Days of War and the Nights of Love

The heart is your worst enemy

The whole place was dark; darker than night. Ice cold air was filling the space, making the cold rocks get covered in ice. Blue flames appeared here and there, barely lightening the horrible place. A rustle of a material was heard, followed by the sound of falling, and heavy breathing. It was all strange. A cracking sound of bones was coming from the further part of the place, followed by the sound of chains.

There was a banging, hammering feeling inside his head, making him feel nauseous. The man tried to move his hand, to grab his spinning head, but he found himself unable to do it. He heard only the sound of chains, and felt himself restrained. He opened his eyes, and met the darkness in front of him; his blurry eyes couldn't make any shape. It was just a plain, black space before him, and he was in the middle of it. Once again, he tried to move his hand, but felt it restrained again. With much strength he turned his head; something shiny caught his eyes, something connected with his wrist.

That's when he realized, that he's hanging a few inches above the floor; both of his hands, restrained by some shackles attached to the ceiling.

"What the…" he blurted out, still being in a confused state. Where was he?

"I see you've finally woken up," a male voice came to his ears. The man tried to locate the source of it, but even his normally better sight couldn't help him now. The voice of some other man was echoing in the place. "I was worried, that I knocked you out a bit too heavily. You've been out for three days."


"Magnus, Magnus, Magnus," his name was echoed, closer to the hanging man.

"Where am I? who…you…" the warlock was still hazy in this situation. He tried to move himself, but again the shackles were restraining him, scratching the skin on his wrists.

"I should say…" Magnus heard steps and cracking sound of bones breaking before him. Soon, a bright light was brought close to his eyes, making them close for a second. When he opened them again, he was met with a devious smile on blade face; black eyes were staring up at him, light mirroring in them, making them look more terrifying; shadows covering the pale face of the hunter. The man before him, gestured with his hand at the ground; it was covered with white human bones, fragments of skulls. Dark red blood was running near the walls. "I should say…welcome home, Magnus Bane."

"Edom…" he gulped.

"Yes, the realm of your father and my mother," He spoke lightly, eying the whole frame of Bane. "I do hope you feel like at home, Magnus."

"What…do you want from me…" he breathed out with difficulty; feeling that he's about to faint from this whole hanging on chains.

"The only thing you can give me," Jonathan gripped strongly the witchlight in his hand, covering most of it, darkening the place. "I want power."

Alec was definitely in a state of depression; he barely ate, slept a little, and if he did sleep, he woke from nightmares involving his ex-boyfriend. His heart was in enormous pain, making him want to end it. If it wasn't for his siblings, he could do something to himself, to stop feeling this pain. There was no strength left in his body to train, hunt or whatsoever. He just wanted it to end.

The first day and night was the worst for him; not only was it still a fresh wound, but Magnus kept calling him nonstop, begging for him to listen to the warlock. Alec was having none of that; he knew everything. He was just a toy for Magnus and the Downworlders.

The worst pain in this is that he still loves him so much.

"Alec?" Isabelle's voice came from behind the closed door. "I'm coming in."

She waltzed inside, and sat down on the bed, right next to the curled up frame of Alec covered with a blue blanket. She put a hand over what seemed to be the boy's shoulder and sighed loudly.

"You have to eat something, and go out," she stated. "It's unhealthy."

"I don't want to," his voice came out as muffles from under the blanket. "I want to be alone."

"Alec, listen to me. I know you're hurt, and believe me, I would rip his heart out if that could help you in any way," for a moment there was silence between them. Alec felt that his bed moved, and a moment later he felt Izzy's body next to his; she took over the blanket to see his red puffed eyes and tears dried on his pale cheeks. She placed a hand over his cheek, and smiled a little. "I wish there was a rune that could help you."

"There's no rune to help with a broken heart," even his voice was breaking when he was thinking about what happened three days ago.

"I know, and it sucks," she commented, and it granted her a small laugh from Alec.

"I have to go and take my stuff from…him," Isabelle nodded, drawing her brother closer to herself. "Can you and Jace come with me? I don't want to face him alone."

"Of course we will go with you. Whenever you want."

"As soon as possible. I want to close this chapter of my life, and move on."

"With Jonathan? I've seen the way he's looking at you," she popped; Alec shook his head. "Come on, he was ogling you, hugging you."

"We kissed…" Miss Lightwood opened her eyes in shock.

"You did what? Alexander Gideon Lightwood! You kissed him, and I don't know about it?! Shame on you brother."

"I kissed him, he kissed me back, but it felt weird," the black haired girl frowned her eyebrows in question. "It was…just…not right."

"I see," she nodded. "Well…then…"

"Nothing, let's forget about it," he cut her off. "And later, we will go for my stuff to Magnus's place, ok?"

"Ok," with that she kissed his forehead and left his room to find Jace. They needed a good plan to avoid Magnus putting Alec in more pain than he was already.

