the days.”

“What do you mean by that?” Amatis Herondale moved herself closer to Valentine.

“It’s not a secret that the leader of the local Clan, is…pardon…was involved romantically with the warlock Ragnor Fell,” he was saying with stoicism in his deep voice. “And from my son’s observations, I know that the said warlock was friend with the local warlock, Magnus Bane.”

Alec tried not to react, when they said his lover’s name.

“I’ve heard about him,” Jia looked through the window. “He’s a powerful being.”

“That he is,” Robert spoke for the first time this morning. “One of the most powerful warlocks I’ve heard about, maybe even the most powerful. And he’s old, I’ve read about him in my ancestors’ history, he’s mentioned there as the most powerful warlock that lives on the Earth.”

“Do you think he works with Vampires?” some blonde haired man, whose name Alec had forgotten, frowned his brows.

“We have to assume that he’s working with them,” Morgenstern retorted, unfolding a map of New York on the round wooden table. All of them looked curiously at the red points marked in Manhattan, close to the Hotel Dumort. Valentine was pointing at them, with his dagger, as he explained. “We have to ambush here and here,” the rest of them nodded. “And when the sun comes down, we barge into the Hotel, and take them down with our weapons. First, we may weaken them with the spray of holy water; it will disorient them for a few moments. It will be enough time to disperse and then we’ll attack.”

“Valentine,” Robert turned to his friend. “You think we can win this?”

“Of course, my friend,” he patted his hand, and smiled slyly at him. “There aren’t too many of them, the Clan is reduced.”

“Maybe they will call for the help of werewolves,” Amatis popped in.

“Werewolves won’t help them,” there was a gleam in his black eyes, when they crossed with Amatis, and then they moved to Sebastian. “I’ve made sure of it.”

“So when do we start?” Maryse asked, with coldness in her voice; the same coldness that Alec had been hearing lately.

“Tonight,” Valentine smirked. “Tonight, we’re not going to fall. Tonight we will be the winners. Tonight, the war will begin.”

Alec was sitting on the stairs outside the Institute. His eyes were closed, as the sun rays were warming his pale face. The warm air was licking his skin, making him almost relax.


The young man couldn’t stop the thoughts that were running wildly through his mind. Thoughts about his little brother, that caused tears in his eyes. At least now, four days after the funeral, Alec cried a little less. He knew that he couldn’t cry anymore; Shadowhunters were taught to never cry, for the whole their lives. They were supposed to be strong, fierce, though not crying creatures. That wasn’t how Alec was raised, but now he didn’t care. He cried strongly for three days, and it helped him a bit. Helped him stable his emotions, and understand what happened.

And what will happen soon.

But thoughts about Max weren’t the only ones that occupied his mind. He also thought about Magnus, and what will happen with them. After tonight, all of it may, and probably will change. All of it may end after tonight; and it was something that Alec dreaded. He loved Magnus; he knew it now, at least that’s how he felt. There was something strong between the warlock and himself, and he couldn’t deny it anymore.

But it could change tonight, as the war with the Downworld will begin.

Alec felt a nudge in his ribs, and it made his eyes open wide in one second. Blond hair came into his sight, followed by a very muscular body.

“You’ve been sitting here quite long, man,” Jace threw some pebbles to the lawn, without much force. “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” the older moved his hair behind his ears to get a better look at his parabatai. Jace looked almost like always; stoic face, weary eyes. But today, something unreadable was in his face, and it made Alec suspicious. “Shouldn’t you be inside?”

“Father is talking to Clary about her mother.”

“She’s your mom too, Jace,” the golden boy sighed loudly. “At least the biological one.”

“I don’t feel that she’s my mother…same as I don’t feel that Clary is my sister…”

“It’s because you still love her,” Alec cut him off, and for a moment there was this awkward silence between them. Truth to be told, Alec didn’t want to be that harsh to Jace; it was a hard topic for him. But on the other hand, Jace needed to accept the fact. There was nothing he could do with it. “Sorry…”

“It’s fine,” Jace shook his head and smiled a little at him. “How are you feeling?” Lightwood raised his eyebrow in question at the blonde boy. “About tonight’s mission?”

Alec just shrugged his arms, and at the same moment Izzy came out with Aline and Helen.

“There you are!” Miss Lightwood exclaimed, looking at her both brothers.“Mom says that dinner will be ready in two hours. But she didn’t want my help, we could eat earlier if I helped.”

“Izzy,” Jace looked at her, a small smile creeping on his face. “No one wants to die of food poisoning before the battle.”


“Stop it!” Alec shushed them both, before any more bickering could happen. The boy looked at his phone, then at his siblings. “I’ll be back in a few hours, ok? Cover for me.”

“Are you going to see your…” Izzy smirked at him, and mouthed the rest. “Lover boy?”

