Days of War and the Nights of Love

A sacriface for the greater cause

They say that you can't win anything, unless you sacrifice something else instead. That has been always the biggest price of a war, to sacrifice something.

To sacrifice something for the greater cause.

Magnus stood standing still. He couldn't move. He just stared at the scene unfolding in front of him. The Shadowhunters ran into the hotel, in the vampires' lair, but it was so dark, even with his cat eyes, Magnus could barely make out their figures. He could always see Alec's body, though, moving in the empty space. He saw him move as elegantly as a cat and as fast as an antelope. But suddenly, he saw him freeze in place. He didn't know why, he didn't understand, not until he looked around. All he could see was the Shadowhunters raiding the once majestic hotel and stopping in their paths when they found no resistance upon entrance.

"They're not here," he heard Valentine growl. Somewhere in his heart he felt relief. Somewhere in his mind he hoped there'd be no bloodbath tonight. But he also knew that was too good to be true. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard Raphael's voice right next to him, somehow not surprising that the vampire was there.

"Well, well, what do we have here? If only you had warned us of your arrival, we would have welcomed you in our humble abode properly. But alas, you didn't."

Magnus was not frozen on the spot the next moment. He knew what was coming and he was ready for it. As soon as Raphael's words left his lips, Alec had already gotten his bow and he heard an arrow fly in the air landing into Raphael's chest. Thankfully, it was not close to his heart. It was nothing a vampire couldn't handle. When the rest of the vampires heard the gasp of pain coming out of their leader's lips, they stepped into the fight. Suddenly chaos prevented, and everyone was fighting with any enemy they could put their hands on.

Alec had been looking forward to this night. He had wanted to get revenge on his brother's killer ever since he found who it was and now he got his chance. Raphael Santiago was going to pay with his life for ending his brother's and not even Magnus could stop him, not that he didn't try. They went in as silent as vampires and as fast as werewolves, but they stopped dead in their place. The hotel was empty. He concentrated hard on the sounds, he had applied all the runes he could need, so he knew, no one was there. No one other than the Shadowhunters. And not a moment later he found out why. Somehow they had heard they were coming, and somehow they had gotten out of there. He didn't know how they did, it didn't matter. What matter was his mission, nothing else. As soon as he heard Raphael's voice, his animal instincts kicked in. He forearmed his bow found his target and let it fly out of his hands into the air until it landed where he wanted it to. Before the arrow had even arrived at its destination, Alec was on his feet, running towards the vampire who had offended him and his family and was already holding his seraph blade, ready to strike.

He found Raphael standing next to Magnus, staring at the arrow protruding out of his chest. He barely registered the fact that Magnus had joined the fight. He knew his boyfriend was more than capable to protect himself. Right now the only thing in his mind was killing the one who put a hole in his chest, the one who took his brother's life.

He brought up the hand with the seraph blade, holding a dagger on the other one with carved religious symbols, fitting what he knew Raphael believed in, knowing perfectly well that his own beliefs were his worst enemy. He went for Raphael's left arm with the seraph blade, knowing the vampire would deflect the blow with his right one and when he did, he brought his right hand that was holding the seraph blade out of Raphael's line of sight and stuck it sneakily in the vampire's abdomen with great force. The vampire looked surprised. But he didn't falter, not even when blood poured out of his mouth. He just kept on fighting.