"Power?" Magnus's voice echoed throughout the dark room of Edom's castle. Jonathan was now sitting on the throne made of bones, and ivy entwined around it, with blood dripping out of its sharp elements. "You want my power?"

"Silly warlock," he laughed ironically, bringing a gold cup to his lips. "What would I do with your power? It's not that strong. I want more. I want bigger power."

"Then why me? Why did you take me?"

"Because only you can give it to me," with every next word, Magnus was more and more confused with the whole speech and the plan of Jonathan Morgenstern. "I want the power of your father, and you're going to give it to me."

A sharp laugh escaped Magnus's mouth, followed by spits mixed with blood.

"Stupid, little boy," he couldn't stop laughing, even when it was making him hurt all over his body that now was shaking on the chains. "You think that I would move a single finger to help you with your plan? You're a fool, Jonathan. No one can possess the power of Asmodeus."

"Liar, liar you are Magnus," he whispered something in a demon language, but from the distance, Magnus couldn't hear what. Seconds later a violet-skinned demon with fairy's wings and black horns on its head, came in and handed Morgenstern an old-looking roll. "These are notes of Heghir, your brother, long time deceased."

Jonathan started to read the old script written in Hebrew; Magnus tried to focus on it, but his body was too exhausted along with his brain; alas, small parts hit his mind.

'Immortal connector'

'Spell performed'

'Blood of the descent'

"What…what makes you think…that I will help you?"

"I'm going to break you," he said simply, handing the old script back to the demon. Soon the creature disappeared into the darkness of the hallway. Jonathan got up from the bone-throne and moved himself once again towards Magnus. He raised his hands in the air, and whispered something; the whole room, the main room of the castle filled with cold, blue light coming from the flames in the corners. Now Magnus could see clearer; he definitely was in Edom, a realm belonging to his father. He had heard about the way it looked from his brothers and sisters all over the centuries. The place was horrible, and the Castle of Asmodeus was built out of bones and ashes of his children and slaves.

"Boy, I've been held captive and tortured before," he spat at him. "There's nothing you can do to harm me that much, so I would do what you want."

"Oh, Magnus," Jonathan smirked and patted his hip lightly. "I'm not going to harm you physically. I'm going to break your heart, and in the end, you're going to beg me to let you do what I want."

Some whispered words in a dead language woke him up. Blinking repeatedly from the sudden outburst of bright, white light, Magnus finally made a blurred shadow before him. With every next second the blurred shadow, was becoming more and more curvy, and so Magnus could recognize the person before him.

It was definitely a man; his long burgundy hair seemed to be orange now, in the white light and flames around him. He was wearing a black, long coat; black shoes. His hands, now raised in the air, were with claws. His ears were pointed, like a Fairy's.

"I see you finally woke up," Jonathan's voice came to his ear; soon the Shadowhunter came to stand next to the man. "I believe you two know each other."

"Amand…" Bane sighed out, feeling burning in his wrists.

"Bane, long time no see," the other man spoke, after he lowered his hands to his sides. He turned to the Shadowhunter then. "My job is done here."

"What…did…you do to me?"

"This, my friend," Morgenstern smiled at the High Warlock. "Is something to prevent you from using power without purpose. If you try to cast any spell, the chains will drain twice its power from you. So I suggest you to cooperate Magnus, and maybe I will let you live."

"I'm not going to help you," he coughed loudly; his throat was dry, and every word that he let out of his mouth hurt him. "So you can kill me already."

"Tsk, tsk. You will help me, because I know your weakness," with that Morgenstern left the two warlocks alone in the room.

Amand looked with a small amount of pity at the chained Magnus. With every minute Magnus felt even worse; not only was he tired, but he felt his father calling for him. Asmodeus knew that Magnus was here, and was slowly forcing him to call for him, so he could save him. But Bane knew better; he knew that the moment he asked his father for help, he's dead; Asmodeus always wants payment for his help, a payment made of Magnus's immortality.

"Just help him, and you'll be free," Amand got him out of his thoughts.

"You think that if I…" he took a deep breath; unfortunately it was the worst idea; the moment the thick and warm air got into his lungs, he fell into a coughing-fit. The air burned his lungs; making him choke. Amand reacted immediately; he conjured a golden cup, filled with some liquid, and levitated to give Magnus the drink. This liquid, whatever it was, tasted like sweet fruit essence, something that Bane knew; though he couldn't remember from where. Finally, after what it seemed like hours, the warlock swallowed hard, and spoke again. "He will kill me, even if I do what he wants. And he will kill you. Why are you even helping him?"

"He will give me what I want," he simply answered, sending the cup back to its original place. Magnus, gently tilted his head to the left, trying to not cause much pain to himself, and looked closer at the other warlock.

"And what is it that you want?"

"The Book of White," his voice echoed through the room; Magnus couldn't suppress the small laugh building inside of him.

"You think that he'll give it to you? He doesn't have it."

"I know. You have it. After Fell's death, you got it back from his lover," Amand conjured himself a wooden chair, and sat down on it. "And I want it."

