Days of War and the Nights of Love

Manipulation is the key

Her beautiful, pale, naked body was one of the most incredible things that the young man had ever seen. Soft, milky skin, inviting to touch every time he saw her. The red hair cascaded onto her slim shoulders, covering her round breasts that he loved to caress.

She wasn't the perfect one, but she was good enough. Yet, she wasn't her.

"Tell me, my Queen, how are things in the Downworld?" he was laying on her bed, made of gold; on top of it, there were laying light materials imitating flower petals. The air was filled with the heavy scent of fairy powder and sweetness of their own scent; an intoxicating scent.

"Meliorn says they're good. So far, you haven't attacked, so none of the Downworlders has to be alerted," she moved herself to lay onto her belly, to look into the young man's face. She hadn't had such a marvelous lover in ages; so strong, smart, witty, loving, complimenting, that worshipped her like she deserves.

"And how is our favorite warlock?"

"Ah, Bane is Bane, there's always something that awaits him," he looked at her with a question in his black eyes. "Well, for now he is staying close to home after the last accident after the battle."


"Ah yes, Alexei found out about Magnus's little affair with the male hunter, the black haired one, Alexander," he was nodding, being fully aware of the romance. The man had found out about it before the battle, but in the war field his information was confirmed; the warlock indeed was truly fond, maybe even in love with the young Alexander. "It is not that Bane truly broke the rules; in the end, he gave us the information about your moves; but Alexei sees this as disobedience. Bane was supposed to seduce Alexander's sister."


"Yes, he was supposed to seduce the girl, to get information about your kind, alas, Bane is himself. He always has to change the rules, and Alexei doesn't like it, nor that he likes Bane, he never did."

"I see," he couldn't suppress the grin, creeping onto his lips. This information will finally give him what he wants; he will be able to move with his great plan. "What is the deal, between de Quincy and Bane?"

"It is an old quarrel between them. It started when they met, back in 1862 in London," the man quickly memorized those things that he was hearing about Bane to have a small background in his mind. "De Quincy was the head of the London Vampire Clan, of course, for about 200 years or so, it is irrelevant. He was in love, maybe it's a too big of a word, but he had feelings for Camille Belcourt."

"I've heard about her, the famous heartbreaking vampire."

"Oh yes, that she was. At that time, she was in love with Ralph Scott, the older brother of Woolsey Scott," she was explaining, with her melodic voice. "But that relationship was forbidden, werewolves were the enemies of vampires at that time. Alexei was furious, so he killed Ralph, hoping that Camille will be with him. But she swore him a revenge. She then found herself liking, maybe even something more, Magnus Bane; and oh, how he was in love with her. People said that he hadn't seen a world but her. So Alexei was again, jealous, and Camille was acting all…like humans are saying, all lovey-dovey with Bane. So de Quincy was…red from jealousy, metaphorically speaking of course. Camille and Magnus, took a part in killing almost his whole clan, he almost died too, in Pandemonium in London, if it wasn't for someone, Alexei would be truly dead now."

"Ah, so he must hate him."

"Yes," she confirmed. "That's why, when the first occasion showed up, he wanted to kill Magnus. And I am certain, that he will try to do it again," for a moment there was silence between the lovers. "Maybe you should do something about it, that is if you need Bane alive. I am most certain that Alexei won't stop, before he finds another reason to kill Bane, and Santiago may not be there to save him; especially now, when Raphael is not so strong. He is still devastated after the death of his lover; he's easily to be eliminated, he has no magic protection anymore."

"I will take care of it, then," he leaned up to capture the delicate, red lips with his own, in a long kiss. "I must go my Queen. I shall visit you soon, my love."

"I shall wait for your arrival, my Jonathan."

The Institute during the night was consumed in peace; most of its residents were asleep now. But not Jonathan; he had been waiting for Alec to come home. He was about to start moving on with his plan, and Alexander was the first part of it.

He was sitting in the darkness, in the study, when he heard soft footsteps going upstairs. Then a silent try to opening the bedroom door, and an equally silent try of closing it.

Jonathan went upstairs immediately, and when he stopped in front of Alec's closed door, he pressed his ear to the door. Apparently the young boy was devoured in a talk over the phone.

"Yes, I'm home already, Mags," Alec whispered, a small laugh escaped his mouth. "I couldn't stay tonight too, my parents will be home in the morning. Yes…I did like our days…no…no…I'm not wearing it again…stop it Magnus Bane, I won't wear that outfit for you…no…no…I don't care how many times you will say you love me, I'm not wearing that cat outfit…you have strange kinks…why am I putting up with you?...yes, I will come…that's it, I'm not having sex with you ever again, pervert…and you say that I'm the hormonal one that thinks only about sex…really? And who's the one with red marks on his back? Me. Next time, cut your nails…stop it! Stop it! No, we're not having phone-sex. There's only a wall between mine and Jace's room…no! I…" then, Jonathan, unfortunately leaned too heavily on the door, and hit the doorknob with his phone. Soon, Alec's voice was cut off and his footsteps were closer. Morgenstern moved himself quickly behind the corner; he decided that he will wait till the morning, to move with his plan. He will give Alec this last night. The said boy opened the door cautiously, and peeked his head outside. "I thought that I heard something, yeah…but no one is here…I will come tomorrow, yes, in the morning, I'll tell Jace and Izzy and Clary that we can train outside, in the park, and I will come to you. Izzy will cover for me, as always. Yes, Mags. I will tell her. Mhm. Bye, sleep tight. I love you too."

When Alec closed the door again, Jonathan came out from the corner, with a smirk on his lips. He, indeed, will move with his plan tomorrow morning.

