Days of War and the Nights of Love

Of unforgettable blue eyes

Magnus was slowly walking down the pavement of an alley, thinking about Raphael's words. He didn't believe that the Shadowhunters could make another attack on the Downworlders without a good leader. And no matter how close Robert Lightwood was to Valentine in the past, he couldn't do it.

He was a Lightworm, for Lilith's sake. And Magnus remembered the Lightwood's from the past. They've never managed to succeed.

But nevertheless Magnus decided to be cautious, to look into it.

As he stepped into his own area, he spotted a few vampires from Raphael's Clan. The Clan belonged to Camille Belcourt before, but she was somewhere else, hiding her butt from The Queen. She was responsible for the first attack on the fairies before the Uprising. And after that, as the new rules started to stand around their community, she was charged to stay in the dungeons of Hotel Dumort and starve to death…to true death. But there was one thing that The Queen hadn't foreseen. Camille, as much of a bitch as she was, she had her people, her slaves, who came to save her. After that The Queen passed the position of Prime Magister to Raphael Santiago, who became the new leader of the New York's vampire clan.

"Master Bane, welcome back," a violet haired vampire greeted the warlock, as he jumped off of a tree.

"For Lilith's sake…don't do that Joshua."

He just smirked at Magnus. "You should be more aware of your surroundings Master Bane."

"I thought that we've passed the level of Master, Josh," if the man wasn't a vampire, Magnus was sure he'd blush from those words and the seductive wink from the warlock.

"You should be more aware of your surroundings …Magnus," Joshua Smith was a head shorter than Magnus, yet he could stand so he could look straight into the eyes of the warlock. Magnus often wondered how he'd managed to do it. "How's London?"

"Great as always. You should go there one day. Especially in winter, it's a beautiful place."

"You know that the Prime Magister would never let me go on a simple trip," his red eyes darkened.

"When was the last time you ate?" Magnus asked, placing a hand on the cold shoulder of his friend.

"Why? Are you offering me your blood?" The warlock only huffed at him. "I drank your blood before…and it wasn't any good for me."

"Mister, my blood is delicious," he poked his cold nose.

"Oh, it is, very delicious…but" he made a small pause before he smirked."But I'd rather not be running around the streets stark naked again after it, like the last time."

"Mmm, but the view was something," Magnus smiled involuntary at said memory.

"Let's forget about…" in one swift moment Joshua stiffened in his place. His fangs slid out. From his throat came out a loud growl. "Blood…I smell the blood of a vampire."

With that he ran away from the warlock, leaving the said man in a slight confusion. Magnus Bane stood dead in his tracks for a little longer, before his own feet moved after his vampire friend.

He found him crouching over the body of a male vampire, looking maybe thirty years old. The dead vampire had a wooden arrow in his non-beating heart. His skin, once perfectly white, now became grayish with all the veins completely visible through it. Surrounding the body was a pool of dark red blood. The smell was horrible; Magnus never liked the smell of vampire blood. It smelled death. He shivered at the sight before him, though it wasn't the first time he had witnessed such a thing.

"Arthur," Joshua said angrily.

"I'm so sorry for your loss."

"Spare me humans untrue feelings, Magnus Bane," his eyes darkened more, becoming almost black now. And the warlock couldn't decide whether it was from the anger or hunger. "Do you smell it?"

"I'm not a dog who can smell anything. What is it?"

"I smell a Shadowhunter," he stood up and closed his eyes sniffling more. "He's not so far. I'm going to…"

"No. It's my area," the warlock stopped him with his hand, granting a murderous glare from the vampire. "You take your friend from here; I don't want to have corps in my area. I'm not going to play gravedigger. And I'll take care of the hunter."

The vampire only nodded with a quiet murmuring under his nose that Magnus couldn't understand. He took the corpse of his friend in his arms, and with vampire speed he headed off.

Now it was up to Magnus to find the hunter responsible for this situation.

He never liked dealing with those situations. But he knew that's how the laws worked here. If a hunter killed a Downworlder in any area, it was the Magister's, of the said area, duty to end the life of the killer. Or dictate the four Guardians to comply the assignment. But today, Magnus Bane was out of luck, one of his Guardians was killed. And the two others were on the opposite side of the area.

So he was the one who had to fulfill the duty.

He cast a locating spell, using the broken wooden arrow left in the alley, and soon he found the Shadowhunter.

The man, more like a boy, he couldn't be older than some teenage years, was sitting on a branch of the tree in the park, looking at the old coffee shop. His body was slim, but yet well-built, which was very clear to see through his skin-tight leather gear.