"What makes you think that after he kills me, he will give the book to you?" Magnus tried to shake as less as he could on the chains, but it was a hard thing to do. "When he will gain the power of my father, a magical power, you think that he'll give you the most powerful Grimoire on the Earth? You're a fool then. He will keep it for himself, otherwise the power of my father would be useless for him; he needs the book of spells for himself. He won't give it to you. You're a fool, Amand. A fool that some Shadowhunter child made a joke of."

"Shut up!" Magnus felt only a hit of light, before he was knocked out.

He thought he was dreaming; the place he was in was extremely cold; but yet, he felt that his body was on fire, when a pale hand was caressing his cheek. The pink lips, the perfect pink lips, now were formed into a small, shy smile. The electrifying blue eyes, now filled with sparks, were staring right into him; like they wanted to see his soul.

"I love you, Magnus," a whisper of the voice he loved so much came to his ears.

"I love you too Alexander" then, those pink lips were on his, kissing him gently at first, but soon turning to be hungrier, more adventurous. The kiss didn't last long, a few seconds passed and the man drew away, brutally, from the warlock, leaving him with the sweet taste on his lips. Magnus opened his eyes, and looked at his Angel, whose face now showed nothing more but pain and rage.

"I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!"

"No! Alexander, please! I love you!" he screamed, but Alec's body was becoming more and more transparent. Only his voice was heard.

"I hate you! You used me! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!"

"STOP!" Magnus roared at the top of his lungs; he gasped and opened his eyes. He was sitting now, on some chair; his hands chained to its armrest; ankles chained to the ground. Right before him sat Jonathan, on the ground, playing with fire.

"Such a pleasant dream you had," he raised his eyes at Magnus. The warlock's ones were dulled now; black bags were under them, showing how tired he was. "Ah, our little Alec can make such pleasant dreams, right? Well, not only dreams. In reality, he can bring lots of pleasure too. Won't you agree with me?"

Magnus growled through his teeth.

"The way he kisses, amazing. I must say, he learned fast," he carried on with a stupid smile on his face. Magnus balled his hands into fists, making them hurt even more in the chains. "And I'm not going to mention how wonderful he's in bed. You've taught him well. He's a great lay."

"You son of a…!" Magnus wanted to jump him and kill him; unfortunately his chains were blocking him. "If you dared to touch Alexander, I…"

"He came to me, practically offering himself," Jonathan licked his lips, with closed eyes, implying the feeling of pleasure. "How could I turn him down? He's such a beautiful boy."

"I will kill you!" he spat on him; the Shadowhunter wiped the spit off of his cheek, and laughed sharply.

"Hm…" the younger boy got up from the ground and dusted off his pants. "I must leave you for now, my demons will keep you company. I must go back to Alexander; after all, he needs me now."

He was followed by the loud screams of Magnus. "ALEC!"

It was quiet inside of Magnus's building like usually; no neighbor was screaming. Sometimes, Alec thought that no one else lived here, besides Magnus. There was no proof of it, but the occasional flowers and chocolates placed on the doormat at the first level, and a note stuck to the door with an 'I'm sorry' or an 'I haven't slept with her'.

He had difficulties to come here, he didn't want to face Magnus at all; he was scared as hell to face him. He was afraid that he will do something that he may regret later. But on the other hand, he missed him like crazy, and hearing his voice on the voicemail wasn't helping at all. Alec had listened to every voice mail that Magnus had left for him; just to hear his voice, even though it hurt like hell.

"You okay?" Jace asked, when they stepped on the last stairs leading to Magnus's place. "If you want, you can wait here and I will go for your stuff."

"No, I must do this. This is me closing this chapter of my life. I need to do it, so I can move on," he repeated the words, he told Izzy not so long ago.

"Okay," Isabelle popped in. "Then let's go."

When they finally reached Magnus's door, they were met with an unexpected view. On the right staircase to the next level, was sitting Simon Lewis with a bottle filled with blood. When the vampire saw the three Shadowhunters he smiled widely, showing his covered with blood teeth. Alec felt his stomach turn upside down at this.

"Thank g…" he choked on the last word. "Good that you're here. I've been coming here for three days, and Magnus isn't opening. I've been calling him too, and he's not answering. I need to talk to him. Raphael is a bit worried about Magnus, according to him, Magnus is now depressed, and we have to keep an eye on him. Alec, do you know what's going on? Why Magnus is depressed, as Raphael is putting it?"

"We broke up," Simon's mouth hung open at those whispered words. "I came here for my stuff, then you can talk to him."

The vampire nodded when Alec opened the door with his key. He pushed the door open and wanted to step inside, but Simon's cold hand on his arm, stopped him. He turned to him with frowned brows, but before he could voice his question, Lewis spoke.

"I smell blood."

"It's probably from your little dinner," Jace waved his hand and moved himself closer, but he was stopped by Simon too. "What in the Raziel's name now?!"