Alexander’s face was scarlet in one second. Jace and Izzy couldn’t suppress their laughter, making Aline and Helen a bit confused.

“Have fun, Alec,” Jace winked at him, making Alec red on the face. “And remember, protection is a priority!”

For once Alec was pleased that he could run fast. In no time, he passed the gate of the Institute, and mingled himself into the city, and its people who were absorbed in thoughts.

Just as he came to Brooklyn, the fate decided to grant him with rain, heavy rain. The day couldn’t get worse, could it? Alec thought, before he tried to find his keys to the apartment. And another surprise, there were no keys in his pocket. The Shadowhunter just hoped that his warlock was home at this hour, and that he was awake. He hated waking Magnus, he was always grumpy afterwards.

“Yes?” a smooth voice came through the speakers.

“It’s me. I forgot my keys.”

“Come on in, Darling,” a moment after Magnus buzzed him in, Alec started to skip two steps at a time, just to get faster to the loft. Bane was standing in the doorway, smiling from ear to ear, with a gleam in his cat eyes, when Alec came to the door. “My poor boy, you’re all drenched.”

“It’s raining a little,” Alec’s cheeks were red and warm, and the boy wasn’t sure whether it was from the heat on the hallway of the loft, or from looking at Magnus; whose pants were hanging really low on his hips, showing the caramel skin.

“A little?” Magnus closed the door behind Alec, and led the boy further into the apartment. Once in the living room, the warlock drew the boy to himself, and captured his lips in a soft, loving kiss. But Alec was not having this; he parted Magnus’s lips and slid his tongue inside. His hand moved itself to the spiked hair, and tugged strongly, receiving a loud moan from the older man; Alec knew it’s his soft point. The once soft kiss, now turned into a hungry one, filled with desire and longing. When they pulled away, they were both equally flushed and breathless. “Well, hello to you too.”

“I missed you all those days,” Alec pressed himself to Magnus’s chest, putting his arms around the warlock’s slim frame, squeezing him tight. Bane returned the hug, rubbing slowly Alec’s back to provide him some heat.

“I missed you too, sweet pea,” Alec pushed Magnus on the sofa and sat down on his lap, pressing himself even more into Magnus’s chest, while his lips found their way to the other’s lips again. In that very moment the warlock realized something, and drew away from the boy “Alexander! You’re wet!” before the said boy had a chance to say something, Magnus opened his mouth again. “And not in the good meaning… ugh! You have to change and warm yourself.”

“You can always…” he blushed at the thought, and at the same time licked his lips, sliding his hands down on Magnus’s chest. “You can warm me up.”

“I like the way you’re thinking, my love,” Magnus sneaked his hand under Alec’s black shirt and ran his nails through his chest, making Alec moan. “Shall we move to the bedroom?”

“Lead the way.”

In the bedroom, Magnus pushed Alec on the bed, and with a simple spell, he discarded them both from their wet clothes.

“I see, you put on yourself my favorite rune,” the warlock playfully licked the black mark above Alec’s bare hip. “Shall we see how long it lasts?”

“That was my plan, for today,” Alec’s voice was rarely shy in the bedroom, since the very first time they had sex, or made love like Magnus put it. He was into everything that the older one introduced him to, starting from several positions to bondage.

But today, Alec just simply wanted to have Magnus, and be taken by him in a loving way. As he hadn’t seen him for four days, he wanted to feel loved. It seemed that Magnus read his mind.

Hands and mouths wandered all over their bodies; alternately, creating wonderful tingles and moans in them. Every inch of skin, on both of them, was well touched, and learned by heart once again. Every heavy breath was savored by another, when their lips connected in long, deep kisses. All of it was filled with love painted in their eyes, when they were looking at each other in the moment of ecstasy.

“I want to stay like this forever,” Magnus breathed out after two hours, with Alec on top of him. His body was covered with sweat and ecstasy, same as Alec’s.

“With me inside of you?”

“That too, though at some point it could be uncomfortable,” Magnus said, a second before Alec pulled out of him and laid down next to him, with his face turned to Magnus. The warlock turned his face and body as well, grabbing his hands into a tight grip. “But I meant us. You and Me. Together, forever. Without all this shit around, just… us”

“I wish it, too,” Alec brushed off Magnus’s hair from the man’s face, to get a better look into his gold-green eyes. “You have no idea how much I’d like that. So there could be just us.”

“You’re so sweeeet,” Magnus yawned, and his hand moved on Alec’s hip, to the place, where the stamina rune was drawn. “How come it’s still here? We had three rounds, it should be burned out now!”

“It seems that we have to have a few more rounds,” the Shadowhunter trailed his fingers over the warlock’s chest. “After all, you wanted to see how long it lasts.”

“That’s tempting,” he yawned again. “Let me rest for a bit, and then we can go at it again.”

“Of course, let’s rest for a while,” Alec leaned closer and stole a kiss from Magnus.

