Days of War and the Nights of Love

Silence before the storm

They say that in the end silence may not be your friend, but your worst enemy. You can never foresee what the silence will bring to you, whether it will be peace, or distress.

It has been strangely quiet lately in the Shadow World; especially in New York. It's like the battle was the end of the old world, and now a new one was being created. As if the death of Valentine Morgenstern was the end of an era. An era of fights for power, domination, surviving.

It's been two weeks since the battle, and no attack had taken place since that day. No Shadowhunter tried to kill any Downworlder, or the other way around. If anything, they could even walk around the territory of the other kind, and leave it without any damage.

One could say that it was truly a miracle. Or maybe that it's some kind of alternative world.

But some felt, that it's the silence before the storm.

Magnus was watching, more like he was ogling, Alec, as the young boy was putting back on his black shirt. The warlock was propped on his elbow on his bed, wrapped up with a yellow canary sheet. His naked body covered with a slight layer of sweat, and here and there a red mark left by Alec's hungry lips.

"Aren't you going to get dressed today?" the Shadowhunter glanced at his boyfriend, who now licked his lips.

"Why should I?" he threw the sheet away from his body, and got up as well. "You've already seen me naked lots of times. There's nothing new for you to see, honey."

"Have some decency, Mags," he blushed, like every time he saw Magnus's naked body for the past five months.

"Me and decency? Darling, you should know better," he slyly smiled at him, stealing a short kiss from him. Before Alec even had a chance to lean into the kiss, Magnus pulled away, and smacked Alec's backside, before running to the kitchen. Alec rolled his eyes, and grabbed the warlock's silk green robe on his way to the kitchen as well. Bane was already preparing coffee for them, and he missed the moment when Alec threw the robe on him. "Hey!"

"Put this on, someone can see you."

"Oh, my honey is jealous," Alec truly hated when Magnus used this childish, but yet lovingly tone on him.

"No, I just want to suppress the nightmares for your neighbors," At that Magnus's eyes squinted, that was followed by a small glare.

"Mister, I'll have you know, that my body is gorgeous."

"And it's only for me to see," Alec stated, ending their discussion by knotting the robe. His lips found their way to Magnus's for a long, deep kiss. "And I know that your body is beyond beautiful."

"I knew that there's a reason I'm with you," Magnus smiled down at him, putting his arms around Alec's neck. "You're just incredibly sweet, love."

Magnus's cat-eyes were filled with love, Alec could clearly see it. By the Angel, how much he wanted to say it back to Magnus. He felt this love in every inch of his body, but whenever he opened his mouth, he chickened out. It frustrated him to the edge, yet every time he looked into Magnus's eyes with the want of admitting his feelings, he felt like a cat bit off his tongue. He had whispered it to Magnus twice, but the warlock was never conscious to hear it.

"Want some early morning breakfast?" Magnus's voice pierced through his thoughts. His cat-eyes were staring straight into Alec's blue with a small dose of wonder.

"What is on the menu today?"

"What do you desire to eat, sweet pea?"

"I think I told you to quit it with the sweet pea," he nudged his side playfully, and moved himself to the fridge. There wasn't even a surprise when Alec found nothing eatable inside, after he had opened it. There were a few bottles, with some colorful liquid; labeled in a strange language. That meant no drinking, they're potions. The Shadowhunter didn't want to have a repeat of last month, when he foolishly took a sip of yellow liquid, believing naively that it's an orange juice. It had left him for three hours with cat ears, and whiskers. Magnus was beyond marveled that day. Alec looked 'cute as a kitten', as he put it; that's why he had a reminder of it: a photo that he had taken. Alec had begged him with everything to delete the photo, but unfortunately for the younger, Magnus couldn't be easily blackmailed.

"But sweet pea suits you so good, baby," Magnus snapped his fingers, eggs, flour, ham, cheese, tomatoes, asparagus, butter, and cream showed up on the kitchen counter. Alec looked at him in question. "I'm gonna charm you with my cooking skills."

"You can cook?"

"I feel offended, darling," Magnus took the ingredients and started to prepare the meal.

Half an hour later, it turned out that Magnus won't charm Alec with food. What was supposed to be a tart was burned. Alec tried to eat it, to appreciate the gesture. Unfortunately, Alec's digestive system didn't agree with it. After the second bite, he felt nauseous.

"You can stop eating Alec. I appreciate that you even tried," his voice was a bit sad, but alas, a smile painted in the corner of his mouth. With one snap, the horrible meal was replaced by freshly made omelets, from a nearby restaurant. "Dig in honey."

"I forgot to tell you," Magnus looked up from his dish at Alec. "My parents will be away for two days. Some stuff in Idris. So…"

"So…I'm not letting you out of my apartment, sugar," he grinned at him, which made Alec feel butterflies in his stomach. "When are they leaving?"

"Around evening, so I'll come back as soon as they leave."