"It's not animal blood, blondie. It's not human either. It's sweeter than human blood. I've never smelled it before…"

At that very moment, Alec pushed Simon out of the way and rushed inside the apartment, with the witchlight and a dagger in his hands. To say that it was a mess was an understatement; it was totally destroyed. Furniture was broken; books from bookshelves were discarded on the floor; paintings that covered the walls once were now scattered on the floor too. Alec ran from one room to another, trying to find his warlock.

"Magnus?! Magnus?!" he shouted, but there was no response. In Magnus's bedroom, all of his clothes were laying scrambled on the floor. Bane never left his clothes like that, he cared too much about them.

"Alec!" Izzy's voice came to his ears; immediately he moved himself in that direction. His siblings and Simon were crouching near the door, and looking down at the floor. When he looked there too, he found a red pool of blood. As if on instinct, his heart beat faster, making his chest hurt; his breath quickened.

"Magnus…" he whispered, tears building in his eyes.

"What the hell happened here?" Jace asked no one specifically. Then all of them heard a small meowing; Alec turned his head to the direction of the sound, and saw Chairman Meow hiding under what was left of the blue couch.

"Chair, come here, kitty," the small ball of fur crawled out of his hiding place, and rushed to Alec's arms, nuzzling his head into the hunter's hand. "Where's Magnus, Chairman?"

The cat jumped out of Alec's hands and rushed to the bedroom; with the Shadowhunters and the vampire following him. Alec caught the glimpse of the feline crawling under the bed of Magnus's, and pawing the violet carpet underneath the bed. Confused by his behavior, Alec told Simon and Jace to move the bed, so he could have a better access to the cat. The Chairman was pawing the carpet like crazy, so Lightwood finally rolled it off the floor; but the cat didn't stop; now he was pawing the floor. Finally, Alec seemed to understand, when he saw that small hole in the floor, like a centimeter or two. He pushed the cat out of his way, and pressed the dagger into the hole. He pressed the dagger stronger, and something cracked on the floor; a fragment of it lifted, and Alec, pushed his hand underneath. He was brushing it over the dust, until his fingers stopped at something bigger, and harder. Once again, he asked Simon and Jace for help, to remove more parts of the floor, and finally he took the object out; it was an old looking grayish book.

"What is this?" Isabelle kneeled next to him, looking at the book.

"I think, this is the Book of White, that everyone was talking about," Simon popped in. "Raphael gave it to Magnus, after Ragnor Fell's death. But I don't get it why they call it the Book of White. It's gray."

"Moron," Jace rolled his eyes. "It's a powerful book of spells. It seems that someone wanted it really badly. Someone who knows that Bane has it now."

"So…what now?" Simon looked at Alec; Isabelle and Jace copied his move.

"The decision belongs to you Alec," Izzy grabbed his hand in hers. "What do you want to do?"

"I have to look for him. He hurt me, but…I still love him. I have to look for him, I have to."

"Okay," they all got up from the floor, and moved themselves out of the apartment. "The question is who took Magnus, and where?"

"I don't know," Alec spoke, pressing the book close to his chest. "But I'm going to find him, even if it's the last thing I do. I'm going to find Magnus."

"Magnus," the voice was too familiar; bringing both the most wonderful and the most horrible memories of the last a few days to him. A hand was caressing his cheek, but this time it wasn't a burning touch; no, it was a familiar touch, too familiar. "Magnus, open your eyes."

"Alexander…" he breathed out, with a smile forming on his lips. "I'm sorry…"

"Look at me Magnus, I'm here," he dared to open his eyes, and was met with the most incredible blue eyes he had ever seen. The boy in front of him, was wearing his gear, on his back hung his bow. He was smiling down at Magnus, while his hand still was caressing the warlock's cheek; Bane couldn't help but lean into the delicate touch. "Hi."

"Alec…I'm so sorry…I didn't want to hurt you," he sobbed. "I love you so much. I've never loved anyone like I love you. I'm sorry that I lied to you. I love you."

"It's okay," his voice was so light, and happy, like all those weeks ago, when they still were a happy couple. "It's okay."

"Will you forgive me? I love you so much, my sweet little Angel."

"I'm no longer your sweet little Angel," Alec's voice changed; it was no longer light and happy, now it was more sour and broken. "You used me! I don't love you anymore! I hate you!"

"Alec, no please!" he wanted to grab his hand, but the chains were blocking him. The Shadowhunter was going backwards, with eyes filled with hatred, directed straight on Magnus, and his face now covered with tears. "Please! Alec! I love you! I love you!"

Jonathan walked into the room, and stopped in the middle, just next to Alec; the blue eyed boy, sensing his presence, looked at him and smiled widely. Jonathan returned the smile, and grabbed Alec's hand in his. Then, Alec did something that shattered Magnus's heart into a million pieces; he brought one hand to Jonathan's cheek, caressed it, and leaned up to press his lips to the other's.