In no time, Magnus was lightly snoring next to Alec, while the Shadowhunter couldn’t even close his eyes. The old wooden clock from the living room was clearly heard by the boy, as it counted down the minutes. It was getting closer and closer to the night, to the possible last night of Alec’s living. He was a strong boy, he could fight, but he didn’t know whether he will survive the war with the Downworlders.

His phone vibrated, getting him out of his dull thoughts.

‘Come home now. Dad is looking for you. We’re gathering up in an hour to go. Come fast. – Izzy’

Alec untangled himself from Magnus’s embrace, and put his now dry clothes back on. His warlock was still sleeping safe and sound, looking so calm and innocent now. Alec sat at the edge of the bed, and took out a paper from Bane’s nightstand, to leave him a message, or more like a request.

He moved his palm to the caramel, warm cheek, and stroked it slowly, lovingly.

“I wish it could be different,” he whispered, and smiled when Magnus involuntarily leaned to the gentle touch. “I wish we could be together, simply us. Just us. I wish I weren’t that much of a coward, and so I had the courage to say what I feel about you. I love you, Magnus Bane. I love you more than anything. And I hope, I hope that if I survive tonight, I will find the courage inside of me, to tell you this while looking at you in the eyes. I love you.”

The Shadowhunter placed a lingering kiss on the top of Magnus’s head, being careful not to wake him. He put the note on his side of the bed, and went out. In the hallway, he found Chairman, sleeping by his boots. He stroked him on his small head, and the feline looked at him with its green eyes.

“Keep him safe, Meow,” with that, he went back to the Institute.

Magnus had just had one of the best dream ever. The said dream involved him, his beloved hunter, naked of course, and cuffs. As if on instinct Magnus moved his right arm to reach for his hunter and show him what happened in the dream. But he was truly surprised and taken aback when his hand landed on a cold empty space. His eyes immediately opened wide, trying to locate his man.

“Alexander?” he called, sitting up on the bed. “Alec? Honey, where are you?” when there was no response, Magnus grew annoyed. “Alec this isn’t funny. If you’re making me breakfast and coffee, at least tell me that…” when he walked out of his bedroom, he looked around. But Alec was nowhere to be seen. In the hallway, his boots were not there anymore. In the bedroom there were no longer his clothes on the floor.“Oh great,” Magnus sighed. “And here I hoped for another round or at least for a lunch together.”

He took his phone from the nightstand, and picked his boyfriend’s number.

‘It’s Alec Lightwood here. Leave a message’

“Well, honey, where are you? You promised me the next round of mind-blowing sex and I woke up without you. Call me back, Alexander,” he shut his phone and sat down on the bed. At the same moment, Chairman jumped on the bed straight on Alec’s pillow. After a second or two, he nudged Magnus’s thigh. When the warlock looked at him, he saw that there’s some paper in Meow’s mouth. The said cat placed it in his hand. It was a note, a note from his beloved hunter.

Please, stay hidden tonight. Don’t come to Manhattan. Stay hidden Magnus. Please. – Alec.

“Stay hidden…” Magnus wondered. “What in the…don’t come to Manhattan…what is…” then it struck him like lightening, as words of Alec from last week came to his mind.

“I’m going to kill Raphael for it. He will die.”

“He can’t possibly…” In one second Magnus magicked clothes on himself and conjured a map of Manhattan. In the next he took one of Alec’s shirts that he left here, and cast a locating spell. The result was clear, and it made Magnus’s heart beat faster.

The words of the spell to create a portal came out of his mouth faster than usual, and soon he found himself close to his beloved. Just in time, before they barged inside the hotel Dumort. Magnus launched himself at Alec and Isabelle, pushing them both to the ground. In an instinct Isabelle hit him with her whip and Alec moved his dagger to his neck. When the Shadowhunters realized who it was, they retrieve their weapon.

“Magnus, what on Raziel…” Alec started, but Magnus cut him off.

“Don’t go in there! You’re all going to die!” he breathed out, pressing a hand to the wound, created by Isabelle, on his upper arm.

“No!” Alec retorted firmly. “He will die tonight! He killed my brother!”

“He didn’t do it!” Magnus tried to reason with him, but Alec was shaking his head and he pushed him away.

“No! You’re just trying to protect your friend,” Alec growled, as he took out his bow and arrow. “You better go home Magnus, I don’t want you to get hurt too.”

“Alec, just please, listen to me! Raphael didn’t do it!” there was a coldness and pain written in Alec’s eyes, when he looked at Magnus, before rushing to the hotel, leaving the warlock in the cold night. “Alec! Alec! He didn’t do it! Alec!”

The boy was already ahead of him, by the entrance to the Hotel, as were the rest of the Shadowhunters. When they opened the door, they were met with a surprising view.

Then, all hell broke loose.

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