Magnus was drawn into the fight the moment a Shadowhunter had tried to strike him with his blade. The Shadowhunter was not experienced, he was not a worthy opponent, at least not worthy enough to his hundreds of years of fighting. He defeated him easily, knocking him unconscious with a little spell, but his next opponent was unexpected, if not stronger than the last one. It was a demon, one with a wolf's body, a scorpion's tail and a snake's venomous fangs. When the demons came, he didn't know, he didn't notice, but they did and now the place was swamped with them. They were not that many, but the battlefield was small and it seemed like the fight was endless. The demon tried to sting him with his tail, but Magnus was fast enough that he pushed it away with some invisible force he created by the blue sparks that came out of his fingertips. At that moment the line of vision on his right was cleared and what he came to face made his heart skip a beat. Alec had just stabbed Raphael with a dagger that obviously hurt the vampire way more than he expected. Fear crept into his body, making his mind focus on the task at hand. First, he needed to get rid of this demon. He pushed him away with the invisible force, making the demon fall on the ground. By the time the demon got back on its feet, Magnus had huge fireball waiting for it in his hands, and he through it with as much force as he could muster and he watched as the fireball hit his chest and the fire extended all over the surface of the demon's body. He let him burn with a coldness in his heart and turned to his beloved ones. He had tried to stop Alec, and he didn't accomplish anything by it, but that didn't mean he would let him get hurt. Next step was to protect everyone he cared about. He spotted Isabelle, Jace and Clary in the crowd and he concentrated his magic on them, Alec and Raphael and Josh. He started chanting the foreign words, feeling his magic running through his body, leaving his fingertips, and forming an invisible bubble around the ones he wished to protect.

"You put up a hell of a fight, little Shadowhunter," Raphael breathed. "Magnus has told me about you," he said as he kept deflecting the Shadowhunter's blows. Truth was, Alexander could have killed him by now. The stab in the stomach slowed him down, making the years of experience, he bared on his shoulders not matter anymore. "He said your heart is pure," they were now two equals, fighting each other off, dancing a lethal dance, neither one trying to escalate it to the next level, but neither trying to stop it. They didn't realize the reason why one couldn't hurt the other was Magnus's doing. "Either he's wrong and you're not who he thinks you are, or that hatred was planted in your heart, finding roots to grow the moment something devastating happened to you."

Magnus was trying with all his might to protect them, but he was running out of energy. However, he kept on pushing. He kept on chanting the words, even after he felt the lack of energy take his toll on his own body. He fell to his knees, but he didn't stop. His nose started to bleed, but the spell was not interrupted. The bubble of safety was weaker than before, but it was better than nothing. He went on. He was determined to go on as far as he could, until darkness became his companion to protect the ones he loved.

Raphael's words obviously hit a little too close to home, if the anger flaring in the hunter's eyes, was anything to go by. His body became stiffer, his movements became sharper. Suddenly, with a swift kick to his legs, Raphael was off balance, thrown to the ground with a seraph blade on his neck and the Shadowhunter pressing his knee to his diaphragm, not that he needed to breathe, it just made him uncomfortable.

"What?" Alec asked harshly, "you don't think, you killing my brother was devastating enough?" Alec was expecting Raphael to deny it, beg for his life, or rub it in his face how he killed Max and enjoyed it. But neither of those things happened. Instead, he felt the vampire's body under him shake with laughter. For a moment, the sound of the blades clash against the other, the screams of battle managed to slip into this moment, but soon the emotion took over again, and every sound that did not belong in it was shut out, away from here. Somewhere far from this reality.

Raphael couldn't help but laugh at the hunter insinuation. Magnus had told him the youngest Lightwood had died, he had told him they suspected vampires, but still he expected Alexander to be smarter than that. "So, you think that I killed little Max?" When Alec stayed silent, looking at him with hatred he never expected the hunter to have in him, he continued. "And why would I do that?"

Alec stayed silent again. He didn't know why Raphael had killed his brother. He didn't know what Raphael had to gain from his death. He only knew that he had done it and it was time to pay for it. But before he could deliver the final blow, Raphael's voice stopped him cold.

"Tell me, Lightwood, was the boy's body drained of blood?" The vampire knew the answer. Magnus had told him in detail about what had happened, and he knew there had been blood at the scene. But he needed the Shadowhunter to realize this on his own, or else he wouldn't listen, he wouldn't believe him. He needed the Shadowhunter to see the truth by himself.

Raphael's words rang in Alec's ears. 'Was the boy's body drained of blood?' the words were played over and over in his mind, trying to remember the actual scene, trying to remember what he saw the night they stepped into the Institute's Sanctuary, the day their life had taken a wrong turn. What he saw behind his eyelids shocked him to his core. Max's body was not drained of blood. In fact, there was a pool of blood around him. Was that the way vampires killed? He hadn't stopped to think about it. Now that he did, he found that no, vampires didn't kill that way. Right as the realization hit him, Alec was pushed to the ground.