"NO!" Magnus screeched trying to break free from the chains. Both boys were kissing, right before his cat-eyes, bringing tears of pain to the said eyes. They pulled away, with smirks on their lips, gleams in the eyes. Before the darkness consumed Magnus again, he whimpered one last time the name of his beloved hunter, while his heart was breaking all over again. "Alec…"

It was happening again; Alec was looking at him with love; and seconds later he was kissing Jonathan, telling Magnus that he hates him.

"Please…Alec…I love you," he whispered in the darkness when he was left alone.

When it happened for the fourth time, Magnus finally realized what his mind was trying to tell him; what he had missed in previous times when Alec was visiting him.

Once again, his hunter was kissing Jonathan, sticking his tongue inside his mouth. Just right then, Magnus's eyes caught this small thing. He laughed over his own stupidity, making the two boys look confused at him.

"Clever, Morgenstern, clever," he took a deep breath. "I underestimated you. You are a clever little boy. Using an Eidolon demon," he turned his head to the creature imitating his lover. "I almost believed that you're my Alec. Unfortunately, your boss seems to not know my boy so well. My boy blushes, your demon doesn't. That, and his illusion breaks, I've caught the view of your tongue, coming from a lizard. Had you used a shape shifter warlock, I would have believed it more."

"You think you are so clever Bane that you've figured me out?" he came closer to him, and leaned to the side of his head. Magnus felt his cold breath on his cheek, and lips close to his ears. "This is not my only ace up my sleeve. I have more tricks."

"You want me to do what?" He was standing in the dark alley, hiding himself from the light of the lantern. The other man was eyeing him suspiciously, tapping his foot on the ground.

"I want you to tell your Daylighter where Magnus is," Raphael looked confused at him. "You will tell him that Magnus is kept prisoner in Edom, but you won't tell him who is keeping him. Understood?"

"What if I disagree?"

"You have no option. This is your payment for me; I told you I was going to collect my payment from you. You have three days."

"We've been looking everywhere," Isabelle plopped down on the couch in the old bookstore of Luke Garroway. The werewolf and his pack had decided to help the Shadowhunters in looking for the missing warlock, same as some vampires from Santiago's clan. "He's nowhere to be found."

"We have to keep looking," Alec said firmly. "I know he's still alive. I feel it."

Most of the Downworlders knew already of the affair that Magnus Bane had had with the male Shadowhunter, so there was no surprise on their faces, when he said it.

"Alec maybe you just…" Clary wanted to say something to comfort him, but it didn't work.

"No! I will find him. I will."

"I think I know where he is," a male voice with Spanish accent came to his ears. All eyes, at once, turned to the man standing in the doorway of the bookstore in the moonlight. "Ragnor showed me once a way to locate magic, warlocks, with an object belonging to the magical person. It doesn't require any spell, but a magical dust, and I still have some left from Ragnor. So I used it, and it showed me that Magnus is nowhere in this realm. He's in another dimension."

"What?" Jace's voice was shocked.

"Are they not teaching these days about other dimensions in that Institute of yours?" the blonde boy wanted to bicker, but Alec's glare stopped him. "But of course, to look through the dimensions and travel between them, you have to have lots of magic inside of you. Only a few warlocks have managed to do it. Unfortunately, all of them are dead now."

"So, we're screwed," Clary commented, and was glared by Jocelyn and Luke for using such words. "How do we find him now?"

"This is why I came here. Alexander," he turned to the blue eyed boy. "I know where Magnus is."

"Tell me," he pleaded, with watery eyes.

"I heard a conversation between Merlion and some other man. He spoke about Magnus. And that he's kept prisoner in Edom."

"What's this Edom?" Simon asked, coming closer to his maker and Alec.

"Edom is the realm of Asmodeus, one of the Greatest Demons, a Prince of Hell," Jace recited like on Demonology classes. "But why there?"

"That, I don't know," Santiago shrugged his arms. "All I know, is that we must hurry, if we want to get Magnus back."

"How do we get there?" Alec gripped his arm strongly, but not that strong to actually hurt the vampire.

"As I said, you need a powerful magical creature; no warlock is skilled to travel between dimensions. But…"

"What?!" all of them screeched.

"Fairies have enough magical power to get there, especially the Queen. You just have to make her. After all, it's her and her Knight's doing that Magnus got into this mess in the first place."

Alec panted loudly, having difficulties calming his heart and breath down.

"We're going tonight," he ordered to move to the door. Once outside, he looked upon the dark sky filled with stars and moon. He placed a hand over his fast beating heart and whispered. "I'm coming for you Magnus. Just hold on."

"Do you remember our first kiss?" the blue eyed boy asked, lying next to him on the grass. They were holding hands and looking upon the blue sky; the sun was warming their faces.

"Of course I do, I will never forget it. It was magical," Magnus turned his head to Alec's and now their noses were touching. "My heart was beating like crazy then."

"Mine too. I think I started to fall for you then, you know Mags."

"Me too my Angel," he leaned to capture his lips in a sweet kiss. "I love you, my blue eyed Angel."