"Good boy," Alec stuck his tongue out at Magnus for calling him that. "Anyway, how are things at home?"

"Strangely good," Magnus snapped out the dirty dishes, and moved himself after Alec to the living room. He sat down on the couch, patting the empty space next to it. His boyfriend immediately plopped himself down, snuggling to Magnus's side.

He loved this. These small, simple gestures, moves; they strengthened him in the belief, that this is what he wants. Till the very end.

"Strangely good? What do you mean?" Magnus started to stroke his hair, humming some lightly song once heard by Alec.

"I mean, that everything is ok. Sebastia…Jonathan is still living with us. Jace is back with Clary. Izzy is good too. Mother and Father…they aren't around much, but they never were."

"And you, kitten?" Magnus placed a kiss on his forehead, when the sky turned a bit lighter. It was mere moments before the sun will rise. The warlock stood up and yanked Alec's hand; soon they were standing on the balcony.

The view was incredible. The reddish-orange sun was rising, casting its light on both men. Alec was holding the railing, while Magnus put his arms around his middle, and his chin on Alec's shoulder.

"Beautiful view," the younger sighed.

"You're much more beautiful, my love," there, once again, was the love-look in Magnus's eyes. And Alec would be doomed by Angels, if he didn't feel that it's the right moment to tell his beloved about his feelings. But the fate decided to play with him, when the warlock continued talking. "Tell me, how are things going with your little redhead friend? Sheldon was whining to me about her two days ago, when he visited me, in the middle of the day. Did you know that now, thanks to your parabatai, he can walk in the sunlight?"

"Say what?" and whit that Magnus explained the whole thing to Alec, about how Simon Lewis became the 'Daylighter', the first vampire that can walk in the sunlight.

"Yep, Jace gave him his blood and now Stuart can walk in the sun, just like Edward Cullen, but he's less sparkly/"

"I feel like I should ask who this Edward Cullen is, but…I'll pass," Alec finished this discussion, though he was pretty sure that Magnus wanted to explain it to the boy. "Anyway, you didn't tell me, how are you feeling? Everything healed?"

"Yes, my lovely, sexy, little nurse," Magnus kissed Alec's nose, making the boy cringe it. "Though the next time, you really have to wear a nurse outfit. I will buy it for you. Ohh, I see you in this sexy outfit, made of latex, and…mmmm hot"

"I'd rather you not to be hurt like that again," Alec's cheeks were burning red by now, when Magnus was staring up at him, and licking his lips in a seductive way. "And no sexy nurse outfits."

"Oh come on! You would look so damn hot in this," Magnus crawled onto Alec's laps and blocked his way to get up. His hands pinned Alec's down to the couch, mere moments before he glued his mouth to boy's pale neck. Of all the Shadowhunter's body, his neck was on the top of his favorite places to kiss to Magnus, just after those sweet, hungry lips. The warlock often left love-bites on the younger's neck, granting a small fuss for it, whenever a sibling of his hunter teased the boy because of it.

Magnus's warm lips were trailing a path to Alec's jaw and to his special spot behind his ear. This made Alec moan in the back of his throat.

"Maybe, you will agree on the sexy nurse outfit, now," he whispered into his ear, running his hand over Alec's chest.

"N…no," Alec grabbed Magnus's hand in his and brought it to his side. "No nurse outfit."

"Damn," the Shadowhunter laughed, at the askew face of Magnus Bane. He looked adorable, so the boy couldn't do anything else than steal a quick kiss from him. The warlock, of course, wanted to deepen the sweet gesture, but the fate didn't want it. It was all just like in the beginning of their relationship.

Alec's phone rang.

"I truly hate those infernal devices!" Alec pushed Magnus off of his lap to get the phone out of his pants pocket.

"Jace, something happened?"

"I need to speak with your beau," from all things Jace could say, this one was nothing that Alec ever expected to hear from him. With confusion in his blue eyes, he passed the phone to Magnus. "It's for you."

Magnus was no less surprised by that. During their talk, Magnus was only 'mhm-ed' and saying random drabbles like 'well, duh, of course they can't, it's magic'. Alec was more and more lost with this with every next second.

"But I'm not doing it for free, you have to pay me Jace…" he was cut off by something that Jace said; from Magnus's face, Alec could read that whatever the offer was, it must be good for his beloved. "We have a deal Jonathan…fine…Jace."

"A deal?" Alec asked unsurely, taking the phone back from Magnus. "What kind of deal you are doing with my brother?"

"Well, your brother just promise me, two full days and nights with you, with no interruptions, no demons, no nosy siblings," Alec's eyes went wide at this. "Just you, me, and my bed…and all this for a small thing."

"What if I won't agree?" the boy teased, fully knowing that he will stay with his boyfriend, despite the deal he made with his brother; but he loved to tease Magnus.

"Well, then Jace promised me that he will help strangle you, and cuff you to my bed," he smiled deviously at Alec, his eyes gleamed with excitement.