It was only a moment, a brief second, and Magnus's heart almost stopped beating when his eyes landed on Alexander. His beloved hunter was about to be attacked by a vampire from the Brazilian clan. The fangs of the vampire had been already out, and he was dangerously close to the boy. As if on instinct Magnus threw himself towards them. He pushed Alec to the ground, taking the attack on himself. The vampire's fangs bit inside his sensitive skin, sucking the blood immediately. The warlock had managed to cast a spell, and his attacker flew across the field. The vampire landed at some Raum demon, and was eaten alive in seconds.

Alec, as if on an instinct, moved himself to Magnus, and grabbed him, before he hit the ground. His hands covered with blood were now pressing into Magnus's neck, trying to stop the bleeding.

"I'll be fine," Magnus breathed out and moved his hands on Alec's cheeks, bringing his face closer to him. "Are you alright, love?"

"Yeah," then, the warlock, in the tide of emotions, crushed his lips over Alec's, in a short but affection kiss.

For a moment, Magnus felt like everything stopped around them. Only him and Alec mattered in the second, them and their love.

When they pulled away, Magnus's eyes crossed with Alexei's black ones filled with shock, and rage, over Alec's head. In that moment, Bane knew that if he survives tonight, he will be in a lot of trouble.

But the fighting didn't stop there. The warriors on both sides were passionate about winning. They all had pent up feelings of anger and hate and misery against the other. They both wanted revenge for their personal reasons. They both wanted the enemy to pay for what they'd done.

Valentine was in his element. He was finally making his dream come true. He was finally going to rule the Shadow World and the Downworld. Everyone would remember him now. Everyone would drink in his name. Everyone would worship the ground he walked on. It was his time. With his demons by his side, those low-life servants, he went on in the battlefield killing off one monster after the other. He was cleansing the New York streets with his blade and no one was trying to stop him. Even his old friends, Maryse and Robert Lightwood were there fighting for the same cause, ridding the world of evil and a dirt. They were all fighting together like the old times. Maryse and Robert were fighting back to back and if they got closer to death than they should Valentine stepped in finishing off whoever tried to kill them. His rule was finally going to prevail, and his friends were going to join him.

Sebastian started out by Valentine's side, but soon he made his own way in the battle. He had killed werewolves, vampires and some other species he hadn't given a second glance, moving through the field like a graceful dancer, like an elegant Korean warrior wielding his sword, killing whoever posed a threat to him. When he saw the little redhead, Clarissa, struggling to defeat a vampire, he immediately went to her aid. No one could hurt her and not pay for it. No one would dare to touch her if they knew the fate awaiting for them if they did. He lifted his sword and with great force he sliced at the vampire's throat. The force might have been too much, because the next second the head fell off its owner's body, letting it fall on the ground as if it was breaking apart.

Clary was looking at the scene unfolding in front of her with wide eyes. How could he do this? She had been fighting so hard to knock out the vampire, but she never planned to kill him. She was not a murderer. She just wanted to get through this fight alive. She just wanted to protect the ones she cared about, either if they were Shadowhunters or vampires. "Why did you do this?!" she screamed at him, terrified of the blood dripping from his weapon.

"It would have killed you!" He answered back. And maybe he would have, or maybe Clarissa would have managed to kill it first. Either way, he couldn't help the wave of protection that oozed out of him in the sight of her. No one was going to hurt if he had a say in it, and if anyone ever did, he would kill them without hesitation. He didn't stay to chat. He had a mission to complete. He turned away to the closest enemy, but he didn't stray far from her. She might need his skills, after all.