"I love you too," when they pulled away, the surroundings changed; the blue sky was replaced by dark walls; Magnus was no longer lying, he was now kneeling on the floor of his loft, watching Alec scream at him, and running away.

"You used me! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!"

"STOP!" he opened his eyes and gasped loudly; he was again in the room in Asmodeus's castle, with only a small fire before him. Jonathan was sitting on the bony-throne. Then, Magnus realized that in front of him, behind the flame is sitting another man; his white hair were gelled up to the back; his jade eyes piercing into Magnus; he was chanting something.

Jonathan laughed from the throne, while drinking something from the silver cup. It strangely looked like the Mortal cup, yet it wasn't it.

"Stop, messing with my head!" he screeched through his teeth.

"Oh, but it is so much fun! And it's only the beginning," Morgenstern whispered to the demon in its language, and a second later, Magnus mind was filled once again with the happy memories about Alec and himself; only to turn into miserable only a moment later; only to break his heart all over again. Jonathan came to Magnus and placed a hand on his shoulder, and spoke. "I told you, that I'm going to break your heart and in the end, you will call for your father."

"Never," he drew back his head, when Jonathan's fingers moved along his jawline. "You can kill me already, I won't do it."

"We'll see, my friend," he patted his cheek. "I still have my biggest ace in my sleeve."

Alec never expected from himself to be that brutal to another creature; but they say that all's fair in love and war, right? Maybe he could have been less brutal in a normal situation, but this one was far from it. He had to do everything he could to save the man he loves, even though this man broke his heart.

"You killed my Merlion! You filthy beast!" the red head Queen's high voice screeched through the chamber. She looked with viciousness at the hunters and the Downworlders before her. Jace, Izzy, Simon, Luke, Raphael, Clary, and Alec were standing before her.

"And I will kill you, if you won't open a gate to Edom. Right now," the blue eyed boy was too determined to back down now. Not when he was so close to Magnus. "Open the gate! NOW!"

"But of course, little hunter," she turned back to them and whispered something in the fairy's language. A few seconds later a green light blinded them, and they felt themselves being pulled inside of it.

It was like their souls were being ripped away from their bodies, like their organs were dying inside of them, like their lives were being taken away from them. After what seemed like forever, they were thrown out on the rocks.

The whole place looked dead, yet it was familiar too. Like they'd seen it before.

"Idris?" Luke spoke with confusion in his voice. "This looks like Idris. Look the towers, the Castle is looking like Gard, the hills. It's like Idris…but more…dead."

"Mostly, other dimensions mirror the living world. So, this one, may look like yours Idris," Raphael moved himself to the back. "We should go ahead."

"Yes, let's move people."

The walking had taken them a long time; Alec believed it was a few days; but nevertheless they didn't give up, mostly Alec didn't. He needed to find Magnus as soon as possible.

On the fourth day of their walk, they found themselves in front of an old looking castle, mirroring the Gard; made of black blocks and something white that strangely looked like bones. It was chained and locked, but when Alec touched the locker, he felt extremely cold; black foam formed around his body, consuming him. His blood was freezing in his veins, and his sight was darkened. The last thing he heard was the panicked voice of his siblings and friends.

He was dropped hard on the cold ground by an invisible force. There was no one else here but him and the echo. Immediately, Alec got up and gripped the dagger on his belt. Looking around, he saw nothing but darkness, and far, far away some small light. He didn't even know when his feet moved in that direction; but by the Angel, the view that he witnessed, was nothing that he ever could imagine.

In the middle of the room, on the cold ground was Magnus kneeling; hands raised in the air, chained to the ceiling; his ankles chained to the ground. He had lowered his head, and was breathing hard.

Alec rushed to him, and threw himself on Magnus, pressing him hard to his chest.

"Oh, Magnus, I found you," his heart was hammering, and tears were streaking his cheeks. At this very moment, it didn't matter to him that the warlock broke his heart; all it mattered was that he was alive. "It's ok, I'm here, Mags, I'm here."

The warlock opened his eyes, and looked at the creature before him, before he pushed himself away from him.

"I told you!" he screamed through the room. "Your little demons won't break me! You can quit it!"

"Magnus!" Alec took his face in both hands, and made the warlock look at him. "It's me. It's Alec!"

"You're good one. Even better than the previous demon," The man laughed. "Good one."

"Mags, it's me, for real. I swear on the Angel," the boy pleaded, caressing the warlock's cheek. "I love you."

"Oh, I love you too," he said lightly, smiling upon the creature; when no words came out of its mouth, Magnus spoke again. "Now, it's your turn to tell: you used me! I hate you! I hate you! And run away to Jonathan, then kiss him. Has he not told you how to play your role?" Magnus laughed like crazy. "Shame on you, Johnny, shame on you. You should prepare better your little demon. He sucks."

"Magnus! It's me!" he tried once again, but the warlock was only laughing more and shaking his head. "By the Angel…Magnus, it's really me. I swear…it's me. How can I prove it to you?"