"So, what's your part of this deal? What does he want from you?"

"To wake up Jocelyn," Alec couldn't stop blinking for a few seconds, after Magnus moved himself from the couch to the direction of his study.

A loud cracking, and the sound of breaking glass was heard a few moments before Magnus called Alec. In his study were the remainders of dark foam, floating above the old wooden desk. Behind it stood Magnus with a small glass vial filled with some pinkish liquid. He handed the bottle to Alec with a smile on his face.

"Pour this to Jocelyn's throat, and an hour later she will wake up. Then call for a Silent Brother, yeah, Brother Zachariah to check on her. She should be good, but you know, better safe than sorry."

"Are you sure it will work?"

"Darling, I am a warlock. I know how to make potions. Besides, the potion Jocelyn took was made by my friend years ago," he confirmed. "Yes, it will work, I assure you. Now go, and be back by evening, the first minute your parents go. Love you."

It turned out, that Magnus had indeed been right. After Clary gave the potion to her mother, an hour later she woke up. All hunters were astonished by that.

"Thank you, Alec!" Clary exclaimed, and threw herself in his arms, making him all uncomfortable. "I don't know how to repay you."

"It's ok. I'll say your thanks to my…friend."

"Yes, Alec," Jace chimed. "Thank your friend, in the most grateful way."

Alexander glared the blonde boy, and yanked him to the other side of the room.

"Just don't tell anyone who I got this from. No one can know about Magnus, got it?" A small nod came from Jace. "And when I'm back, you get what you deserve for using me as the payment for this, idiot."

"Come on, I'm sure that Magnus will make it all pleasurable for you," Alec's face was pure red, before he left the room.

"Was I right? Did she wake up?" Magnus asked the second Alec opened the door this night. The boy stood with a small, black night-bag in his right hand, wearing one of the dark blue shirts previously belonging to Magnus. He was shyly smiling upon his sparkly boyfriend.

"You were right," He stepped inside, and immediately to his nose came a smell of something delicious. He looked questioningly at Magnus, receiving a true smile from him.

"I thought that we haven't had a proper date in a while…so…and I have you only for myself for two days…"

The dinner that Magnus prepared, okay, conjured, was incredibly delicious; some French dish that Alec couldn't say its name, but nevertheless the taste was amazing. In the background, some old classical music was played. The red wine was slowly starting to make them both tipsy, but they wouldn't change that. The atmosphere was wonderful.

Alec often wondered what he had done to deserve such an amazing man like Magnus. The warlock was a dream that came true, or even better, Alec couldn't describe it properly. But he was sure of one thing; his heart pounded like crazy whenever he was with him, and he didn't want to change this feeling, ever.

"I hope you're thinking about me, since you're not listening to me."

"I'm sorry…" the young boy wasn't sure just how much redder his cheeks can become in one night, but he had a feeling that the color at the end will be dark red; especially when Magnus was looking at him, like a lion at his prey. "You…you were saying?"

"I was saying, that these two days will be two of the best in my life."

"I hope for it," Alec's voice was close to a whisper, but Magnus heard him well, and smiled widely at the boy. The warlock stood up from his chair and pushed himself on Alec's laps, before he crushed his lips on the boy's.

Kissing Magnus was like tasting something extraordinary, like tasting magic itself. Alec could feel vibrations going through Magnus's mouth straight to his own. He could kiss Magnus all day, and never get bored of it. This was a marvelous feeling that Alec wanted to never end.

"I love you," Magnus breathed out, when he pulled away from the boy. Alec was still in a state of melting from the kiss, when he responded to him.

"I love you too."

For a long moment there was silence between the two of them. Alec was looking at him with some fear in his eyes, a fear that came from admitting his feelings, and fear of what Magnus could think now, as he was all silent. The expression in the cat-eyes of the warlock were partly shocked, partly relieved, and Alec couldn't tell what was better.

"You do, really?"

"I…" it was again like something was blocking him from inside. The boy was now having a battle inside of him, a battle between his heart and braveness, if he had it.

"Alexander? Alec?" Magnus was softly whispering, caressing his cheek. His eyes showed this warmth and love, that Alec loved so much. "It's ok…you don't have to…"

"No. I'm tired of being a coward," for the next few seconds, Alec was taking deep breaths; his heart was racing when he took Magnus's hand in his and brought it to his lips. He kissed it softly, and placed it on his chest, just where his heart was beating. Alec looked deeply in Magnus's gold-green eyes, feeling that his cheeks were hot now, and finally, he opened his mouth again "I…I love you. I love you, Magnus."

The young Shadowhunter wasn't sure, whether there had been another time, when he saw Magnus so purely happy; he glowed with happiness. His eyes sparkled, smile wider than before.

"I love you, so much. I love you darling."

The following days were filled with love between the hunter and warlock, and the silence in the Shadow World.

But they didn't know yet that it was only a silence before the storm.

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