Isabelle was ready for revenge. She was ready to make her worst enemy pay, and that was none other than the one who killed her brother. If only she had been home, she could have protected him. It was her fault he was dead. It was her who would avenge him. She jumped in the fight, killing one Downworlder after the other, looking for the leader of the New York's clan. When she saw her brother Alec fighting with him, she wanted to go there and kill him right away, but it seemed as though her brother had it under control. If there was one person who wanted him dead more than her, that was Alec. She saw demons and werewolves swamping the place. She ran towards them, hitting them, cutting limbs with her whip, finishing them off with her seraph blade.

Simon wasn't sure regarding whose side, he should fight on now. On one hand, there were his friends, his best friend, and a girl he was crushing on here. But there was his maker, as well, and his mentor on the other side of the line. He was divided between his heart and his natural instinct to fight by his maker's side. Raphael had clearly told him to say goodbye to his 'human' life, and to start acting as a vampire. Yet, Simon couldn't do it. He may belong to the vampires' race now, but he didn't feel like one. He may act on his vampire instincts now, but his heart acted differently, just like at that very moment.

A loud cry of a familiar female voice came to his sensitive hearing.

"Jace look out!" Clary's eyes filled with tears when a dark gray werewolf jumped on Jace. The blonde Shadowhunter didn't even see him, let alone properly react. So Simon did the only thing he could, the thing that his heart told him to. He launched himself with his vampire-speed on the said werewolf, and took it down, before it could attack the blonde Shadowhunter. Unfortunately, he didn't foresee that the beast was fast enough to grab his neck between its sharp teeth, and bite deeply into his skin. The bite burned, burned like hell as the werewolf spit got into his blood. It was like his blood was on fire, burning him alive. Part of his neck-skin was ripped away, now lying close to him, as the wolf spat it out with a growl of disgust. Simon let out a loud cry, bringing the attention of his maker to himself, as well as Jace's.

"You saved me," the hunter whispered, but Simon heard him clearly, even when he was trembling on the ground. A werewolf bite was deadly to vampires, and Simon was brutally aware of it. "Why did you save me?"

"Clary…" dark red blood was falling out of his mouth. "You're a friend...keep her safe…"

Shouts were heard above him, and a loud beating heart. If he had more strength now, he would have let his instinct to kill kick in. But, his insides were burning now, getting him closer to death with every second. Then, there was a wonderful, sweet, warm liquid on his lips, as they were parted with something. The taste was metallic, but to him it was the best thing he ever drank. His fangs slid out on instinct, craving for more of this ambrosia.

"Drink you idiot, just don't kill me. I have some vampires to kill tonight," Jace looked on his other hand, drawing the strength rune over his abdomen.

If Simon was to tell how he felt when Jace's blood filled his system, he would say that it was an amazing feeling. The Shadowhunter's blood was more delicious than any other mortal's blood, he had drunk lately.

"That's enough," Jace withdrew his wrist from the vampire's mouth, and placed the tip of the stele over the punctures from the fangs. In one swift moment he drew an Iratze, and ran to the battlefield again; leaving Simon with the wonderful taste of blood in his mouth, and his body beginning to heal itself.

Vampires and werewolves were surrounding all of them, trying to kill them, but the Shadowhunters were having none of that. The weakest of them failed at the beginning, leaving the strongest to fight for their position, lives and even revenge.

Valentine was about to kill some vampire that tried to attack him, when he felt a cold metal blade going through his back, straight to his chest. In a second his blood went cold, his heart started to beat faster and faster. His body was trembling as the blade pierced through his skin. The man tried to turn around, to see his killer, but it was a hard task.

It burned inside, the feeling of the sword tearing apart his heart.

That was it, he will die from a sword in a war field without accomplishing his desires.

His mind, immediately, was filled with memories of his beloved wife; of the woman he was doing it all for.

A familiar black mop of hair came to his eyes, when the attacker moved before him.

He was truly surprised. This was not what he could ever have expected.

"My own…son…" he breathed out. "My own blood."

"Don't take it personal, Father," the boy spoke with coldness in his voice. "You're a sacrifice for the greater cause."

Jonathan twisted the sword in his heart once again, and Valentine's world went black in one second, when his heart had the last beat.