Not having any other idea, Alec crushed his lips over Magnus's in a hungry kiss. Bane was sitting still at first, but soon he gave in to the kiss that was too familiar. If he was going to die, at least he can have some sweet moments, imagining that this is his real sweet hunter.

"Mags?" Alec whispered, uncertain whether the warlock had believed him or not. For a moment, they stared into each other's eyes; none of them spoke any word, being afraid that it was all a dream. Alec's hand was still on Magnus's cheek, sending warmth to his body, familiar warmth.

"Alec…" he breathed out "My Alec…"

"Yes…it's me, Mags."

"I'm sorry, so sorry, I love you."

"I lo…" he was cut off when a blade was pressed to his neck, and he felt himself being blocked by someone. He swallowed hard, when Magnus's eyes went wide.

"Glad you finally joined us, Alec dear," Jonathan's voice was heard near Alec's ear. "I was almost worried that I had to go and collect you, but it seems that you just read my mind."

"Alec…" Magnus said again, now with a more frantic voice "Alec…"

"See, Magnus, I told you, that I have the biggest ace up in my sleeve," Morgenstern smirked, and pressed the blade more to the skin of Alec's neck, cutting it. A red drop of blood ran down the pale neck, straight onto Alec's gear. "And it's just came here by himself. So, now, I'll be good to you, and let you spend some time together. And when I'll be back, you better have an answer for me; are you going do what I want, or do I have to do something to Alec."

"Touch him, and…"

"Why are you doing this?" Alec asked when Jonathan took away his dagger and bow and arrows. "I thought you're my friend."

"Oh, Alec, you're so naïve. I could never be friends with disgusting fag like you."

"You kissed me back!" at that Magnus's eyes lowered to the ground in pain.

"I do what I have to, to gain what I want. Why did you think I told you about Bane, huh? I needed to break him, and you are his biggest weakness."

When he left them, Alec immediately moved to releasing Magnus; but he failed, when the shackles burned his hands.

"Stop it, they're enchanted. Everyone who tries to break them will be hurt," Magnus's voice was tired. "How did you get here?"

"Raphael told us where you are. He heard Merlion speaking to some man, well, I guess to Jonathan."

"You really kissed him?" Alec's cheeks became red, and even in the dim light of the fire, it was clear to see. "I am truly sorry Alexander. I never meant to hurt you. I should have told you before, but I fell in love with you for real, and I didn't want to end this happiness that you gave me. I wanted it to last forever, but now I know that I wasted it. I know you won't forgive me; I wouldn't forgive me either. But I love you, I love you for real."

"I lied," Alec sat in front of him, and let Magnus lean on him. He sneaked his hand to Magnus's messed hair and stroked it slowly. "I don't hate you. I still love you, even if you hurt me. When I found out that you're missing…I thought that I was going to lose it. I couldn't find you…"

"It's okay. It's okay now, my blue eyed Angel, don't be sad," he kissed Alec's cheek, then his nose, and finally his lips, lingering the kiss. "Don't be sad my little Angel, don't be."

"Mags, tell me, what does he want from you? The Book of White?" he asked, when they pulled away. "I was in your loft. It's destroyed, someone was there looking for the book. But don't worry, I've got it; hid it where no one will find it. We'll get it, when we get out of here."

"No, he doesn't want the book. He wants the power…"


"Indeed, Alexander," Jonathan's voice filled the room again; soon he stood behind Alec, with a hand on his shoulder, painfully squeezing it; Alexander let out a small hiss, when he felt Jonathan's nails digging into his skin. "I want power."

"You want Magnus's power? For what?"

"Stupid, little boy," he yanked him up, and once again pressed the blade to his throat; Magnus jumped a little in the chair; growling at Morgenstern. "I don't want Bane's power, I want something more. Something that only Magnus can provide me."

"What do you want from him?" Alec replied.

"Why, Magnus tell our little Alec what I want from you."

"He wants my father's power. That's why we're here."

"Your father's…" Alec was lost in thought for a while, before all the words of Magnus hit him. "Asmodeus?! Oh…oh…he's your father?!" when Bane nodded, Alec turned to Jonathan. "Are you stupid? You want to possess demon's power? You're going to die!"

"No, I already have demon's blood in my system. My dear father was giving Jocelyn's injections with demon's blood while I still was in the womb. Lilith's blood runs through my veins," he explained, pressing the blade into Alec's skin, making new cuts on the neck. "I have demon blood, I can take a demon's power, and Magnus will give it to me."

"He won't," Alec looked at the warlock. "Magnus, don't give it to him."

"Oh, Alec, and why do you think you're here?" Jonathan drew the blade away from Alec's hand and in one swift move, he pressed it to Alec's heart, piercing his skin; Alexander screamed when the blade ripped his skin on his chest. "Decide Magnus, are you calling for your father, or do you want me to kill Alec?"

"Magnus, don't do it! Don't do it!" Jonathan drew the blade more into Alec's chest, almost touching his heart that now was hammering.