"You know, it's not very wise to come to the Downworlders' area by yourself, Shadowhunter," the boy in the tree stiffened, clearly not expecting that someone would find him. With grace he moved to another branch, the cat eyes of the warlock followed his every move. One second later, Magnus caught a wooden arrow coming straight at him. "Dear, I'm not a vampire. Wooden arrows won't work on me. Try again."

And so the Shadowhunter did. A small thud and rustle of leaves was heard behind the warlock, before he felt a cold metal on his neck. A pale hand kept him still in his place.

"A seraph blade? Better, but still it'll be hard to kill me with it."

"Gabriel," a deep voice said behind him, and the blade lightened up in blue.

"Gabriel wasn't such a great Angel, you know. I always wondered why you Shadowhunters never name the blade Raziel," a harder press of the blade to his throat. "After your creator. It's just more understandable. I mean he created Shadowhunters, yet it's against the rules to call after him your weapon. How weird, don't you think so?"

"Do you ever shut up?"

"Why? Can't handle a smart conversation, hunter?" he turned in the arm of the boy.

"What are you doing?" he interrupted the warlock.

"If you're going to kill me, look me in the eye…" That's when Magnus looked properly at the hunter for the first time.

And Lilith, the view was something.

The boy, he definitely still was a teenager, was tall, only two inches shorter than Magnus. Wearing all black. He was slim, but yet muscled; now Bane saw it more clearly. Arms, and neck covered with runes and scars. Black hair was falling in front of his eyes. His skin was pale, almost white. If it wasn't for the runes, Magnus would have thought that the boy is a vampire. A thin line of pink lips, sharp cheekbones. Nice-shaped nose, not too big, but not too small either, average.

And then Magnus saw his eyes.

Never in his life had he seen such beautiful eyes. The blue color of them was truly electrifying. The way the moon mirrored in them was truly amazing, making those eyes sparkle.

Magnus Bane was mesmerized by those eyes of the Nephilim.

"You have beautiful eyes," he said in awe, not realizing that he's chatting with the enemy. The hunter was taken aback with those words, not expecting the Downworlder to try and converse with him. "What's your name?"

The boy was keeping his mouth shut, observing warily the man before him with his arm around his back.

"You clearly can speak, so? I'm Magnus Bane, The High Warlock of Brooklyn," he pulled out his best charming smile "And you?"


"Alec what? I think I deserve to know the name of the hunter that killed one of my people, don't you think so, darling?"

"Lightwood," he said firmly.

"Are you sure you're a Lightwood?" the boy looked at him confused. "You don't look like a Lightwood. You're not a green-eyed monster. And that's what Lightwoods are," he was saying. "You do look like a Herondale. Aren't you one of them?"

This Alec looked so much like Magnus's friend from the past, when he was befriended with the Shadowhunters. Before, the world was normal.

"No. I'm a Lightwood," When Alec raised his head, his eyes crossed with Magnus's.

For Magnus it was like a magnet working between them. He felt that he's drawn to the boy before him. He hadn't felt like that for a while. Magnus could stare in those beautiful eyes for the whole night, but unfortunately luck wasn't on his side tonight.

A quiet rustle of leaves, jumps and running sounding around him, interrupted his awning state.

"Alec?" the whisper came to his ears. The boy before him stiffened for a second. For a moment, both of them seemed not to know what to do now. That's when Magnus realized that the boy isn't pressing the blade to his throat anymore, and that said blade is in the warlock's hand now. When Alec's eyes landed on the blade in his enemy's hand, a small amount of something came to his eyes. Magnus could only think of fear, though Shadowhunters were supposed to be fearless.

"I'm not going to kill you," he handed the blade back to its owner, surprising the younger.

"Why? I killed one of yours," he tilted his head in a confusion. "I'll die as a true hunter."

Alec closed his eyes and exposed his neck to the warlock, waiting for the said man to slit his throat, like the Downworlders usually did.

"You're too beautiful to die. Pretty boys shouldn't die."

To say that the boy was shocked by those words was an understatement. He didn't know what to do or say, and it was written all over his pretty face. And just then, Magnus saw the most adorable thing in years. The beautiful Shadowhunter blushed, making the warlock smirk.

"Go on Shadowhunter, no one will kill you in my area," Magnus moved back from him, gesturing with his words. Alec was moving slowly, warily, looking all the time at his enemy. "Goodbye Alec."

Truth to be told, Magnus couldn't forget about those eyes for the entire night. They were haunting him, in his sleep and whenever he closed his eyes.

He hoped that one day he'd be able to see this mesmerizing beauty once again.

He didn't know yet how soon it will be possible.

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