All demons disappeared at once, leaving the hunters surrounded only by Downworlders, when Valentine had died. Jonathan took out the sword from his father's chest, and turned around to a shocked Clary and Jace.

"Sister…" he spoke. "Father was a threat to all of us, I had to eliminate this threat, so we all won't die. He was the one that made demons attack Alec, and...and I lately discovered that it wasn't real Raphael Santiago who killed Max. It was a demon. An Eidolon demon summoned by our father."

"Our...father…" she stuttered. "You are not my bro…"

"I am your brother. I am Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern."

"Jace…" she whispered, when the said blonde boy was kneeling by her father. At the same time Magnus raised an invisible wall between hunters and Downworlders.

"Father had adopted Jace, when his mother committed suicide and his father was killed," he came closer to her, grabbing her hands covered with vampires' blood with his own. "He's not your brother. I am. Father wanted this to be kept secret, but I wanted to tell you…"

"No! Stop this! Don't you see?! We've been all manipulated by Valentine!" Magnus Bane's voice screeched through the air. He was bleeding from his nose as he tried to keep up the wall between both kinds. "We've been manipulated!"

"The warlock is right," Jonathan came closer to him. Magnus flinched when the boy stood next to him, and Alec's muscles tightened at the same moment, when he looked at him. "This fight, my father wanted to gain power…" there were gasps between both sides, when he admitted that Valentine is his father. Magnus was partly surprised, partly not. This boy, he seemed to be familiar to him, from the very first second he had seen him tonight. And now he knew the reason. The boy was the real son of Valentine. "He wanted it so badly, that he manipulated us all. He killed Ragnor Fell, he raised demons that attacked shadowhunters and vampires as well. He was the one who has been responsible for the children's deaths lately. And we all… we were just his pawns in this game. We were all manipulated. A further fight is worthless, we've all lost many. I think it's enough of the losses. Enough. There's no need to spill more blood on each side"

With that Jonathan led the alive Shadowhunters away from Magnus and the rest of the Downworlders, gathering the dead of his kind on their way. The warlock was still stopping his kind from further attack.

Tonight, the fight was left without winners, but this wasn't the end of the war, not for Jonathan.

It was only the beginning.

Hotel Dumort was filled with the horrible smell of rotting and blood after the fight with the Shadowhunters. Bodies of defeat vampires and werewolves were laying around the throne room. Some of the werewolves were lamenting and blaming the vampires for such a turnout. They were supposed to win, but they didn't expect that Valentine will raise demons again. But nevertheless they didn't fail completely. A few Shadowhunters were dead as well, and many of them were injured quite seriously.

Alexei was sitting on Raphael's throne waiting for Magnus to finish healing poisoned and wounded werewolves. Vampires started to heal themselves as well, while draining their human slaves. His eyes were filled with nothing more than rage.

Then, a small rustle was heard by Santiago, coming from his resting chamber, making him move in that direction immediately. The closer he was moving to it, the better he could smell blood, and the odor of death. But what was strange in this, was that the blood didn't belong to a vampire, let alone some werewolf. With caution he opened the door wide, before stepping inside. His chamber was filled with cold air, coming from the opened window, and the horrible odor. Raphael looked around to locate the cause of the smell; he didn't remember leaving any corpse here, but the smell was indeed a rotting human body. And then, he saw a box in the corner of his room, just where the unused fireplace stood. The box was covered with red stains, and the smell was coming straight from it. Raphael kneeled before it, and warily opened it, revealing a terrifying view.

There, on the bottom of the box was laying a human heart, not a beating heart. Next to it was a hand with a ring on middle finger, golden with an 'M' letter on it and stars.

Under the hand with the ring, that Raphael could recognize everywhere, laid a small note. He took it and read it.

'Hope you will like my little gift for you. And I intend to collect a payback from you. For now, keep Bane out of trouble. - Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern'

Raphael didn't know what to think about it now, and he wasn't sure what it meant, but he was grateful that the murderer of his beloved was now dead. No matter what payback Raphael would have to pay later.

This chapter was written by me and my friend, since I wasn't good at fighting scenes then.
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