"NO!" Bane screamed, ripping the chains off the ceiling. "Let him go! It's between you and me! Let Alec go!"

"I will if you call for your dad," he replied, pushing the blade an inch more, this time, Alec could feel the tip of it on his heart. "Tick, tock Magnus, time is running. One small push and I leave our boy with a hole in his heart. In twenty minutes he will bleed to death, and you're going to watch. Ah, this will be romantic! Oh, I could kill you too, then, and you could die together. Isn't it a lovely view? Now, make your decision Bane!"

"Mags…don't do it…" Alec whispered. "don't…I love you…don't do it…"

"Tick tock, Mags," Morgenstern repeated himself. "Say goodbye, Alec, apparently, Mags doesn't love you as much as he claims. Such a shame," he wanted to push the blade, but then Magnus's voice stopped him.

"I'll do it!" Jonathan's hand stopped, and looked warily at Bane. "I will call for my father, just don't hurt Alec, please."

"Fair enough," he slid the dagger out of Alec's chest and released him; the boy dropped down to the floor pressing a hand to his chest.

"Release me, so I can heal him!" Morgenstern obeyed, and soon Magnus was healing his lover. "It's ok, my love. Everything is going to be alright."

Alec was now embraced by Magnus, all healed; the warlock was scared to let go of him, being afraid that Jonathan will hurt Alec again. The said crazy hunter was eying them, waiting for Bane to call for his father.

"Will you be okay?" Alec whispered. "Promise me, you will be okay."

"I promise you will be okay. I will do everything to keep you safe. I promise Alexander."

Half an hour later, Magnus was staring into the cat eyes of his father; there was nothing but death painted inside of them. The man was wearing a white suit; his pale skin was seemingly stretched and taut over bone, and he had what looked like a coronet of barbed wire on his head.

"Magnus, my dear son, it's been long since we've seen each other."

"Father," he bowed his head; he whispered a spell in an ancient language underneath his nose.

"What is the reason you've decided to meet with me, son?"

"I am the reason, Asmodeus," Jonathan spoke from behind Magnus's back, and stepped next to the warlock.

"Ah, you must be the Shadowhunter son of Lilith, I've heard stories about you," Asmodeus looked around and his eyes landed on Alec, who now was standing in the corner. "Ah, the hunter lover of my son. Won't you come and greet me."

"He's not going to be brought into this," Magnus cut him off. "Father, Jonathan has an offer for you."

"I want your power," the demon laughed, making his bones cracking.

"Stupid mortal, I will kill you in an eye blink," before Asmodeus moved an inch, he was blocked by another warlock with a chain. He turned to him, and tilted his head, making his coronet slip a bit. "You will die next."

"Cooperate demon," Amand spoke, tightening the chain on Asmodeus hands and neck.

"You're Azzazel's child. I would have recognized anywhere those eyes. Is your father proud of you?"

"Let's begin," Jonathan's gripped Magnus's hand in his, bonding them with a spell. With a gesture of his hand, he showed Magnus to do the same with the hand of his father. Hesitantly Bane did it, and when their hands bonded, he closed his eyes, finishing chanting under his nose.

'Father' he spoke in his mind, directly to Asmodeus. The said demon looked at his son, with a silent question in his cat eyes 'I need your help. I'm going to kill him'

'And my help you will get, my son'

Amand was chanting the spell in the demon language; around Asmodeus, Magnus and Jonathan, forming black fog; blocking them from Alec's sight. Magnus felt how his father's power started to run through his body; ripping it from inside, fiber after fiber. His blood was slowly freezing by the hell's coldness. It was funny that humans thought that hell is hot; that was a lie, hell was deadly cold; like the blood in Magnus's body. He started to tremble, when he felt more and more power inside of him.

'Now, Magnus' his father told him in his mind. 'Now, son'

Amand was still chanting, when Magnus started to chant his own spell. At first, the red haired warlock was chocking, which made the spell break. Magnus, still gripping his father's hand, feeling his power in his body, turned to Jonathan.

"Don't ever underestimate me, and don't ever threaten Alexander!" he boomed before he sent fire to his hand; making Jonathan let go of him. Immediately the Shadowhunter moved to Alec, to grab him, but Magnus was first. He grabbed Jonathan by his neck and threw him on the wall, before the boy could recover, he set his body on fire, draining him of each pound of the demon's power he had ever possessed.

Every inch of Jonathan's body was burning; he was screaming at the top of his lungs, while Magnus was looking at him, now with his black eyes. In the end, he let out a whisper of his sister's name.

Magnus dropped down to his knees, panting loudly, unable to catch his breath. His body was ripping itself apart from the inside, burning; his heart was hammering, trying to rip out of his chest. He turned, grabbed the hand of his father again, and felt him drain back the demon power out of his system. With every second he felt more and more lighter; as if he was floating above his body, as if he was being out of this. Before the darkness engulfed him, he turned his eyes on Alec, and whispered

"I love you, Alexander…"

Then, there was nothing.

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