It was all like Alec said; in the morning, he fetched his siblings and Clary to train in the local park. Jonathan, of course declined the 'offer', telling them that he wants to talk with his mother. After all, he hadn't talked with her since she woke up, three days ago. As predicted, the Lightwoods and his sister didn't pry into it; who would? He's just a boy that wants to have time with his mother.

"I'm just gonna go for my phone, and we can go. Jace, take some weapons, daggers today," Alec's voice was becoming quieter with every step he took upstairs. Jonathan moved after him.

He found him with a phone in his hand, typing something on the device.

"Going off to see your boyfriend, aren't we, Alec?" he had never seen the Lightwood boy more shocked and embarrassed at the same moment. His face was pure red, though Jonathan couldn't decide whether it was from anger, or shame or something else. His blue eyes, were widely eying him; he was opening and closing his mouth a few times, in an attempt to say something.

"Wha…I…No…What…?" he rambled; his hands shaky, so he dropped the phone to the floor. Jonathan immediately bent down and picked the device, with an opened message to 'Mag: I'll come soon. Love you'. He handed Alec back the phone, with a small, innocent smile on his lips.

"It's ok. Every boy has his secrets, right?" Alec's wide gaze hadn't changed; he still was eyeing him warily. "I cannot blame you. I mean, Magnus Bane is truly desirable, even lustful. Every one would desire him."

"How…how do you…"

"Know?" a single nod came from Alec. "Ah, at first I wasn't sure, but the kiss on the battle field…" Alec gasped loudly. "Don't worry, only I and that vampire saw you. No big deal. My lips are sealed. And then I did a small investigation amongst Downworlders."

Alexander was all silent, on one hand, he wanted to run out of his room, and not listen to Jonathan. But on the other, he was slightly curious about his words.

"And truth to be told," He closed the door and went to sit on Alec's bed. "I must say, I'm so sorry Alec, so sorry."

"What are you talking about?" Alec's voice was full of confusion.

"He lied to you," he patted the empty space next to him, but the other hunter stayed still in his place. Jonathan shrugged his arms, and continued. "He has been lying to you, since the very first day you met."

"You're lying."

"Am I? Isn't it a bit strange, that he looked for you for days, after your first encounter?" Alec didn't want to listen to those lies, but his feet seemed glued to the floor. "Do you know, who he is, for real? He's not just the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He's also the Magister of Brooklyn, a very highly persona in the New York Downworld. Did you know that he was bound with a task from their Council? I'm sure he didn't tell you a single thing about it."

Alec started breathing loudly, heavily; his blood was slowly beginning to boil inside of him.

"He was bound to seduce a Shadowhunter from our Institute, well, he was supposed to seduce Isabelle, but he chose you, because you reminded him of a past crush of his."

Alec's jaw's muscles tightened in one second, his hands balled into fists. The air around him became thick, making Alec hard to breathe in it.

"I've done my research, my father wanted to know as much of Bane as he could. So I discovered that he had a crush over a black haired, blue eyed Shadowhunter from over a century ago, William Herondale. That's why he chose you as the object of the seduction mission."


"He told you he loves you, right? It was all part of the plan. You were unaware of it," Alec's body started to tremble, so Jonathan quickly got up, and took the boy in his arms. He brought him back to the bed, still holding him strongly in his embrace, and stroked his hair lightly. "You've been telling him things about us, but it's not your fault, Alec. He's been playing with your heart. He made you desire him, he made you fall in love with him. But it was all a game for him and the other Downworlders."

In one second, Alec's heart was filled with pain; it's like someone drove a blade through it, and swirled it many times, until it was cut into a million pieces. This couldn't be true, Magnus wouldn't do such a horrible thing to him, this couldn't be true. Yet, some things were now clear; how the vampires knew about their attack on hotel Dumort, how the Downworlders were aware of Valentine's return, how they were aware of the number of the Shadowhunters in the New York Institute before the battle, how they were aware of their weaknesses…

It was all his fault…his stupidity's fault. He has been telling Magnus everything, unaware of it. And Magnus was telling that to the other Downworlders.

He was nothing, but an informant and a play-thing for Magnus Bane.

In one swift moment the hurt in his heart turned into an enormous rage. He wanted to break and rip the things around him.

"I'm so sorry, Alec. I know that you have feelings for him, I know that you fell in love with him" Jonathan was saying,"And he hurt you like that. You're too good of a boy, to be hurt like that. I'm so sorry."

Alec pushed himself away from Jonathan and ran out of his room, then out of the Institute.

Tears were shed from his blue eyes as he ran through the streets of New York. It was like some kind of nightmare. A fog surrounded his body, blocking his sight; yet he could still find his way to the once loved direction. The words of those lies that Magnus had been feeding him with were cutting him open.

'I love you Alexander' 'I love you' I love you' I love you'

LIES, LIES, LIES he wanted to scream, but he couldn't find his voice.

Finally, he found himself before the familiar door. With a pounding heart and eyes full of tears, he grabbed the doorknob. While he wanted to open the door, he heard two voices from inside.

"It's your job Magnus, you have to find out whether the Shadowhunters are up to something, again. Find out from your hunter."

"I will, just give me some time Raphael."

Alec stood dead in his tracks, with tears streaming down his cheeks, when the door opened, revealing Raphael Santiago and Magnus Bane.

When the warlock's eyes landed on the young boy, he felt his heart in his throat. The look on Alec's face was terrifying; in that second, Bane knew that Alec knows the truth. He barely managed to find his shaky voice.


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